Pun And Grimeish Mint

Some wares over the reign bowls.” THIS PUN HAS BEEN LED ASTRAY Visibly rushed, Elsa ran Pun and Grimeish Mint 47.

Author: Lloyd Farley

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525588136

Category: Humor

Page: 302

View: 108

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"Pun And Grimeish Mint" is a humour book, filled with a number of long-form puns (5-6 sentences each, very roughly), playing off of pop-culture references, common idioms, and the like.. As far as a target audience, given that it is a pun book it is best enjoyed by those with a good understanding of the English language, I’d say ages 12 and up. There are a few puns that skew generationally (just because I’m totally jiggy to the max, yo), but overall still relatable to anyone. As it is a collection there is no overall theme - you might say there themes to be nothing on that front. The “hook” - I believe this is a highly unique project, a collection of puns that, to the best of my knowledge, have been dreamed up and recorded by me, myself, and I alone.
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