Empujar Y Jalar (Push and Pull)

Author: Robin Nelson
Publisher: ediciones Lerner
ISBN: 0822578158
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 23
View: 6147
Simple text introduces how different objects move, in different patterns and in different speeds, when pushed or pulled.

No Empujes el Río (Don't Push the River it flows by itself)

(Porque fluye solo)
Author: Barry Stevens
Publisher: Cuatro Vientos
ISBN: 8489333181
Category: Psychology
Page: 243
View: 1429
Los primeros humanistas fueron los indígenas, con sus particulares modos de relacionarse en forma armónica con su entorno natural y también con sus emociones y creencias, respetuosas del ser humano y sus procesos. No es casual que la autora, terapeuta innata, autodidacta y perteneciente a la estirpe de las mujeres que dejan huella, se sintiera tan a gusto viviendo entre los navajos, los hopis y otras tribus estadounidenses, entre los cuales llega a importantes introvisiones, que logra transmitir en este libro, sobre el río de la vida, siguiendo su curso natural y confiando en sus aguas.

The Push

A Climber's Search for the Path
Author: Tommy Caldwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399562729
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 352
View: 6054
A New York Times Bestseller A dramatic, inspiring memoir by legendary rock climber Tommy Caldwell, the first person to free climb the Dawn Wall of Yosemite’s El Capitan “The rarest of adventure reads: it thrills with colorful details of courage and perseverance but it enriches readers with an absolutely captivating glimpse into how a simple yet unwavering resolve can turn adversity into reward.” —The Denver Post A finalist for the Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature On January 14, 2015, Tommy Caldwell, along with his partner, Kevin Jorgeson, summited what is widely regarded as the hardest climb in history—Yosemite’s nearly vertical 3,000-foot Dawn Wall, after nineteen days on the route. Caldwell’s odds-defying feat was the culmination of an entire lifetime of pushing himself to his limits as an athlete. This engrossing memoir chronicles the journey of a boy with a fanatical mountain-guide father who was determined to instill toughness in his son to a teen whose obsessive nature drove him to the top of the sport-climbing circuit. Caldwell’s affinity for adventure then led him to the vertigo-inducing and little understood world of big wall free climbing. But his evolution as a climber was not without challenges; in his early twenties, he was held hostage by militants in a harrowing ordeal in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Soon after, he lost his left index finger in an accident. Later his wife, and main climbing partner, left him. Caldwell emerged from these hardships with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. He set his sights on free climbing El Capitan’s biggest, steepest, blankest face—the Dawn Wall. This epic assault took more than seven years, during which time Caldwell redefined the sport, found love again, and became a father. The Push is an arresting story of focus, drive, motivation, endurance, and transformation, a book that will appeal to anyone seeking to overcome fear and doubt, cultivate perseverance, turn failure into growth, and find connection with family and with the natural world.

Push Ups For Everyone

Perfect Pushup Workouts for Muscle Growth, Strength and Endurance (inspired by Steve Speirs, Bret Contreras and Mark Lauren)
Author: David Nordmark
Publisher: David Nordmark
ISBN: 1451577990
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 166
View: 8389
Achieve Muscle Growth, Strength And Endurance With Perfect Push Ups Push up workouts are one of the oldest and most effective exercise methods known to man. By themselves push ups work the entire body and will help you achieve real muscle growth, strength and endurance in record time. The Ultimate Guide To Push Ups contains over 65 different push up variations that are suitable for the complete beginner to the advanced athlete. You don’t need expensive gym memberships or other gimmicks to get in superior shape. The push up workouts presented in this book work the major muscle groups, are free, and can be done at anywhere at anytime. When you read this book you will learn the following: How to perform a perfect push up Build strength and endurance evenly Stimulate muscle growth 3 ways Discover a method of achieving 100 push ups in a row Improve your reaction time Every push up variation is fully demonstrated and illustrated If you want to learn how to utilize push up workouts to achieve superior health then The Ultimate Guide To Push Ups is the book for you. Order this book and get started on your own road to superior health and fitness today

Push Comes to Shove: New Images of Aggressive Women

Author: N.A
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262291517
Page: N.A
View: 2467

Push Push

Author: Sindiwe Magona
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807096199
Category: Fiction
Page: 176
View: 9631
A powerful collection of stories by the acclaimed author of Mother to Mother This collection of Sindiwe Magona's short fiction, following the publication to wide acclaim of her novel Mother to Mother, ranges in location from rural Transkei, her homeland, and the black township of Guguletu, where she struggled to raise her children, to New York, where she immigrated. With vivid and perceptive prose, Magona creates memorable characters, both hilarious and tragic, who bring to life the rich and varied backgrounds and cultures of South Africa.

7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups

Strengthen and Sculpt Your Arms, Abs, Chest, Back and Glutes by Training to do 100 Consecutive Push-
Author: Steve Speirs
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1569757437
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 128
View: 3543


The Struggle for Midwifery in Ontario
Author: Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773529772
Category: History
Page: 346
View: 7361
Push! offers a historical account of the forces behind the integration of midwifery in Ontario, including public interest in funding midwifery services and the impact of political lobbying. Bourgeault also explores the specific features of Ontario's respected model, including the use of independent practitioners, funding for a self-regulatory college, a university-based education program, and the provision of midwifery care in both home and hospital settings.


30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin' Body, and the Life You Deserve!
Author: Chalene Johnson
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 1609613341
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 304
View: 3425
Fitness superstar Chalene Johnson creates a revolutionary 30-day system that will allow readers to transform their bodies, their diets, and their lives! Chalene Johnson built a fitness empire from the ground up, selling over 6 million DVDs and helping legions of loyal fans shed pounds and transform their lives with her trademark enthusiasm and energy. PUSH, Chalene's first book ever, distills the wisdom that has made her a fitness queen into a totally unique 30-day system that will help readers reset their priorities, get their lives together, and lose weight for good. Chalene gives readers the life-changing tools they need to change their habits with 30 days of practical steps that include pinpointing goals, reverse engineering a course of action to achieve them, and kicking the clutter--whether that means junk food, draining exercise regimens, or toxic relationships. In one month, readers will learn how to create layers of accountability and support so that success is their only option. Additionally, Chalene shares 30 ridiculously easy and delicious Throw-and-Go recipes that she (a self confessed mess in the kitchen) created herself. And, of course, no book from Chalene would be complete without a workout! Chalene guides readers to find their soul mate workouts--the exercises they'll love for life and that will never feel like work. Finally, she gives readers the Bangin' Body Workout: the 30 moves they need for total body fitness--for life!

Men's Health Push, Pull, Swing

The Fat-Torching, Muscle-Building Dumbbell, Kettlebell, and Sandbag Program
Author: Matt Murphy,The Editors of Men's Health
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 1623363977
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 304
View: 4022
No piece of exercise equipment is more convenient, reliable, versatile and effective at building lean muscle and boosting post-workout metabolic rate than the venerable dumbbell and its cousins the kettlebell and sandbag. Together, these are the tools that will reshape the way we think about fitness and this book will stand as the definitive guide to targeting the key muscles that men and women want to develop and tone. The beauty of these tools is that they are simple, inexpensive, and can be used in a small space so readers can exercise in the convenience of their homes. Most important is that they allow the freedom to use a full range of motion, unlike the rigid, limiting structure of weight machines. No longer restrained by the typical up/down motion of barbells and machines, readers can become strong in any direction. And sanctioned by Men's Health, this book demonstrates with large color photos more than 150 strength exercises that incorporate the three key movements--pushing, pulling, and swinging--that make up the perfect full-range-of-motion workout. Because it emphasizes building functional strength for real-world application and total-body fitness Men's Health Push, Pull, Swing will appeal to beginners as well as fitness buffs, especially those who enjoy CrossFit style workouts.

Push Button Agriculture

Robotics, Drones, Satellite-Guided Soil and Crop Management
Author: K. R. Krishna
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1771883057
Category: Science
Page: 470
View: 3938
This book covers three main types of agricultural systems: the use of robotics, drones (unmanned aerial vehicles), and satellite-guided precision farming methods. Some of these are well refined and are currently in use, while others are in need of refinement and are yet to become popular. The book provides a valuable source of information on this developing field for those involved with agriculture and farming and agricultural engineering. The book is also applicable as a textbook for students and a reference for faculty.

The Essence of Taijiquan Push-Hands and Fighting Technique

Author: Fengming Wang
Publisher: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 0857011901
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 350
View: 6131
Traditionally shrouded in mystery and taught only to the closest students, the secrets of Taijiquan push-hands and fighting technique from the Chen style are revealed in this book. Master Wang Fengming, an eleventh generation practitioner of Chen-style Taijiquan, provides detailed information about the famous internal fighting techniques and reveals inside knowledge essential to the remarkable results achieved by the Chinese masters. The book features: - effective ways of cultivating Taiji internal power - variety of joint-locking techniques and counter techniques - 13 postures of Taiji explained - leg work, including stances and kicking techniques - unique silk-reeling exercises - rarely revealed vital point striking - 7 styles of push-hands training - 20 kinds of Taiji energy explained and demonstrated. This comprehensive book is a major contribution to the literature on push-hands techniques in the West.

Spitsbergen Push Moraines

Including a translation of K. Gripp: Glaciologische und geologische Ergebnisse der Hamburgischen Spitzbergen-Expedition 1927
Author: J.J.M. van der Meer
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080541617
Category: Science
Page: 212
View: 8442
The book deals with push moraines on Spitsbergen. The main body is a translation of the original German report by Karl Gripp on a 1927 expedition. The quality of Gripp's work is evaluated to see whether it stands the test of time. It is found that it is very modern, every year people still go into the field with the same research questions. It is also found that most likely Gripp's report contains the first description of features that we now take for granted, for instance the description of looped moraines to detect surges. Push moraines are still being studied and to show where we stand now two papers have been added that analyse two particular examples, Holmströmbreen and Sefströmbreen. The two examples are geographically close together, but reflect two completely different settings: terrestrial Holmströmbreen and tidewater Sefströmbreen. Since a few years we know of the De Geer Archive, a collection of glass negatives of Spitsbergen, relating to De Geer's expeditions between 1882 and 1910. The negatives have only emerged recently and a collection of prints relating to Holmströmbreen and Sefströmbreen is included here. Together with a third paper incorporated in the book, this time an evaluation of De Geer's photos and maps of the Sefströmbreen surge, this material shows the importance of incorporating historical documentation in our studies.

Push-Pull Tests for Site Characterization

Author: Jonathan David Istok
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642139191
Category: Science
Page: 86
View: 3969
The push-pull test is a powerful site characterization technique that has been applied to a wide range of problems in contaminant hydrogeology. The theoretical and practical apsects of push-pull testing were initially developed to characterize groundwater acquifers but the method has now been extended to saturated and unsaturated soils and sediments as well as to surface water bodies. Dr. Istok and his collaborators have been instrumental in the development of these techniques and he is widely recognized as the world's leading expert push-pull testing. This is the only reference book available on this powerful method.

Push-Up Pops

Author: Courtney Dial Whitmore
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 1423625315
Category: Cooking
Page: 96
View: 1677
Sweet additions for any party. A well-known stylist and writer in the field of party design and decor, Courtney Dial Whitmore knows what's hot! Capitalizing on the popular trend of push-up pops, Courtney's love of entertaining turns Push-Up Pops into the perfect party resource. These treats use the ordinary off-the-shelf clear plastic molds but transform them into frozen fruit Popsicles, cake and pudding parfaits, cupcakes and 40 other treats. These beautiful layers are sweet additions to any party! Courtney Dial Whitmore's expertise has been seen in HGTV.com, Pawsh Magazine, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, AOL's DIY Life, Get Married Magazine, MarthaStewart.com, and more. In addition to designing everything from children's birthday celebrations to chic dinner parties, she is also a writer for several online food and lifestyle publications including SHE KNOWS, Hostess With the Mostess, and Tablespoon. She runs the popular website pizzazzerie.com and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Push, Jump, Punch A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes

Author: Joseph Kenn
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1105572455
Page: N.A
View: 2948

Decadent Push Pop Recipes

Author: Meallá H Fallon
Publisher: Meallá H Fallon
Category: Cooking
Page: 23
View: 1984
This book contains delicious push pop recipes...... Great for entertaining .... serve them at your next dinner party and really empress all your friends and family. Try options such as: Lemon Meringue Push Pops Chocolate Brownie Push Pops Frozen Marzipan Shortbread Push Pops

Pull It, Push It

Author: Buffy Silverman
Publisher: Britannica Digital Learning
ISBN: 162513178X
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 24
View: 4546
Force and motion are introduced in this book, which features vivid photographs that make the content easy to understand. Examples that students can relate to in their everyday lives are provided throughout the text. A "Show What You Know" section in the back of the book presents three questions to reinforce content understanding.

The Little Book of Push-ups

Author: N.A
Publisher: Guy Windsor
Page: 62
View: 3468
Everyone can benefit from regular, careful strength and fitness training. This book will tell you how to Build Strength, Improve Fitness, Lose Weight, Gain Power and Develop Health at home, at work, anywhere!

One Final Push!

Author: Vanessa W. Bonner
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1607917947
Category: Religion
Page: 164
View: 6255
One Final Push is a dynamite devotional book full of inspirational poetry, testimonies, and other spirit filled writings. This book will encourage you and cause your faith to soar higher as it reveals the loving and patient heart of our Heavenly Father. You will want to draw closer to God and to know Him by His Spirit in a greater way. One Final Push is a prophetic book for this hour and will reveal strategic ways in how to remain joyful and steadfast as the church prepares for its One Final Push! Vanessa Bonner is an ordained minister and teacher of God's Word. She and husband, Ronald are founders of Families for Christ Ministry in Chocowinity, North Carolina. They have three grown children and three grandchildren. She is the author of the best-selling book, Help God I'm Single but I Don't Want to Be.