Radicals in Australian Social Work Stories of Lifelong Activism

"The contributions to this book are from people who were involved in the radical and progressive movements in Australian social work from the 1970s onward.

Author: Carolyn Noble

Publisher: Connor Court Publishing Pty Limited

ISBN: 192550171X

Category: Social Science

Page: 370

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The contributions to this book are from people who were involved in the radical and progressive movements in Australian social work from the 1970s onward. The contributors tell their stories and reflect on their achievements and struggles to promote progressive change in social work in Australia. In documenting these experiences, the book provides an important resource for students and practitioners about a critically important part of their professional and educational heritage. The book also outlines a platform of change strategies for re-imaging a radical agenda, as social work responds to the impending social, political and environmental challenges facing future generations.
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Social Work for Lazy Radicals

... families where child neglect is an issue: Putting relationship development
under the microscope', Australian Social Work, 66 (3), 455–470. Reisch, M. (2013
) 'What is the future of social work?', Critical and Radical Social Work, 1 (10), 67–

Author: Jane Fenton

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781352002461



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Engaging with Social Work

In this historical perspective, while very difficult, it is possible to imagine how the
radical social work agenda can be ... The Radicals in Australian Social Work
book publication project provides a contemporary case study of activist social
work ...

Author: Christine Morley

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108452816

Category: Political Science

Page: 368

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Equips students with a critical perspective and develops their understanding of social work practice.
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The Challenge of Right wing Nationalist Populism for Social Work

Peter Westoby Introduction There have been many efforts to radicalise social
work in Australia. Jim Ife's popular Human Rights and Social Work (2012), would
be an example, along with the more recent collection Radicals in Australian
Social ...

Author: Carolyn Noble

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429509414

Category: Political Science

Page: 236

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Right-wing nationalist populism poses direct attacks on social tolerance, human rights discourse, political debates, the survival of the welfare state and its universal services, impacting on the roles of social work. This book demonstrates how right-wing nationalist populism can and must be countered. Using case studies from around the world, this book shows how a revitalised radical social work where community organisation, building alliances, trade union commitment and social action can be used as political forces to speak up against discrimination and hate in accordance with human rights, social justice, and social work values. The rise of national populism signals that now is the time for social work to forge and reforge such networks and create links with civil society and challenge right-wing populist policies wherever they manifest themselves. It will be of interest to all social work students, practitioners and academics, particularly those working on critical and radical social work, green social work, anti-oppressive practice and community development.
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Implementing a Basic Income in Australia

Social workers and policy practice: Affecting policy and achieving policy action. In
C. Moniz & S. Gorin ... Rising wealth and income inequality in Australia and New
Zealand: A radical social work critique and response. Aotearoa New Zealand ...

Author: Elise Klein

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030143787

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 277

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This book brings together scholars from the fields of politics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and economics, to explore pathways towards implementing a Basic Income in Australia. It is the first book of its kind to outline avenues for implementation of a basic income specifically for Australia and responds to a gap in the existing basic income literature and published titles to provide a distinct standpoint in the exploration of basic income within the Australian contemporary policy landscape. The first section of the book outlines some of the continuing substantive and philosophical issues regarding BI implementation. In the second section of the book, authors offer practical strategies and models for progressing BI in Australia.
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Doing Radical Social Work

Alinsky, S. (1971) Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals,
New York, Random House. ... Hardcastle, D., Powers, P. and Wenocur, S. (2011)
Community Practice: Theories and Skills for Social Workers (3rd edn), New York,
Oxford University Press. ... Harding-Smith, R. (2012) Big Society and Australia:
How the UK Government is Dismantling the State and What it Means for Australia
, ...

Author: Colin Turbett

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137308542

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

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This is the first book to provide social workers with an applicable model for radical practice. Through examining the current state of social work in the UK and looking at the radical approaches that have developed over the years, this book explores some of the opportunities that exist for a radical social work.
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Radical Social Work in Practice

Alinsky , S . ( 1971 ) Rules for Radicals , New York , NY : Vintage Books . Allan , J
. , Pease , B . and Briskman , L . ( 2003 ) Critical Social Work : An Introduction to
Theories and Practices , Australia : Allen and Unwin . Aspis , S . ( 1997 ) “ Self ...

Author: Ferguson, Iain

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1861349912

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 968

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This much-needed textbook provides a fresh understanding of the radical tradition and shows how it can be developed in contemporary social work.
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Re constructing Social Work

The publication at the end of the 1980s of Langan and Lane ' s edited collection (
1989 ) Radical Social Work Today while ... Radicalism in Australian social work
The radical tradition in Australia while not as extensive as in America or Britain ...

Author: Peter James Camilleri


ISBN: 1859724809

Category: Social Science

Page: 188

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Providing a thorough examination of the development and purpose of social work, this book looks at the discipline, asks what social workers do, and fundamentally questions their role
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Social Work and Social Policy in Australia

72 Community work is often proposed as the more radical alternative , having
links with social action and then to social policy , but it has been criticised for its
focus on local concerns and definitions rather than their global construction .

Author: Adrian Robert Vicary


ISBN: UOM:39015042791494

Category: Australia

Page: 746

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The Road Not Taken

A History of Radical Social Work in the United States Michael Reisch, Janice
Andrews ... an uurealized project by an Australian radical, Yvonne Cullen. to
write a history of McCarthyism and its impact on radical social workers like

Author: Michael Reisch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317763154

Category: Social Science

Page: 290

View: 504

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The Road Not Taken takes a new perspective on the course of social welfare policy in the twentieth century. This examination looks at the evolution of social work in the United States as a dynamic process not just driven by mainstream organizations and politics, but strongly influenced by the ideas and experiences of radical individuals and marginalized groups as well.
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Future Issues for Social Work Practice

Not all is lost ; progressive may indeed be a better word than radical . British ,
Canadian , and Australian social workers still write a good deal about radical
issues , and in the United States the progressive forces in social work keep the
spirit ...

Author: Paul R. Raffoul

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: UOM:39015037805218

Category: Social Science

Page: 301

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Discusses issues and challenges for the future of social work practice. The book covers the future of the social work profession, and five major areas of social work practice: healthcare, mental health, children and families, gerontology and political social work.
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Disrupting Whiteness in Social Work

Focussing on the epistemic – the way in which knowledge is understood, constructed, transmitted and used – this book shows the way social work knowledge has been constructed from within a white western paradigm, and the need for a ...

Author: Sonia M. Tascón

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000766479

Category: Social Science

Page: 204

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Focussing on the epistemic – the way in which knowledge is understood, constructed, transmitted and used – this book shows the way social work knowledge has been constructed from within a white western paradigm, and the need for a critique of whiteness within social work at this epistemic level. Social work, emerging from the western Enlightenment world, has privileged white western knowledge in ways that have been, until recently, largely unexamined within its professional discourse. This imposition of white western ways of knowing has led to a corresponding marginalisation of other forms of knowledge. Drawing on views from social workers from Asia, the Pacific region, Africa, Australia and Latin America, this book also includes a glossary of over 40 commonly used social work terms, which are listed with their epistemological assumptions identified. Opening up a debate about the received wisdom of much social work language as well as challenging the epistemological assumptions behind conventional social work practice, this book will be of interest to all scholars and students of social work as well as practitioners seeking to develop genuinely decolonised forms of practice.
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Social Work Methods and Skills

Allen, G. and Langford, D. (2008) Effective Interviewing in Social Work and Social
Care: A Practical Guide. Basingstoke: ... Alinksy, S. (1971) Rules for Radicals. ...
Althaus, C., Bridgman, P. and Davis, G. (2007) The Australian Policy Handbook.

Author: Karen Healy

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9780230361997

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

View: 277

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Theories, methods and skills are the bedrock of all social work practice; yet how they are used varies according to the needs of the client and the practice context. In this brilliantly systematic and comprehensive text, Karen Healy provides an integrated approach to social work methods and skills. Recognizing social work as a diverse activity that is rooted in common foundations, she explains how practice both shapes and is shaped by professional purpose. In particular, she: ■ Advocates a dynamic generalist model for working with individuals, families, groups and organizations ■ Provides a rigorous account of practice methods, influenced by critical social work theory, systems theory, strengths perspectives and research evidence ■ Presents each method with unrivalled clarity and analytic coherence, using a range of exercises and reflective material to support personal engagement and understanding. Social Work Methods and Skills offers a step-by-step discussion of social work practice that will empower readers to develop and refine their professional toolkit for purposeful and innovative interventions. It is an essential resource for any social work student or practitioner looking to build, or consolidate, their understanding of the range of methods and skills available for effective professional practice.
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The Professions in Australia

H. Throssell , “ Social work overview ” , in Throssell , Social Work : Radical
Essays . B. Abel - Smith and P. Townsend , in The Poor and the Poorest ( 1965 )
found that poverty had been increasing in Britain during the 1950s . See also R.

Author: Paul Boreham

Publisher: St. Lucia, Q. : University of Queensland Press

ISBN: PSU:000000487030

Category: Professions

Page: 290

View: 345

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Regional Journal of Social Issues

REFERENCES Cheers , B. ( in print ) , ' Rural Social Work and Social Welfare in
the Australian Context : A Rejoinder to Munn ' , Australian Social Work . Alinsky ,
S.D. ( 1969 ) , Reveille for Radicals , New York : Vintage Books . Alinsky , S.D. ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0070810437

Category: Australia


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Encyclopedia of Social Work

Although its use in social work is relatively recent , it has been around since the
ancient Chinese used written ... Social work in search of a radical profession . ...
St. Lucia , Australia : University of Queensland Press . van Kleeck , M. ( 1991 ) .

Author: Richard L. Edwards

Publisher: National Assn of Social Workers Press

ISBN: 0871012553

Category: Social service

Page: 4646

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National association of social workers code of ethics -- council on social work education curriculum policy statements -- international federation of social workers code of ethics -- acronyms -- evolution of selected organizations.
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Social Work

Schools in Australia . Interim Report of the Australian Schools Commission (
Canberra : Australian Government Publishing Service , 1973 ) . 12 . F . Pavlin ,
Master of Social Work thesis , p . 34 . 13 . S . Alinsky , Reveille for Radicals ( New
York ...

Author: Harold Throssell


ISBN: STANFORD:36105036668007

Category: Human services

Page: 186

View: 761

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Article by Tomlinson separately annotated; brief mention of Aborigines in other articles.
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Trouble in the Land of Giving

Charts the history of the charities and not-for-profits sector which has transformed from a government-led system for providing support to all needy citizens to a neoliberal business operation, whose goal of is the privatisation of welfare.

Author: William De Maria


ISBN: 0975235257


Page: 202

View: 321

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Charts the history of the charities and not-for-profits sector which has transformed from a government-led system for providing support to all needy citizens to a neoliberal business operation, whose goal of is the privatisation of welfare. Corruption is now present at disturbing levels. Draws on detailed historical and forensic evidence.
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Contemporary Perspectives on Social Work the Human Services

For them , the burden of socialist reform would now come from social welfare
rather than any radical reordering of the ... This OECD influence on Australian
Labor Party policy sharpened a radical critique from within the Australian left .

Author: Ian O'Connor


ISBN: UOM:39015036379207

Category: Australia

Page: 208

View: 142

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Contemporary perspective on social work and the human services.
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History for Ready Reference

In 1881 troublesome situation thus produced was wholly the work was extended
to Australia and the colo abolished by a ... Besides affair is found in the ill -
disguised relations of this it has in social work 30 rescue homes , 5 the Radicals
with ...

Author: Josephus Nelson Larned


ISBN: UOM:39015075011596

Category: History


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