Shadows of Reality

In this insightful book, which is a revisionist math history as well as a revisionist art history, Tony Robbin, well known for his innovative computer visualizations of hyperspace, investigates different models of the fourth dimension and ...

Author: Tony Robbin

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300129625

Category: Art

Page: 160

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In this insightful book, which is a revisionist math history as well as a revisionist art history, Tony Robbin, well known for his innovative computer visualizations of hyperspace, investigates different models of the fourth dimension and how these are applied in art and physics. Robbin explores the distinction between the slicing, or Flatland, model and the projection, or shadow, model. He compares the history of these two models and their uses and misuses in popular discussions. Robbin breaks new ground with his original argument that Picasso used the projection model to invent cubism, and that Minkowski had four-dimensional projective geometry in mind when he structured special relativity. The discussion is brought to the present with an exposition of the projection model in the most creative ideas about space in contemporary mathematics such as twisters, quasicrystals, and quantum topology. Robbin clarifies these esoteric concepts with understandable drawings and diagrams. Robbin proposes that the powerful role of projective geometry in the development of current mathematical ideas has been long overlooked and that our attachment to the slicing model is essentially a conceptual block that hinders progress in understanding contemporary models of spacetime. He offers a fascinating review of how projective ideas are the source of some of today’s most exciting developments in art, math, physics, and computer visualization.
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... the cave carries cut-outs of real objects which then cast shadows on the wall, and we mistakenly think of those shadows as reality, but if we were set free from the cave (by philosophy), then we'd come out and discover reality.

Author: David J. Landegent

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781512773309

Category: Religion

Page: 1016

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Some people cant see the forest for the treesthey get so bogged down in details that they lose sight of what its all about. Others cant see the trees for the forestthey miss the wondrous details all around them. So why not look instead at both the forest and the trees? This commentary on Pauls letter to the Colossians guides you in doing just that. Even though we will be exploring ancient biblical cultures and learning plenty about the Greek language, no prior academic training is needed. Technical terms have been set aside. Instead, with everyday language we will discover the big picture and revel in the fine details of this stunning letter, amazed by how God is still speaking these same words today to contemporary personal and social challenges. We will not then be tourists rapidly zipping through Colossians as if on a monotonous interstate highway. Instead we will be hiking our way through this letter, step by step, phrase by phrase, finding joy in Gods truth and growing in our faith. Come and join the journey.
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Roots of Wisdom A Tapestry of Philosophical Traditions

The firelight casts shadows of these images on the wall the prisoners face and these shadows, accompanied by the intermittent sounds of voices, are the only reality the prisoners know. For as long as anyone can remember climb out of the ...

Author: Helen Buss Mitchell

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781337672047

Category: Education

Page: 560

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Mitchell's ROOTS OF WISDOM: A TAPESTRY OF PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITIONS, Eighth Edition, invites readers to explore universal and current philosophical issues through a rich tapestry of worldviews that include the ideas and traditions of men and women from the West, Asia, the Americas and Africa. No other book covers such a wide breadth of multicultural coverage coupled with a clear, concise and engaging writing style. Striking images from fine art, cartoons, poetry, movies, current events and popular music illustrate our diverse cultural inheritance and bring the issues of philosophy to life. This edition's theme of personhood is addressed in the Confucian Socially Molded Self, discussions about who is and who is not a citizen in a republic, the construction of a planned city and the question of whether other animals do or should enjoy personhood. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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The Healing of Memories

shadows, they will cease to regard the shadows as reality. Moreover, they will come to an understanding that shadows are reliable evidence of a reality to which they were denied access (Ibid.). The question now is: How can humans tell ...

Author: Mohammed Girma

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498572644

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

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This volume is a comprehensive and balanced examination of the African Christian response to political conflicts. Its strength lies on its focus on the healing of memories from theological, philosophical, cultural and scientific points of view.
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Book of Shadows

At the quantum level, everything is interconnected energy, even matter. Quantum reality is another level of existence, another dimension. Here the energy field is the underlying order, a hidden or shadow reality of our daily lives.

Author: Phyllis Curott

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780307832276

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

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Since Phyllis Currot first published Book of Shadows, the story of her spiritual journey and initiation as a High Priestess in the Wiccan community, Witchcraft has captured America's imagination as a theme for fiction, television shows, and films. Now America's highest-profile Witch returns to dispel more myths and misrepresentations of her faith, and to share a practical guide to the beautiful spiritual rituals and philosophies behind Wiccan tradition. Rich with enchanting stories from Currot's own experiences and detailed advice for creating potions, working with Nature, and finding the Divine within, Witch Crafting is much more than just another superficial recipe book. Curott's unique guidebook integrates the inspiration of religious wisdom with sound, practical information. Witch Crafting reveals how to: incorporate Wiccan practices into your daily life; master the secret arts of effective spell casting; create sacred space and personal rituals; perform divinations for insight and success; and tap the magical power of altered states, such as dreaming meditation, prayer, and trance. Perfect for beginners or seasoned practitioners, Witch Crafting is the ideal handbook for anyone seeking to unlock the divine power that makes real magic happen, and to experience the power and gifts of the universe more fully.
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Elements of Effective Communication

Plato believed that our daily lives are a lot like these slaves' lives—there is a larger reality we don't see. All we see are the shadows of reality—cast by the light of the fire. If we could escape the “caves” of our lives and observe ...

Author: Randal S. Chase

Publisher: Plain & Precious Publishing

ISBN: 9781937901509

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 398

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La vida y el ministerio de Jesucristo. Este volumen es el primero de tres sobre el Nuevo Testamento. Abarca la vida de Cristo, desde la selección premortal como el Cordero de Dios a través de Su nacimiento e infancia. Luego seguimos al Maestro durante el primer año de Su ministerio, de como es tentado, bautizado, hace milagros, selecciona a los Doce Apóstoles, y luego enseña con parábolas y en el Sermón de la Montaña durante el segundo año de Su ministerio, Él enseña el sermón del Pan de Vida, se transfigura y otorga las llaves del sacerdocio a los Doce. Termina el segundo año de Su ministerio en Jerusalén, donde se declara a Si mismo la Luz del Mundo, el Hijo de Dios y el Mesías. La cubierta exhibe la imagen clásica de "El Sermón de la Montaña", pintado por Carl Heinrich Bloch en 1890.
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Economics of Good and Evil

50 These “experts” are guessers of shadows. With this, Plato probably wanted to say that empirical ... In a certain sense, the televised version of reality is only a shadow of reality. A person who gets up from the television and starts ...

Author: Tomas Sedlacek

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199831904

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 376

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Tomas Sedlacek has shaken the study of economics as few ever have. Named one of the "Young Guns" and one of the "five hot minds in economics" by the Yale Economic Review, he serves on the National Economic Council in Prague, where his provocative writing has achieved bestseller status. How has he done it? By arguing a simple, almost heretical proposition: economics is ultimately about good and evil. In The Economics of Good and Evil, Sedlacek radically rethinks his field, challenging our assumptions about the world. Economics is touted as a science, a value-free mathematical inquiry, he writes, but it's actually a cultural phenomenon, a product of our civilization. It began within philosophy--Adam Smith himself not only wrote The Wealth of Nations, but also The Theory of Moral Sentiments--and economics, as Sedlacek shows, is woven out of history, myth, religion, and ethics. "Even the most sophisticated mathematical model," Sedlacek writes, "is, de facto, a story, a parable, our effort to (rationally) grasp the world around us." Economics not only describes the world, but establishes normative standards, identifying ideal conditions. Science, he claims, is a system of beliefs to which we are committed. To grasp the beliefs underlying economics, he breaks out of the field's confines with a tour de force exploration of economic thinking, broadly defined, over the millennia. He ranges from the epic of Gilgamesh and the Old Testament to the emergence of Christianity, from Descartes and Adam Smith to the consumerism in Fight Club. Throughout, he asks searching meta-economic questions: What is the meaning and the point of economics? Can we do ethically all that we can do technically? Does it pay to be good? Placing the wisdom of philosophers and poets over strict mathematical models of human behavior, Sedlacek's groundbreaking work promises to change the way we calculate economic value.
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Beginning at Jerusalem

The movement of history was from Shadow to Image to Reality , from things less clearly seen to things more clearly seen . " The bronze serpent raised in the wilderness was in its time an instrument of healing , but in God's plan also ...

Author: Glenn Warren Olsen

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 089870992X

Category: Religion

Page: 236

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Glenn W. Olsen is a Professor of History at the University of Utah.
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Natural Law and Political Realism in the History of Political Thought From the sophists to Machiavelli

the discovery of reality by the unaided light of reason , without the assistance of the senses , persisting until ( the student ] ... Because they have never seen anything else , the prisoners believe in these shadows as reality .

Author: R. W. Dyson

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820478245

Category: Philosophy

Page: 342

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This is the first volume of a detailed history of the traditions of natural law and political realism in western political thought. It elucidates the ways in which the relation between politics and morality was understood by major thinkers from classical antiquity to the Renaissance. Emphasis is given not only to the exegesis of texts, but to the intellectual and historical contexts in which those texts must be read if they are to be properly understood. The second volume continues the analysis through the twenty-first century and addresses the question of whether the modern «natural law» rhetoric of human rights can be given a respectable philosophical basis. This two-volume set is a valuable resource for scholars working in the fields of history, international relations, philosophy, and politics.
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