Sharing Dharma

This book explores a wide range of Buddhist themes and topics that relate to the practical application of Dharma practice whilst living within a 21st century western culture.

Author: B Cumming

Publisher: Vivid Publishing

ISBN: 1925952223


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This book explores a wide range of Buddhist themes and topics that relate to the practical application of Dharma practice whilst living within a 21st century western culture.
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The Power of the Dharma

SHARING THE DHARMA Since we are all eternal spirit souls, part of the
Supreme Truth, we are always a part of Sanatana-dharma, or the eternal path to
finding the ultimate spiritual Truth. We may call ourselves by whatever religious
affiliation ...

Author: Stephen Knapp

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595837489

Category: Religion

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The Power of the Dharma: An Introduction to Hinduism and Vedic Culture offers a concise and easy-to-understand overview of the essential principles and customs of the Hindu tradition. It also provides many insights into the depth and value of the timeless wisdom of Vedic spirituality and reveals why the Dharmic path has survived for thousands of years. Author Stephen Knapp reveals why the Dharma is presently enjoying a renaissance among an increasing number of people who want to explore its teachings and see what its many techniques of self-discovery have to offer. In The Power of the Dharma, you will find: quotes by noteworthy people on the unique qualities of Hinduism; essential principles of the Vedic spiritual path; particular traits, customs, and explanations of Hindu worship; descriptions of the main yoga systems; significance and legends of the colorful Hindu festivals; benefits of Ayurveda, Vastu, Vedic astrology, and gemology; important insights of Dharmic life and how to begin. The Dharmic path can provide you the means for attaining your own spiritual realizations and experiences. This is the power of Dharma's universal teachings which have something to offer everyone!
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The Shin Buddhist Classical Tradition Volume 2

(Hisao Inagaki, trans., Thus Have I Heard From Rennyo Shonin [Rennyo
Shonin's Goichidaikikigaki] [Judet Dolj, Romania: Dharma Lion Publications,
2008], #160, p. 83; see also -489-; -493-; -549-) 12. Sharing Dharma T'an-luan -
468- If there ...

Author: Alfred Bloom

Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc

ISBN: 9781936597383

Category: Religion

Page: 200

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This second volume of passages gathered from the leading monks and teachers of the Pure Land, or Shin, school of Buddhist teaching focuses on religious practice. Extending from the foundational texts and first interpreters in the 4th century, to Rennyo in the 15th century, Professor Bloom’s selections trace the development of Shin Buddhist teaching from monastic visualization practices to the widely popular path to salvation through faith in, and recitation of, the name of Amida Buddha. Volume 2 features a foreword by Kenneth K. Tanaka and an introduction by renowned scholar and editor, Alfred Bloom, whose selected passages have been arranged topically for easy reference on issues of Pure Land teaching. The key interpreters featured are the Seven Great Teachers from India, China, and Japan (Nagarjuna, Vasubandhu; T’an-luan, Tao-ch’o, Shan-tao; Genshin, Honen), selected as doctrinal authorities by Shinran (1173-1263), the founder of the Japanese Pure Land sect.
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Colonialism and Cultural Identity

Both in popular Hinduism and in European understanding, dharma is most often
reduced to varnadharma, the dharma of ... as sadharmi, that is, as “having similar
natures or religious duties” (see McGregor) or, more exactly, sharing dharma.

Author: Patrick Colm Hogan

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791493168

Category: Literary Criticism

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Explores diverse cultural identities, both theoretically and through concrete, specific interpretations of selected major texts from former British colonies.
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The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Philosophy and Gender

Reminding Bhīṣma of his own words that described human beings having varied
natural tendencies and women in particular as disordered in their behavior,
Yudhiṣṭhira asks, how can marriage be a union for the shared practice of

Author: Veena R. Howard

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474269605

Category: Philosophy

Page: 368

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'How do gender constructions transform religious experiences?' 'What is the role of bodily materiality in ethics and epistemology?' 'How does rethinking gender and sexuality force us to reconceptualise settled ontological frameworks?' This collection provides the first research resource to Indian philosophical gender issues, exploring a variety of texts and traditions from Indian philosophy where the treatment of gender is dynamic and diverse. Organised around three central themes - the gender dynamics of enlightenment in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions; the simple binary opposition of genders in Indian traditions; the ways in which symbolic representations of gender differ from social realities in Hindu and Buddhist practice – a team of respected scholars discuss feminist readings, examinations of femininity and masculinity, as well as queer and trans identities, representations, and theories. Beginning with the Vedic tradition and ending with sections on Sri Ramakrishna and Gandhi, this wide-ranging handbook encourages fresh inquiry into classic philosophical questions. Offering critical analyses relevant to literary, cultural and religious studies, The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Philosophy and Gender opens up new ways of understanding gender and South Asian philosophy.
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Seeds for a Boundless Life

SHARING DHARMA WITH CHILDREN Q: I have two sons, one seven and the
other fourteen. I'd like to ... How can I share the gift of dharma with my sons
without trying to force it on them and potentially turn them offit altogether? A: My
first ...

Author: Zenkei Blanche Hartman

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834803046

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Zenkei Blanche Hartman is an American Zen legend. A teacher in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki, author of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, she was the first female abbot of an American Zen center. She is greatly revered, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has lived and taught for many years. This, her long-awaited first book, is a collection of short teachings taken from her talks on the subject of boundlessness—the boundlessness that sees beyond our small, limited self to include all others. To live a boundless life she encourages living the vows prescribed by the Buddha and living life with the curiosity of a child. The short, stand-alone pieces can be dipped into whenever one is in need of inspiration.
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The Concept of the Buddha

This indicates two aspects of the concept.147 First, the saNbhogakAya is
translated as the body of enjoyment, sharing Dharma with bodhisattvas, when
viewed from the standpoint of this function. Second, the saNbhogakAya is
translated as ...

Author: Guang Xing

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415333443

Category: Religion

Page: 251

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Guang Xing gives an analysis of one of the fundamental Mahayana Buddhist teachings, namely the three bodies of the Buddha (the trikaya Theory), which is considered the foundation of Mahayana philosophy. He examines how and why the philosophical concept of three bodies was formed, particularly the Sambhogakaya, which is the Buddha to be worshipped by all Mayahanists. Written in an accessible way, this work is an outstanding research text for students and scholars of Mayahana Buddhism and anyone interested in Buddhist philosophy.
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Dharma discussion is an opportunity to benefit from each other's insights and
experience of the practice. It is a special time for us ... Remember that whatever is
shared during the Dharma discussion time is confidential. If a friend shares about

Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

Publisher: Parallax Press

ISBN: 9781935209027

Category: Religion

Page: 120

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Thich Nhat Hanh's central teaching is that, through mindfulness, we can learn to live in the present moment instead of in the past and in the future. It’s only way to truly develop peace, both in one's self and in the world. Now, for the first time, all of Thich Nhat Hanh’s key practices are collected in one accessible and easy-to-use volume. Happiness is structured to introduce those new to Buddhist teachings as well as for more experienced practitioners, Happiness is the quintessential resource of mindfulness practices. Integrating these practices into daily life allows the reader to begin to cultivate peace and joy within him/herself, leading to solidity and freedom from fear, misunderstanding, and suffering. With the practices offered in Happiness Thich Nhat Hanh encourages the reader to learn to do all the things they do in daily life with mindfulness; to walk, sit, work, eat, and drive, with full awareness of what they are doing. It can bring about a shift towards one of the principles of engaged Buddhism, a shift towards practicing mindfulness in every moment of the day and not just while ‘formally’ meditating. Thich Nhat Hanh encourages his readers to "try to be intelligent and skillful in their practice, approaching every aspect of the practice with curiosity and a sense of search. It’s important to practice with understanding and not just for the form and appearance. Enjoy your practice with a relaxed and gentle attitude, with an open mind and receptive heart."
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Love Dharma

Just outside of the gate, planning his trip, he paused and shared his food with a
stranger who obviously hadn't eaten in days. Throwing some rice into a nearby
river he shouted into the air, “Oh guardian spirits! I have been generous sharing ...

Author: Geri Larkin

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462902026

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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Love Dharma offers compassionate guidance and advice, looking at contemporary relationship dilemmas from a Buddhist perspective as expressed in traditional stories of enlightened Buddhist women who lived and loved during the Buddha's lifetime. We all experience the ups and downs of relationships—the fun of dating, the pain of breaking up, the demands of serious partnerships, and the ache of loneliness. But we often forget that they affect not only our love lives, but our spirits as well. With Love Dharma you will discover how to use your romantic triumphs and tragedies to achieve personal peace and happiness, develop more satisfying connections with others, and share yourself without losing yourself. Author Geri Larkin teaches that the difficult and joyous moments of our love lives are truly opportunities to continue our spiritual journey
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Ecological Imaginations in the World Religions

Dharma, 'path to truth', sacred law, and things in nature, stresses interdependent
reality (suchness; nature conveys spiritual insight), with life sharing dharma-
nature, a universal essence (being embryonic Buddha's/companions in samsara)
, ...

Author: Tony Watling

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441152800

Category: Religion

Page: 252

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The field of religion and ecology is an emerging and growing movement that is becoming relevant and influential in the world. It seeks to analyse, encourage, inspire, use, compare, and combine religious traditions to engage and shape environmental issues. Tony Watling seeks to ethnographically analyse this important field and its expressions. In particular, he analyses and compares its explorations of different world religions for ecological themes and the resulting expressions of ecological visions, in what he terms 'religious ecotopias' - idealized, environmentally-friendly re-imaginings of nature and humanity, and correspondingly religion, which seek to influence environmental attitudes.
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Dixie Dharma

... to read it—so I have consulted the members of Ekoji as my expert guides
through its terrain. As they explained their personal cognitive mappings of
Buddhism, Richmond, the South, and Ekoji's shared space, the alternate ways
the temple is ...

Author: Jeff Wilson

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807869970

Category: Religion

Page: 296

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Buddhism in the United States is often viewed in connection with practitioners in the Northeast and on the West Coast, but in fact, it has been spreading and evolving throughout the United States since the mid-nineteenth century. In Dixie Dharma, Jeff Wilson argues that region is crucial to understanding American Buddhism. Through the lens of a multidenominational Buddhist temple in Richmond, Virginia, Wilson explores how Buddhists are adapting to life in the conservative evangelical Christian culture of the South, and how traditional Southerners are adjusting to these newer members on the religious landscape. Introducing a host of overlooked characters, including Buddhist circuit riders, modernist Pure Land priests, and pluralistic Buddhists, Wilson shows how regional specificity manifests itself through such practices as meditation vigils to heal the wounds of the slave trade. He argues that southern Buddhists at once use bodily practices, iconography, and meditation tools to enact distinct sectarian identities even as they enjoy a creative hybridity.
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Dharma Friends

FROM. THOSE. IN. PRISONS. After each of these three sections, No One
Abandoned, No One Forgotten, and No One Discarded, I will share a few life
stories, and some thoughts and excerpts from
DharmaDharmaDharmaDharmaDharma ...

Author: Anna M. Cox

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462800438

Category: Social Science


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The Easy Path

A third kind of patience is called “dwelling in the truth of the Dharma,” which
refers to dwelling ona true understanding, not ... Insteadofthese worldly motives,
recall instead the immense spiritual benefits of sharing the Dharma.14
Generating ...

Author: Gyumed Khensur Lobsang Jampa

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781614290988

Category: Religion

Page: 328

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The First Panchen Lama's Easy Path (de lam), written nearly four hundred years ago, is like a chest of jewels that has, until now, been locked to English speakers. This translation, with Gyumed Khensur Lobsang Jampa's commentary, unlocks that chest and holds each jewel up to the sunlight to reveal its great beauty and value. A number of books in the past have explained how to meditate on the stages of the path, but Geshe Lobsang Jampa's volume is unique in showing the reader how to integrate visualizations from highest yoga tantra, guru yoga, and the instructions of the oral tradition within the contemplations of every single stage. From the initial meditations on the precariousness and immense value of human existence, through the contemplations of how we perpetuate the cycle of suffering, to the highest teachings on the practice of universal compassion and the empty nature of phenomena, The Easy Path leads practitioners step by step through the journey to enlightenment.
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Dharma Deepika

Agapeic Sharing as a Fundamental Principle of Ethics It seems to me that an
ethical system that avoids both these extremes and takes a mid - course can
resonate best with the new situation created by the scientific developments of our
times .



ISBN: UCAL:B5090498

Category: Evangelistic work


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Dharma World

I have been inspired to share the teachings of the Buddha by those wonderful
bodhisattvas and Dharma teachers who have helped me along the way. This I
feel is the refuge in the Sangha. I have been making my best efforts to help others



ISBN: UVA:X030289578

Category: Buddhism


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The Splendid Vision

Knowing this, he teaches dharma to those who adopt evil views. He restrains
them from all immorality, laying a ... One accumulates spiritual merit by sharing
this dharma discourse with others. And one accumulates spiritual merit 47 48 49
50 ...

Author: Richard S. Cohen

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231527521

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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Featuring the first-ever English translation of the "Splendid Vision Sutra," a sixth-century Indian Mahayana Buddhist scripture known for its rich ritual magic and worship of bodhisattva-goddesses, this volume explicates the text's cultural significance as a source of extraordinary value, cosmic truth, and existential meaning. The ancient author of the "Splendid Vision Sutra" promises every imaginable reward to those who heed its words and rites, whether one's desire is to become king, enjoy heavenly pleasures for thousands of millennia, or attain the spiritual summit of advanced bodhisattvahood. Richard S. Cohen carefully analyzes this religious rhetoric, developing a heuristic model of "scripture" that extends beyond Buddhist literature. In his framework, a text becomes sacred scripture when a community accepts it as a receptacle of extraordinary value, an authoritative source of cosmic truth, and a guide for meaningful action. While clarifying these points, Cohen untangles the discursive skein through which the "Splendid Vision Sutra" expresses its authority, inspires readers to accept that authority, and promises superior power and accomplishments to those who implement its teachings. Exploring ways of living and reading a text, Cohen draws on Marcel Duchamp's theory of found art, Jerzy Grotowski's idealization of the holy actor, and other formulations, identifying contingencies, uncertainties, and incompleteness in the lived present and its determination of our reception of the past. More than a mere introduction to an important work, The Splendid Vision opens a window into religious experience and practice in contemporary environments as well as in the world of the sutra.
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The Hidden Lamp

Many times I have spoken in public, sharing the Dharma in hundreds of contexts
and hoping I embody it, but I've been vague about my own experience. Is this
courageous? Punnika was a revolutionary. For us she's a model. There have ...

Author: Zenshin Florence Caplow

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781614291336

Category: Religion

Page: 440

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The Hidden Lamp is a collection of one hundred koans and stories of Buddhist women from the time of the Buddha to the present day. This revolutionary book brings together many teaching stories that were hidden for centuries, unknown until this volume. These stories are extraordinary expressions of freedom and fearlessness, relevant for men and women of any time or place. In these pages we meet nuns, laywomen practicing with their families, famous teachers honored by emperors, and old women selling tea on the side of the road. Each story is accompanied by a reflection by a contemporary woman teacher--personal responses that help bring the old stories alive for readers today--and concluded by a final meditation for the reader, a question from the editors meant to spark further rumination and inquiry. These are the voices of the women ancestors of every contemporary Buddhist.
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Dharma Family Treasures

Collects essays that discuss how to teach children the Buddhist path

Author: Sandy Eastoak

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781556432446

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 316

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Collects essays that discuss how to teach children the Buddhist path
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How to Practice Dharma

Therefore, anything containing Dharma teachings, the names of your teachers or
holy images is more precious than other ... Dedication Through the merit created
by preparing, reading, thinking about and sharing this book with others, may all ...

Author: Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Publisher: Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive

ISBN: 9781891868283

Category: Religion

Page: 232

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This expanded edition contains both of the very popular Lama Yeshe booklets, Becoming Your Own Therapist and Make Your Mind an Ocean.Becoming Your Own TherapistFirst published in 1998, this booklet contains three public talks by Lama Yeshe on the general topic of Buddhism. Each lecture is followed by a question and answer session. Lama and his audiences always enjoyed the give and take of these lively exchanges, and pretty much anything went. Although these talks were called lectures, Lama would have each of us use them as a mirror for our minds and look beyond the words, find ourselves, and become our own psychologist.Make Your Mind an OceanThe talks in this booklet are on the general topic of the mind. Two were lunchtime lectures at Melbourne and Latrobe Universities. One was an evening lecture given to the general public. Perhaps of greatest interest is the lecture entitled "A Buddhist Approach to Mental Illness." Lama presented this talk to a group of psychiatrists at Prince Henry's Hospital who were delighted to meet and question Lama, and this historic exchange underscores the difference between Western and Buddhist concepts of mental health.
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