Shoot Like Spielberg

The Visual Secrets of Action, Wonder and Emotional Adventure
Author: Christopher Kenworthy
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
ISBN: 9781615932283
Category: Games
Page: 144
View: 579
Spielberg makes his audience feel something, whether he's shooting a kids' ­adventure, a dramatic chase, or the darkest war scene. The auteur always employs a core set of techniques that make each shot crystal clear and evoke the most intense emotions from the audience. This book shows you how. From tension to tearjerker, these moves will make your scenes memorable enough to be talked about for years to come.Spielberg directs films that cover everything from childhood dreams to the horrors of war. He always hones in on the emotional center of a scene. This book unravels the secrets of his core techniques, and shows how you can use the same simple camera moves and setups to make your films full of wonder, thrills, and emotion.

The Cinema of Steven Spielberg

Empire of Light
Author: Nigel Morris
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231503458
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 224
View: 3059
Cinema's most successful director is a commercial and cultural force demanding serious consideration. Not just triumphant marketing, this international popularity is partly a function of the movies themselves. Polarised critical attitudes largely overlook this, and evidence either unquestioning adulation or vilification often vitriolic for epitomising contemporary Hollywood. Detailed textual analyses reveal that alongside conventional commercial appeal, Spielberg's movies function consistently as a self-reflexive commentary on cinema. Rather than straightforwardly consumed realism or fantasy, they invite divergent readings and self-conscious spectatorship which contradict assumptions about their ideological tendencies. Exercising powerful emotional appeal, their ambiguities are profitably advantageous in maximising audiences and generating media attention.

Steven Spielberg

A Biography, Second Edition
Author: Joseph McBride
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781604738377
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 640
View: 326
Until the first edition of Steven Spielberg: A Biography was published in 1997, much about Spielberg’s personality and the forces that shaped it had remained enigmatic, in large part because of his tendency to obscure and mythologize his own past. But in this first full-scale, in-depth biography of Spielberg, Joseph McBride reveals hidden dimensions of the filmmaker’s personality and shows how deeply personal even his most commercial work has been. This new edition adds four chapters to Spielberg’s life story, chronicling his extraordinarily active and creative period from 1997 to the present, a period in which he has balanced his executive duties as one of the partners in the film studio DreamWorks SKG with a remarkable string of films as a director. Spielberg’s ambitious recent work—including Amistad, Saving Private Ryan, A. I. Artifucial Intelligence, Minority Report, The Terminal and Munich—has continually expanded his range both stylistically and in terms of adventurous, often controversial, subject matter. Steven Spielberg: A Biography brought about a reevaluation of the great filmmaker’s life and work by those who viewed him as merely a facile entertainer. This new edition guides readers through the mature artistry of Spielberg’s later period in which he manages, against considerable odds, to run a successful studio while maintaining and enlarging his high artistic standards as one of America’s most thoughtful, sophisticated, and popular filmmakers.

Kubrick's Story, Spielberg's Film

A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Author: Julian Rice
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442278196
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 308
View: 8611
In 1963 Stanley Kubrick declared, “Dr. Strangelove came from my desire to do something about the nuclear nightmare.” Thirty years later, he was preparing to film another story about the human impulse for self-destruction. Unfortunately, the director passed away in 1999, before his project could be fully realized. However, fellow visionary Steven Spielberg took on the venture, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence debuted in theaters two years after Kubrick’s death. While Kubrick’s concept shares similarities with the finished film, there are significant differences between his screenplay and Spielberg's production. In Kubrick’s Story, Spielberg’s Film: A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Julian Rice examines the intellectual sources and cinematic processes that expressed the extraordinary ideas of one great artist through the distinctive vision of another. A.I. is decidedly a Kubrick film in its concern for the future of the world, and it is both a Kubrick and a Spielberg film in the alienation of its central character. However, Spielberg’s alienated characters evolve through friendships, while Kubrick’s protagonists are markedly alone. Rice explores how the directors’ disparate sensibilities aligned and where they diverged. By analyzing Kubrick’s treatment and Spielberg’s finished film, Rice compares the imaginations of two gifted but very different filmmakers and draws conclusions about their unique conceptions. Kubrick’s Story, Spielberg’s Film is a fascinating look into the creative process of two of cinema’s most profound auteurs and will appeal to scholars of film as well as to fans of both directors.

Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline
Publisher: B DE BOOKS
ISBN: 8490199965
Category: Fiction
Page: 464
View: 4171
La novela cibernética que ha inspirado la gran producción de Warner Bros, a medio camino entre Avatar y Matrix. Estamos en el año 2044 y, como el resto de la humanidad, Wade Watts prefiere mil veces el videojuego de OASIS al cada vez más sombrío mundo real. Se asegura que esconde las diabólicas piezas de un rompecabezas cuya resolución conduce a una fortuna incalculable. Las claves del enigma están basadas en la cultura de finales del siglo XX y, durante años, millones de humanos han intentado dar con ellas, sin éxito. De repente, Wade logra resolver el primer rompecabezas del premio, y, a partir de ese momento, debe competir contra miles de jugadores para conseguir el trofeo. La única forma de sobrevivir es ganar; pero para hacerlo tendrá que abandonar su existencia virtual y enfrentarse a la vida y al amor en el mundo real, del que siempre ha intentado escapar. Reseñas: «Una fascinante novela cibernética, tan traviesa como imaginativa, llamada a convertirse en un éxito.» Booklist «Disfruté con cada página de esta novela.» Charlaine Harris, autora de Muerto hasta el anochecer «Una inyección de adrenalina, una búsqueda a través de un mundo virtual con la suficiente dosis de nostalgia de la década de 1980 para complacer a los más devotos seguidores de John Hughes.» Publishers Weekly «Un billete de lotería hacia el éxito.» New York Daily News

Steven Spielberg

Author: Steven Spielberg,Lester D. Friedman,Brent Notbohm
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781578061136
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 250
View: 7662
Reveals the ambitious drive of the movie producer and director, including his continuous fear of failure and need for approval, and discusses the themes and issues addressed in his films.

Steven Spielberg and Duel

The Making of a Film Career
Author: Steven Awalt
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0810892618
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 354
View: 8347
Since the early 1970s, Steven Spielberg has directed more than two dozen films, many of which have achieved classic status. In addition to critical and commercial successes that include E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and Lincoln, Spielberg’s name has become synonymous with such thrilling adventure films as Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, and Minority Report. Before he became a world-renowned filmmaker, however, Spielberg established himself on television, helming episodes of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery; Marcus Welby, M.D.; and Columbo. But it was the small-screen version of a Richard Matheson short story that brought the young director’s work to the attention of critics and viewers alike. In Steven Spielberg and Duel: The Making of a Film Career, Steven Awalt provides an exhaustive study commemorating the film that decisively launched the career of a major film artist. Through in-depth research and interviews with the film’s creative and technical crew, the author tracks the film from genesis through production to release. Awalt conducted lengthy one-on-one interviews with Spielberg, Matheson, assistant director James Fargo, editor Frank Morriss, composer Billy Goldenberg, former MCA/Universal president Sidney J. Sheinberg, and writer-producer Steven Bochco, among others. Spielberg provided access to many rare documents from his archives, including multiple drafts of Duel’s teleplay, the shooting schedule, shooting logistics breakdowns, and production correspondence. The first book-length examination of this important production in the director’s early career, Steven Spielberg and Duel also includes the original teleplay by Matheson, four additional scenes created for the international theatrical release of the film, photos, and storyboards of the film’s final sequence. A fascinating look behind the scenes of an acclaimed work, this book will interest not only scholars and film historians but anyone interested in the work of Richard Matheson and Steven Spielberg.

George Lucas

Una vida
Author: Brian Jay Jones
ISBN: 8416709505
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: N.A
View: 6068
La biografía más completa jamás escrita sobre uno de los cineastas más admirados e influyentes de los últimos cincuenta años: Georges Lucas. El 25 de mayo de 1977 se estrenó en apenas cuarenta salas estadounidenses un film con todos los números para fracasar. Sin embargo, pronto mereció grandiosos titulares hasta convertirse en un fenómeno de taquilla que cambió de un plumazo la manera de producir, anunciar y rentabilizar películas. La cinta se titulaba Star Wars y su creador era un tal George Lucas. El cineasta aún volvería a dar el golpe con la saga de Indiana Jones y, no contento con ello, llegó a forjar pequeños imperios: Lucasfilm, THX, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar. En esta biografía, tanto colegas como competidores de Lucas ofrecen una mirada exhaustiva sobre la vida y los métodos de trabajo de un hombre que transformó la manera de hacer cine y de verlo. Reseñas: «Todo en la trayectoria de Lucas en el cine, desde sus inicios hasta su actual estatus de leyenda, todo está aquí. Los retratos que ofrecen colegas, rivales, mentores y amigos son brutalmente honestos. Una biografía indispensable.» Rolling Stone «Un libro adictivo. Jones retrata a la perfección la presión asfixiante del creador, los encontronazos con los estudios y el baile constante con el fracaso que precedieron a obras maestras como American Graffiti o Star Wars.» BBC «Una biografía clara y veraz, donde hasta el más mínimo detalle sorprende.» The New York Times «Como si de un aguerrido arqueólogo se tratara, Jones sale victorioso del reto, llevando bajo el brazo un relato formidablemente completo de la vida y obra de George Lucas.» Washington Post «Con su prosa hipnótica y sus investigaciones en profundidad, este libro gustará hasta a los seguidores más exigentes de Lucas.» Boston Globe «Incluso los años de formación del director están retratados con maestría. También las reflexiones e interioridades de cómo funciona la industria del cine (y cómo la cambió Lucas) se nos aparecen como una aventura trepidante.» Chicago Tribune

A Companion to Steven Spielberg

Author: Nigel Morris
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111872691X
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 536
View: 2802
A Companion to Steven Spielberg provides an authoritative collection of essays exploring the achievements and legacy of one of the most influential film directors of the modern era. Offers comprehensive coverage of Spielberg’s directorial output, from early works including Duel, The Sugarland Express, and Jaws, to recent films Explores Spielberg’s contribution to the development of visual effects and computer games, as well as the critical and popular reception of his films Topics include in-depth analyses of Spielberg’s themes, style, and filming techniques; commercial and cultural significance of the Spielberg ‘brand’ and his parallel career as a producer; and collaborative projects with artists and composers Brings together an international team of renowned scholars and emergent voices, balancing multiple perspectives and critical approaches Creates a timely and illuminating resource which acknowledges the ambiguity and complexity of Spielberg’s work, and reflects its increasing importance to film scholarship

Steven Spielberg

The Man, His Movies, and Their Meaning
Author: Philip M. Taylor
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780826411204
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 198
View: 2300
"Steven Spielberg: The Man, His Movies and Their Meaning explores the entire Spielberg phenomenon. It examines both the films themselves - their plots, directorial style, cinematic technique and extraordinary appeal to moviegoers - as well as the broader impact and significance of Spielberg's characteristic subject matter and themes."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Amor Verdadero

Author: Jennifer Lopez
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698148398
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 288
View: 427
En Amor verdadero, Lopez explora uno de los períodos más decisivos de su vida: el viaje de transformación que duró dos años, donde ella cuenta cómo, siendo madre y artista, afrentó sus mayores retos, identificó sus miedos más grandes y, en última instancia, terminó siendo una persona más fuerte que nunca antes. Esta publicación, visualmente llamativa, está acompañada de fotografías íntimas, electrizantes y nunca antes vistas. Escrito como un diario personal con lecciones duramente aprendidas y recuerdos sinceros, Amor verdadero es una historia motivadora de auto-reflexión, reencuentro y resiliencia. From the Hardcover edition.

Science Fiction Film Directors, 1895Ð1998

Author: Dennis Fischer
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786485051
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 767
View: 4339
This enormous and exhaustive reference book has entries on every major and minor director of science fiction films from the inception of cinema (circa 1895) through 1998. For each director there is a complete filmography including television work, a career summary, a critical assessment, and behind-the-scenes production information. Seventy-nine directors are covered in especially lengthy entries and a short history of the science fiction film genre is also included.

Behind the Seen

How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain Using Apple's Final Cut Pro and What This Means for Cinema
Author: Charles Koppelman
Publisher: New Riders
ISBN: 0133786668
Category: Photography
Page: 360
View: 3744
The first volume to reveal the post-production process of a major motion picture (Cold Mountain) edited entirely in Final Cut Pro! Offers a rare inside glimpse at the creative process of one of cinema's giants: threetime Academy Award-winning editor Walter Murch. Includes anecdotes from the director, edit staff, and producers; photos, emails, and journal entries from Murch; and behind-the-scenes insights. Accounts from Apple's Final Cut Pro team about what they think about the future of it in feature films. As the first software-only desktop nonlinear editing system, Final Cut Pro sat the film industry on its ear when it debuted back in 1999. Now it's shaking things up again as editor Walter Murch, director Anthony Minghella, and a long list of Hollywood heavy-hitters are proving that this under-$1,000 software can (and should) be used to edit a multi-million dollar motion picture! This book tells the story of that endeavor: the decision to use Final Cut Pro, the relationship between the technology and art (and craft) of movie-making, how Final Cut Pro was set up and configured for Cold Mountain, how the software's use affected the work flow, and its implications for the future of filmmaking. More than anything, however, this is Murch's own story of what seemed to many a crazy endeavor-- told through photos, journal entries, email musings, and anecdotes that give readers an inside view of what the film editor does and how this particular film progressed through post-production. The book includes, in his own words, Murch's vision, approach, and thoughts on storytelling as he shapes Cold Mountain under the intense pressures of completing a major studio film.

Otra vuelta de tuerca

Author: Henry James
Publisher: Paradimage Soluciones SL
ISBN: 8416564396
Category: Fiction
Page: 169
View: 1992
Otra vuelta de tuerca es un clásico de la novela de terror, hija de la pluma de Henry James, americano de origen irlandés de cuya muerte hace ahora 100 años. La historia se desarrolla en una mansión en la que una institutriz intente cuidar de dos niños que se han quedado huérfanos, pero no solos... pues los "acompañan" los espectros de sus antiguos tutores. Paradimage inaugura con esta obra su serie de Terror.

Valor de ley

Author: Charles Portis
Publisher: DEBOLS!LLO
ISBN: 8499890628
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 4315
Mattie Ross, de catorce años, se adentra en el Territorio Indio para buscar al criminal que mató a su padre y vengar su muerte. Dicen que no se puede saber qué anida en el corazón de un hombre. En un viaje para comprar caballos, Frank Ross es asesinado por uno de sus trabajadores por una montura, ciento cincuenta dólares y dos piezas de oro. Con catorce años, Mattie, la hija de Ross, está dispuesta a vengar una muerte que ha quedado impune y a reclamar el cuerpo de su padre. Recurrirá al comisario más «implacable y cruel» de Arkansas, el tuerto Rooster Cogburn. Se adentrará en el Territorio Indio si es necesario. Luchará contra cualquier forajido. Porque Mattie quiere demostrar que el suyo es un corazón noble. Y que su valor es de ley. Valor de ley es un clásico americano ambientado en el Oeste, una novela amada por generaciones de lectores desde su publicación en 1968 y la fuente de inspiración de dos películas formidables. Un libro tan delicioso como aterrador sobre la crueldad, la venganza y la ineludible entrada a la vida adulta. Y un ejemplo de coraje y vitalidad indestructible, como su conmovedora protagonista. Opinión: «Valor de ley es la mejor novela con que me topado en mucho tiempo. ¿Qué libro me ha proporcionado mayor placer en los últimos cinco años? ¿O en los últimos veinte? Pues no sé. ¡Vaya escritor!» Roald DAhl

Citizen Spielberg

Author: Lester D. Friedman
Publisher: Univ of Illinois Pr
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 361
View: 6438
Steven Spielberg is the director or producer of over one third of the thirty highest grossing films of all time, yet most film scholars dismiss him as little more than a modern P. T. Barnum--a technically gifted and intellectually shallow showman who substitutes spectacle for substance. To date, no book has attempted to analyze the components of his worldview, the issues which animate his most significant works, the roots of his immense acceptance, and the influence his vast spectrum of imaginative products exerts on the public consciousness. In Citizen Spielberg, Lester D. Friedman fills that void with a systematic analysis of the various genres in which the director has worked, including science fiction (E.T.), adventure (Raiders trilogy), race films (The Color Purple, Amistad), and war films (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List). Friedman concludes that Spielberg's films present a sustained artistic vision combined with a technical flair matched by few other filmmakers, and makes a compelling case for Spielberg to be considered as a major film artist.

Los Superjuguetes Duran Todo el Verano

Y Otras Historias del Futuro
Author: Brian Wilson Aldiss
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788401328756
Page: 234
View: 7041

Otras mentes. El pulpo, el mar y los orígenes profundos de la consciencia

Author: Peter Godfrey-Smith
Publisher: TAURUS
ISBN: 8430619070
Category: Science
Page: N.A
View: 7617
El libro del año para mentes curiosas, lo más parecido a un encuentro alienígena. «Una fabulosa mezcla de encuentros a lo Cousteau con cefalópodos, apasionantes discusiones científicas y reflexión filosófica. Maravillosamente escrito, estimulante y audaz.» Olivia Judson, The Atlantic En una rama muy distante de la nuestra en el árbol de las especies surgió otra mente elevada: la de los cefalópodos. Pero, ¿qué clase de inteligencia poseen estos animales? ¿Cómo desarrolló tal inteligencia el pulpo, criatura de escasa vida social y longevidad de apenas dos años? Otras mentes es una nueva y audaz historia de cómo la naturaleza se hizo consciente de sí misma, un relato que transcurre en gran medida en el mar. Peter Godfrey-Smith, distinguido filósofo de la ciencia y hábil buceador, describe sus impresionantes encuentros con octópodos y las travesuras perpetradas por pulpos cautivos al tiempo que traza el asombroso viaje evolutivo de los cefalópodos, una ruta alejada de la que más tarde tomaríamos los mamíferos. Una inmersión profunda y excepcionalmente reveladora en los orígenes de la experiencia subjetiva. Críticas: «El tema es tan asombroso que es difícil no sentirse seducido, como le pasó al propio autor cuando le extendió una mano a un pulpo y éste se acercó para devolverle el toque, en clara señal de interés.» Irene Wanner, The Seattle Times «Fascinante. Después de leer este libro, parafraseando a Byron, "no amarás menos al hombre, sino más a los cefalópodos".» Callum Roberts, The Washington Post «El filósofo Godfrey-Smith combina hábilmente ciencia, filosofía y sus propias experiencias nadando entre estos animales tentaculares para iluminar el origen y la naturaleza de la conciencia.» The Economist «Godfrey-Smith se ha impuesto un doble reto: por un lado, recoger todo lo que sabemos sobre la conducta y el conocimiento de los pulpos y, por otro, mostrar por qué esta información es a su vez un reto de cara a nuestra concepción filosófica y científica de la mente. El resultado es de lo más convincente.» Science «Si esto es filosofía, funciona. Godfrey-Smith es uno de esos filósofos que buscan pistas en el mundo. Sabio y curioso, nunca resulta dogmático y es sorprendentemente agudo.» Carl Safina, The New York Times Book Review «Godfrey-Smith enlaza hábilmente historia evolutiva y biología con los debates filosóficos más amplios sobre la naturaleza.» Nick Romeo, The Chicago Tribune «Una magistral combinación de historia natural, filosofía y curiosidad. De lectura obligada para cualquier persona interesada en la evolución de la mente.» Jennifer Ackerman, autora de El ingenio de los pájaros «Una deslumbrante muestra de la mejor pop science. Increíblemente revelador y divertido.» Meehan Crist, Los Angeles Times