Slaughter at Sea

Author: Alan Coles

Publisher: Robert Hale

ISBN: UOM:39015019361800

Category: World War, 1914-1918

Page: 220

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Slaughter at Sea

Simultaneously published: Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Pen & Sword Military, 2007.

Author: Mark Felton

Publisher: Naval Institute Press

ISBN: 1591142636

Category: History

Page: 213

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Simultaneously published: Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Pen & Sword Military, 2007.
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Food at Sea

successfully transplanted to distant regions of the globe, where it became a
staple of local diets, and of seafarers seeking ... some Spanish ships probably
tried to carry animals larger than chickens, for slaughter at sea when provisions
ran ...

Author: Simon Spalding

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442227378

Category: Cooking

Page: 280

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Food at Sea: Shipboard Cuisine from Ancient to Modern Times traces the preservation, preparation, and consumption of food at sea, over a period of several thousand years, and in a variety of cultures. The book traces the development of cooking aboard in ancient and medieval times, through the development of seafaring traditions of storing and preparing food on the world’s seas and oceans. Following a largely chronological format, Simon Spalding shows how the raw materials, cooking and eating equipments, and methods of preparation of seafarers have both reflected the shoreside practices of their cultures, and differed from them. The economies of whole countries have developed around foods that could survive long trips by sea, and new technologies have evolved to expand the available food choices at sea. Changes in ship construction and propulsion have compelled changes in food at sea, and Spalding’s book explores these changes in cargo ships, passenger ships, warships, and other types over the centuries in fascinating depth of detail. Selected passages from songs and poems, quotes from seafarers famous and obscure, and new insights into culinary history all add spice to the tale.
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Pollution at Sea

Or to be more accurate it was a tort directed against the plaintiff's enjoyment of
rights over land, for nuisance might also be ... The stench caused by the
depasturing of pigs in the street by a grazier while awaiting their being sent for
slaughter ...

Author: Baris Soyer

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317984412

Category: Law

Page: 382

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A sharp, informed and thoroughly practical guide to contemporary and developing issues relating to sea pollution, prepared by leading academics and practitioners with everyday hands-on experience. Pollution at Sea focuses on a number of the vital private law issues – compensation, insurance, contract and tort – thrown up by contemporary developments in the law of pollution. The book also intends to offer a critical analysis on emerging public law concepts, such as the legal position of seafarers from the perspective of criminal law in cases of pollution and the impact of port state control as a pollution control mechanism. Pollution at Sea is divided into three parts: 1. Private Law Liability Regimes 2. Rights and Liabilities of Particular Parties 3. The Impact of Public Law on the Actors Concerned In part 1; various liability regimes are dissected, including those which have been under the spotlight in recent years. This section has particular international appeal, and many of the regimes discussed are based at least in part on international conventions, agreements or practices. In part 2; the impact of pollution at sea on third parties is considered, with respect to the legal position of parties that might be perused either by the victims of pollution incidents or in some cases by the parties liable by way of a recourse action. Finally in part 3; recent relevant developments, particularly in the realm of public law are covered.
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Sea of Slaughter

During preparation of this book I talked to marine scientists from three continents,
experts who were in a position to speak freely and independently. All agreed that
life in the sea is being diminished at a fearful and accelerating rate. Not only ...

Author: Farley Mowat

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 0811731693

Category: History

Page: 420

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The northeastern seaboard of the United States and Canada, from Cape Cod to Labrador, was the first region in North America to suffer from human exploitation. In this timeless narrative, Farley Mowat describes in harrowing detail the devastation inflicted upon the birds, whales, fish, and mammals of this icy coast -- from polar bears and otters to cod, seals, and ducks. Since its first publication some 20 years ago, this powerful work has served as both a warning to humanity and an inspiration for change.
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Evenings at Sea

It is plain that the valley and the hill - side are lost . The height gives a check , ,
and the strife rages round it ; though the defenders are thinned by slaughter and
desertion , they stoutly hold their ground . The wounded begin to crowd into the
city ...

Author: Old Sailor


ISBN: NYPL:33433074920939


Page: 302

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Sketches of Foreign Travel and Life at Sea

Many Spanish historians have labored to prove that Madrid , under the name of
Mantua , was founded by the Greeks ... king of Leon , attacked Madrid , and ,
entering on the Sabbath , overthrew the walls , committed a great slaughter of the

Author: Charles Rockwell


ISBN: BSB:BSB10621073

Category: Africa

Page: 404

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Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea

when the vindictive chief , with a mighty blow of his merai , laid his hapless
supplicant dead at his feet . All was wild and indiscriminate slaughter : every man
, woman , and child who could be found was immediately massacred , with the ...

Author: William Henry Giles Kingston


ISBN: OXFORD:600023298

Category: Castaways

Page: 516

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Lost at Sea

“This movement,” First Sea Lord Henry Jackson would recall, “decided me to
send our Grand Fleet to try to meet the ... Verdun, Ypres, the
RussoAustrian front eloquently illustrated the slaughter and the stalemate of
opposing armies of ...

Author: A. Hoehling

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418559168

Category: History

Page: 223

View: 640

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Lost at Sea features the incredible stories of eight ships and their passengers, some of which vanished with hardly a trace - or no trace at all. Veteran history and mystery writer A.A.Hoehling explores these previously unexplained maritime mishaps with the skill of a detective seeking to uncover a murderer.
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British battles on land and sea

moment , by a fortunate movement of the Imperial 160 , 000 men ( ? ) were
engaged in this slaughter , and cavalry , he overthrew those of Marsin and
assailed modern warfare had seen nothing equal to it in the his infantry in flank .
fury of the ...

Author: James Grant


ISBN: OXFORD:600052150



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Churchill and Sea Power

hurchill's post—war years were not entirely dominated by current politics: he was
also determined to protect his place in ... growing revulsion at the slaughter on
the Western Front and disillusionment with Britain's First World War generals.

Author: Christopher M. Bell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199693573

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 429

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Examines the leader's record as a naval strategist and his impact on naval power, seeking to debunk misconceptions about his failed campaigns and devasting losses during both World Wars.
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Behring Sea Arbitration

Report of the behring sea commission and report of the british commissioners of
june 21, 1892 Bering Sea Commission, ... Excessive slaughter and disturbance
causes absolute depletion and desertion in given breeding places , leading the ...

Author: Bering Sea Commission



Category: Bering Sea controversy

Page: 241

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The Book of Battles Or Daring Deeds by Land and Sea Compiled from the Best Authorities With Original Stories of the Camp Fire and the Quarter deck Edited by Edward Shelton and Charles Jones

Never was slaughter Egyptian peasants certainly were . On the 19th carried on
with more despatch , or a wider field General Menou having advanced , the
supply to opened for destruction . The French , now under the British market
totally ...



ISBN: BL:A0024418067


Page: 608

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Recent British Battles on Land and Sea

He created an Imperial Guard of the Dutch Boers upon what he deemed his of
15,000 warriors , who were ready at an ... dragged “ Place of Slaughter , ” to
commemorate the fact of about half a mile across the river by the hair of the his
there ...

Author: James Grant


ISBN: OXFORD:590433742

Category: Battles

Page: 624

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A Complete History of the Most Remarkable Transactions at Sea

1 Sea . 1 monians beaten ar Sea . 1 2 . Teos , Mitylene , Ephesus and Erethræ ,
whence sprung up several other Wars ... to their Relief , charged the
Lacedæmonians with great Fury , and having made a terrible Slaughter , put
them to Flight ...

Author: Josiah Burchett


ISBN: UOM:39015027360687

Category: Grand Alliance, War of the, 1689-1697

Page: 800

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Screwed at Sea

the beginning, nothing seemed to be more exciting than leaving home for a place
yet unknown but with time taken very ... slaughter their fellow citizens, as believed
their president was being betrayed and on the other side an opposition ran by ...

Author: Ebed Louis

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434928184


Page: 148

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Lives Exploits and Cruelties of the Most Celebrated Pirates and Sea Robbers

Misson irritated by this rude answer , resolved to transfer the war into his own
country , and accordingly set sail for Mohila ... avail against Misson's fuzils ; the
first discharge made a great slaughter , and about twenty shells which were
thrown among them , put them to a confused flight . ... all the cocoa walks that
they could for the time , for towards evening they returned to their ships , and
stood off to sea .



ISBN: BL:A0021827133

Category: Pirates

Page: 448

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Secrets at Sea

"The Minturn woman will sell your Upstairs Cranstons down the river. They are
lambs led to the slaughter. They are not the first fools she's fleeced." "I don't know
what I can do about it"I mumbled. "They are packing to go this minute. The labels

Author: Richard Peck

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101535776

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 809

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The adorable tale of a family of mice stowaways on an adventurous ship's journey In the beloved tradition of The Borrowers, The Tale of Despereaux, and The Cricket in Times Square, here is an irresistible adventure story about the tiny creatures who secretly live among us humans, as only Newbery Medal winner Richard Peck could imagine it. Set on a grand cruise ship to England in 1887, this beautifully illustrated tale of a charming family of mice is full of laughs, near misses, and surprises. Multiple-award-winning author Richard Peck at his best and most playful!
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A Slaver s Adventures on Land and Sea

SLAUGHTER OF ELEPHANTS . 51 Leaving the black monarch to continue his
directions , we ran quickly to the spot indicated , and muuuted a ' tree that
seemed te have been used frequently for the purpose of overlooking the pen .
Hardly had ...

Author: William Henry Thomes


ISBN: SRLF:AA0002697969

Category: Adventure stories

Page: 405

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