Southwest Asia

Cost of U.S. Military Activities Table 1.1 : Defense Expenditures Related to
Southwest Asia ( Fiscal Years 1980 Through 1990 ) $ 0.4 0.8 Dollars in fiscal
year 1990 billions Southwest Asia - dedicated programs Military constructiona
Maritime ...

Author: United States. General Accounting Office


ISBN: UCAL:C3113632

Category: Military assistance, American

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Southwest Asia

Southwest Asia —'\ . ‚ ‚t‚ ub‚iu u u‚án Vn / ‚ I 3 s s I R R uu " L ''af Y*4NicO8ia
Aleppo к Y ц „Mosul Mashhad. Lgâägy Mediterranean ' SYR|A I *Tehrán USI-K
Kam“ 'Ф, Sea Beirut D * 'Ё * ' „ВАМ“ -A „А È ‚ aamabaa ' «Vf *Damascus а IЖ 1 З I
Н áî ...

Author: United States. Central Intelligence Agency


ISBN: PURD:32754073487922

Category: Middle East


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Crop Insects of Northeast Africa southwest Asia

It has been compiled from personal observations and reports of Regional Insect
Control Project personnel and their counterparts in several countries within the
northeast Africa - southwest Asia area and from economic literature . The
Regional ...

Author: Joseph Wesley Gentry


ISBN: UVA:X030491431

Category: Agricultural pests

Page: 210

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The Ruling Races of Prehistoric Times in India Southwestern Asia and Southern Europe Astronomy of the Veda History as told in the mythology of the northern races History of the worship of Ia or Yah

... the waters dry up towards the end of the long season of drought , between the
end of the rains in autumn and their reappearance at the summer solstice with
the Southwest monsoon , and emerges when the rain refills the water reservoirs .

Author: James Francis Katherinus Hewitt



Category: Civilization


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Southwest Asia

Hellenism was important in all the regions of Southwest Asia and on the other
hand the Hellenic world from this time on had incorporated within it political and
religious concepts which had originated in Asia. Chapter 2 Parthians. Romans
and ...

Author: Woodbridge Bingham


ISBN: IND:30000120419498

Category: Middle East

Page: 350

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Encyclopedia of Prehistory

The Encyclopedia of Prehistory represents temporal dimension.

Author: Peter N. Peregrine

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0306462621

Category: Social Science

Page: 413

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The Encyclopedia of Prehistory represents temporal dimension. Major traditions are an attempt to provide basic information also defined by a somewhat different set of on all archaeologically known cultures, sociocultural characteristics than are eth covering the entire globe and the entire nological cultures. Major traditions are prehistory ofhumankind. It is designed as defined based on common subsistence a tool to assist in doing comparative practices, sociopolitical organization, and research on the peoples of the past. Most material industries. but language, ideology, of the entries are written by the world's and kinship tics play little or no part in foremost experts on the particular areas their definition because they are virtually and lime periods. unrecoverable from archaeological con The Encyclopedia is organized accord· texts. In contrast, language, ideology, and ing to major traditions. A major tradition kinship ties arc central to defining ethno is defined as a group ofpopulations sharing logical cultures. similar subsistence practices. technology, There are three types of entries in the and forms oj sociopolitical organizati01I, Encyclopedia: the major tradition entry.
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Southwest Asia Series

... Dartmouth College Indiana University • Institute for the Study of World Politics •
University of Kansas • Michigan State University • Ramapo College of New
Jersey • University of Pittsburgh • University of Wisconsin SOUTHWEST ASIA



ISBN: IND:30000108559935

Category: Middle East


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US Policy in Southwest Asia

Southwest Asia in terms of its content , validity , and effectiveness . US efforts to
implement the “ military first ” approach are examined from a regional perspective
, looking from Southwest Asia toward the West . The various commercial ...

Author: Robert G. Lawrence


ISBN: UIUC:30112102047260

Category: Africa, Northeast

Page: 65

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Over-reliance upon military action as the predominant instrument of US foreign policy in Southwest Asia is the danger against which this essay; warns. Colonel Robert G. Lawrence, is less troubled by questions of US military strength than by policymakers' insensitivity to the historical, religious, and regional dynamics of Southwest Asia in general and the Persian Gulf states in particular. Security assistance, although important, has been mistakenly considered the essential element of US policy when it should complement, not constitute US diplomacy. Too long, we have failed to understand the Arab view of the world in which they live. Our policymakers have slighted the complexity and the diversity of Arab religions, politics, and history-forces which inform and direct Arab actions. Colonel Lawrence directly addresses the tough questions, such as US support of Israel, widely inconsistent policies for foreign military sales, US failure in Iran, and US inaction during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Interviewing over fifty prominent Arab government officials, military leaders, diplomats, scholars, and businessmen, Colonel Lawrence brings immediacy and insight to this frank, somewhat controversial study of Southwest Asia.
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International Security in Southwest Asia

The third theme was designed to explore the role major neighboring states of
Egypt and India in the security of Southwest Asia . Professor Hermann F . Eilts of

Author: Hafeez Malik

Publisher: Praeger Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015008512728

Category: Asia, Central

Page: 232

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Three Water Balance Maps of Southwest Asia

All of the major rivers of Southwest Asia originate in this zone as can be seen
from the map . Yet , much of the moderate surplus region is near the coast and
there are many small streams but no major ones with extensive drainage systems

Author: Charles Warren Thornthwaite


ISBN: UCSD:31822025925371

Category: Hydrology

Page: 57

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Contributions to the Vegetation of Southwest Asia

Preface With its rich diversity of land forms , its pronounced topographical ,
orographical , pedological , geomorphological and climatic contrasts and its
resulting variety of biogeocenoses , south - west Asia is one of the most
fascinating regions ...

Author: Harald Kürschner

Publisher: Reichert Verlag

ISBN: UOM:39015051128711

Category: History

Page: 221

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Herpetology of Europe and Southwest Asia

Lizards and snakes from Southwestern Asia , collected by Henry Field . Bulletin
of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 138 , 327 - 406 . Hager , P . K . ( 1905 ) .
Die Kiefermuskeln der Schlangen und ihre Beziehungen zu den Speicheldrusen

Author: Kenneth R. G. Welch

Publisher: Krieger Publishing Company

ISBN: STANFORD:36105032924883

Category: Science

Page: 135

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Southwest Asia

Yet the world depicted in these texts is not solely inhabited by Anglos and Chicanos; as this groundbreaking new book shows, Asian characters are cast in peripheral but nonetheless pivotal roles.

Author: Jayson Gonzales Sae-Saue

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813577180

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 196

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Chicana/o literature is justly acclaimed for the ways it voices opposition to the dominant Anglo culture, speaking for communities ignored by mainstream American media. Yet the world depicted in these texts is not solely inhabited by Anglos and Chicanos; as this groundbreaking new book shows, Asian characters are cast in peripheral but nonetheless pivotal roles. Southwest Asia investigates why key Chicana/o writers, including Américo Paredes, Rolando Hinojosa, Oscar Acosta, Miguel Méndez, and Virginia Grise, from the 1950s to the present day, have persistently referenced Asian people and places in the course of articulating their political ideas. Jayson Gonzales Sae-Saue takes our conception of Chicana/o literature as a transnational movement in a new direction, showing that it is not only interested in North-South migrations within the Americas, but is also deeply engaged with East-West interactions across the Pacific. He also raises serious concerns about how these texts invariably marginalize their Asian characters, suggesting that darker legacies of imperialism and exclusion might lurk beneath their utopian visions of a Chicana/o nation. Southwest Asia provides a fresh take on the Chicana/o literary canon, analyzing how these writers have depicted everything from interracial romances to the wars Americans fought in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. As it examines novels, plays, poems, and short stories, the book makes a compelling case that Chicana/o writers have long been at the forefront of theorizing U.S.–Asian relations.
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Life and Culture in Southwest Asia and North Africa

Spread between two continents but sharing many of the same geographic challenges, the peoples and cultures of Southwest Asia and North Africa are both similar and different in striking ways.

Author: Miriam Coleman

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781725321717

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

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Spread between two continents but sharing many of the same geographic challenges, the peoples and cultures of Southwest Asia and North Africa are both similar and different in striking ways. This region, which includes Morocco, Libya, and Egypt, is also known as the Middle East. It has given birth to ancient civilizations, unique legends, and some of the modern world's most distinct traditions and practices. As this informative narrative takes readers on a cultural journey, full-color images will help them put faces to the people, places, and history featured within.
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