Star Maps

History, Artistry, and Cartography
Author: Nick Kanas
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387716688
Category: Science
Page: 382
View: 3333
The beauty and awe generated by the celestial void captures our imagination and delights our aesthetic sense. Antiquarian map societies are prospering, and celestial maps are now viewed as a specialty of map collecting. This book traces the history of celestial cartography and relates this history to the changing ideas of man’s place in the universe and to advances in map-making. Photographs from actual antiquarian celestial atlases and prints, many previously unpublished, enrich the text. The book describes the development and relationships between different sky maps and atlases as well as demonstrating contemporary cosmological ideas, constellation representations, and cartographic advances.

Star Maps for Beginners

50th Anniversary Edition
Author: I.M. Levitt,Roy K. Marshall
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671791877
Category: Nature
Page: 64
View: 2114
The author's maps, which divide the sky into quadrants, and explanations of the constellations are designed to simplify study for the amateur astronomer

Modernist Star Maps

Celebrity, Modernity, Culture
Author: Aaron Jaffe
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351916874
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 280
View: 3567
Bringing together Canadian, American, and British scholars, this volume explores the relationship between modernism and modern celebrity culture. In support of the collection's overriding thesis that modern celebrity and modernism are mutually determining phenomena, the contributors take on a range of transatlantic canonical and noncanonical figures, from the expected (Virginia Woolf and F. Scott Fitzgerald) to the surprising (Elvis and Hitler). Illuminating case studies are balanced by the volume's attentiveness to broader issues related to modernist aesthetics, as the contributors consider celebrity in relationship to identity, commodification, print culture, personality, visual cultures, and theatricality. As the first book to read modernism and celebrity in the context of the crises of individual agency occasioned by the emergence of mass-mediated culture, Modernist Star Maps argues that the relationship between modernism and the popular is unthinkable without celebrity. Moreover, celebrity's strange evolution during the twentieth century is unimaginable without the intercession of modernism's system of cultural value. This innovative collection opens new avenues for understanding celebrity not only for modernist scholars but for critical theorists and cultural studies scholars.

Star Maps

Author: Liz Tigelaar
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0689871716
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 192
View: 7389
Meg Pryor's plans to spend time alone with Drew are undermined when Bandstand announces that it will be doing a road show in Los Angeles, in which all of the regular dancers have been invited to perform.

The Making of History's Greatest Star Map

Author: Michael Perryman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642116027
Category: Science
Page: 282
View: 8485
From prehistoric times, mankind has looked up at the night sky, and puzzled at the changing positions of the stars. How far away they are is a question that has confounded scientists for centuries. Over the last few hundred years, many scientific careers – and considerable resources – have been devoted to measuring their positions and motions with ever increasing accuracy. And in the last two decades of the 20th century, the European Space Agency developed and launched the Hipparcos satellite, around which this account revolves, to carry out these exacting measurements from space. What has prompted these remarkable developments? Why have governments been persuaded to fund them? What are scientists learning from astronomy's equivalent of the Human Genome Project? This book traces the subject's history, explains why such enormous efforts are considered worthwhile, and interweaves these with a first-hand insight into the Hipparcos project, and how big science is conducted at an international level. The involvement of amateur astronomers, and the Hipparcos contributions to climate research, ‘death stars' passing close to the Sun, and the search for extra-solar planets and even intelligent life itself, are some of the surprising facets of this unusual space mission.

The observer's sky atlas with 50 star charts covering the entire sky.

2nd edition
Author: Erich Karkoschka
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387986067
Category: Science
Page: 130
View: 923
The Observer's Sky Atlas contains star charts and information for all those who observe the night sky with unaided eyes, with binoculars, or with small telescopes, and also for those who just wish to look at constellations and interesting objects. Equally useful for the beginning observer and the old hand, the atlas presents: -a short introduction into observing the sky and a thorough description of the star charts and tables - clearly arranged charts of all the stars visible with the unaided eye (up to 6th magnitude) - enlarged chart sections for binocular observation, highlighting 250 interesting nebulae, galaxies, and stellar clusters (to magnitude 9) - a catalog of more than 1000 objects that takes into account the far-reaching measurements of Hipparcos Satellite published in 1997 - tables of predicted separations of binary stars until the year 2015 The Observer's Sky Atlas is an indispensable and handy companion for every observer. It has appeared in four languages. From reviews of the first edition: , .." the most informative little sky guide in the business" "Astronomy "

Florida Starwatch

Author: Mike Lynch
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781610603874
Page: N.A
View: 4565

Star Maps ... for the Use of Students in ... Observational Astronomy

Author: Goodwin DeLoss Swezey
Publisher: N.A
Category: Stars
Page: 9
View: 8891

INS/CNS/GNSS Integrated Navigation Technology

Author: Wei Quan,Jianli Li,Xiaolin Gong,Jiancheng Fang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 366245159X
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 372
View: 2376
This book not only introduces the principles of INS, CNS and GNSS, the related filters and semi-physical simulation, but also systematically discusses the key technologies needed for integrated navigations of INS/GNSS, INS/CNS, and INS/CNS/GNSS, respectively. INS/CNS/GNSS integrated navigation technology has established itself as an effective tool for precise positioning navigation, which can make full use of the complementary characteristics of different navigation sub-systems and greatly improve the accuracy and reliability of the integrated navigation system. The book offers a valuable reference guide for graduate students, engineers and researchers in the fields of navigation and its control. Dr. Wei Quan, Dr. Jianli Li, Dr. Xiaolin Gong and Dr. Jiancheng Fang are all researchers at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The Cambridge Star Atlas

Author: Wil Tirion
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521173639
Category: Science
Page: 90
View: 3950
Provides information about the moon, star charts and monthly sky maps covering that which is visible each month in different hemispheres. Original.

Dakota/Lakota Star Map Constellation Guidebook

An Introduction to D(L)akota Star Knowledge
Author: Annette Sharon Lee,Jim Rock,Charlene O'Rourke
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780692232545
Category: Constellations
Page: 54
View: 3601
"This book is an outgrowth of Native Skywatchers research and programming ... We seek to address the crisis of the loss of the indigenous star knowledge, specifically the Dakota and Ojibwe who are the native peoples of Minnesota ... Together, we have created two astronomically accurate and culturally important star maps, Ojibwe Giizhig Anung Masinaa'igan - Ojibwe Sky Star Map and Makoce Wicanhpi Wowapi - D(L)akota Sky Star Map, which were first disseminated to regional educators at a Native Skywatchers Middle School Teacher workshop in June 2012"--Introduction.

Set Your Phaser to Stun

Author: Steve Pearse
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465343350
Category: Science
Page: 468
View: 836
Book Summary This book is a scientific investigation into the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, which demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that we are being visited by extraterrestrial Beings from another World. This story involves two unrelated cases of abduction. The first case is the well known Betty and Barney Hill case that was published in The Interrupted Journey in 1961, and Captured in 2007. The second case involves a married couple named Kay and Erik Wilson whose experiences were published in The Alien Jigsaw in 1993 and its accompanying Researcher’s Supplement in 1994. Information from both of these cases have been merged together to prove that the star map that Betty Hill drew was not only real, but it was actually Earth based. The Wilson case proved to be the key in unlocking the door. Like Betty Hill, once again, a brave soul had the courage to ask the Beings where they come from; and as a result of this unique one on one conversation between Erik Wilson and a Grey, without realizing it, he was given major clues to find their home world. Set Your Phaser To Stun! reveals that Betty’s star map is real and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has been purposely skewed to deceive the public. When Carl Sagan involved himself in this dispute many years ago, he claimed Betty’s star map only showed meaningless random dots, which were not specific points of reference for any known stars. This book proves that Sagan was wrong and was involved in what some people claim to be scientific misconduct relating to the UFO subject. The stars that Betty Hill drew of the star map she was shown in 1961 are anything but random. Set Your Phaser To Stun! takes a fresh new look at the Betty and Barney Hill case and examines previous interpretations of the star map, with particular emphasis on Marjorie Fish’s Zeta Reticuli Interpretation. This new research, which began in the year 2000, uncovers the fact that some of our closest neighborhood stars are linked in a network of trade and exploration by a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization that is less than 50 light years away from us. The real shock is the location of Sol, our sun, and the role humans play in the aliens’ agenda. For far too long the establishment has systematically denied the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has any substance. This opinionated stance has been based on the urgent need to control the dissemination of news that they feared would ultimately damage the fabric of our society should it be released. An extreme political drama of the highest order has been blocking disclosure. The Military Industrial Complex has been unwilling to relinquish control to civilian authorities and there is a grave fear that disclosure will have a severe, negative impact on our Religious Institutions worldwide. They fear allowing the public access to information which would severely challenge the traditional belief that humanity is unique and has a special relationship to God. The official position on this subject is based upon the idea that society is not prepared to handle the psychological impact of the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe. They have even gone so far as resorting to scientific misconduct because they are deeply afraid of possible societal upheaval. Fortunately, in May of 2008, a remarkable turn of events occurred within the Catholic Church when astronomer Father Gabriel Funes wrote in the Vatican Newspaper that “intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.” He moved further toward official legitimization of the acceptance of other life by calling the aliens our “Brothers and Sisters.” This was the beginning of a slow and well planned acclimation process of one billion Catholics worldwide. It has often been stated that we would have to rewrite history if contact with an alien civilization ever took place. Set Your Phaser To Stun!- is the beginning of that process.

Philip's Star Chart, Epoch 2000

Stars, Constellations, Star Clusters, Nebulae
Author: Wil Tirion
Publisher: Philip's
ISBN: 9781849070119
Page: 3
View: 7713
Philip's Star Chart shows the stars and constellations of the night sky in three superb maps: the northern and southern hemispheres, and the equatorial region.All stars visible with the naked eye are shown, with the brightest stars shown in their true colours. Fainter star clusters and nebulae are marked for observers using binoculars or small telescopes. Constellations, double stars and variable stars are also listed, and an informative accompanying text explains how to use the charts throughout the year, at any latitude.In a convenient folded format, Philip's Star Chart is suitable for use in both northern and southern latitudes.

Philip's Star Chart

Author: John Cox,Richard Monkhouse,George Philip & Son
Publisher: Philip's
ISBN: 9781849073295
Category: Astronomy
Page: 1
View: 4956
Philip's Star Chart shows the stars and constellations of the night sky in three superb maps: the northern and southern hemispheres, and the equatorial region. All stars visible with the naked eye are shown, with the brightest stars shown in their true colours. Fainter star clusters and nebulae are marked for observers using binoculars or small telescopes. Constellations, double stars and variable stars are also listed, and an informative accompanying text explains how to use the charts throughout the year, at any latitude. In a convenient folded format, Philip's Star Chart is suitable for use in both northern and southern latitudes.

Mapping the Sky

Past Heritage and Future Directions : Proceedings of the 133rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Paris, France, June 1-5, 1987
Author: International Astronomical Union. Symposium,S. Débarbat,International Astronomical Union
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789027728104
Category: Science
Page: 512
View: 8076
Proceedings of the 133rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Paris, France, June 1-5, 1987

Star Tales

Author: Ian Ridpath
Publisher: James Clarke & Co.
ISBN: 9780718826956
Category: Fiction
Page: 161
View: 3085
The myths and legends associated with the stars and constellations, as told by a leading science author. Illustrated with engravings from two leading star atlases, this is a perfect reference book for anyone interested in classical mythology or astronomy.

Stars Above, Earth Below

A Guide to Astronomy in the National Parks
Author: Tyler Nordgren
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781441916495
Category: Science
Page: 444
View: 5118
Stars Above, Earth Below uses photographs and sky charts to form a connection between what is seen on the ground and in the sky, and looks at the deeper scientific meaning behind these sights. Nordgren describes other objects in the Solar System with features similar to those on Earth and links the geological features seen in the national parks to the very latest NASA spacecraft discoveries on other planets and their moons. Additionally, historical context is discussed to show why we humans (who have lived in and around our national parts for tens of thousands of years) have always been astronomers. The first book to make direct connections between astronomy and the landscapes, processes and cultures one experiences in the US National Parks Each chapter ties a specific astronomical phenomenon to a particular National Park or type of park and concludes with a “See for yourself” section that shows you how to see the planets, stars, nebulae, moons, etc. that are described within that chapter A personal guide showing the reader the astronomical phenomena that you can see for yourself when visiting the U.S. National Parks