Striptease Culture

5 STRIPTEASE CULTURE The sexualization of the public sphere Striptease culture is the name of this book , and also the label I give to a third strand in the broad cultural sexualization which is the subject of Part I - the media of ...

Author: Brian McNair

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415237335

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

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From advertising to health education campaigns, sex and sexual imagery now permeate every aspect of culture. Striptease Culture explores the 'sexualization' of contemporary life, relating it to wider changes in post-war society. Striptease Culture is divided in to three sections: * Part one – traces the development of pornography, following its movement from elite to mass culture and the contemporary fascination with 'porno-chic' * Part two – considers popular cultural forms of sexual representation in the media, moving from backlash elements in straight male culture and changing images of women, to the representation of gays in contemporary film and television * Part three – looks at the use of sexuality in contemporary art, examinging the artistic 'striptease' of Jeff Koons, and others who have used their own naked bodies in their work. Also considering how feminist and gay artists have employed sexuality in the critique and transformation of patriarchy, the high profile of sexuality as a key contributor to public health education in the era of HIV and AIDS, and the implications of the rise of striptease culture for the future of sexual poltics, Brian McNair has produced an excellent book in the study of gender, sexuality and contemporary culture.
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Stripping Sex and Popular Culture

As we have seen, there are multiple ways to look at the question of meaning in exotic dance and in striptease culture. One last avenue that needs pursuing is that of the dancer and of Everywoman as goddess. I was initially surprised ...

Author: Catherine M. Roach

Publisher: Berg

ISBN: 9780857850942

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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Moving from first hand interviews with dancers and others, this book broadens into an accessible examination of the popularity of "striptease culture," with sex-saturated media imagery, and stripper aerobics at your local gym. It aims to scrutinize the truth of a industry whose norms are increasingly at the center of contemporary society.
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Physical Culture Power and the Body

Several dancers' religious parents attacked striptease as 'Satan's work', and many mothers who danced were threatened by social ... Striptease dancers in the postwar era understood the cultural imperative: no self-respecting, virtuous, ...

Author: Patricia Vertinsky

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134227051

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 280

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During the past decade, there has been an outpouring of books on 'the body' in society, but none has focused as specifically on physical culture - that is, cultural practices such as sport and dance within which the moving physical body is central. Questions are raised about the character of the body, specifically the relation between the ‘natural’ body, the ‘constructed’ body and the ‘alien’ or ‘virtual’ body. The themes of the book are wide in scope, including: physical culture and the fascist body sport and the racialised body sport medicine, health and the culture of risk the female Muslim sporting body, power, and politics experiencing the disabled sporting body embodied exhibitions of striptease and sport the social logic of sparring sport, girls and the neoliberal body. Physical Culture, Power, and the Body aims to break down disciplinary boundaries in its theoretical approaches and its readership. The author’s muli-disciplinary backgrounds, demonstrate the widespread topicality of physical culture and the body.
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Porn com

For example , in Striptease Culture , Brian McNair associates the " expanding pornosphere ” with increasing sexual and political freedom for women and gays ( McNair , 2002 , pp . 87 , 205–207 ) , and a pornographied “ striptease culture ...

Author: Feona Attwood

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 1433102072

Category: Computers

Page: 304

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Pornography has always been central to debates about sex and emerging new media technologies. Today, debate is increasingly focused on online pornographies. This collection examines pornography's significance as a focus of definition, debate, and myth; its development as a mainstream entertainment industry; and the emergence of the new economy of Porn 2.0, and of new types of porn labor and professionalism. It looks at porn style behind the scenes of straight hardcore, in gay, lesbian, and queer pornographies, in shock sites, and in amateur erotica, and investigates the rise of the online porn fan community, the sex blogger, the erotic rate-me site and the visual cultures of swingers. Treating these developments as part of a broader set of economic and cultural transformations, this book argues that new porn practices reveal much about contemporary and competing views of sex and the self, the real and the body, culture, and commerce.
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Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture in the 21st Century

In this first decade of the 21st century the representation of women is closely linked to the exhibition (in a more or less explicit way) of their sexuality, entering in a “cultural logic of striptease.”4 The social promotion of women, ...

Author: Astrid M. Fellner

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527505285

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 255

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This book explores popular culture representations of gender, offering a rich and accessible discussion of masculinities and femininities in 21st-century popular media. It brings together contributors from various European countries to investigate the workings of gender in contemporary pop culture products in a brave, original, and rigorous way. This volume is both an academic proposal and an exercise of commitment to a serious analysis of some of the media that influence us most in our everyday lives. Representation matters, and the position we take as viewers or consumers during reception matters even more.
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Neo Burlesque

Recently scholars have begun to unpack the seeming contradiction that burlesque striptease can be liberating.12 In a study of commercial stripping culture that was inspired by a friend's decision to drop out of graduate school to become ...

Author: Lynn Sally

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781978828100

Category: Art

Page: 193

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The neo-burlesque movement seeks to restore a sense of glamour, theatricality, and humor to striptease. Neo-burlesque performers strut their stuff in front of audiences that appreciate their playful brand of pro-sex, often gender-bending, feminism. Performance studies scholar and acclaimed burlesque artist Lynn Sally offers an inside look at the history, culture, and philosophy of New York’s neo-burlesque scene. Revealing how twenty-first century neo-burlesque is in constant dialogue with the classic burlesque of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, she considers how today’s performers use camp to comment on preconceived notions of femininity. She also explores how the striptease performer directs the audience’s gaze, putting on layers of meaning while taking off layers of clothing. Through detailed profiles of iconic neo-burlesque performers such as Dita Von Teese, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, and World Famous *BOB*, this book makes the case for understanding neo-burlesque as a new sexual revolution. Yet it also examines the broader community of “Pro-Am” performers who use neo-burlesque as a liberating vehicle for self-expression. Raising important questions about what feminism looks like, Neo-Burlesque celebrates a revolutionary performing art and participatory culture whose acts have political reverberations, both onstage and off.
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Popular Performance

In her study of commercial striptease culture inspired by her friend's decision to drop out of graduate school to become a stripper, Roach (2007) embarks on a journey to better understand her subject – from the dancers' motivation to ...

Author: Adam Ainsworth

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474247351

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

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There is no fourth wall in popular performance. The show is firmly rooted in the here and now, and the performers address the audience directly, while the audience answer back with laughter, applause or heckling. Performer and role are interlaced, so that we are left uncertain about just how the persona we see onstage might relate to the private person who presents it to us. Popular Performance defines and surveys varieties of performance where the main purpose is to entertain, and where there is no shame in being trivial, frivolous or nonsensical as long as people go home happy at the end of the show. Contributions by new and established scholars focus particularly on how it is made, explaining the techniques of performance and production that make it so appealing to audiences. With sections examining how popular performance works in a range of historical and contemporary examples, readers will gain insights into: * performance forms associated with the variety tradition: music hall, vaudeville, cabaret, variety * performance forms associated with circus: wild west shows, clowning * issues relating to the identity of the performer in relation to magic, burlesque, pantomime in contemporary performance * issues relating to venue and audience in relation to contemporary street theatre, stand-up, and live sketch comedy.
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Girl Culture

Striptease Culture : Sex , Media , and the Democratization of Desire . New York : Routledge . Pitcher , Karen . ( 2006 ) . " The Staging of Agency in Girls Gone Wild . " Critical Studies in Media Communication 23 , no . 3 , 200-218 .

Author: Claudia Mitchell

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313339082


Page: 372

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An encyclopedia that analyzes the interaction between girls and mainstream culture provides a series of essays examining girl culture and over two hundred and fifty alphabetically arranged articles examining aspects of that culture.
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Shifting Positionalities

Striptease culture, according to McNair, is a cultural shift through which one may more easily seek out one's own sexual personhood in a dominant culture which otherwise disallows such exploration and judges it negatively.

Author: Aaron Tobler

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443811835

Category: Social Science

Page: 230

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The local-level and international contributors of Shifting Positionalities encompass particular common themes through in-depth social science research in an effort to understand the meanings of the reformulation of state discourses and practices in this post-9/11 era. Current conjunctions between sexual, racial and ethnic identities—and the surveillance practices of those identities—calls for a thorough examination of the multiple and usually unexpected meaning-making practices adapted by individuals. Far from being predictable, the latter speaks to the possibility of individuals and communities utilizing techniques of actively resisting—as opposed to passively embracing—the policing of their daily lives. Shifting Positionalities: The Local and International Geo-Politics of Surveillance and Policing addresses surveillance and policing as practices and sites that speak to the various ways in which bio-power, displacement and resistance converge to constitute particular subjectivities across borders.
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Hypersexual City

Striptease Culture: Sex, Media and the Democratisation of Desire (London: Routledge, 2002), 12. 5 (Italics in original source.) McNair, Striptease Culture, 61; also, Feona Attwood discusses the complexity of these positions in 'Sexed ...

Author: Nicole Kalms

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317028277

Category: Architecture

Page: 242

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Much of feminist architectural scholarship focuses on the enormous task of instating women’s experience of space into spatial praxis. Hypersexual City: The Provocation of Soft-Core Urbanism suggests this attention to women’s invisibility in sociocultural space has overlooked the complex ways in which women already occupy space, albeit mostly as an image or object to be consumed, even purchased. It examines the occupation of urban space through the mediated representation of women’s hypersexualized bodies. A complex transaction proliferates in the commercial urban space of cities; this book seeks to address the cause and consequence of the increasing dominance of gendered representation. It uses architectural case studies and analysis to make visible the sexual politics of architecture and urbanism and, in doing so, reveal the ways that heterosexist culture shapes the spaces, behaviour and relationships formed in neoliberal cities. Hypersexual City announces how examining urbanism that operates through, and is framed by, sexual culture can demonstrate that architecture does not merely find itself adrift in the hypersexualized landscape of contemporary cities, but is actively producing and contributing to the sexual regulation of urban life.
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