Studies in Italian Sacred and Instrumental Music in the 17th Century

In addition to the discussions of secular instrumental music, the volume features essays that explore Italian sacred music of the period, including Monteverdi's Marian Vespers.

Author: Stephen Bonta

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114342095

Category: Church music

Page: 360

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Stephen Bonta's research on seventeenth-century Italian music, particularly for strings, spans more than 30 years. Included in this selection of his published articles is his seminal study of the early history of the bass violin which proved to be the foundation for his subsequent articles on the early history of the violoncello. In addition to the discussions of secular instrumental music, the volume features essays that explore Italian sacred music of the period, including Monteverdi's Marian Vespers.
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The Cambridge History of Musical Performance

From Renaissance to Baroque: Changes in Instruments and Instrumental Music inthe Seventeenth Century, Aldershot and ... 4 (1978), 5–42 (both reprinted in S. Bonta, Studies in Italian Sacred and Instrumental Music in the 17th Century, ...

Author: Colin Lawson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316184424

Category: Music


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The intricacies and challenges of musical performance have recently attracted the attention of writers and scholars to a greater extent than ever before. Research into the performer's experience has begun to explore such areas as practice techniques, performance anxiety and memorisation, as well as many other professional issues. Historical performance practice has been the subject of lively debate way beyond academic circles, mirroring its high profile in the recording studio and the concert hall. Reflecting the strong ongoing interest in the role of performers and performance, this History brings together research from leading scholars and historians and, importantly, features contributions from accomplished performers, whose practical experiences give the volume a unique vitality. Moving the focus away from the composers and onto the musicians responsible for bringing the music to life, this History presents a fresh, integrated and innovative perspective on performance history and practice, from the earliest times to today.
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ANKLAENGE 2020 2021

septenis & octonis vocibus tam vivis, quam instrumentalibus accommodata, Venedig: Giacomo Vincenti 1611 Cesare Zoilo, ... „The Role of the Stringed Bass as a Continuo Instrument in Italian SeventeenthCentury Instrumental Music“, ...

Author: Augusta Campagne

Publisher: Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag

ISBN: 9783990129913

Category: Music

Page: 260

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Dieser Band behandelt ein zentrales Moment der Entwicklung in der italienischen Musik um 1600, das gleichermaßen Geschichte des Komponierens, Notierens und der Aufführungspraxis betrifft: die Integration von Akkordinstrumenten in die musikalische Produktion (im weitesten Sinn). Dabei steht das Phänomen des Generalbasses im Mittelpunkt, das nicht nur zahlreiche aufführungspraktische, sondern auch diverse historiographische Fragen aufwirft. So ist der Generalbass nur eine Spielart innerhalb eines breiten Spektrums musikalischer Praktiekn, er resultiert aus vielfältigen historischen Voraussetzungen und steht in Wechselwirkung mit dem Komponieren, der (theoretischen) Konzeption des mehrstimmigen Satzes, aber auch dem musikkulturellen Kontext des späten 16. und frühen 17. Jahrhunderts.
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Baroque Music

Bonta, Stephen (2003), Studies in Italian Sacred Instrumental Music in the 17th Century, Aldershot: Ashgate. Boorman, Stanley (1999), 'The Musical Text”, in Nicholas Cook and Mark Everist (eds), Rethinking Music, Oxford & New York: OUP.

Author: Peter Walls

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351574723

Category: Music

Page: 588

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Research in the 20th and 21st centuries into historical performance practice has changed not just the way performers approach music of the 17th and 18th centuries but, eventually, the way audiences listen to it. This volume, beginning with a 1915 Saint-Sa lecture on the performance of old music, sets out to capture musicological discussion that has actually changed the way Baroque music can sound. The articles deal with historical instruments, pitch, tuning, temperament, the nexus between technique and style, vibrato, the performance implications of musical scores, and some of the vexed questions relating to rhythmic alteration. It closes with a section on the musicological challenges to the ideology of the early music movement mounted (principally) in the 1990s. Leading writers on historical performance practice are represented. Recognizing that significant developments in historically-inspired performance have been led by instrument makers and performers, the volume also contains representative essays by key practitioners.
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A Companion to Music in Sixteenth Century Venice

Jeffrey Kurtzman His research, supported by numerous fellowships and grants, is centred on Italian music of the 16th and ... a book of essays on sixteenth and seventeenth-century Italian sacred music, a book of essays on Monteverdi, ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004358300

Category: History

Page: 576

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Covering all facets of musical life in sixteenth-century Venice, the Companion addresses the city’s institutions (churches, confraternities, and academies), public and private occasions of music making, musicians and instrument makers, and the rich variety of musical genres.
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Bolognese Instrumental Music 1660 1710

“modal theory, church Keys, and the sonata at the end of the seventeenth century,” Journal of the American ... Bonta, stephen, “a Formal convention in 17th-century Italian Instrumental music,” in International Musicological Society ...

Author: Gregory Barnett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351573344

Category: Music

Page: 414

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This book, the first of its kind, is a study of Bolognese instrumental music during the height of the city's musical activity in the late seventeenth century. The periodmarked by a rapid expansion of the cappella musicale of the principal city church, San Petronio, by the founding of the Accademia Filarmonica, and by increasingly lavish patronage of musical eventswitnessed the proliferation of repertory for instrumental ensembles. This music not only reveals crucial stages in the development of the sonata and concerto but also recalls the elaborate church rituals and the opulent public and private celebrations in which they figured prominently. Moreover, the late seventeenth century saw the heyday of Bolognese music publishing, whose output of sonatas and related instrumental genres easily surpassed that of the once-dominating Venetian presses. The approach taken here departs from composer- and genre-centered monographs on Italian instrumental music in order to illuminate an array of topics that center on the Bolognese repertory: the social condition of instrumentalist-composers; the acumen of music publishers in the creation of the repertory; the diverse contexts of the instrumental dances; the influence of liturgical traditions on sonata topoi; the impact of psalmodic practice on tonal style; and the innovative climate that led to experiments with scoring and form in the earliest instrumental concertos. In sum, this book not only illustrates the historically significant and defining features of the music, but also links the surviving repertory to the flourishing musical culture in which it was created.
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Dissemination of Music

Studies in the History of Music Publishing Hans Lenneberg. in the 1690s. Thus, although Corelli may be the most visible Italian model for later composers, he was not the only seventeenth-century Italian composer whose instrumental music ...

Author: Hans Lenneberg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134312788

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 160

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First Published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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A Performer s Guide to Seventeenth Century Music

“Terminology for the Bass Violin in Seventeenth-Century Italy.” Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society 4 (1978): 5—43. —. “The Use of Instruments in Sacred Music in Italy, 1560—1700.” Early Music 18 (1990): 519—535. —.

Author: Jeffery Kite-Powell

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253005281

Category: Music

Page: 560

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Revised and expanded, A Performer’s Guide to Seventeenth Century Music is a comprehensive reference guide for students and professional musicians. The book contains useful material on vocal and choral music and style; instrumentation; performance practice; ornamentation, tuning, temperament; meter and tempo; basso continuo; dance; theatrical production; and much more. The volume includes new chapters on the violin, the violoncello and violone, and the trombone—as well as updated and expanded reference materials, internet resources, and other newly available material. This highly accessible handbook will prove a welcome reference for any musician or singer interested in historically informed performance.
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Frescobaldi Studies

... include Seventeenth - Century Manuscript Sources of Italian Keyboard Music and Matthias Weckmann , Sacred Concertos . ... His publications include The Instrumental Canzonas of Girolamo Frescobaldi and Orlando Gibbons , Consort Music ...

Author: Quadricentennial Frescobaldi Conference (1983 : Madison, Wis.)

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822307111

Category: Music

Page: 428

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Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583–1643) occupies a special place in the history of music as the first significant European composer who concentrated his major creative efforts into the realm of instrumental music. In this collection of papers based on the Quadricentennial Frescobaldi Studies Conference, sixteen American and European specialists examine important aspects of the life and works of this composer and of his role in the creation of a new musical language of the Baroque.
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Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society

The conference included round - table discussions , presentation of fifteen papers , musical performances , and an ... Studies in Italian Sacred and Instrumental Music in the 17th Century , Variorum Collected Studies ( Aldershot ...

Author: American Musical Instrument Society


ISBN: UOM:39015057476254

Category: Musical instruments

Page: 324

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