Studio Color Wheel

28 X 28 Double-Sided Poster
Author: Joen Wolfrom
Publisher: C & T Pub
ISBN: 9781607053507
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: N.A
View: 4820
Color formulas have never been more picturesque. Displaying this large-format color wheel on your wall makes it easier to find the perfect combination of colors, tints, and shades for any creative project. The high-quality paper and printing ensures durability and true color representation. On the reverse side of the poster is an rich photographic collage of imagery that is sure to inspire.

Manga Studio 5 Beginner's Guide

Author: Michael Rhodes
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1849697671
Category: Computers
Page: 400
View: 9326
Using a step-by-step approach, this book will lead you through the process of building up complex, multi-page comic/Manga art, along with industry insights along the way. Manga Studio Beginner's Guide is for beginners in comic creation. The more you know about how comics are made, the better you will be, but it's not essential to get the most out of this book. Even if you're a professional comic artist, this book will get you up to speed on using Manga Studio 5.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques

Author: Ben Willmore
Publisher: Adobe Press
ISBN: 0321321898
Category: Computers
Page: 573
View: 3238
Considered to be the definitive guide to mastering Photoshop's essential features, this award-winning has been fully updated to cover CS2!

Artful Improv

Explore Color Recipes, Building Blocks & Free-Motion Quilting
Author: Cindy Grisdela
Publisher: C&T Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1617452629
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 99
View: 3407
Working without patterns, add 5 improvisational quilting techniques to your toolbox. Focus on color recipes and negative space to discover your style, and then add dazzling texture with free-motion quilting.

Designing Menus with DVD Studio Pro

Author: John Skidgel
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1136065342
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 256
View: 8344
Compared to other technologies like the television, VCR, and even personal computer, the rapid pace of DVD adoption is unprecedented. This information-packed book offers thorough instruction on how to build appealing DVD menus using the DVD Studio Pro toolset, a sophisticated, professional-level DVD authoring tool from Apple. The book features real-world tutorial projects that demonstrate how to get fast, professional results, add Hollywood features to a DVD, and streamline production while maintaining a creative edge. It also shows how to create a wide variety of menu styles, automate image production, customize menus, construct seamless motion menus, and much more. Written by two graphic designers with years of experience designing interfaces, Designing Menus with DVD Studio Pro is an informative companion to a high-powered piece of software.

Linking AutoCAD to 3D Studio R2 for Architecture

Author: Michele Bousquet,John McIver,Daniel Douglas
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780827380813
Category: Architecture
Page: 205
View: 1259
This book is designed for those who are familiar with AutoCAD's 2D commands and are ready to make the leap to 3D. It provides the reader with the fundamentals of 3D modeling and animation, as well as all the knowledge needed to start work on projects in 3D with 3D Studio.

Studio Thinking 2

The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education, Second Edition
Author: Lois Hetland,Ellen Winner,Shirley Veenema,Kimberly M. Sheridan
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807771597
Category: Education
Page: 164
View: 9821
" The first edition of this bestseller was featured inThe New York TimesandThe Boston Globefor its groundbreaking research on the positive effects of art education on student learning across the curriculum. Capitalizing on observations and conversations with educators who have used the Studio Thinking Framework in diverse settings, this expanded edition features new material, including: The addition ofExhibitionsas a fourth Studio Structure for Learning (along with Demonstration-Lecture, Students-at-Work, and Critique). Explanation and examples of the dispositional elements of each Habit, includingskill, alertness(noticing appropriate times to put skills to use), andinclination(the drive or motivation to employ skills). A chart aligning Habits to the English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core. Descriptions of how the Framework has been used inside and outside of schools incurriculum planning, teaching,andassessmentacross arts and non-arts disciplines. A full-color insert with new examples of student art. Studio Thinking 2will help advocates explain arts education to policymakers, help art teachers develop and refine their teaching and assessment practices, and assist educators in other disciplines to learn from existing practices in arts education. Lois Hetlandis professor and chair of art education at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and senior research affiliate at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education.Ellen Winneris professor and chair of psychology at Boston College and a senior research associate at Project Zero.Shirley Veenemais an instructor in visual arts at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.Kimberly M. Sheridanis an assistant professor in the College of Education and Human Development and the College of Visual and Performing Arts at George Mason University. “Our decade of using the Studio Thinking Framework in California’s schools positions us for success in this new era because of the foundation of reflective, creative, and critical thinking developed in our schools and districts.” —From the Foreword to the Second Edition byLouise Music, Executive Director of Integrated Learning, Alameda County Office of Education, Hayward, CA “Studio Thinking[is] a vision not only of learning in the arts but what could be learning most anywhere.” —From the Foreword to the First Edition byDavid N. Perkins, Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Senior Co-Director of Harvard Project Zero Praise for the First Edition ofStudio Thinking— “Winner and Hetland have set out to show what it means to take education in the arts seriously, in its own right.” —The New York Times “This book is very educational and would be helpful to art teachers in promoting quality teaching in their classrooms.” —School Arts Magazine “Studio Thinkingis a major contribution to the field.” —Arts & Learning Review “The research inStudio Thinkingis groundbreaking and important because it is anchored in the actual practice of teaching artists.... The ideas inStudio Thinkingcontinue to provide a vehicle with which to navigate and understand the complex work in which we are all engaged.” —Teaching Artists Journal “Hetland and her colleagues reveal dozens of practical measures that could be adopted by any arts program, inside or outside of the school.... This is a bold new step in arts education.” —David R. Olson, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto “Will be at the top of the list of essential texts in arts education. I know of no other work in art education with this combination of authenticity and insight.” —Lars Lindström, Stockholm Institute of Education “The eight studio habits of mind should become a conceptual framework for all preservice art education programs; this book should be read by all early and experienced art educators.” —Mary Ann Stankiewicz, The Pennsylvania State University "

Power Up Your PowToon Studio Project

Author: Bruce Graham
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784392693
Category: Computers
Page: 250
View: 2518
Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn from a professional or a seasoned user looking for a refresher, this is the book for you.

Sewing to Sell—The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Craft Business

Bonus—16 Starter Projects • How to Sell Locally & Online
Author: Virginia Lindsay
Publisher: C&T Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1607059045
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 152
View: 1515
You love to sew. Don't you wish you could make a living from your sewing? You can, with the help of this practical guide from professional sewist and pattern designer Virginia Lindsay. Everything you need to know to start sewing for profit is here, from finding your personal sewing style to creating a product line, identifying customers, equipping your studio, pricing and selling your work, marketing yourself, designing your own patterns, and handling the business and legal side of sewing. And that’s not all! You also get 16 projects that you can start sewing and selling right now.

A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home

Painting, Crafting, and Decorating a Cheerful, More Inspiring Space
Author: Elsie Larson,Emma Chapman
Publisher: Potter Style
ISBN: 0770434061
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 240
View: 6598
Step inside the world of Elsie and Emma, the sisters behind the décor blog A Beautiful Mess. With tiny budgets and a crafty, can-do attitude, they overhauled each room in their first homes with DIY projects using family photos, vibrant fabrics, flea-market finds, and affordable furniture. Now, you can learn how to paint, craft, and decorate your way to a happy, bright space with distinct personality. In the same upbeat spirit and modern style found on their blog, you’ll find fresh, all-new projects including: • An inspired geometric-pattern coffee table made of balsa wood • A hand-lettered statement wall featuring your favorite quote • A quick and easy electrical tape update for your refrigerator • A set of beautifully designed serving dishes And more! Packed with bonus styling tips from hanging the perfect gallery wall to making mismatched furniture work, Happy Handmade Home is design inspiration for personalizing your own space.

Still Life Painting Studio

Techniques to Capture the Beauty of Everyday Objects
Author: Elizabeth Mayville
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452142432
Category: Art
Page: 16
View: 920
Learn to create petite still-life paintings (a bouquet of flowers, a pretty table setting, personal mementos). This ebook contains easy-to-follow techniques and inspiration for painting with gouache. It's the perfect entrée to still-life painting in a handy digital format that can easily be taken to the art store for reference!

Lighting Dimensions

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Cinematography
Page: N.A
View: 799

Color Count and Discover

The Color Wheel and Cmy Color
Author: Anneke Lipsanen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781534696969
Page: 54
View: 885
The CMY color system - with Cyan Magenta and Yellow as primary colors - is taught in fun color lessons in the form of silly counting rhymes and bold full-color illustrations. Note there are different editions for US or UK/International English spelling. What are the names of the primary colors? And how do we mix some of the others? Where does the color fit? And which is its opposite? Whacky friends help you count And teach what color's all about It's color fun time In number and rhyme Little characters - from one arty mouse to twelve smiling crocs - take children around the color wheel. Bear and bug rhymes further explain the colors brown and black, and additional rhymes explain shades, tints, tones, hue and the names of colors. Small children will enjoy listening to the color rhymes, early readers will enjoy reading them, and teachers and parents can refer to the color theory rhymes to explain the system to young children. Each rhyme is also repeated in a plain prose sentence. The CMY system is a good color system to teach to young children, as it is used extensively in our modern world of commercial printing, paint mixes and inks for desktop printers. Indie authors too, have had to come to grips with it! The quality of color printing we enjoy today, came about with the introduction of the CMYK system. Black was added to give depth to CMY color images (it is indicated by the letter K as can be seen in print cartridges). Color theory is a fascinating part of both the art and science worlds. Famous artists, philosophers and scientists ranging from Goethe to Mansell, and Da Vinci to Newton have all grappled with the qualities of color and light. There is also a Color Count and Discover Kindle version and a coordinating printed coloring book. The latter makes a perfect side-by-side pair with either the print or digital main book. There are additional products and teaching materials like posters that feature the little characters in the rhymes. All make great gifts and learning aids.

Macromedia Studio MX 2004 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Author: Damon Dean,Andy Cowitt,Ellen Finkelstein,Doug Sahlin,Camille McCue, Ph.D
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780764559181
Category: Computers
Page: 840
View: 9284
Macromedia Studio MX 2004 All-in-One Desk Reference ForDummies provides a one-stop reference for users looking toharness the power of this Web building suite. The book covers eachof the core applications in Studio MX including Dreamweaver, Flash,Freehand, Fireworks, ColdFusion and, newly added to this edition,Contribute. Macromedia Studio MX 2004 All-in-One Desk ReferenceFor Dummies also contains coverage on using all theapplications together in a single Web building project as well asan overview of the basics of good Web design. This book, like theproduct itself, should appeal to both professional and hobbyist Webbuilders who want a single product that can do the work of six orseven separate products.

Macromedia Studio 8 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Author: Damon Dean,Andy Cowitt
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471799719
Category: Computers
Page: 888
View: 5922
Your one-stop guide to six great Macromedia tools for building Web sites It's like a Web-site-in-a-book! First, there's some Web site insight to help you decide what you want your site to do. Then it's into the nitty-gritty of making it happen - building with Dreamweaver, adding animation with Flash, enabling collaboration with Contribute, using ColdFusion to access databases, and a whole lot more. Discover how to Plan content for your site Use CSS styles Incorporate forms into your pages Beef up Flash movies with ActionScript Use queries in ColdFusion Integrate all the Macromedia products

Contemporary Color: Theory and Use

Author: Steven Bleicher
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111538913
Category: Design
Page: 224
View: 2660
CONTEMPORARY COLOR is back with a beautifully produced and lavishly illustrated second edition! Combining a solid grounding in traditional color theory and a thorough exploration of effective color use in digital applications and 3D design work, this introduction to contemporary color text is a must have for all art students. Written by a leading design educator and artist whose work is widely exhibited, this text features a balanced examination of essential theory and its practical application using today's cutting-edge technology. Contemporary Color, second edition covers a wide range of topics including all the basics on color theory, while also examining the latest on digital color, 3D design, and variations in color across nations and cultures. To complement this inclusive content, the text features thought-provoking discussions of the psychological impact of color, the future of color, creativity, and best practices for students and working artists. A vast collection of vivid images, drawn from both classical and contemporary artists, rounds out the text with powerful examples to illustrate applied color theory in all of its dazzling diversity. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Inside 3D Studio MAX 2

Author: Steven D. Elliott
Publisher: New Riders Publishing
Category: Computers
Page: 1335
View: 3443
A tutorial and reference for creating 3D graphics explains how to enhance models, textures, and animations, and create such special effects as space warps and particle systems

Photoshop Studio Skills

Author: Steven Moniz
Publisher: Hayden
ISBN: 9781568303567
Category: Photography
Page: 337
View: 2477
The fastest and easiest way to learn Adobe Photoshop. Each concept is presented in a visually appealing, task based, step-by-step format that fully integrates coverage of the new features of Photoshop 4.0. The CD contains all the files used throughout the book.

Studio Thinking

The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Art
Page: 120
View: 3777
Many people believe that art education is important, but few can say exactly why. Here, at last, are the results of the first in-depth research on the "habits of mind" that are instilled by studying art-habits the authors argue have positive impacts on student learning across the curriculum. Studio Thinking provides art teachers with a research-based language for describing what they intend to teach and what students learn. This language will help advocates explain arts education to policymakers, help art teachers develop and refine their teaching practices, and help educators in other disciplines learn from existing practices in arts education.