Summer To Remember & Forget

Author: Doeneseya Bates
ISBN: 1304225496
Category: Fiction
Page: 147
View: 1443
Newly revised! New ending! It is summer vacation and Courtney's mom is sending her away. Not to a summer camp, but to her father's house. She will be reliving her childhood, with enemies and all. It just so happens that the neighbor's son is back home for vacation. They grew up together and never got along. Oh, did I mention he's now a famous Pop Star? Well, he is. Her step-sister Steffy, also known as her worst enemy, lives with Courtney's father and step mom. This will be a summer to remember and also a summer to forget.

A Summer to Remember

Author: Tiffany LeRoux
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469115344
Category: Fiction
Page: 296
View: 9564
All SAmantha, Lila and Amanda want for the Summer is to do something together; on their way to one of their favorite place is town they spot a sign in the bookstore window advertising a Summer trip to the beautiful, Nanuck Valley. Excited, the girls enter for their chance to win but before they can find out if they won an incredible earthquake rips through their town and the surrounding areas causing mass devastation, the girls leave their city feeling as if all hope is lost until a call mysteriously comes through Amandas cellphone. Read to find out fi this is a Summer dashed or truly a Summer to Remember.

Do Not Forget to Remember

Author: Maura Fennelly
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412029112
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 74
View: 6604
Reminiscences of an elderly professional woman orientated towards family, home, community, church, people, nature and life's experiences, and anxious to share such values. The experiences, reations, and coping capacities of past times are well worth passing on, and the resulting fulfillments worth sharing.

I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Author: Norman Johnson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477137025
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 212
View: 519
In I Forgot To Remember To Forget Norman Johnson calls upon his sixty eight years of experience in the fields of entertainment and broadcasting to bring the reader series of vignettes of the lives and careers of some of America's top entertainers, many from East Texas and Nacogdoches, his adopted home town. Throughout the book Johnson relives his own personal encounters and friendships with most of the people he writes about including artists from various genres of music as well as Broadway and movie acts, politicians and just everyday folks. This is simple history from one who got to know each individual up close and personal. Johnson expands upon his previous book, The Kid and The King, to include dozens of singers and actors who thrilled and entertained you through the years.

A Summer to Remember

Author: Carol Robertson
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 9780671533526
Category: Young adult fiction
Page: 188
View: 5056

A Summer to Remember

Cornish Stories
Author: Denys Val Baker
Publisher: N.A
Category: Cornwall (England : County)
Page: 236
View: 9223

Remember. Un amor inolvidable

Author: Ashley Royer
Publisher: Destino Infantil & Juvenil
ISBN: 8408167103
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 8439
Nada puede consolar a Levi. Tras la muerte de su novia en un trágico accidente, nada le merece la pena. Ni siquiera quiere hablar. Nunca. Con nadie. Pero aun así la vida sigue, y en su camino se cruzará lo inesperado: una chica tan parecida a su antigua novia, que le resulta doloroso incluso mirarla... Aunque siente que con ella sí merecería la pena hablar. Levi y ella se acercan, se alejan, se fascinan, se repelen. Atracción y rechazo luchan en una relación tan tensa como romántica. ¿Es posible enamorarse de nuevo cuando aún no has superado tu primer amor auténtico?

A Summer to Remember

Author: Vera Fedorovna Panova
Publisher: New York, Yoseloff
Category: Boys
Page: 177
View: 4305

The Summer of '89

A Summer to Remember
Author: Jamella A. Jihad
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146532979X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 164
View: 3447
A Story of Brotherhood New book tells the story of six black males and a friendship that extends beyond a lifetime. True friendship and brotherhood can give meaning to one’s life, even after a painful experience where good memories of a once strong bond are the only thing that is left. Such is the story of six men in Jamella A. Jihad’s The Summer of ’89: A Summer to Remember, an inspirational story released through Xlibris. In a society where color is an issue, equality is rare, and inferiority is a disease. This very situation led to the birth of a friendship among a group of African American males determined to help each other depart from the stigma that this society has about black males. Through each other’s support, all of them graduated with honors from one of the finest high schools in the state and have been accepted into prestigious colleges. One of the young men reached out to the author as she sleeps, in her dream he asks her to help him tell their story. Over three nights, in 1991 after the birth of her newborn daughter Baiyina Jihad, this young man visits Jamella. “Please help me tell our story.” Jamella does not know that she is dreaming, she wakes up, to see a young man sitting on her bed, a frighten Jamella, screamed out “where is my daughter, where is my husband?” The young man said, “Calm down you’re dreaming, I need you to write my story please.” Jamella knew even before the young man’s request that she would write the story. For three nights, the author sits quietly on the side of the bed while her family sleeps. She writes the young me ‘s story. On the last of the three nights, Jamella finds herself sad; she knows this night will be the last visit from the young man. ‘Jamella, thank you for writing our story, I do hope, and believe we will meet again one day.” Her reply; “please don’t go, we are not finished writing your story, we can’t stop now, its almost finished.” Jamella was not ready to let go. The young man replied; “God will guide you the rest of the way.” It was the last time Jamella saw the young man, Witness how this young man finds meaning in his life by sharing their story through his eyes. An inspirational story about brotherhood an survival, The Summer “89: A Summer to Remember defines for these young men...the foundation of life _ friendship, and love. For more information, log on to www.

A Summer to Remember

Author: Priscilla Maynard
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 9780590321662
Category: Death
Page: 160
View: 6314
Mark reminds Carrie so much of her dead brother that she is unable to separate her memories of her brother from the feelings she has for Mark.

Second Summer of War

Author: Cheryl Cooper
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459707761
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 1297
Harrowing, humorous, and heart-warming, Second Summer of War is a tale of life on the sea in the summer of 1813, through England's stodgy salons and horrific prison hulks, and into the bloody battles between the British and the Americans on the storm-tossed Atlantic.

That Summer at Windermere

Author: Elizabeth Baroody
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469142198
Category: Fiction
Page: 167
View: 6273
Clellan Camfield, for the third summer, is teaching an art course at Windermere plantation during the 6-week summer session. The plantation is owned by two brothers, Jonathan and Alex Graham who are slowly going bankrupt. During the summer, they rent the house and grounds to Dr. Cary, a professor from New York who wants to buy the plantation to establish a year round art school. Clellan and Jonathan are mutually attracted to each other but because of the age difference, nothing has happened. Clellans roommate, Diana Phalen, who teaches pottery making, has had problems with Dr. Cary in New York this past Spring. One night she sees Kenny Sullivan, Dr. Carys protg, in a sexual encounter with an unseen partner. She receives a thousand dollar payment, from a mysterious source and she asks Clellan to hide the money for her. Shortly thereafter, she is found hanging from the rafters in the barn, a suicide note nearby. Clellan does not believe it is suicide.

Summer at Gaglow

Author: Esther Freud
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408831430
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 8330
Summer, 1914. It is Emanuel's twenty-first birthday, and eleven-year-old Eva and her sisters are helping transform Gaglow for a glorious party. But their brother's arrival is overshadowed by the talk of war that comes with him from Hamburg, and when he is wrenched from the family to serve his country, Eva knows that nothing will be the same again. Seventy-five years later, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, Sarah's father begins to tell her about Gaglow, the grand East German country estate that will now come back to them. Alternating between Sarah's bohemian life in London and her grandmother's childhood during the First World War, Summer at Gaglow unites four generations of an extraordinary family in a tale of loss and love.

The Summer of Dead Toys

Author: Antonio Hill
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448109272
Category: Fiction
Page: 384
View: 4064
'Evokes the master of Barcelona-set narrative, Carlos Ruiz Zafon' Independent When the death of a young witness in a case of human trafficking and voodoo provokes the normally calm Inspector Salgado to beat someone up, he is swiftly removed from the project. Instead, he is sent to investigate a teenager's fall to his death in one of Barcelona's uptown areas. As Salgado begins to uncover the inconvenient truths behind the city's most powerful families, two seemingly unsolvable cases are set to implode under the hot Barcelona sun.

Summer of the Storm

Author: Catherine George
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459285255
Category: Fiction
Page: 186
View: 691
The Magic Was Still There But was the gap between them too wide to bridge after all this time! Alec Neville thought so, but Cassie wasn't sure what to feel. The overwhelming mutual physical attraction came flooding back—as did memories of that long, hot summer ten years before, when she'd fallen in love with a wilder, younger Alec. She'd had to break off their relationship, and it had broken her heart. Since then, she'd fought hard for her independence and her success as a crime writer. Now Alec had come back. It was so tempting to love him again—but was she only trying to relive the past, or did they have a future together?

Remember Never to Forget

The Story of Israel Lior
Author: Lauren Lior-Liechtenstein,Israel Lior,Philippe Lior-Liechtenstein
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450098886
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 172
View: 9913
When Israel arrived in Auschwitz he had the number 87584 tattooed on his arm like an animal. Those days in the camp seemed like the end of the world, with the madness of death and hatred everywhere. It was easy to cross the line between good and bad, to forget mercy, friendship, and forgiveness in order to survive, to steal the last morsel of bread from a dying man. But Israel did none of that; he kept his human dignity, optimism, and hope. He never forgot that in him was a man of value and honor. When they were freed and the spirit of revenge came over others, made them drunk with hatred and wanted blood, Israel kept his spirit and soul. He went to Israel to follow his Zionist dream and start a family. He did not become a bitter man but looked at the world with optimism, always moving with hope. He carried the pain of his story in his heart in silence until the day came to tell his story. This is the story of a man who remained a man in spite of everything. This is Israel's legacy.

Summer of Pearls

Author: Mike Blakely
Publisher: Forge Books
ISBN: 1466820047
Category: Fiction
Page: 224
View: 8958
Ben Crowell remembers the Great Caddo Lake Pearl Rush of 1874. He was fourteen that year, and his home, the riverboat community of Port Caddo, was dying. By the end of the summer, the pearl boom was over, Port Caddo was doomed, and the mystery over who killed Judd Kelso began. It took Ben forty years to solve the mystery, and once he did, the proof came only for him to witness. He is the only living soul who will know what happened that September night in 1874. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe

Author: Abbie Williams
Publisher: Everheart Books
ISBN: 1926760921
Category: Fiction
Page: 224
View: 4685
Joelle Gordon is leaving Chicago and her cheating husband to head for her hometown of Landon, Minnesota. There, she returns to the Shore Leave Café, the lakeside diner the Davis women have run for decades. Joelle's family, including her three teenaged daughters, Camille, Tish, and Ruthann, is made up of strong women who have long believed in a curse upon them - a curse that robs them of the men they love. This summer has plenty in store for Joelle. Finding herself confronted with the reality of single motherhood, the last thing she expects is gorgeous, passionate Blythe Tilson, a summer employee at Shore Leave, with an uncertain past. Can Joelle resist the temptation of a younger man, and does she dare to consider loving someone again, or will the Davis family curse prove all too true? A story about heartbreak, blame, family, destiny, and the difficulties of returning home, Summer at the Shore Leave Café is the first book in the Shore Leave series.

Summer Of The Cicada

Author: Will Napier
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448112486
Category: Fiction
Page: 336
View: 9836
It's 1987 and Joseph Pullman and his parents have just moved to Maritime, Maryland. This is white-picket-fence America, but for fifteen-year-old Joseph the threat of violence at home is as unrelenting as the punishment he receives at school, and his mother is slowly slipping away from reality. Joseph forms an uneasy friendship with the awkward Dean Gillespie and the boys occupy themselves burying animal corpses at the Killing Tree. This is the summer the cicadas are due to come out of their seventeen-year hibernation and Joseph becomes convinced that their arrival will bring his salvation. Meanwhile, Mother is gone and Joseph's father has retreated to his basement workshop. When a local boy goes missing and is finally found unconscious in the woods, Maritime is shaken. Then a second boy disappears and the residents of the town are forced to confront the secrets of the Pullmans' house.

Summer at the Lake

Author: Erica James
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1409145980
Category: Fiction
Page: 384
View: 3806
From Lake Como in Italy to Oxford, a wonderfully compelling novel about lost love, fate and second chances from the Sunday Times bestselling author. Lake Como - beautiful, enchanting, romantic... For Floriana, it is the place where the love of her life is getting married to another woman. And she's been invited to the wedding. For Esme, it is where, over sixty years ago, she fell in love for the first time. So often she's wondered what happened to the man who stole her heart - and changed the course of her life. Adam is in danger of burying himself entirely in his work after his girlfriend left him. Could a trip to Lake Como be the distraction he needs? Now it's time for each of them to understand that the past is not only another country, it can also cast haunting shadows over everyone's lives...