Tales of Love and Magic

“And in the name of love, if that makes it more acceptable.” He nodded to her. “I can live with that. ... I've found that tales tend to end when there's a reunion, or a wedding, or when a battle is over. ... “And what of tales of love?

Author: Robert Collins

Publisher: Robert Collins


Category: Fiction


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Here are four stories of young ladies dealing with the power of love and magic. The heroines employ disguises, tricks, and jests, all to help them find their partners and their places.
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Tales of Love Love and Romance Vol II

Rajneesh Yadav Rajneesh Yadav. Poem 1 I Will Love You Forever (Tale of a Broken Heart) Woke up early in the morning With eyes full of. 2 Tales of Love (Love and Romance Vol.II) Will Love You Forever.

Author: Rajneesh Yadav

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 93

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This is the second part of previous book of Rajneesh Yadav published in 2017. This book too contains a beautiful collection of Romantic poetry penned by Rajneesh Yadav. Just Like it's first part the book is written in a very simple but attractive way. Poems will drive readers into a imagination world of love. Readers will able to connect the poems to real life. Book has a collection of poems of different categories like first love,lost love,cute love,sad love and sensual love poems. The one thing most special about the book is it's poem show the truth of life. Everyone will be able to relate the poems with their real life. The book captures true feelings,love and beautiful moments captured in beautiful lines. All thanks to the Author of book Rajneesh Yadav who is a young and talented poet. The most interesting fact about his poems is that he writes simple and creatively. Book contains beautiful pictures which reflect the feelings hidden in the lines.
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Sketches and Tales of Love and Friendship

She would love this tale. “And tell me the other one, about Baron Mantle, Jorge.” “All right, Caroline. Baron Mantle was a drama critic of a newspaper in the city here. His years of living here were 1873 to 1948, and so he and his wife ...

Author: Noelle De Lourent

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462822185

Category: Fiction


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Maria de Zayas Tells Baroque Tales of Love and the Cruelty of Men

Her heroines do not dress "up" in men's clothes to pursue errant lovers or to wreck bloody vengeance on the whole male sex ... Furthermore, when we examine closely the tone and content of the tales she tells through masculine narrators, ...

Author: Margaret Greer

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271041216

Category: Literary Criticism


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Mar&ía de Zayas y Sotomayor (1590&–1650?) published two collections of novellas, Novelas amorosas y exemplares (1637) and Desenga&ños amorosos (1647), which were immensely popular in her day. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Victorian and bourgeois sensibilities exiled her &“scandalous&” works to the outer fringes of serious literature. Over the last two decades, however, she has gained an enthusiastic and ever-expanding readership, drawing intense critical attention and achieving canonical status as a major figure of the Spanish Golden Age. In this first comprehensive study of Zayas&’s prose, Margaret R. Greer explores the relationship between narration and desire, analyzing both the &“desire for readers&” displayed by Zayas in her Prologue and the sexual desire that drives the telling within the novellas themselves. Greer examines Zayas&’s narrative strategies through the twin lenses of feminist and psychoanalytic theory. She devotes close attention to the weight of Renaissance literary traditions and the role of Zayas&’s own cultural context in shaping her work. She discusses Zayas&’s biography and the reception of her publications; her advocacy of women&’s rights; her conflictive loyalty to an aristocratic, patriarchal order; her crafting of feminine tales of desire; and her erasure of the frontiers between the natural and supernatural, indeed, between love and death itself. In so doing, Greer offers an expansive analysis of this recently rediscovered Golden Age writer.
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The Food of Love and Other Tales of Lovers Dreamers and Schemers

2. What does the Husband remember about his children? His job? His parents and his brother? 3. What is the Husband's attitude toward death? 4. Why does the Wife urge the Husband to remember? “The Food of Love and Other Tales of Lovers ...

Author: Melvyn Chase

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 9781632930071

Category: Fiction

Page: 158

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Love: Tender. Spiritual. Lustful. Liberating. Suffocating. A different truth, a different quest for each of these lovers, dreamers and schemers. Katherine McKenzie, a young woman living in Boston in 1918, yearns for love but is afraid of it. When tragedy sets her adrift, she returns to her rural Kansas roots where she rediscovers her past and confronts her fears. In a second story, a lonely and discouraged man finds new hope in the mystical message of an inspired dreamer who reached for the heavens. Is music truly the food of love? A pair of cautionary tales warns that no matter how sweet the song, one must always ask, “Who is the singer?” The dark side of love lurks here too—in those who love only themselves and pay the price for their wicked dreams. And there is a bittersweet tale of love remembered on the threshold of death. The final pages, sadder still, speak of love forgotten when remembrance of things past has faded. These are eternal tales of Love—its many faces, its many meanings. Includes Readers Guide
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Campus Secrets College Tales of Love and Loathing Fear and Favor

That part may be just another shaman tall tale.” After class a couple of guys came up to talk, ... Hank here and I got an extra ticket for the Demonlovers' concert at the Palace this evening. Somebody couldn't go, and I know it may seem ...

Author: Robert Ellwood

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781430302780

Category: Humor

Page: 180

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A collection of short stories based on college life, from the point of view of undergraduate students, graduate students, professors, deans and even the president.
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Beauty and the Beast And Other Tales of Love in Unexpected Places Origins of Fairy Tales from Around the World

Origins of Fairy Tales from Around the World Amelia Carruthers. But having got so far successfully through her dangerous task a longing desire seized her to examine the contents of the box. “What,” said she, “shall I, the carrier of ...

Author: Amelia Carruthers

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781473370098

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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Beauty and the Beast – Origins of the Fairy Tales from around the World' contains seven different versions of the 'Beauty and the Beast' story. It includes an in-depth introduction to the fairy tale genre itself, as well as the folkloric provenance of the dark tale of 'Beauty and the Beast'. It encompasses Leprince de Beaumont's 'La Belle et La Bête', the ancient Roman story of 'Cupid and Psyche', 'The Enchanted Tsarévich' from Russia and the tale of 'Zelinda and the Monster' from Italy. What is a fairy tale? The 'Origins of Fairy Tales from around the World' series helps to answer this question, by showcasing the amazing breath and diversity involved in classic fairy tales. It focuses on the unusual phenomenon that the same tales, with only minor variations, appear again and again in different cultures – across time and geographical space. Traditionally told as short stories for children, and for adults too, these popular fairy tales will be sure to delight both young and old. Beautifully illustrated, these story books combine the best story-telling, with the best art-work, in order that the two may be fully appreciated.
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Tales of Love Fantasy and Horror

A Taste of Poe in the Spanish-American Short Story. - - - - - - - - - Tales of Love , Fantasy and Horror A Taste of.



ISBN: UTEXAS:059173022988281

Category: Horror tales, English

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Broccoli and Other Tales of Food and Love


Author: Lara Vapnyar

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780307377616

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Each of Lara Vapnyar's six stories invites us into a world where food and love intersect, along with the overlapping pleasures and frustrations of Vapnyar's uniquely captivating characters. Meet Nina, a recent arrival from Russia, for whom colorful vegetables represent her own fresh hopes and dreams . . . Luda and Milena, who battle over a widower in their English class with competing recipes for cheese puffs, spinach pies, and meatballs . . . and Sergey, who finds more comfort in the borscht made by a paid female companion than in her sexual ministrations. They all crave the taste and smell of home, wherever—and with whomever—that may turn out to be. A roundup of recipes are the final taste of this delicious collection.
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Twenty Grand

With elegant prose and a wicked sense of humor, these stories reveal Curtis's provocative and uncompromising view of life, one that makes her writing so poignant and irresistible.

Author: Rebecca Curtis

Publisher: Harper Perennial

ISBN: UCSC:32106019053518

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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A sometimes poignant, sometimes whimsical collection of short fiction captures the lives of young American women searching for love, happiness, success, security, and adventure, all the while struggling to escape the realities of their lives, in a debut anthology of short stories. Original.
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