Tall Dark Fangsome

Then why not continue the romance with: Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark & Hungry For more Urban Fantasy visitwww.orionbooks.co.uk/urbanfantasy for the latest news, updates and giveaways! About the Author Michelle Rowen was born in ...

Author: Michelle Rowen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575118362

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Sarah Dearly's vampire life is not all B-positive cocktails. A curse made her a nightwalker, the most vicious vamp there is; the charm she wears to curb her deadly tendencies is losing its juice; and a hunter from hell is turning up the heat. Gideon Chase will kill the ones she loves most if she doesn't obey his orders - that includes breaking up with master vampire Thierry and turning Gideon into an immortal vamp via her bite so he can escape a doom of eternal hellfire. Making things worse are Sarah's growing feelings for Gideon, a bad boy who keeps showing a vulnerable side - but is it for real? Will Sarah's dark side take over? Or can she cure herself of the nightwalker curse in time to stop Gideon and finally get the chance to live happily ever after with Thierry ... forever?
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Tall Dark Hungry

Tall, Dark & Hungry is the fourth book in her insanely popular Argeneau vampire series—and she brilliantly blends laughter with steamy passion in this story about a British lass who falls hard for a tasty immortal in-law she meets when ...

Author: Lynsay Sands

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062013705

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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“Take a bite into fresh, fun vampire comedy…read Lynsay Sands.” —Carly Phillips Nobody does vampire romance quite like Lynsay Sands! Tall, Dark & Hungry is the fourth book in her insanely popular Argeneau vampire series—and she brilliantly blends laughter with steamy passion in this story about a British lass who falls hard for a tasty immortal in-law she meets when she crosses the ocean to attend a cousin’s New York wedding. Paranormal romance is hot, hot, hot! And Lynsay Sands is not only one of the pioneer authors of this subgenre…she’s one of the very best!
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Tall Dark and Cowboy

... bud,” Chase said in a soothing tone. “That's Captain,” he told Lacey. “He's always hungry. Likes a lot of attention.” “He does that when he's hungry?” “Yup.” Chase stepped up to the horse, who was leaning Tall, Dark and Cowboy 215.

Author: Joanne Kennedy

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402251467

Category: Fiction

Page: 387

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Praise for Cowboy Fever: "Full of heart and passion." Jodi Thomas, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Texas Blue She's looking for an old friend. . . In the wake of a nasty divorce, Lacey Bradford heads for Wyoming where she's sure her old friend will take her in. Bit her high school pal Chase Caldwell is no longer the gangly boy who would follow her anywhere. For one thing, he's now incredibly buff and handsome, but that's not all that's changed. . . What she finds is one hot cowboy. . . Chase has been through tough times and is less than thrilled to see the firl who once broke his heart. But try as he might to resist her, while Lacey's putting her life back together, he's finding new ways to be part of it. Praise for Cowboy Fever: "Hot, hot, hot. . . with more twists and turns than a buckin' bull at a world-class rodeo, lots of sizzlin' sex, and characters so real you'll swear they live down the road!" Carolyn Brown, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Red's Hot Cowboy "A breath of fresh air." Night Owl Romance Reviewer Top Pick
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When the boat passed by I missed love

She was so hungry. That tall dark heavy guy was behind her again. "What you doing after this is over?", he asked her. Let me take you to the Waffle House to get you something too eat he said. Tenasha thought damn I am hungry.

Author: Theresa Cressey

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781387762460


Page: 28

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Tall Dark and Dangerous Vol 1

They'dslept when theywere tired, eatenwhen they were hungry and made love the rest of the time. Sometimes when they woke, itwasin thedark hours of the early morning.Sometimes thewarm light of the afternoon sun slipped in beneath ...

Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460334188

Category: Fiction

Page: 1210

View: 363

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Dangerous. Fearless. Devastating. Six classic tales of courageous Navy Seals who face the most daring adventure of all—falling in love—by New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann.
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Tall Dark and Immortal

“I'm hungry,” he said. Keira panicked, wondering if little Benji was hungry for blood. “I want a burger,” Benji said. As if reading her thoughts, Doc Boomer said, “He's still human through and through.” “Of course he's human,” Liz said.

Author: Cat Devon

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781466871229

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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HE'S TAKING A BITE OUT OF CRIME. Alex Sanchez is more than just an ordinary detective. He's on the prowl—as a vampire. Alex uses his unique gifts to police the mean streets of Chicago like a natural predator. But when he learns that local blood banks are being robbed, he's not sure what rattles him more: the bizarre crime wave or the stunningly beautiful journalist who's reporting it... SHE'S RISKING HER NECK FOR A STORY. Keira Turner is dedicated to her job—and determined to uncover the truth. Dangerously, out-of-this-world handsome Detective Sanchez seems oddly fascinated by the crimes—and obsessed with Keira. Alex might not have a clue who's stealing blood but he's sure of one thing: Keira is no mere mortal. She's descended from a long line of vampire hunters. And if they try to solve this case together, he'll have to fight the urge to kiss her...or kill her.
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Tall Dark and Deadly books 1 4

Tall, Dark and Deadly Lisa Renee Jones. did too. “But you don't care enough to stop,” Kara commented. ... “You hungry? I'm ordering pizza. You can go over the restaurant staff with me while we eat.” “Yes,” she said softly. “I'm hungry.

Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: EverAfter Romance

ISBN: 9781682303993

Category: Fiction

Page: 862

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Celebrating the release of the next in series, Deep Under, on sale for $2.99. Normally $4.99. About the series: Tall, dark, and deadly, these three brothers run Walker security. Each brother is unique in his methods and skills, but all share key similarities. They are passionate about those they love, relentless when fighting for a cause they believe in, and all believe that no case is too hard, no danger too dark. Dedication is what they deliver, results are their reward. The box set includes 4 full sized novels: HOT SECRETS: Book 1 Royce Walker Royce Walker, a former FBI Agent, who's opened a private security firm with his brothers, has always had the hots for the prim, proper Assistant District Attorney, but considered her hand's off because of a family connection. However, when danger threatens Lauren, he isn't willing to stand by and watch her get hurt. Now the passion for survival is only rivaled by the passion burning between them. And that passion, might just be the death of them both. DANGEROUS SECRETS: Book 2 Luke Walker Being a divorce attorney for the rich and famous isn't all it's cracked up to be. Julie Harrison has learned that love doesn't last, and she's sworn never to make the same mistakes as her mother, or her clients. She uses the games men play to keep them at a distance. The only man who managed to break down her walls was Luke Walker, a Navy SEAL who loved her and left her, and changed her forever. When Luke arrives back in New York, running Walker Security with his brothers and having left his Navy SEAL days behind, he sets his sights on Julie, the woman he's always wanted and couldn't have. Except, she runs from him every time he gets close. But now, one of Julie's clients, a powerful judge, gets involved with a dangerous cartel, and his soon-to-be-ex wife ends up dead. Julie's next on the list, and she finds herself on the run from those who believe she knows too much, and counting on Luke to keep her alive. In the deepest, darkest moments of the night, passion will bring them together while danger threatens to tear them apart. Can Julie and Luke trust each other and find their happy ending before they find ... the end? BENEATH THE SECRETS Book 3 Blake Walker Two will paths collide. Two people who will do anything, including sleeping with the enemy, to avenge or save someone they love. But what if everything isn't as it seems and the enemy isn't the enemy at all? Can these two broken people drawn together by their sizzling hot attraction see beyond their pain and their need for vengeance Undoubtedly, they will face the ghosts of their pasts, but will those ghost destroy them or forever bind them? SECRETS EXPOSED: A loosely connected prelude Attorney Lindsey Paxton is about to have a brutal case from her past come back to haunt her in the most dangerous of ways. To survive she will end up in the arms of a man she considers her enemy, but might just be her only salvation.
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Romance Fiction

... 285 Talk of the Town Too, 375 Tall, Dark, and Cajun, 507 Tall, Dark, & Fangsome, 363 Tall, Dark, and Hungry, 527 Tall, Dark, and Texan, 272 Tall, Dark Defender, 146 Tall, Dark Stranger, A, 285 Tamarack Creek, 377 Tamed by a Laird, ...

Author: Kristin Ramsdell

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781591581772

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 719

View: 679

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Presents a comprehensive guide for librarians and readers' advisors, provides a brief history of the romance novel, and offers reading lists and subgenre definitions.
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Fang tastic Fiction

... 81 Talions, 169 Tall, Dark, and Fangsome, 179 Tall, Dark and Dead, 129 Tall, Dark and Hungry, 184 Tanner's Scheme, 156 A Taste of Crimson, 163 A Taste of Darkness, 86 The Taste of Night, 173 Tempest Rising, 172 Tempest's Legacy, ...

Author: Patricia O'Brien Mathews

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838910733

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 258

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Mathews uses a limited definition of paranormal, and examines works set, for the most part, in a relatively realistic modern world inhabited by both humans and paranormal beings.
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Tall Dark Texas Ranger

“I'm not hungry.” Her daughter pouted. “You're going to stop being rude and eat.” She turned her daughter toward Coop and brushed back her long blond hair from her pretty face. “Coop this is my daughter, Kasey. Kasey, this is Mr. Cooper ...

Author: Patricia Thayer

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373177578

Category: Fiction

Page: 187

View: 715

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Noah Cooper is in Kerry Springs to do a job, and as a Texas Ranger, he can't afford distraction. A pity, then, that at the center of the mystery is irresistible Lilly Perry.... Independent Lilly's determined to stay a single mom, so having a gorgeous lodger such as Noah Cooper in her house is hardly ideal. He may be amazing with her kids, but Lilly can't stop thinking about kissing him Wanting is one thing...but with all the secrets that lie between them, can either of them ever really trust the other?
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