Authenticity in and Through Teaching in Higher Education

While all three groups — 'good teachers', 'scho— larly teachers' and 'scholars of teaching' — are seen to make important contribu— tions to teaching, scholars of teaching are seen to represent an exclusive or special group.

Author: Carolin Kreber

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415520089


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"Almost a quarter-century after the Carnegie report Scholarship Reconsidered, the scholarship of teaching remains a contested idea, celebrated by some and critiqued by others. This new book is particularly relevant now however as it explores the notion of the scholarship of teaching through the lens of authenticity, a complex, intriguing and particularly striking and distinctively helpful notion which has caught the attention of several authors in adult and higher education. However, those writing about authenticity do not always make explicit what it is that they mean by this notion, nor are they clear about the philosophical foundations underpinning it. In developing the notion of the scholarship of teaching as an 'authentic practice', the author draws on several complementary philosophical ideas to explore the nature of this practice, why it is imperative for universities to engage in it, what meaningful engagement wold look like and the conditions under which it might qualify as 'authentic'. Core constructs employed include practice virtue communicative action 'being', 'power', critical reflection and transformationThe scholarship of teaching is described as a practice sustained through critical reflection and critical self-reflection. Being a scholar of teaching is viewed as an ongoing transformative learning process, a process of becoming authentic, the latter ultimately aimed at both helping students to become authentic and creating a better world in which to teach, learn and live. Although explored as a practice in its own right, the scholarship of teaching is seen to be strengthened by being situated within a wider integrated notion of academic practice. The book combines the author's previous research on authenticity with earlier work on the meaning of the scholarship of teaching, offering a provocative, fresh and timely perspective on the scholarship of teaching and professional learning in our times but also providing guidance on how to create a better world in which to learn, teach and live"--
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Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

... Higher Education Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Change: The Magazine ofHigher Learning Chronicle ofHigher Education College Student Journal College Teaching Comparative Education Currents in Teaching ...

Author: Cathy Bishop-Clark

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.

ISBN: 9781579224714

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This is a book for anyone who has ever considered engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning – known familiarly as SoTL – and needs a better understanding of what it is, and how to engage in it. The authors describe how to create a SoTL project, its implications for promotion and tenure, and how it fosters: * Increased satisfaction and fulfilment in teaching * Improved student learning * Increased productivity of scholarly publication * Collaboration with colleagues across disciplines * Contributing to a growing and important body of literature

This guide provides prospective SoTL scholars with the necessary background information, foundational theory, tools, resources, and methodology to develop their own SoTL projects, taking the reader through the five stages of the process: Generating a research question; Designing the study; Collecting the data; Analyzing the data; and Presenting and publishing your SoTL project. Each stage is illustrated by examples of actual SoTL studies, and is accompanied by worksheets to help the reader refine ideas and map out his or her next steps. The process and worksheets are the fruit of the successful SoTL workshops the authors have offered at their institution for many years.

SoTL differs from scholarly and reflective teaching in that it not only involves questioning one’s teaching or a teaching strategy, but also formally gathering and exploring evidence, researching the literature, refining and testing practices, and finally going public. The purpose of SoTL is not just to make an impact on student learning, but through formal, peer-reviewed communication, to contribute to the larger knowledge base on teaching and learning.

While the roots of SoTL go back some 30 years, it was Ernest Boyer in his classic Scholarship Reconsidered who made the case for the parity of the scholarships of integration, of discovery, of application, and of scholarship of teaching as vital to the health of higher education. Glassick, Huber, and Maeroff ’s subsequent Scholarship Assessed articulated the quality standards for SoTL, since when the field has burgeoned with the formation of related associations, a proliferation of conferences, the launching of numerous journals, and increasing recognition and validation by institutions.

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Journey from Kilimanjaro

I am gratefulto the students, teachers, scholars, friends, thinkers, and writers with whom Ihave dialogued, learned, traveled, read,and explored over many years. These people and their lives make this book possible.

Author: Hoover Liddell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491754962

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This book is about the youth, schools, places, and ideas that significantly deepen my life. It examines insights, philosophies, and observations that I read, question, seriously investigate, and live. The students in the classroom can be natural inquirers who through connections they discover make sense of the world and the things and ideas they pursue and question. These students, just as humankind from its beginning journey and exploration, use a fundamental approach to observe, investigate and probe to understand the world. This is the source of our human depth and learning.
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Kingdom Ethics

Christian teachers, scholars, and leaders inherit a sacred trust. Just like our counterparts in earlier generations, we are commanded to “guard the good treasure entrusted” to us (2 Tm 1:14). It is indeed an awesome responsibility to ...

Author: David P. Gushee

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9781467446105

Category: Religion

Page: 550

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Comprehensive update of the leading Christian ethics textbook of the 21st century Ever since its original publication in 2003, Glen Stassen and David Gushee's Kingdom Ethics has offered students, pastors, and other readers an outstanding framework for Christian ethical thought, one that is solidly rooted in Scripture, especially Jesus's teachings in the Sermon on the Mount. This substantially revised edition of Kingdom Ethics features enhanced and updated treatments of all major contemporary ethical issues. David Gushee's revisions include updated data and examples, a more global perspective, more gender-inclusive language, a clearer focus on methodology, discussion questions added
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Annual Reports of the Department of the Interior with Accompanying Documents

There has been a decrease of 491 schools numbering 12 scholars or less , – schools that were not ... The law is popular with teachers , parents , and scholars wherever it has been tested , and would seem to be the next step in the line ...

Author: United States. Department of the Interior


ISBN: UCAL:B5301314

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TPS Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese

Ф [füzi] Master; (old form of address for teachers, scholars); pedant ЕЁ? [füzi] Master ЖБЁ [mifü] Pavel Aleksandrovich Mif (1901-1938), Ukrainian Soviet expert on Chinese affairs, secretly executed in Stalin's purges 76295 [nongfü] ...

Author: Michael Burkhardt


ISBN: 9780557453443

Category: Chinese language

Page: 612

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The TPS Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese is not just another character frequency based dictionary. It has been designed to provide students with a guide for learning new characters, words, and phrases gradually, building upon characters already familiar. The entries have been arranged according to a Triple Progression System in which words are grouped first by character frequency, then by word frequency, and filtered so that new words and phrases appear only after all of their component characters have been introduced.
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The Plague of War

2 The war in Vietnam sparked analogies with ancient imperialism in general and the Sicilian expedition in particular among teachers, scholars, journalists, and many other Americans who had studied classical history.

Author: Jennifer Tolbert Roberts

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199996643

Category: History

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A major new history of the violent, protracted conflict between ancient Athens and Sparta.
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The Sabbath School and Bible Teaching

who has such wild scholars must not be hastily blamed if the reins should sometimes slip from his hands . But in schools far removed in character from the specimens above noticed there is a great amount of disorder , for which teachers ...

Author: Rev. James INGLIS


ISBN: BL:A0019638399

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