The SAGE Handbook of Historical Geography

The Common Cause: Postcolonial Ethics and the Practice of Democracy, 1900–1955. London and Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Garrett, George (2017). Ten Years on the Parish: The Autobiography & Letters of George Garrett.

Author: Mona Domosh

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781529736878

Category: History

Page: 1168

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The SAGE Handbook of Historical Geography provides an international and in-depth overview of the field with chapters that examine the history, present condition and future significance of historical geography in relation to recent developments and current research.
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150 Years of Pyrmont Peninsula

This book is the result of the research conducted initially over ten years in the spare time available to a parish priest, and finally in a year of full-time attention to the project, while resident in the Pyrmont presbytery.

Author: Colin F. Fowler

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9781925486902

Category: Architecture

Page: 553

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St Bede's Catholic Church in Pyrmont Street is the oldest, continuously functioning church on the Pyrmont peninsula. The Sydney Morning Herald article on the laying of the foundation stone (7/2/1867) stated that, when completed, the new church would be "a very neat and elegant structure".
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Access to Justice in Microfinance

In the ten years which followed his presidency (under the presidents García and Humala), Peru's economy benefited from ... revealed the bribery of Peruvian politicians by a Brazilian construction firm over several years (Parish 2017).

Author: Yasmin Olteanu

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319953243

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 322

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This book analyzes the whole path to justice: from the decision to enter the path to justice until justice is achieved and applies a mixed-methods approach using quantitative and qualitative data. It deliberately takes the consumer’s perspective and, beyond the scope of existing studies, does not only take into account the existence of mechanisms and forums to claim justice, but their appropriateness for vulnerable target groups. The book sheds more light on microfinance and other vulnerable clients who, due to existing barriers, cannot access grievance, redress or complaint mechanisms. Eliminating these access barriers would cater to the achievement of the 16th Sustainable Development Goal by increasing vulnerable consumers’ Access to Justice. This book will be of interest to academics researching access to justice, researchers focusing on consumer protection issues in developing countries, and practitioners working in financial inclusion.
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18 On youthful perceptions of which parish was superior, see interview with Peter Quinn, November 6, 2017. ... On the growth of the congregation, see “Young Israel of Parkchester: The First Ten Years, 1940–1950” (YIP).

Author: Jeffrey S. Gurock

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479896707

Category: History

Page: 304

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"'Parkchester' explores the issues of race and ethnicity in the Bronx"--
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Anti Fascism in a Global Perspective

... Ten Years on the Parish: The Autobiography and Letter of George Garrett (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2017), p. 31. 36 See Laura Tabili, 'We Ask For British Justice': Workers and Racial Difference in Late Imperial Britain ...

Author: Kasper Braskén

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429603211

Category: Political Science

Page: 316

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This book initiates a critical discussion on the varieties of global anti-fascism and explores the cultural, political and practical articulations of anti-fascism around the world. This volume brings together a group of leading scholars on the history of anti-fascism to provide a comprehensive analysis of anti-fascism from a transnational and global perspective and to reveal the abundance and complexity of anti-fascist ideas, movements and practices. Through a number of interlinked case studies, they examine how different forms of global anti-fascisms were embedded in various national and local contexts during the interwar period and investigate the interrelations between local articulations and the global movement. Contributions also explore the actions and impact of African, Asian, Latin American, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern anti-fascist voices that have often been ignored or rendered peripheral in international histories of anti-fascism. Aimed at a postgraduate student audience, this book will be useful for modules on the extreme right, political history, political thought, political ideologies, political parties, social movements, political regimes, global politics, world history and sociology.
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X 2010 2020 TEN YEARS OODA

... in the EMA Camilo proposal in Porto in 2017 , and finally , in Quinta do Pinhal in Vila do Conde in 2017 . ... for the Grande Hotel de Paris in Porto and the Parish Center in Lousada in 2015 which was awarded the second prize .

Author: Joao Rapagao

Publisher: Actar D, Inc.

ISBN: 9781638409830

Category: Architecture

Page: 656

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OODA is a Portuguese architecture collective, now celebrating 10 years of practice. Based in Porto with experience gained internationally in notable offices, such as OMA-Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid Architects, the collective aims to expand internationally, namely New York, São Paulo and Shanghai. With a wide range of work (whether idea or built, new or rehabilitation) and participation in international competitions in Africa, America, Asia, Middle East and Europe, their work includes partnerships with Kengo Kuma and the Pritzker prize winner Souto de Moura. More than presenting and dissecting the work of the practice, this book is an adventure in technical and artistic exchanges. It is divided into three parts; the appraisal of the first ten years, hence the X mark - X - in the title of the book and also predictions for the next ten; a presentation of case studies and projects according to six criteria and knowledge approaches – Insertions, Second Life, Intimacy, Iconographies, Landmarks and Genealogies; and the Dissection of the ten years that have passed, hence the exclamation mark - ! - in the title of the book, along an explanation of the functional and business structure. Ana Aragão has produced an illustrated analysis and synthesis of the practice. Ashley Simone, Fernando Serapião and Pedro Gadanho were invited to write thematically focused and specialized essays on the production and prediction for the coming years of the collective, represented by the question mark - ? - in the title of the book.
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States at War Volume 6

Article II, Section 2, required that a governor must be at least thirty years old, have been a citizen for ten years, and own an estate within South Carolina of £1,500 (around $224,523 in 2017), net of debt. As one scholar has concluded ...

Author: Richard F. Miller

Publisher: University Press of New England

ISBN: 9781512601084

Category: Reference

Page: 712

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Although many Civil War reference books exist, Civil War researchers have until now had no single compendium to consult on important details about the combatant states (and territories). This crucial reference work, the sixth in the States at War series, provides vital information on the organization, activities, economies, demographics, and laws of Civil War South Carolina. This volume also includes the Confederate States Chronology. Miller enlists multiple sources, including the statutes, Journals of Congress, departmental reports, general orders from Richmond and state legislatures, and others, to illustrate the rise and fall of the Confederacy. In chronological order, he presents the national laws intended to harness its manpower and resources for war, the harsh realities of foreign diplomacy, the blockade, and the costs of states’ rights governance, along with mounting dissent; the effects of massive debt financing, inflation, and loss of credit; and a growing raggedness within the ranks of its army. The chronology provides a factual framework for one of history’s greatest ironies: in the end, the war to preserve slavery could not be won while 35 percent of the population was enslaved.
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The New Labour Constitution

Twenty Years On Michael Gordon, Adam Tucker ... Ten Years of Freedom of Information in the UK' (2017) 70 Parliamentary Affairs 22. ... (2017). 120 'Walberswick Parish Councillors Quit over FOI Requests' BBC News (3 October 2012) ...

Author: Michael Gordon

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781509924653

Category: Law

Page: 480

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The New Labour government first elected in 1997 had a defining influence on the development of the modern UK constitution. This book combines legal and political perspectives to provide a unique assessment of the way in which this major programme of constitutional reform has changed the nature of the UK constitution. The chapters, written by leading experts in UK public law and politics, analyse the impact and legacy of the New Labour reform programme some 20 years on from the 1997 general election, and reveal the ways in which the UK constitution is now, to a significant extent, the 'New Labour constitution'. The book takes a broad approach to exploring the legacy of the New Labour years for the UK constitution. The contributors evaluate a range of specific substantive reforms (including on human rights, devolution, freedom of information, and the judicial system), changes to the process and method of constitutional reform under New Labour, the impact on key institutions (such as the judiciary and Parliament), and a number of wider constitutional themes (including national security, administrative justice, and the relationship between the Labour Party and constitutionalism). The book also reflects on the future challenges for the constitution constructed by New Labour, and the prospects for further constitutional reform. In bringing together this range of perspectives to reflect on the implications of the New Labour era of reform, this book offers a critical examination of a foundational period in the development of the contemporary UK constitution.
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Creativity in Church Management

Parishioners were asked, “Since the merger of the six parishes in Smithville to form St. Mary ten years ago, which of the following statements best describes your perception of how the merger has gone?” The percentages of response to ...

Author: Zech, Charles E.

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9781587689437

Category: Religion


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As an adjunct to the Best Practices in Church Management Series, Creativity in Church Management covers a number of topics that, while important, do not warrant their own volumes in the series. Topics include co-responsibility, managing parish diversity, and issues surrounding parish reconfiguration and consolidation.
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Parish An Anglican Theology of Place

Coming from a long family line of parish priests, stretching back nearly 200 years, the parochial inheritance is of more ... in Harrow in northwest London, and then for ten years as vicar of Gipsy Hill in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Author: Andrew Rumsey

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 9780334054849

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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The Anglican parish is uniquely embedded in English culture and society, by virtue both of its antiquity and close allegiance with secular governance. Yet it remains an elusive and surprisingly overlooked theme, whose ‘place’, theologically, is far from certain. Whilst ecclesiastical history has long formed a pillar of academic training for ordained ministry, ecclesiastical geography has not contributing to the often uninformed assumptions about locality in contemporary church debate and mission strategy. At a time when its relevance and sustainability are being weighed in the balance and with plans progressing for the Church in Wales’ abandonment of parochial organisation, there is an urgent need for a clear analysis of the parish’s historical, geographical and sociological – as well as theological significance. "Parish" examines the distinctive form of social and communal life created by the Anglican parish: applying and advancing, the emerging discipline of place theology by filling a conspicuous gap in contemporary scholarship. Andrew Rumsey will help in forming a vision for the future of the English parish system, contribute towards the Church’s strategy for parochial ministry and also inform the broader national conversation about ‘localism’ and cultural identity.
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