That s Entertainment

Although the CD packages, theater and film posters, logos, brochures, film opening sequences, books and magazines featured within That's Entertainment promote and advertise, they transcend this fundamental requirement and are integral to ...

Author: Steven Heller

Publisher: Pbc International

ISBN: UOM:39015031873352

Category: Art

Page: 183

View: 490

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The entertainment industry - including music, television, film and theater - is a haven for graphic experimentation (sometimes even indulgence), and the material that emerges from this highly creative field of graphic design becomes the paradigm for designers in other realms. Although the CD packages, theater and film posters, logos, brochures, film opening sequences, books and magazines featured within That's Entertainment promote and advertise, they transcend this fundamental requirement and are integral to the gestalt of the overall project.
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That s Entertainment

Narrative Writing Carolyn Smith. _ . . . . . . . . . The n That ' s Entertainment Passport Series Franklin G . .

Author: Carolyn Smith


ISBN: 0139134832

Category: Creative writing

Page: 272

View: 335

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That s Entertainment

Author: Erik Mortensen

Publisher: Crackjaw Publishing

ISBN: UOM:39015082662522


Page: 171

View: 181

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Inside this book is a collection of scripts written by Erik Mortensen, owner and operator of The Mainstreet Players, including both his produced and yet-to-be produced works. Each play is introduced by Mortensen as he reflects on his inspiration, the writing process and everything else leading up to opening night . The anthology offers a wide variety: one act scripts to full length productions, comedies of both a high and low nature, dramas dealing with contemporary social and world issues, and thrillers that will chill and excite. It's all inside, and it will all leave you saying, "That's entertainment "
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Theatre and Entertainment

What is the moment at which entertainment occurs in the theatre? Is it merely the sensory surrender to performance before reflection or reflexivity takes ...

Author: Jim Davis

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137321077

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

View: 514

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What do we mean by entertainment? How does this concept relate to theatre? Should theatre be for pleasure or instruction? Can it not be both? In this stimulating book, Jim Davis examines this relationship, by assessing audience reception, political theatre and melodrama, and ultimately questions the limits of entertainment in theatre.
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Plunkett s Entertainment Media Industry Almanac 2009

The Only Comprehensive Guide to the Entertainment & Media Industry Jack W. ... Developers are betting that Xanadu 's entertainment features will draw enough ...

Author: Jack W. Plunkett

Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781593921309

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 562

View: 826

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The electronic age is bringing sweeping changes to entertainment and media of all kinds, including publishing, broadcasting and film. Multimedia, the Internet and other digital media outlets for entertainment and information are being refined at a rapid rate. Media giants are merging and making big acquisitions. This book covers these exciting developments and provides profiles on hundreds of leading firms in film, radio, television, cable, new media, and publishing of all types including books, magazines and newspapers. It contains thousands of contacts for business and industry leaders, industry associations, Internet sites and other resources. You'll get in-depth profiles of nearly 400 of the world's top Entertainment & Media firms: our own unique list of companies that are the leaders in this field. Here you'll find complete profiles of the hot companies that are making news today, the largest, most successful corporations in all facets of the Entertainment and Media Business, from broadcasters to film production companies, casino operators to theme park companies, publishers of books and magazines to video game designers, and much more. Our corporate profiles include executive contacts, growth plans, financial records, address, phone, fax and much more. This innovative book offers unique information, all indexed and cross-indexed more for each firm! Our industry analysis section provides an exceptional discussion of business and market trends. The book includes statistical tables covering revenues for several industry sectors. Purchasers of either the book or PDF version can receive a free copy of the company profiles database on CD-ROM, enabling key word search and export of key data.
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Monetizing Entertainment

An Insider's Handbook for Careers in the Entertainment & Music Industry Larry ... which is about one-third of the world«s entertainment product market, ...

Author: Larry Wacholtz

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317499459

Category: Music

Page: 622

View: 770

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Monetizing Entertainment: An Insider's Handbook for Careers in the Entertainment & Music Industry offers a thorough, guided exploration of the current state of the industry, with an emphasis on trends in copyright, digital streaming, and practical advice for developing a career as an artist, technician, or industry executive. This book investigates a variety of topics within the entertainment and music industry, ranging from traditional and emerging business models to intellectual property rights to the creative destruction happening currently. The book strategically outlines the existing gaps that make being successful as an artist a dynamic interaction between creativity and business. This book includes the following: An overview of the creative destruction process that has destroyed some of the old business models and created a number of career options. A look at innovative, entrepreneurial career options. A step-by-step examination for both creative and business professionals of the administrative and financial structures of the industry. Detailed analysis of trends and topics shaping the current entertainment and music industry drawn from insiders' perspectives and other contemporary resources. An accompanying website (, hosting case studies, videos, data, infographics, and blog posts on business models, is the perfect companion to this authoritative resource.
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Entertainment Computing ICEC 2004

computer controlled characters to run forward so that s/he is able to do a through pass and perhaps be alone in the face of the goalkeeper when s/he takes ...

Author: Matthias Rauterberg

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540286431

Category: Computers

Page: 617

View: 393

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The advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) has enabled broad use of ICT and facilitated the use of ICT in the private and personal domain. ICT-related industries are directing their business targets to home applications. Among these applications, entertainment will differentiate ICT applications in the private and personal market from the of?ce. Comprehensive research and development on ICT - plications for entertainment will be different for the promotion of ICT use in the home and other places for leisure. So far engineering research and development on enterta- ment has never been really established in the academic communities. On the other hand entertainment-related industries such as the video and computer game industries have been growing rapidly in the last 10 years, and today the entertainment computing bu- ness outperforms the turnover of the movie industry. Entertainment robots are drawing theattentionofyoungpeople. TheeventcalledRoboCuphasbeenincreasingthenumber of participants year by year. Entertainment technologies cover a broad range of pr- ucts and services: movies, music, TV (including upcoming interactive TV), VCR, VoD (including music on demand), computer games, game consoles, video arcades, g- bling machines, the Internet (e. g. , chat rooms, board and card games, MUD), intelligent toys, edutainment, simulations, sport, theme parks, virtual reality, and upcoming service robots. The?eldofentertainmentcomputingfocusesonusers’growinguseofentertainment technologies at work, in school and at home, and the impact of this technology on their behavior. Nearly every working and living place has computers, and over two-thirds of childreninindustrializedcountrieshavecomputersintheirhomesaswell.
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Psychology of Entertainment

Depending on the quality of the relationship schema—that is, ... to the persona will be entertaining in a way that fits their situational motivation, ...

Author: Jennings Bryant

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135257415

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 476

View: 791

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As entertainment becomes a trillion-dollar-a-year industry worldwide, as our modern era increasingly lives up to its label of the "entertainment age," and as economists begin to recognize that entertainment has become the driving force of the new world economy, it is safe to say that scholars are beginning to take entertainment seriously. The scholarly spin on entertainment has been manifested in traditional ways, as well as innovative ones. Representing the current state of theory and research, Psychology of Entertainment promises to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date volume on entertainment. It serves to define the new area of study and provides a theoretical spin for future work in the area. Divided into three basic parts, this book: *addresses the fundamental mechanisms and processes involved in orienting to and selecting entertainment fare, as well as receiving and processing it; *explores the mechanisms and processes by which we are entertained by the media messages we select and receive; and *provides an opportunity for the application of well-established as well as emerging psychological and psychobiological theories to be applied to the study of entertainment in ways that seldom have been utilized previously. Psychology of Entertainment will appeal to scholars, researchers, and graduate students in media studies and mass communication, psychology, marketing, and other areas contributing to the entertainment studies area.
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Wanghong as Social Media Entertainment in China

Lim, S. (2020, July 14). Why China's Entertainment Giants are Turning Their Focus to South East Asia. The Drum. Retrieved September 16, 2020, ...

Author: David Craig

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030653767



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God and Popular Culture A Behind the Scenes Look at the Entertainment Industry s Most Influential Figure 2 volumes

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Entertainment Industry's Most Influential Figure Stephen ... At the start of the film his focus is on his own survival, ...

Author: Stephen Butler Murray

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440801808

Category: Social Science

Page: 628

View: 171

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This contributed two-volume work tackles a fascinating topic: how and why God plays a central role in the modern world and profoundly influences politics, art, culture, and our moral reflection—even for nonbelievers. • Supplies a broad conception of "God" that provides readers with a fuller and more accurate portrait of a phenomenon that evolved substantially over time but also remains an enduring—and enduringly influential—element of popular culture • Explores not only how individuals grapple with the question of God, but also how God invariably and unintentionally enters people's thinking • Supplies direct examples of the key role that God plays in everyday life that readers will find compelling from both a personal and cultural perspective • Comprises essays from sociologists, theologians, cultural critics, and journalists that present a wide range of perspectives and approaches to this universally relevant topic
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Media Entertainment Law 2 e

The statute is unclear on the matter of whethers 5 implies an exception to ... Or should the burden of proof lie on the Attorney General to prove that s 5 ...

Author: Ursula Smartt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317808169

Category: Law

Page: 625

View: 956

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Media and Entertainment Law presents a contemporary analysis of the law relating to the media and entertainment industry both in terms of its practical application and its theoretical framework. It provides a clear, current and comprehensive account of this exciting subject. Fully updated and revised, this second edition is one of the first texts to contain a full analysis of the Leveson Inquiry and the implications for our press and media that are arising from it. The new edition contains; a new chapter analysing the Defamation Act 2013; the Digital Economy Act 2010 which aimed to toughen up against copyright infringement online and has been subject to parliamentary review since coming into power; and the liability of internet service providers, including recent cases such as Tamiz vs Google 2012, which goes some way to define the extent to which an ISP may or may not be found liable for their bloggers content. With integrated coverage of Scots and Northern Irish law, Media and Entertainment Law also highlights comparisons with similar overseas jurisdictions, such as with the liability of ISPs where there are differences in both US and European law, in order to help students demonstrate an awareness of media laws, which may then influence UK legislation. Looking at key aspects such as TV and radio broadcasting, the print press, the music industry, online news and entertainment and social networking sites, this text provides detailed coverage of the key principles, cases and legislation as well as a critical analysis of regulatory bodies such as OFCOM and the new regulator for the UK's newspapers and magazines (and online editions), the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso). The text also provides the most comprehensive and up to date coverage of the law relating to Intellectual Property law for the entertainment industry with recent changes in EU law relating to performers' rights. See what goes behind the writing of Media & Entertainment Law:
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The Entertainment Film for Juvenile Audiences

The first is the 1950 report of Children ' s Entertainment Films , by Miss Mary Field , in England . Its publication exempts us from reprinting it for ...

Author: Henri Storck


ISBN: UOM:39015003979047

Category: Cinéma et enfants

Page: 240

View: 378

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Entertainment Computing ICEC 2008

In order to test our proposal we developed a small game that takes place in a market, which is a very common scenario of RPGs. The player had a malfunction ...

Author: Scott M. Stevens

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540892212

Category: Computers

Page: 244

View: 140

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The 7th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, under the auspices of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), was held September 25–27, 2008 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Based on the very successful first international workshop (IWEC 2002) and the following international conferences (ICEC 2003 through ICEC 2007), ICEC 2008 was an international forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge amongst researchers and developers in the field of entertainment computing. ICEC is the longest established and most prestigious conference in the field of entertainment computing. The conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for advanced research in entertainment computing, broadly defined. ICEC is truly international with leading experts from 14 nations representing academia and industry attending this year’s conference. These leaders presented their newest research, insights, products and demonstrations. Although the field of entertainment computing is thought of as new, in fact modern digital computer games go back over 45 years with games such as Spacewar developed in 1961. This is not to say entertainment computing is limited to computer games. As evidenced by papers in this volume, entertainment computing covers virtually every aspect of today’s recreational diversions.
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Entertainment and Society

Wiltz is not alone in noting the extent to which reality programming relies on these ... “Because, well, that's entertainment,” saysAndy Dehnart, ...

Author: Shay Sayre

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135839949

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 600

View: 534

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The second edition of this innovative textbook introduces students to the ways that society shapes our many forms of entertainment and in turn, how entertainment shapes society. Entertainment and Society examines a broad range of types of entertainment that we enjoy in our daily lives – covering new areas like sports, video games, gambling, theme parks, travel, and shopping, as well as traditional entertainment media such as film, television, and print. A primary emphasis is placed on the impact of technological and cultural convergence on innovation and the influence of contemporary entertainment. The authors begin with a general overview of the study of entertainment, introducing readers to various ways of understanding leisure and play, and then go on to trace a brief history of the development of entertainment from its live forms through mediated technology. Subsequent chapters review a broad range of theories and research and provide focused discussions of the relationship between entertainment and key societal factors including economics and commerce, culture, law, politics, ethics, advocacy and technology. The authors conclude by highlighting innovations and emerging trends in live and mediated entertainment and exploring their implications for the future. The new edition features updated examples and pedagogical features throughout including text boxes, case studies, student activities, questions for discussion, and suggestions for further reading.
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Incongruous Entertainment

He considers the status of Singin’ in the Rain as perhaps the first film to be widely embraced as camp; the repackaging of the musicals as nostalgia and camp in the That’s Entertainment! series as well as on home video and cable; and ...

Author: Steven Cohan

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822387077

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 378

View: 626

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With their lavish costumes and sets, ebullient song and dance numbers, and iconic movie stars, the musicals that mgm produced in the 1940s seem today to epitomize camp. Yet they were originally made to appeal to broad, mainstream audiences. In this lively, nuanced, and provocative reassessment of the mgm musical, Steven Cohan argues that this seeming incongruity—between the camp value and popular appreciation of these musicals—is not as contradictory as it seems. He demonstrates that the films’ extravagance and queerness were deliberate elements and keys to their popular success. In addition to examining the spectatorship of the mgm musical, Cohan investigates the genre’s production and marketing, paying particular attention to the studio’s employment of a largely gay workforce of artists and craftspeople. He reflects on the role of the female stars—including Judy Garland, Debbie Reynolds, Esther Williams, and Lena Horne—and he explores the complex relationship between Gene Kelley’s dancing and his masculine persona. Cohan looks at how, in the decades since the 1950s, the marketing and reception of the mgm musical have negotiated the more publicly recognized camp value attached to the films. He considers the status of Singin’ in the Rain as perhaps the first film to be widely embraced as camp; the repackaging of the musicals as nostalgia and camp in the That’s Entertainment! series as well as on home video and cable; and the debates about Garland’s legendary gay appeal among her fans on the Internet. By establishing camp as central to the genre, Incongruous Entertainment provides a new way of looking at the musical.
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