Temptation: The Aftermath

Author: Victoria Christopher Murray

Publisher: Brown Girls Publishing

ISBN: 1944359583

Category: Fiction

Page: 330

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The best of friends.... Since they were five years old, Jasmine Cox Larson Bush and Kyla Blake had a bond that could not be broken. They shared secrets, marked milestones, and held each other up through life’s adversities. It was a friendship that they both thought would last forever. But when Jasmine’s jealousy led her to seduce Kyla’s husband, Dr. Jefferson Blake, that bond was severed and their friendship was damaged forever.... The worst of times.... Now, twenty years later, a major tragedy brings the two together when Jefferson, in New York for a medical convention, is shot in an attempted robbery. It’s the love that Jasmine once had for Kyla that sends her rushing to the hospital to be by her friend’s side. Kyla, despondent and distraught, just wants answers....and when a mysterious woman appears, it’s Jasmine who believes that woman may hold the key to what happened to Jefferson. While Kyla doesn’t believe that this woman has any meaning, Jasmine is not so sure. Will Jasmine uncover a secret that Jefferson is hiding? And when she does find out the truth, what will she do with it? Will she destroy Kyla’s life or will she do anything to protect her friend from the same devastation that she caused her twenty years before? In a riveting twenty-year anniversary sequel to the bestselling Temptation, Victoria Christopher Murray weaves a tale of what happens once friendships are bonded, then broken and all the consequences of the aftermath.

The Aftermath

Author: Rhidian Brook

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307958272

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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1946, post-World War II Hamburg. While thousands wander the rubble, lost and homeless, Colonel Lewis Morgan, charged with overseeing the rebuilding of this devastated city and the denazification of its defeated people, is stationed in a grand house on the River Elbe. He is awaiting the arrival of his wife, Rachael—still grieving for their eldest son—and their only surviving son, Edmund. But rather than force the owners of the house, a German widower and his rebellious daughter, out onto the streets, Lewis insists that the two families live together. In this charged atmosphere, both parents and children will be forced to confront their true selves as enmity and grief give way to passion and betrayal, to their deepest desires, their fiercest loyalties, and the transforming power of forgiveness. This courageous new novel from award-winning author Rhidian Brook tells an emotionally riveting story of two families, one house, and love grown from hate. This ebook edition includes a Reading Group Guide.

Histories of the Aftermath

The Legacies of the Second World War in Europe

Author: Frank Biess,Robert G. Moeller

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781845457327

Category: History

Page: 321

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Introduction / Frank Biess -- Defining the postwar -- The persistence of "the postwar" : Germany and Poland / Norman M. Naimark -- Feelings in the aftermath : toward a history of postwar emotions / Frank Biess -- In the aftermath of camps / Samuel Moyn -- Public and private memories -- Nothing is forgotten : individual memory and the myth of the Great Patriotic War / Lisa A. Kirschenbaum -- Neither erased nor remembered : Soviet "women combatants" and cultural strategies of forgetting in Soviet Russia, 1940s-1980s / Anna Krylova -- Generations as narrative communities : on the private sources of official cultures of remembrance in postwar Germany / Dorothee Wierling -- Mass-mediating war : how movies shaped memories -- "When will the real day come?" War films and Soviet postwar culture -- Denise Youngblood -- "Winning the peace" at the movies : suffering, loss, and redemption in postwar German cinema / Robert G. Moeller -- Italian cinema and the transition from dictatorship to democracy / Ruth Ben-Ghiat -- The reconstruction of citizenship -- War orphans and postfascist families : kinship and belonging after 1945 / Heide Fehrenbach -- Manners, morality, and civilization : reflections on postwar German etiquette books / Paul Betts -- From the "New Jerusalem" to the "decline" of the "New Elizabethan Age" : national identity and citizenship in Britain, 1945-56 / Sonya O. Rose -- "We are building a common home" : the moral economy of citizenship in postwar Poland / Katherine Lebow -- In the shadow of the bomb : military cultures -- The great tradition and the fates of annihilation : West German military culture in the aftermath of the Second World War / Klaus Naumann -- Soviet military culture and the legacy of the Second World War / Mikhail Tsypkin -- 1945-1955 : the age of total war / Pieter Lagrou.

In the Aftermath

Provocations and Laments

Author: David Bentley Hart

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802845738

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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This collection of essays, reviews, and columns published in popular journals and newspapers over the past few years comprise observations on culture, religion, and society at large--the virtuosic prose that readers expect from Hart.

The Aftermath of Feminism

Gender, Culture and Social Change

Author: Angela McRobbie

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761970614

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

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In this trenchant inquiry into the state of feminism, Angela McRobbie breaks open the politics of sexual equality and 'affirmative feminism' and sets down a new theory of gender power. Challenging the most basic assumptions of the 'end' of feminism, this book argues that invidious forms of gender re-stabilisation are being re-established. Consumer and popular culture encroach on the terrain of so-called female freedom, appearing supportive of female success, yet tying women into new post-feminist neurotic dependencies. With a scathing critique of 'women's empowerment', McRobbie has developed a distinctive feminist analysis that she uses to examine socio-cultural phenomena embedded in contemporary women's lives: from fashion photography and the television 'make-over' genre to eating disorders, body anxiety and 'illegible rage'. A turning point in feminist theory, The Aftermath of Feminism will set a new agenda for gender studies and cultural studies.

The Aftermath of Stroke

The Experience of Patients and Their Families

Author: Robert Anderson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521029827

Category: Medical

Page: 276

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A careful and comprehensive account written for all health care professionals.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Educating Traumatized Children Pre-K Through College

Author: Dorothy M. Singleton

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761839996

Category: Education

Page: 125

View: 4180


The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina examines the hurricane's effects on traumatized children's academic progression; socialization; life opportunities; and social consciousness. Professor Dorothy Singleton presents improved teaching strategies and methodologies for working with traumatized children in any grade level. As writers gathered information for this book, several realized the need to better comprehend how this environmental tragedy has disrupted the lives of groups already politically and economically marginalized. This study features a range of information about these social groups including: history; culture; family life; and the day-to-day challenges faced by those still suffering from the hurricane's aftermath.

The Abolition of Slavery and the Aftermath of Emancipation in Brazil

Author: Rebecca Scott

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822381540

Category: Political Science

Page: 182

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DIVIn May 1888 the Brazilian parliament passed, and Princess Isabel (acting for her father, Emperor Pedro II) signed, the lei aurea, or Golden Law, providing for the total abolition of slavery. Brazil thereby became the last “civilized nation” to part with slavery as a legal institution. The freeing of slaves in Brazil, as in other countries, may not have fulfilled all the hopes for improvement it engendered, but the final act of abolition is certainly one of the defining landmarks of Brazilian history. The articles presented here represent a broad scope of scholarly inquiry that covers developments across a wide canvas of Brazilian history and accentuates the importance of formal abolition as a watershed in that nation’s development./div