The Campaigns of Alexander

Author: Arrian
Publisher: Tales End Press
ISBN: 1623580137
Category: Biography & Autobiography
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The Landmark Arrian

The Campaigns of Alexander
Author: James S. Romm
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 1400079675
Category: History
Page: 503
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During twelve years of continuous campaigns, Alexander conquered an empire that stretched from the shores of the Adriatic to the edge of modern India. Arrian's history of those conquests is the most reliable and detailed account to emerge from the ancient world. --from publisher description

Conquest and Empire

The Reign of Alexander the Great
Author: A. B. Bosworth
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107717256
Category: History
Page: 348
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This book is an exploration of the process and consequences of the campaigns of Alexander the Great of Macedon (who reigned from 336 to 323 BC), focusing on the effect of his monarchy upon the world of his day. A detailed running narrative of the actual campaigns from the Danube to the Indus is complemented and enlarged upon by thematic studies on the reaction in Greece to Macedonian suzerainty, the administration of the empire, the evolution of the Macedonian army and its role as the instrument of conquest, and on the origins of the ruler cult.

Guerre d'Afrique

Author: Jean-Claude Richard,Julius Caesar
Publisher: Belles Lettres
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 143
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The Campaigns of Alexander of Tunis 1940-1945

Author: Adrian Stewart
Publisher: Pen & Sword
Category: History
Page: 264
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Alex, as he was known whether by Prime Ministers or the rank-and-file, was a legendary figure. A hero from the Great War he saw active service in Russia in 1919 - 20 and against the Pathans on the North West Frontier in 1935. By 1940 he was a divisional commander with the BEF in France. His conduct during the withdrawal through Dunkirk where he took over the British 1st Corps in the crisis confirmed his outstanding ability.In the dark days of 1942 by now a full general he was sent to Burma with orders to hold the Japs at Rangoon. Just in time he realised this was impossible and his decision to withdraw prevented a total disaster.Despite this defeat he retained Churchill's confidence and he was appointed C in C Middle East. While eclipsed in PR terms by his subordinate Montgomery many felt that Monty owed his success to Alex by protecting him from an increasingly impatient Churchill.Alexander went onto commanded the invasion of Sicily and as Army Group Commander masterminded the long slog up through Italy. His charm and easy nature were his greatest strengths as others worked enthusiastically with him. But critics have sought to prove that he lacked true ability and steel. This objective work's conclusions will be eagerly awaited.

The Ancient Geography of India

I. The Buddhist Period, Including the Campaigns of Alexander, and the Travels of Hwen-Thsang
Author: Sir Alexander Cunningham
Publisher: N.A
Category: India
Page: 589
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Alexandre le Grand

Author: Johann Gustav DROYSEN,Pierre BRIANT
Publisher: Nouveau Monde éditions
ISBN: 2369426616
Category: Fiction
Page: 704
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« Droysen fut le premier, au-delà d’une simple narration des soubresauts politiques et militaires, à mettre en lumière l’unité civilisationnelle de cette phase historique, à laquelle il donna l’appellation d’Hellenismus, que nous comprenons comme la civilisation hellénistique. [...] Il a été admis pendant très longtemps, comme une évidence, que ce livre a représenté une profonde révolution historiographique, dans cette mesure qu’il marque le début d’une histoire scientifique. » Pierre Briant Né en Grèce en 356 avant J.-C., Alexandre le Grand, roi de Macédoine, est l’un des personnages les plus célèbres de l’Antiquité. Élève d’Aristote, fin stratège, il conquiert un empire qui s’étend de l’Indus à l’Asie Mineure et insuffle une unité politique entre Orient et Occident jamais retrouvée depuis lors. De son expédition à Persépolis au retour à Babylone, Droysen retrace la puissante et fougueuse personnalité du conquérant, sa stratégie, ses combats, ses affaires politiques et économiques. Épopée antique et véritable synthèse historique, cette biographie d’Alexandre le Grand par Droysen, longtemps restée dans l’oubli, est devenue une référence.

Périple du Pont-Euxin

Author: Arrian,Alain Silberman
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9782251004464
Category: Black Sea Coast
Page: 69
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The Ancient Geography of India

The Buddhist Period, Including the Campaigns of Alexander, and the Travels of Hwen-Thsang
Author: Alexander Cunningham
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108056458
Category: History
Page: 638
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First published in 1871, this is a detailed geographical study of India's Buddhist period, up to the seventh century CE. Written by the influential archaeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham (1814-93), it draws on material ranging from the campaigns of Alexander the Great to the travels of the Buddhist pilgrim Xuanzang.

The Life and Campaigns of Alexander Leslie, First Earl of Leven

Author: Charles Sanford Terry
Publisher: N.A
Category: Scotland
Page: 518
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Manuel d'Epictete

Author: Epictet
Publisher: N.A
Category: Philosophy
Page: 153
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The Invasion of India by Alexander the Great as Described by Arrian, Q. Curtius, Diodoros, Plutarch and Justin

Being Translations of Such Portions of the Works of These and Other Classical Authors as Describe Alexander's Campaigns in Afghanistan, the Punjâb, Sindh, Gedrosia and Karmania
Author: John Watson McCrindle
Publisher: N.A
Category: Classical literature
Page: 432
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Greek Warfare: From the Battle of Marathon to the Conquests of Alexander the Great

Author: Lee L. Brice
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1610690702
Category: History
Page: 308
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This book brings together reference material and primary source documents concerning the most important people, places, events, and technologies of Classical Greek warfare in one easy-to-use volume—an invaluable resource for students, educators, and general readers interested in this compelling subject. • Charts present at-a-glance statistical information • Maps depict important battles and the political delineation of Greece at different time periods • Numerous illustrations of important people, events, and technologies help bring history to life

The Sieges of Alexander the Great

Author: Stephen English
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1848840608
Category: History
Page: 256
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During his spectacular career of conquest Alexander the Great attacked many cities and fortresses, never failing to take them. Such operations occupied more of his time than his famous pitched battles and were at least as vital in securing his vast empire. Sieges provided some of the sternest tests for the Macedonian army, and it is perhaps telling that Alexander received most of his many wounds in the shadow of enemy walls. Yet this is the first full-length study concentrating purely on his many dramatic sieges and his mastery of siege craft. Dr. Stephen English describes each of Alexander's sieges, analyzing the strategy, tactics, and technical aspects, such as the innovative and astoundingly ambitious siege engines used. From the shocking destruction of Thebes, through the epic siege of Tyre, which Alexander found an island and left permanently joined to the mainland, to his final (and nearly fatal) combat at the town of the Malli, where he was first to storm the enemy battlements, we see how Alexander's sieges helped make him great. Dr. Stephen English gained a BA in Ancient History and an MA in Classics from Durham University while simultaneously studying for a BSc through the Open University. He went on to gain an MSc from Sunderland University while already working towards his PhD at Durham, under the supervision of renowned classicist PJ Rhodes. His research at Durham focused on the military career of Alexander the Great and forms the basis of this book, as it did of his first, The Army of Alexander the Great. He has also written on the subject for the magazine Ancient Warfare. Dr. English lives in Durham with his partner, Elizabeth, also a writer.

The Campaign of Marengo

With Comments
Author: Herbert Howland Sargent
Publisher: Chicago : A.C. McClurg
Category: Marengo, Battle of, 1800
Page: 240
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