The Chaplin Machine

The tragic-comedic story of the cinema, art and architecture of the early 20th Century, highlighting the unlikely intersections of East and West

Author: Owen Hatherley

Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)

ISBN: 0745336019

Category: Art and motion pictures

Page: 232

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Could Buster Keaton have starred in Battleship Potemkin?Did Trotsky plan to write the great Soviet comedy?And why did Lenin love circus clowns?The Chaplin Machine reveals the lighter side of the Communist avant-garde and its unlikely passion for American slapstick. Set against the backdrop of the great Russian revolutionary experiment, Owen Hatherley tells the tragic-comedic story of the cinema, art and architecture of the early 20th Century and spotlights the unlikely intersections of East and West.
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The Chaplin Machine

The tragic-comedic story of the cinema, art and architecture of the early 20th Century, highlighting the unlikely intersections of East and West.

Author: Owen Hatherley


ISBN: 1783717750

Category: Avant-garde (Aesthetics)

Page: 200

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Classical Hollywood Comedy

Chaplin's worker finds that he cannot accommodate himself to the accelerated
rhythm of the conveyor belt. He falls into the mouth of the machine, and is
stranded on one of its giant cogs. Despite this, he continues to tighten nuts with
the ...

Author: Kristine Brunovska Karnick

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415906401

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 430

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Applies the recent `return to history' in film studies to the genre of classical Hollywood comedy as well as broadening the definition of those works considered central in this field.
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The Cinema s Third Machine

The implications were spelled out most clearly in the Chaplin cult among artists
and intellectuals ( Hake 1990 ) . The figure of the little tramp gave them a chance
to forget Germany , its obsession with Kultur , its pettybourgeois tastes , and its ...

Author: Sabine Hake

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 080322365X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 353

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The improvements in the technology, artistry, and distribution of motion pictures coincided with the traumas of modern Germany. It is hardly to be wondered that filmmakers frequently turned their cameras on Germany's social and political problems that propagandists regularly sought to manipulate them, that entrepreneurs tried to exploit them, and that German thinkers brooded upon the relationship between German society, politics, and the films that represented them all. From these tangled motives a rich discourse on film emerged that paralleled or anticipated discourses in the other film centers of the world. The Cinema's Third Machine reproduces the diversity of perspectives and the intensity of controversies of early German film within the broad context of German social and political history, from the aesthetic rapture of the first years to the institutionalization of film by the national socialist state. Many texts have been rediscovered and are now presented to modern scholars for the first time. Hake treats all aspects of the medium: production, promotion, education, journalism, aesthetics, and political activism, following throughout the various forms criticism assumed.
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Refocusing Chaplin

Chaplin's publicity machine was well aware of the fact that in order for it to be a
success, it had to convince Chaplin's audience of the conflation just discussed—
that the public and screen Chaplins were fused into one entity in terms of ...

Author: Lawrence Howe

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810892262

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 250

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This is a collection of scholarly essays that focuses on particular phases of Chaplin’s career through various critical lenses, in order to highlight the understated, and often overlooked, complexity of Chaplin’s filmmaking, and to provide insight into both the extensive range and the limits of the critical leverage of a broad array of interpretive theories.
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Chaplin the Immortal Tramp

How would Chaplin , at this stage of the talking picture ' s development , stand up
to such powerful competition ? ... After his rescue , Charlie and a fellow worker ,
set to repair a machine , get caught in the cog - wheel , are whirled up and down

Author: Rubeigh James Minney


ISBN: UOM:39015003760124

Category: Comedians

Page: 170

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Chaplin s War Trilogy

Returning to Chaplin's machine age Jonah scene: inspired creative endeavors
usually have many fathers, and such was the case here. Thus, the seeming
epiphany for the film and its defining sequence occurred when the comedian
drove ...

Author: Wes D. Gehring

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786474653

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

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The book examines Chaplin's evolving perspective on dark comedy in his three war films, Shoulder Arms (1918), The Great Dictator(1940), and Monsieur Verdoux (1947). In the first he uses the genre in a groundbreaking manner but yet for a pro-war cause. In Dictator dark comedy is applied in an antiwar way. In Verdoux he actually embraces the genre as an individual in defense against a society that's out to destroy him. All three are pivotal films in the development of the genre in film, with the latter two movies being very controversial for their time.
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Public Water Supplies in Virginia

There are 3 solution - feed machines for applying liquid chlorine . Pressure ...
Gravity supply from several groups of mountain springs known as McAllister ,
Smith , Chaplin , Karnes , Culberly , Jackson , and Keyser Springs , located 3 to 6
miles ...

Author: Virginia. Bureau of Sanitary Engineering


ISBN: STANFORD:36105046974221

Category: Water

Page: 159

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Charlie Chaplin s One man Show

The Billows Feeding Machine will eliminate the lunch hour , increase your
production , and decrease your overhead . ... Note Chaplin's tendency to repeat
the key points — he stresses three times that the machine eliminates the lunch
hour , for ...

Author: Dan Kamin


ISBN: OSU:32435059209114

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 176

View: 177

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Analyzes the films of Charlie Chaplin, and discusses the way he uses gesture, movement, and physical comedy
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Machine age Comedy

In this work, renowned modernist scholar Michael North poses fundamental questions about the relationship between modernity and comic form in film, animation, the visual arts, and literature.

Author: Michael North

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195381221

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 222

View: 994

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Series Editors' Foreword. Preface. Introduction. Part I. 1. Camera Men. 2. Mickey's Mechanical Man. 3. Goldberg Variations. Part II. 4. Wyndham Lewis, Soldier of Humor. 5. Beckett's Machinations. 6. A More than Infinite Jest. Conclusion.
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Survey on the Potential of Ground Effect Machines in Maritime Transport

Chaplin , HR . and Stephenson , B .: " Study of the Hovering Performance of
Annular Jet Vehicles in Proximity to ... Chaplin , II.R .: " ' The Case for an Ocea . -
yoing Ground Effect Machine . " DMB Aero Report , Jan. 1960 . 44. Chaplin , H.R .

Author: S. C. Y. Chen


ISBN: UOM:39015091029911

Category: Ground-cushion phenomenon

Page: 42

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The Aeroplane and Astronautics

... 1908 other unexpected place and hit the pilot on the head with his stick in the
approved Chaplin manner . embodied similar principl : s and it is a pity that the
aero It was then found that Mr. Chaplin was not in the machine , nautical
authorities ...



ISBN: UCAL:C2603529



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Der Mensch ist eine Stoffwechselmaschine . tice ) or the computer Hal in Stanley
Kubrick ' s 2001 : A Space Man speist Zucker , Stärke und Eiweiß ein , und
heraus kommt ein Odyssey . Charlie Chaplin ' s Modern Times already bore
comic wit ...

Author: Thomas Ruff

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag

ISBN: UOM:39015058214936

Category: Photography

Page: 103

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Essays by Caroline Flosdorff and Michael Stuber.
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The 20th Century

1937.2 FILM Chaplin's Machine-Age Satire ONine years after the talking- picture
revolution, Charlie Chaplin produced, wrote, scored, directed, and starred in the
last of the great silent films. In 1936's Modern Times, which contains some ...

Author: Lorraine Glennon


ISBN: 1572152788

Category: History, Modern

Page: 750

View: 241

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Large pictorial and textual chronicle of world history throughout the 20th century.
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Film Cinema Movie

lips and mustache after each course ( even a food machine is concerned about
etiquette ) . Each time the blotter moves toward his face , the Chaplin eyes watch
the potential assailant with anxiety , puzzlement , defensiveness ( we know ...

Author: Gerald Mast


ISBN: 0060906189



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The Poetics of the Machine Age

Classic Machine Age films such as Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Charlie Chaplin's
Modern Times show workers dulled and sapped by the repetition of their tasks ,
and frantically trying to keep ahead of the neverstopping assembly line . Chaplin

Author: Tony Barnstone


ISBN: UCAL:C3409144


Page: 926

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IBM Desktop Publishing

We did not do a similar test on PageMaker because Windows does not run
adequately on an XT . ... This placed an unusual burden on Model 30 , a
transition machine between the Chaplin and the M * A * S * H series of IBM
computers .

Author: Gabriel Lanyi


ISBN: 083069109X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 328

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Tells how to use the IBM PC to set up a desktop publishing system and discusses fonts, word processing and graphics software, printers, and display systems
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Gnostic Architecture

The machine ' s city ? Can the city sustain what is private and personal and
inventive for its inhabitants , one life at a time ? Is the mass man , the machine -
conscripted man , the urban man we know ? CHAP . LIN Chaplin on the wheel ...

Author: Eric Owen Moss


ISBN: UOM:39015047499820

Category: Architecture

Page: 152

View: 652

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The definitive statement of Eric Owen Moss's design theory, Gnostic Architecture seeks to expand the discussion of contemporary architecture beyond debates over style or ideology. It does so, however, not by turning to conventional site analysis or fashionable intellectual trends for support but by emphasizing the architect's personal approach to the act of building. "Gnostic architecture," Moss says, "is not about faith in a movement, a methodology, a process, a technique, or technology. It is a strategy for keeping architecture in a perpetual state of motion." While Moss's gnostic approach keeps the practice of architecture on the move, it nevertheless focuses on fundamental questions that face all architects, questions that, as he says, separate architects from those who just happen to do architecture. Gnosticism allows the architect to ignore the contradictions and confusions encountered along the path that is the practice of architecture, so that he or she may rely on individual, internally derived design methods. The measure of an architect's integrity is thus dependent on his or her own internal compass and not on external factors. The book, with its unique, trapezoidal shape and suggestive visual character, gives uncanny material expression to Moss's gnosticism.
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National Hardwood Magazine

Such machines are equipped with two hollow cutterheads , through which the
stock is traveled endwise , somewhat similar to operation of a dowelturning
machine . The first head on a Chaplin lathe is for roughing ; it serves to reduce
material ...



ISBN: UOM:39015007462677

Category: Hardwoods


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