The Crucifixion of Hyacinth

A brief but comprehensive account of the fateful changes which took place in Western society during the time when paganism was overtaken by Christianity.

Author: Geoff Puterbaugh

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595130573

Category: History

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A brief but comprehensive account of the fateful changes which took place in Western society during the time when paganism was overtaken by Christianity.
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Plant Lore Legends and Lyrics

the Hyacinth among the flowers which formed the couch of Jupiter and Juno . “
Thick new - born Violets a soft carpet spread And clust'ring Lotus swelled the
rising bed , And sudden Hyacinths the turf bestrow And flow'ry Crocus made the ...

Author: Richard Folkard

Publisher: London : S. Low, Marston, Searle, and Rivington

ISBN: UOM:39015042505472

Category: Plant lore

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Operation Hyacinth

Because of the white walls, the office appeared to be larger than it actually was.
On the wall above the desk hung a large black wooden cross with a silver figure
of the crucified Christ, and under it there was a white plastic rosary. The side
walls ...

Author: Pawel Kurczab

Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC

ISBN: 9781626015623

Category: Fiction


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Few outside of Poland are aware that during the 1980’s the Polish government orchestrated a cruel anti-gay program that targeted and punished queer people under the code name Operation Hyacinth. Pawel Kurczab, a gay Polish author, has written a devastating debut novel combining the true history of Poland’s discrimination of LGBTQ+ people and his own experiences growing up in Poland, creating a love story in his novel Hyacinth. The novel follows Kamil, a simple SB officer complicity following orders from the communist party of Poland, weeding out revolutionaries and spreading propaganda. For his loyalty, he's given everything he's ever dreamed of having. One day, Kamil is tasked to participate in Operation Hyacinth, where he must disguise himself to infiltrate the gay community. Little does he know, the operation will change his life forever as he comes to terms with who he really is under a dictatorship that dictates who and what love should be.
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The Hyacinth Room

2A point , the governor of the province orders some robbers to be crucified near
the vault where the widow mourns . A soldier is placed on guard , to watch over
the crosses , lest anyone take down a body for burial . When , the next night , he ...

Author: Cyrus Hoy

Publisher: London, Chatto

ISBN: UOM:39015002364357

Category: Comedy

Page: 317

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Plant Lore Legends and Lyrics Embracing the Myths Traditions Superstitions and Folk Lore of the Plant Kingdom

the Hyacinth of the ancient poets. The claims of the modern flower to be the
purple blossom that sprang from the blood of Hyacinthus are disputed, and the
general opinion is that the Martagon Lily was the plant referred to by the poet.

Author: Richard Folkard

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465604583



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THE analogy existing between the vegetable and animal worlds, and the resemblances between human and tree life, have been observed by man from the most remote periods of which we have any records. Primitive man, watching the marvellous changes in trees and plants, which accurately marked not only the seasons of the year, but even the periods of time in a day, could not fail to be struck with a feeling of awe at the mysterious invisible power which silently guided such wondrous and incomprehensible operations. Hence it is not astonishing that the early inhabitants of the earth should have invested with supernatural attributes the tree, which in the gloom and chill of Winter stood gaunt, bare, and sterile, but in the early Spring hastened to greet the welcome warmth-giving Sun by investing itself with a brilliant canopy of verdure, and in the scorching heat of Summer afforded a refreshing shade beneath its leafy boughs. So we find these men of old, who had learnt to reverence the mysteries of vegetation, forming conceptions of vast cosmogonic world- or cloud-trees overshadowing the universe; mystically typifying creation and regeneration, and yielding the divine ambrosia or food of immortality, the refreshing and life-inspiring rain, and the mystic fruit which imparted knowledge and wisdom to those who partook of it. So, again, we find these nebulous overspreading world-trees connected with the mysteries of death, and giving shelter to the souls of the departed in the solemn shade of their dense foliage. Looking upon vegetation as symbolical of life and generation, man, in course of time, connected the origin of his species with these shadowy cloud-trees, and hence arose the belief that humankind first sprang from Ash and Oak-trees, or derived their being from Holda, the cloud-goddess who combined in her person the form of a lovely woman and the trunk of a mighty tree. In after years trees were almost universally regarded either as sentient beings or as constituting the abiding places of spirits whose existence was bound up in the lives of the trees they inhabited. Hence arose the conceptions of Hamadryads, Dryads, Sylvans, Tree-nymphs, Elves, Fairies, and other beneficent spirits who peopled forests and dwelt in individual trees—not only in the Old World, but in the dense woods of North America, where the Mik-amwes, like Puck, has from time immemorial frolicked by moonlight in the forest openings. Hence, also, sprang up the morbid notion of trees being haunted by demons, mischievous imps, ghosts, nats, and evil spirits, whom it was deemed by the ignorant and superstitious necessary to propitiate by sacrifices, offerings, and mysterious rites and dances. Remnants of this superstitious tree-worship are still extant in some European countries. The Irminsul of the Germans and the Central Oak of the Druids were of the same family as the Asherah of the Semitic nations. In England, this primeval superstition has its descendants in the village maypole bedizened with ribbons and flowers, and the Jack-in-the-Green with its attendant devotees and whirling dancers. The modern Christmas-tree, too, although but slightly known in Germany at the beginning of the present century, is evidently a remnant of the pagan tree-worship; and it is somewhat remarkable that a similar tree is common among the Burmese, who call it the Padaytha-bin. This Turanian Christmas-tree is made by the inhabitants of towns, who deck its Bamboo twigs with all sorts of presents, and pile its roots with blankets, cloth, earthenware, and other useful articles.
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Samuel Beckett s Real Silence

But the hyacinth is in a special category , one that is obvious enough to the
reader of Eliot's The Waste Land and Frazer's The Golden Bough . The hyacinth
incident carries forward the theme of the crucifixion and the resurrection which is
so ...

Author: Helene Louise Baldwin

Publisher: Penn State University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015002287129

Category: Religion

Page: 171

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Exploring the Christian symbolism throughout a major portion of Beckett's mature work (particularly Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable, Watt, Not I, The Lost Ones, and Waiting for Godot), this book argues that Beckett is a writer of deep religious concern, not in the orthodox sense but in a sense fully as time honored. The path to "direct experience of Absolute of Unconditional Being" is traced through the classic stages of the quest (detachment, darkness, silence, trance, illumination, and revelation) with examples from both the content and structure of the works. A final chapter distinguishes among the several ironic tones that Beckett employs to reveal the profound reverence that is so often misread as cynicism. It is fitting that an author so frequently discussed in religious terms (his 1969 Nobel award cited him for singing the dies irae of the human race) should finally be read as a religious writer. Samuel Beckett's writing, with its rich, dark ambiguity, has been widely acknowledged for its brilliance, but variously interpreted in its meaning. Nearly all critics recognize the religious allusions and symbols present throughout the Beckettian oeuvre, but few have attempted to come to terms with them, preferring to regard these recurring themes and images as atheistic irony. This book addresses that deficiency by arguing that Beckett's major works "may be seen as a cumulative metaphor for the mystic quest," specifically the "negative way" of renunciation that stands in contrast to the affirmative orthodoxy of T.S. Eliot, for example. Dr. Baldwin accomplishes this task by citing the many echoes within Beckett's prose of the great Christian mystics of history--Augustine, Pascal, Langland, Dante--many of whom are clearly the sources drawn upon in Beckett's non-stop allusiveness, and by demonstrating Beckett's parallels with modern Christian mystics, especially Simone Weil , whose themes in Waiting for God are hauntingly evoked in Waiting for Godot and much of the rest of the Beckettian canon.
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Dictionary of Images and Symbols in Counselling

00 Hyacinth Hyacinthus , in Greek mythology , handsome Spartan youth loved
both by Apollo , god of the sun , and by Zephyrus , god of the west wind . One day
, as ... It is mentioned in the crucifixion of Jesus ( John 19:29 ) . It is still used in ...

Author: William Stewart

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1853023515

Category: Psychology

Page: 430

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This A-Z analyzes and explains numerous symbols and images and makes them specific to their use in counselling. Many are developed by the addition of possible psychological interpretations. The categorization of the schematic structure of the symbols aims to provide an easy reference.
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T S Eliot s Ascetic Ideal

“What the Thunder Said” is partly a crucifixion scene where the crucifixion occurs
completely off-stage, so the Word never ... Let me first examine the fullest
instance of failed revelation in the Hyacinth Garden:26 'You gave me hyacinths
first a ...

Author: Joshua Richards

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004375826

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 188

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T. S. Eliot’s Ascetic Idealcharts an intellectual history of T. S. Eliot’s interaction with asceticism. Eliot’s early encounters with the ascetic ideal began a lifetime of interplay and reflection upon self-denial, purgation, and self-surrender.
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Supplement to the Universal Catalogue of Books on Art

Holof the Crucifixion at Rome . 8vo . ( London , 1868. ) berg's Niels Klims
underjordisko Reise ... Praktische Anweisung zu Tapisserie - Arbeiten in allen
geHOLLAND ( Hyacinth ) .- Erinnerungen an bräuchlichen Sticben . With 23
lithographs .

Author: National Art Library (Great Britain)


ISBN: UCAL:B3144985

Category: Art

Page: 654

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Journal of the British Archaeological Association

From the blood of Hyacinthus sprang the hyacinth ; and who can ever forget that
pretty ... A complete floral calendar has been concocted for her saints, the
emblems of the crucifixion discovered in the passion-flower, and the golden rose
is as ...

Author: British Archaeological Association


ISBN: OXFORD:303115842

Category: Archaeology


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Hyacinth : No . You don ' t cook until after 3 . That ' s just the tradition there . They
say that at that time the crucifixion finish . So after you get up on Friday morning ,
Good Friday morning , and you have breakfast , make fire and have breakfast ...



ISBN: UOM:39015078273300

Category: Commonwealth literature (English)


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The Crucified

Author: Alfred O'Rahilly


ISBN: UOM:39015009165039

Category: Crucifixion

Page: 488

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Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chautauqua County New York

ANTHONY KLAWITER , pastor of style and consists of a grand portico , vestibule ,
St. Hyacinth church of Dunkirk and nave ... statues of the Apostles and the
fourteen came to the United States where he was stationed stations of the
crucifixion .

Author: Obed Edson


ISBN: WISC:89067471060

Category: Chautauqua County (N.Y.)

Page: 730

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Tiepolo a Bicentenary Exhibition 1770 1970

THE CRUCIFIXION Giambattista , 1753-54 Pen and brown wash on white paper .
14/4 x 10 % 8 in . ... In the Victoria and Albert Museum there is a study made
during the Würzburg period for the Lugano Apollo and Hyacinth . It bears on the ...

Author: George Knox


ISBN: UCSD:31822006012611

Category: Drawing, Italian

Page: 232

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T S Eliot s Silent Voices

Perhaps it is the association of the Hyacinth garden with death and nothingness ,
the “ Oed ' und leer ” that is the empty answer to Tristan ' s hope , that evokes the
next voice , that of the fortune teller Madame Sosostris , who gives the ...

Author: John T. Mayer

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015016951272


Page: 352

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This is the first comprehensive, in-depth study of Eliot's unpublished verse. Through a close reading of the poems themselves, Mayer offers a new look at the familiar works by approaching them as a Modernist poetry of consciousness, expressed in a new poetic form as the psychic monologue. Uncovering new themes discovered in unpublished poetry, he develops a new approach to The Wasteland that shows for the first time how the separate voices of the poem relate to the poem's protagonist, how they simultaneously shape his experience of release, and how they culminate in a prophetic statement. Calling attention to the operation of play, routines, and cycles in the unpublished and familiar works, to the interplay of City and Psyche, and to the relationship between voices and vision, the book establishes the undeniable value of Eliot's unpublished verse in shaping the form and preoccupations of his early poetry.
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the badly preserved frescos of this chapel , which also belongs to the Brancaccio
family , represent the Crucifixion , Supper ... 4th Chap . , that of the Capece :
Crucifixion by Girolamo Capece . ... In the S . TRANSEPT the chapel of St .
Hyacinth .

Author: Karl Baedeker (Firm)


ISBN: UOM:39015042473234

Category: Italy


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Schools and Masters of Painting

... the “ Crucifixion of Christ , ” and “ Coronation of the Virgin , " by Niccolo Alunno
, very brown and venerable in appearance ... Benozzo Gozzoli ' s little predella of
the “ Miracles of St . Hyacinth , " the Dominican saint who walked over Russian ...

Author: Alida Graveraet Radcliffe


ISBN: HARVARD:32044108140757

Category: Art museums

Page: 575

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A Handbook for Travellers in Northern Italy

Gavassetti Sirani is a strange painting of the is one of the numerous artists who ,
10,000 crucified Martyrs . ... and choir , and numerous tains a St. Hyacinth by
Malosso , and columns with varied capitals . some paintings of modern artists .



ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000092849



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A Biographical History of the Fine Arts

Hyacinth Rigaud ; from a picture by himself . plates for booksellers in an
indifferent style . Mary de Serre . mother ... Antonio Cola and was distinguished in
his time , The Crucifixion ; in two sheets . both as a painter and an architect . He
died at ...

Author: Shearjashub Spooner


ISBN: PSU:000005114115

Category: Artists


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