The Drive-in, the Supermarket, and the Transformation of Commercial Space in Los Angeles, 1914-1941

Author: Richard W. Longstreth
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262621427
Category: Architecture
Page: 248
View: 1737
Winner of the 2000 Historic Preservation Book Prize presented by the University of Mary Washington Center for Historic Preservation Richard Longstreth is one of the few historians to focus on ordinary commercial buildings—buildings usually associated with commercial builders and real estate developers rather than architects and thus generally overlooked by historians of "high" architecture. Here Longstreth explores the early development of two kinds of retail space that have become ubiquitous in the United States in the second half of the twentieth century. One, external, is devoted to the circulation and parking of automobiles on retail premises. Longstreth analyzes the origins of this development in the 1910s and 1920s, with the super service station and then the drive-in market. The other type of space, internal, was introduced soon thereafter with the single-story supermarket. The most innovative aspect of the supermarket was how its interior was designed for high-volume turnover of a large selection of goods with a minimum of staff assistance. Longstreth focuses on Los Angeles, the principal center for the development of both kinds of space, during the period from the mid-1910s to the early 1940s. This richly illustrated study integrates architectural, cultural, economic, and urban factors to describe the evolution of retailing and how it has affected the urban landscape.

The Drive

Searching for Lost Memories on the Pan-American Highway
Author: Teresa Bruce
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1580056520
Category: Travel
Page: 320
View: 8532
The Drive follows Teresa Bruce on her 2003 road trip through Mexico and onto the Pan American Highway, in a rickety camper with her old dog and new husband in tow. Bruce first set off on the exact same route in 1973, her parents at the helm and their two young daughters in tow, as a reaction to the accidental death of their youngest child, Bruce's brother John John. Her attempt to follow the route, using her mother's travel journal as an anecdotal guide, is as much about her need for exploration as it is about trying to understand her parents and their pain, and to finally begin to heal her own wounds over the accident. Bruce is immensely talented in bringing scenery of Central and South America to life—countries from Mexico and Guatemala to Bolivia and Argentina are detailed with her innate attention to detail and sense of storytelling. The Drive details a really incredible journey through these beautiful, at times corrupt and war-torn countries, across roads that are as likely to be barricaded by guerrillas or washed out by floods as they are to be passable. The Drive is travel writing at its best, combining moments of deep heartbreak with unimaginable joy over a panoply of unforgettable settings.

Horror at the Drive-In

Essays in Popular Americana
Author: Gary D. Rhodes
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476610517
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 312
View: 5800
Drive-in movie theaters and the horror films shown at them during the 1950s, 60s, and early 70s may be somewhat outdated, but they continue to enthrall movie buffs today. More than just fodder for the satirical cannons of Joe Bob Briggs and Mystery Science Theatre 3000, they appeal to knowledgeable fans and film scholars who understand their influence on American popular culture. This book is a collection of eighteen essays by various scholars on the classic drive-in horror film experience. Those in Section One emphasize the roles of the drive-in theater in the United States—and its cultural cousin, Australia. Section Two examines how horror operated at the drive-in, the rhetoric used in coming attraction trailers, horror film premieres at drive-ins, double features, and the preproduction, production, and marketing of Last House on the Left. Section Three addresses the effects of the Vietnam War and counter-culture on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Cold War on Cat Women of the Moon. Section Four explores gender issues and sexuality, two of the most common and most important subjects of horror film analysis. Section Five covers drive-in culture via Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte, 2000 Maniacs, and the films of Mario Bava. Section Six investigates a variety of issues, such as the drive-in horror film’s embrace of DNA, the use of cinematic form to create a non–Hollywood look in Wizard of Gore, and the many different prints and running times of I Drink Your Blood.

The Drive

Author: Tyler Keevil
Publisher: Myriad Editions
ISBN: 1908434325
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 7181
A single call from his Czech girlfriend catapults Trevor into a serious crisis. Desperate to get his mojo back, he blazes down Highway 99 in a rented Dodge Neon. But soon his journey to California is fraught with peril, and all he has for protection are a semi-automatic pistol, his trusty plastic visor and a flea-ridden cat. As the drugs and the heartbreak kick in, the question is no longer whether Trevor will get over his girlfriend's infidelity, but whether he'll get out alive. A fast-paced and hilarious contemporary odyssey, told with a searing clarity reminiscent of Willy Vlautin or Patrick de Witt, The Drive has all the adventure and surrealism of Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - but overlaid with heartfelt yearning and hope.

The Drive

Author: S.J. Johnson
ISBN: 1105311503
Page: N.A
View: 7291

The Drive

Author: Lonnie Magee
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595423604
Category: Fiction
Page: 420
View: 5300
Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour, these names conjure up vivid pictures of the West, dangerous, rough and untamed. In this first novel in the North to the Tallgrass trilogy, Lonnie Magee weaves the same vivid tapestry. You will find familiarity in the Howard family saga. His attention to detail, wry sense of humor, and his ability to draw you into the story will have you swearing that you are there amongst the herd; pushing towards an undetermined but exciting destiny.

The Drive for Power

Author: M. A. D. Hutschnecker
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1590773233
Category: Psychology
Page: 358
View: 5338
The psychiatrist who broke into national prominence when it was revealed that Richard Nixon had consulted him, has written a book which history has demanded be written: an examination of the nature of the power drive and how it works in all men, whether they are vying for power in politics, in business, or in marriage. The central question to which Dr. Hutschnecker addresses his book is: “How can we distinguish between mentally healthy leaders and men who, under an appealing façade, hide an inner rage and a mind in disarray?” The answers he gives provide the basis for understanding that the power drive is an essential part of personality, and that it can be channeled into creative and constructive behavior instead of hostile and aggressive acts. Dr. Hutschnecker gives us perspective on the trends in thought in the psychoanalytic world of the seventies as he parses various historical events through his lens of psychotherapy. The Drive for Power is a major statement from a famous doctor whose lifework has been dedicated to the potential for human improvement.

The Drive on Moscow, 1941

Author: Niklas Zetterling,Anders Frankson
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480406627
Category: History
Page: 336
View: 9468
How Nazi forces were driven back by the Soviets amid mud and freezing temperatures: “Excellent . . . well researched, fast paced and enjoyable to read.” —Military Review At the end of September 1941, more than a million German soldiers lined up along the frontline just 180 miles west of Moscow. They were well-trained, confident, and had good reasons to hope that the war in the East would be over with one last offensive. Facing them was an equally large Soviet force, but whose soldiers were neither as well-trained nor as confident. When the Germans struck, disaster soon befell the Soviet defenders. German panzer spearheads cut through enemy defenses and thrust deeply to encircle most of the Soviet soldiers on the approaches to Moscow. Within a few weeks, most of the Russian soldiers marched into captivity, where a grim fate awaited them. Despite the overwhelming initial German success, however, the Soviet capital did not fall. German combat units, as well as supply transport, were bogged down in mud caused by autumn rains. General Zhukov was called back to Moscow and given the desperate task to recreate defense lines west of Moscow. The mud allowed him time to accomplish this, and when the Germans again began to attack in November, they met stiffer resistance. Even so, they came perilously close to the capital, and if the vicissitudes of weather had cooperated, would have seized it. Though German units were also fighting desperately by now, the Soviet build-up soon exceeded their own. The Drive on Moscow, 1941 is based on numerous archival records, personal diaries, letters, and other sources. It recreates the battle from the perspective of the soldiers as well as the generals. The battle had a crucial role in the overall German strategy in the East, and its outcome reveals why the failure of the German assault on Moscow may well have been true turning point of World War II.

The Drive In

Author: Douglas Gardham
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 149174815X
Category: Fiction
Page: 130
View: 5537
Have you ever been intrigued by what mysteries lie behind the doors and windows of the places you pass by on your drive into work everyday? The Drive In takes you on Tom Johnson‘s commute. Unlike Tom, you’ll get to peek behind some of those closed doors. Remember going to the “Drive-In” theatre? Each story reveals what goes on like watching the “dusk ‘til dawn” features through your car’s windshield. Meet the people at the places Tom only passes by each day. Then discover how his drive in ends like no other.

The Drive to Learn

What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Raising Students Who Excel
Author: Cornelius N. Grove
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1475815115
Category: Education
Page: 182
View: 6253
Countless books and articles have offered remedies for the poor learning outcomes of American schoolchildren. Virtually all of these publications share one thing in common: They propose improvements in the policies and practices controlled by adult educators. Grove believes that our children’s poor learning cannot be totally the fault of educators. Our children are active participants in classrooms, so if there’s a problem with how well our children are learning, then we as parents might be at fault. To discover what our part is and explore what can be done about it, Grove draws on over 100 anthropological studies of children’s learning and child-rearing in China, Japan, and Korea. They reveal that those children, even the youngest ones, are highly receptive to classroom learning. Why do they come into classrooms with attentive and engaged attitudes? How did they acquire the drive to learn? Can American parents benefit from knowing how Chinese, Japanese, and Korean parents think about and carry out child-rearing? The Drive to Learn explores these questions.

The Drive of Your Life

Author: Melvin Brown II
ISBN: 1257758861
Category: Self-Help
Page: 99
View: 4746
The Drive of Your Life by Melvin Brown II

The Drive to Partnership

Aid Coordination and the World Bank
Author: John R. Eriksson
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 9780821349403
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 78
View: 2195
Results-based conceptual frameworks; Stakeholder views and related findings; Country context and measuring aid coordination quality.

End of the Drive

Author: Louis L'Amour
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 9780553899108
Category: Fiction
Page: 288
View: 4108
BEST OF THE WEST A veteran trail driver, who has survived thundering stampedes and Comanche raids, discovers there’s nothing so dangerous as courting a beautiful woman. . . . A brutally beaten homesteader crawls off to die—only to stumble upon an ancient talisman that restores his will to live. . . . This treasure trove of stories captures the grit, grandeur, and the glory of the men and women who wielded pistol and plow, Bible and branding iron to tame a wild country. A mysterious preacher rides into town to deliver a warning that leads to a surprising revelation. . . . And in the full-length novella Rustler Roundup, the hardworking citizens of a law-abiding town are pushed to the edge as rumors of rustlers in their midst threaten to turn neighbor against neighbor. Each of these unforgettable tales bears the master’s touch—comic twists, stark realism, crackling suspense—all the elements that have made Louis L’Amour an American legend. From the Paperback edition.

The Spark and the Drive

A Novel
Author: Wayne Harrison
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1466837357
Category: Fiction
Page: 288
View: 6364
By an award-winning writer of short fiction, a devastatingly powerful debut novel of hero-worship, first love, and betrayal Justin Bailey is seventeen when he arrives at the shop of legendary muscle car mechanic Nick Campbell. Anguished and out of place among the students at his rural Connecticut high school, Justin finds in Nick, his captivating wife Mary Ann, and their world of miraculous machines the sense of family he has struggled to find at home. But when Nick and Mary Ann's lives are struck by tragedy, Justin's own world is upended. Suddenly Nick, once celebrated for his mechanical genius, has lost his touch. Mary Ann, once tender and compassionate to her husband, has turned distant. As Justin tries to support his suffering mentor, he finds himself drawn toward the man's grieving wife. Torn apart by feelings of betrayal, Justin must choose between the man he admires more than his own father and the woman he yearns for.A poignant and fiercely original debut, with moments of fast-paced suspense, Wayne Harrison's The Spark and The Drive is the unforgettable story of a young man forced to make an impossible decision—no matter the consequences.

Nightmare In the Drive Thru: True and Untold Stories from the Fast Food Industry

Author: Kevin J. Hopler
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1483444163
Category: Performing Arts
Page: N.A
View: 9230
After thirteen years of working behind the counter at a leading fast food chain, I have learned that there is one and only one benefit to working in the fast food industry - The Stories. Day in and day out, my fellow workers and I serve the customers ranging from the sweet and respectful to the outright rude and offensive. Some of them are sane, and some of them are mentally ill. Some we laugh with, and others we laugh at. In this book, I share some of my stories - Stories of both enraged and enraging customers. We'll even throw in a story of cannibalism or two. These stories, which to outsiders are hilarious and at times frightening, pass as an ordinary day in the life of a minimum wage fast food employee.

The Drive to Global Citizenship.

Motivating people, Mapping public support, Measuring effects of global education
Author: Ignace Pollet,Jan Van Ongevalle
Publisher: Maklu
ISBN: 9044131265
Category: Nature
Page: 209
View: 7282
Do we still believe in foreign aid and development education? As governments tend to cut down aid budgets and the public appears to take a more and more sceptical stand, not just the old way of campaigning is under pressure, but also the idea of the North helping the South as such. To materialize the hind-laying value of global solidarity in the present world, a radical re-thinking of the wornout concept of aid is required. Set against this paradox, this book explores the new notion of global citizenship and the challenges it represents. Self-contained chapters feature coverage of a range of issues: politics, opinion polls, education, the results agenda, private sustainability standards, framing messages for TV-broadcasting and the role of social media. As it is a long road to global citizenship, this book keeps you company for a part of the way.

Stranded at the Drive-In

The 100 Best Teen Movies
Author: Garry Mulholland
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1409122514
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 384
View: 9762
Acclaimed writer of This is Uncool and Popcorn turns his attention to the (first ever) look at the teen movie Everyone undergoes some kind of teenage trauma, and a fundamental way of coping, or rite of passage, is the teen movie. Yet until now there has been no book that explores this successful movie sub-genre with any depth. Step forward Garry Mulholland, who, taking his cue from his previous, hugely acclaimed pop culture list books (This is Uncool and Fear of Music), seeks to create a pantheon of the very finest teen movies, or in Garry Mulholland's words: 'I'll be doing what film critics have been loathe to do since the 1950s, and taking the entire subculture of teen movies seriously, making a constant and compelling argument that Grease and A Nightmare on Elm Street tell us a great deal more about modern life and human nature than Citizen Kane and The Godfather.' From Kes to Fame, Badlands to the Breakfast Club, and National Lampoon's Animal House to Twilight, Garry Mulholland re-evaluates a much maligned genre, and brings it all back again: the good, the bad and the traumatic.

Chicago Bears: The Drive to 2012

An In-Depth Guide to Off-season Moves and Pre-season News
Author: Chicago Tribune Staff
Publisher: Agate Publishing
ISBN: 1572844272
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 250
View: 7185
The Chicago Bears' 2011 season was over long before Major Wright's awkward landing on team captain Brian Urlacher's left knee, which ultimately required off-season surgery. Urlacher, writhing in pain on the Metrodome turf during the team's final game, was the final blow to the Bears' 2011 season, which had begun with a promising 7-3 record, ended with the insult of an 8-8 record, and serious injuries to the team's three biggest stars: Brian Urlacher, Jay Cutler, and Matt Forte. 2011's disappointing end marked the fourth time in the previous five seasons that the Bears failed to make the playoffs. While the most direct cause of the Bears' late-season slump was quarterback Jay Cutler's freak thumb injury in Week 11, a lack of depth, adaptability, and success in the draft meant the lion's share of the blame fell on general manager Jerry Angelo. He, along with controversial offensive coordinator Mike Martz, were dismissed at season's end and replaced by long-time scouting director Phil Emery and former offensive line coach Mike Tice, respectively. While Bears onlookers expected a big move during free agency, Emery surprised everyone by making one of his first acquisitions the all-pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Marshall, who played with Cutler for the Denver Broncos, instantly became the most talented receiver ever to grace a Bears roster. The reunion continued when another former Bronco, Jeremy Bates, was brought in to be the quarterbacks coach, completing the triumvirate that helped Cutler and Marshall put up some of their best statistical seasons in Denver. It seemed like the Bears were finally surrounding Cutler with the level of talent he would need to thrive in the pass-happy NFL. Despite added weapons on the offensive end, many questions persisted as the off-season continued. Would Matt Forte's tense contract negotiations be solved before training camp or would a lengthy, damaging holdout follow? Would unheralded first-round pick Shea McClellin help the Bears defensive line issues or would Emery's gamble echo the many draft busts of his predecessor? Would the offensive line protect Cutler enough for him to take advantage of his new weapons? Would Brian Urlacher return at peak form following his gruesome knee injury and mysterious surgery? Your 2012 Chicago Bears is the complete guide to all of the 2012 Bears storylines and an in-depth wrap-up of all of the team's off-season moves. This book will make sure fans are caught up on anything missed over the summer and get them ready for a Bears season filled with high expectations. Edited by the award-winning journalists of the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Bears' march to Super Bowl XLVII begins here.

The Drive-By Wife, Book 1 (Free Book)

A Story of Blackmail and Deceit
Author: Mike Wells
Publisher: Top Ten Best Murder Mystery Detective Thriller Crime Suspense Books Press
ISBN: 1311565620
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 9581
In this explosive psychological thriller, Allen and Cynthia Hunt are an upper middle-class San Francisco couple who make one small but serious mistake. This momentary lapse in judgement plunges them into an endless nightmare that threatens to destroy not only their marriage, but their very lives. From Rabid Readers Reviews: The Drive-By Wife is a wonderful psychological thriller in the vein of "Cape Fear" and "Misery." If you like Stephen King, Dennis Lehane and Gillian Flynn, you will like Mike Wells. "This book is a gripping, absorbing and disturbing portrayal of domestic strife leading to a violent nightmare." - Emma Hunneyball, Book Reviewers (UK) "Excellent character development, plot line is through-the-roof original, and the whole premise is marvelously bizarre and intimidating." - The Word Verve, Alpharetta, GA (USA) "If you are into psychological crime thrillers grab this book." - Reviewer CristiAk, Juneau, Alaska "I have read most of the great thrillers and this is right at the top with them. Wells does not disappoint." Sheena Jennings, Butte, Montanta (USA) Fans of James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark will enjoy this book. Keywords: psychological thriller, crime, murder, con, con artist, blackmail, danger, adventure, dark, gothic, South, classy female, dramatic, intrigue, provocative, racy, exotic, unpredictable, plot twists, cliff-hanger, page-turner, gripping, long series, short books

The Perfect Alibi: Freedom from the Drive for Personal Perfection

Author: Eric K. Sweitzer, Ph.D.
ISBN: 184728874X
Page: N.A
View: 8528