The Essential Feminist Reader

Author: Estelle B. Freedman
Publisher: Modern Library Classics
ISBN: 0812974603
Category: Social Science
Page: 472
View: 9579
An in-depth anthology of feminist writing ranges from the origins of feminist ideas to the global feminism and Third Wave movements of the late 1990s in a collection that includes works by Betty Friedan, Virginia Woolf, Emma Goldman, Eve Ensler, the Guerrilla Girls, and John Stuart Mill, along with lively commentary on each piece's context and meaning. Original. 15,000 first printing.

The Essential Feminist Reader

Author: Estelle B. Freedman
Publisher: Random House LLC
ISBN: 9780812974607
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 472
View: 9839
An in-depth anthology of feminist writing ranges from the origins of feminist ideas to the global feminism and Third Wave movements of the late 1990s in a collection that includes works by Betty Friedan, Virginia Woolf, Emma Goldman, Eve Ensler, the Guerrilla Girls, and John Stuart Mill, along with lively commentary on each piece's context and meaning. Original. 15,000 first printing.


The Essential Historical Writings
Author: Miriam Schneir
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0804152462
Category: Social Science
Page: 400
View: 5926
This essential volume brings together more than forty of the most important historical writings on feminism, covering 150 years of the struggle for women’s freedom. Spanning the American Revolution to the first decades of the twentieth century, these works—many long out of print or forgotten—are finally brought out of obscurity and into the light of contemporary analysis and criticism. This richly diverse collection contains excerpts from books, essays, speeches, documents, and letters, as well as poetry, drama, and fiction by major feminist writers, including: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, George Sand, Mary Wollstonecraft, Abigail Adams, Emma Goldman, Friedrich Engels, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, John Stuart Mill, Margaret Sanger, Virginia Woolf, and many others. The pieces in Feminism: The Essential Historical Writings cover the crucial challenges faced by women, including marriage as an instrument of oppression; a woman's desire to control her own body; the economic independence of women; and the search for selfhood, and extensive commentaries by the editor help the reader see the historical context of each selection.

Feminism and Migration

Cross-Cultural Engagements
Author: Glenda Tibe Bonifacio
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400728301
Category: Social Science
Page: 308
View: 7930
Feminism and Migration: Cross-Cultural Engagements is a rich, original, and diverse collection on the intersections of feminism and migration in western and non-western contexts. This book explores the question: does migration empower women? Through wide-ranging topics on theorizing feminism in migration, contesting identities and agency, resistance and social justice, and religion for change, well-known and emerging scholars provide in-depth analysis of how social, cultural, political, and economic forces shape new modalities and perspectives among women upon migration. It highlights the centrality of the various meanings and interpretations of feminism(s) in the lives of immigrant and migrant women in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Eastern Europe, France, Greece, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Papua New Guinea, Spain, and the United States. The well-researched chapters explore the ways in which feminism and migration across cultures relate to women’s experiences in host societies --- as women, wives, mothers, exiles, nuns, and workers---and the avenues of interactions for change. Cross-cultural engagements point to the convergence and even disjunctures between (im)migrant and non-immigrant women that remain unrecognized in contemporary mainstream discourses on migration and feminism.

The Legacy of Second-Wave Feminism in American Politics

Author: Angie Maxwell,Todd Shields
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319621173
Category: Political Science
Page: 240
View: 7919
This book chronicles the influence of second wave feminism on everything from electoral politics to LGBTQ rights. The original descriptions of second wave feminism focused on elite, white voices, obscuring the accomplishments of many activists, as third wave feminists rightly criticized. Those limited narratives also prematurely marked the end of the movement, imposing an imaginary timeline on what is a continuous struggle for women’s rights. Within the chapters of this volume, scholars provide a more complex description of second wave feminism, in which the sustained efforts of women from many races, classes, sexual orientations, and religious traditions, in the fight for equality have had a long-term impact on American politics. These authors argue that even the “Second Wave” metaphor is incomplete, and should be replaced by a broader, more-inclusive metaphor that accurately depicts the overlapping and extended battle waged by women activists. With the gift of hindsight and the awareness of the limitations of and backlash to this “Second Wave,” the time is right to reflect on the feminist cause in America and to chart its path forward.

The Black Feminist Reader

Author: Joy James,T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting
Publisher: Blackwell Pub
ISBN: 9780631210061
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 302
View: 9112
Organized into two parts, "Literary Theory" and "Social and Political Theory," this Reader explores issues of community, identity, justice, and the marginalization of African American and Caribbean women in literature, society, and political movements.

Feminist Thought, Student Economy Edition

A More Comprehensive Introduction
Author: Rosemarie Tong
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0429973462
Category: Social Science
Page: 442
View: 1266
A critical introduction to the major traditions of feminist theory, now with new considerations of existential feminism and a conclusion reflecting on the future of feminist theory.


eine letzte Runde mit meinen Eltern
Author: Mike Leonard
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783442154760
Page: 286
View: 5291

Die gelbe Tapete

Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Publisher: Dörlemann eBook
ISBN: 3038209589
Category: Fiction
Page: 96
View: 7087
Eine junge Frau braucht nach der Geburt ihres Kindes Erholung, meint ihr Ehemann und mietet ein Sommerhaus, damit sie zur nötigen Ruhe kommt. Die junge Mutter fühlt sich wohl in dem schönen Haus, einzig der Raum mit der gelben Tapete bereitet ihr Unbehagen. Die in sich verschlungenen Muster scheinen von Tag zu Tag bedrohlicher und flößen ihr Angst ein. Was nur verbirgt sich hinter der Tapete? Unheimlich und beklemmend liest sich diese Geschichte in der Tradition von Edgar Allan Poe. Ein Schlüsseltext der amerikanischen Literatur in der Neuübersetzung von Christian Detoux.

Documenting First Wave Feminisms

Volume II Canada - National and Transnational Contexts
Author: Nancy Forestell,Maureen Moynagh
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442666617
Category: Social Science
Page: 352
View: 6356
This book is the second of a two-volume anthology of primary source documents on feminism in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Unique in its extensive treatment of the first-wave feminist movement in Canada, it highlights distinct elements of its origins and evolution. The book is organized into thematic rubrics that address key issues, debates, and struggles within the first wave in Canada, as well as international influences and Canadian engagement in transnational networks and initiatives. Documents by Indigenous, Anglophone, Francophone, and immigrant female activists demonstrate the richness and complexity of Canadian feminism during this period. Together with its first volume, Documenting First Wave Feminisms reveals a more nuanced picture, attentive to nationalism and transnationalism, of the first wave than has previously been understood.

Baudrillard's Challenge

A Feminist Reading
Author: Victoria Grace
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134678134
Category: Social Science
Page: 224
View: 8247
This controversial book is the first systematic feminist reading of the work of Jean Baudrillard, one of the most pivotal figures in contemporary cultural theory, and is essential reading for students of feminist theory, sociology and cultural theory. Drawing on the full range of Baudrillard's writings the author engages in a debate with: * the work of Luce Irigaray, Judith Butler and Rosi Braidotti on identity, power and desire * the feminist concern with 'difference' as an emancipatory construct * writings on transgenderism and the performance of gender * feminist concerns about the objectification of women. Through this critical engagement Grace reveals some of the limitations of some contemporary feminist theorising around gender and identity, patriarchy and power, and in so doing offers a way forward for contemporary feminist thought.

Ballots, Babies, and Banners of Peace

American Jewish Women’s Activism, 1890-1940
Author: Melissa R. Klapper
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814748953
Category: History
Page: 301
View: 7603
Winner of the 2013 National Jewish Book Award, Women's Studies Ballots, Babies, and Banners of Peace explores the social and political activism of American Jewish women from approximately 1890 to the beginnings of World War II. Written in an engaging style, the book demonstrates that no history of the birth control, suffrage, or peace movements in the United States is complete without analyzing the impact of Jewish women's presence. The volume is based on years of extensive primary source research in more than a dozen archives and among hundreds of primary sources, many of which have previously never been seen. Voluminous personal papers and institutional records paint a vivid picture of a world in which both middle-class and working-class American Jewish women were consistently and publicly engaged in all the major issues of their day and worked closely with their non-Jewish counterparts on behalf of activist causes. This extraordinarily well researched volume makes a unique contribution to the study of modern women's history, modern Jewish history, and the history of American social movements. Instructor's Guide

The Feminist Thought of Sarah Grimké

Author: Robinson-Edwards Professor of History and Senior Distinguished Research Professor Gerda Lerner,Gerda Lerner,Sarah Moore Grimké
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195106053
Category: Social Science
Page: 193
View: 1026
Sarah and Angelina Grimke to Queen Victoria, October 26, 1837 -- SMG to Augustus Wattles, February 15, 1852 -- SMG to the editors, Christian Inquirer, February 10, 1852 -- SMG to the editor, The Lily, April 1852 -- SMG to the editors, New York Tribune, May 31, 1852 -- SMG to Augustus Wattles, April 2, 1854 -- SMG to Augustus Wattles, May 31, 1854 -- SMG, Manuscript essay; the education of women -- SMG to Harriot Hunt, May 23, 1855 -- SMG to Sarah Wattles, August 12, 1855 -- Gerda Lerner, a problem of ascription -- SMG, manuscript essay; marriage -- SMG to Jeanne Deroin, May 21, 1856 -- SMG to Gerrit Smith, October 1, 1856 -- SMG, manuscript essay; sisters of charity -- SMG, letter draft to George Sand -- SMG to Sarah Wattles, December 27,1856 -- The Grimke sisters and the struggles against race prejudice -- The political activities of antislavery women.

Mein Leben, meine Freiheit

die Autobiographie
Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Publisher: N.A
Category: Muslim women
Page: 493
View: 1421
In ihrer Autobiografie erzählt die äEuropäerin des Jahres 2006ä, wie aus einem Flüchtling aus Afrika eine weltweit geachtete Freiheitskämpferin wurde und warum sie trotz aller Gefahren weitermacht.

Feminism in Our Time

The Essential Writings, World War II to the Present
Author: Miriam Schneir
Publisher: Vintage
Category: Social Science
Page: 503
View: 7494
Gathers a selection of modern feminist writings by Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan, Kate Millett, Susan Brownmiller, Germaine Greer, Gloria Steinem, and Andrea Dworkin

Wir sind viele, wir sind eins

Wenn wir die Rechte der Frauen stärken, verändern wir die Welt
Author: Melinda Gates
Publisher: Droemer eBook
ISBN: 3426455935
Category: Social Science
Page: 320
View: 8724
Die Stiftung von Melinda und Bill Gates investiert jedes Jahr Milliarden Dollar in den Kampf gegen Hunger und Armut. Nun meldet sich Melinda Gates, eine der einflussreichsten Frauen dieser Erde, zu Wort und fordert: Wer die Welt zu einem gerechteren Ort machen will, muss die Rechte der Frauen stärken. Noch immer leben in etlichen afrikanischen Ländern Frauen in Armut und Abhängigkeit, weil sie weder ihre Familienplanung bestimmen können noch eine echte Chance auf Bildung haben. In Pakistan, Afghanistan und anderswo steigt das Risiko, an Polio zu erkranken, weil eine flächendeckende Versorgung mit Impfstoffen nicht möglich ist. Und noch immer sind es vor allem Frauen, die überall auf der Welt für geringeren oder gar keinen Lohn arbeiten. Melinda Gates, eine der einflussreichsten Frauen der Welt, setzt sich gemeinsam mit ihrem Ehemann Bill für die Bekämpfung von Hunger und Armut, für die Verbesserung von Gesundheit und Bildungschancen ein. Ihr besonderer Augenmerk gilt dabei den Frauen, denn sie ist überzeugt: Wenn Frauen die Chance auf eine gute Ausbildung erhalten und die Möglichkeit, ihre Familienplanung selbst in die Hand zu nehmen, können Probleme wie Hunger, Not und Kindersterblichkeit effektiv bekämpft werden. Melinda Gates hat sich selbst als junge, begabte Informatikerin in einer absoluten Männerdomäne durchsetzen und ihren Platz erkämpfen müssen. Heute ist sie eine der wohlhabendsten und einflussreichsten Frauen der Welt und nutzt ihre Stimme, um die Situation der Frauen überall zu verbessern. Ein kämpferisches und wichtiges Buch, das aktueller nicht sein könnte.

The Essential Cult TV Reader

Author: David Lavery
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813150205
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 414
View: 1505
The Essential Cult TV Reader is a collection of insightful essays that examine television shows that amass engaged, active fan bases by employing an imaginative approach to programming. Once defined by limited viewership, cult TV has developed its own identity, with some shows gaining large, mainstream audiences. By exploring the defining characteristics of cult TV, The Essential Cult TV Reader traces the development of this once obscure form and explains how cult TV achieved its current status as legitimate television. The essays explore a wide range of cult programs, from early shows such as Star Trek, The Avengers, Dark Shadows, and The Twilight Zone to popular contemporary shows such as Lost, Dexter, and 24, addressing the cultural context that allowed the development of the phenomenon. The contributors investigate the obligations of cult series to their fans, the relationship of camp and cult, the effects of DVD releases and the Internet, and the globalization of cult TV. The Essential Cult TV Reader answers many of the questions surrounding the form while revealing emerging debates on its future.

A Feminist Reader in Early Cinema

Author: Jennifer M. Bean,Diane Negra
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822329992
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 584
View: 5935
The first anthology in a rapidly expanding area of cinema studies.

Ich bin eure Stimme

Das Mädchen, das dem Islamischen Staat entkam und gegen Gewalt und Versklavung kämpft
Author: Nadia Murad
Publisher: Knaur eBook
ISBN: 3426450127
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 376
View: 2907
Von der IS-Sklavin zur Trägerin des Friedensnobelpreises 2018: Das bewegende Schicksal der Jesidin Nadia Murad und ihr Kampf um Gerechtigkeit. Am 3. August 2014 endet das Leben, wie Nadia Murad es kannte. Truppen des IS überfallen ihr jesidisches Dorf Kocho im Norden Iraks. Sie töten die Älteren und verschleppen die Jüngeren. Kleine Jungen sollen als Soldaten ausgebildet werden. Die Mädchen werden verschleppt und als Sklavinnen verkauft. An diesem Tag verliert Nadia Murad 44 Angehörige. Für sie beginnt ein beispielloses Martyrium: Drei Monate ist sie in der Gewalt des IS, wird Opfer von Demütigung, Folter, Vergewaltigung. Nur mit Glück und unvorstellbarem Mut gelingt ihr die Flucht vor ihren Peinigern. Sie schafft es in ein Flüchtlingslager und kommt von dort aus nach Deutschland. Tausende andere junge Frauen befinden sich bis heute in der Gewalt des IS. Deren Stimme zu sein und sie zu befreien hat Nadia Murad sich zur Aufgabe gemacht. Heute kämpft sie dafür, dass das Verbrechen des IS als Völkermord anerkannt wird und die Verantwortlichen vor den Internationalen Strafgerichtshof gestellt werden. Die Vereinten Nationen ernannten Nadia Murad zur Sonderbotschafterin, darüber hinaus wurde sie mit dem Friedensnobelpreis und dem Vaclav-Havel-Preises für Menschenrecht ausgezeichnet. Nun erzählt sie ihre bewegende Geschichte.

Der Sturz des Imam

Author: Nawāl as- Saʿdāwī
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783423118736
Page: 174
View: 1229