The Female Mind

A User's Guide
Author: Kathryn M. Abel,Rosalind Ramsay
Publisher: RCPsych Publications
ISBN: 9781909726802
Page: 128
View: 951
An overview of how gender affects mental health that will help women to identify and better manage the symptoms of mental ill health. It covers a wide range of mental disorders and gives helpful tips and useful resources. Includes topics like arranged marriage, domestic violence, influences of cultural and historical factors, motherhood and pain.

A User 's Guide to Your Mind Volume II How to Win in Love & Get Along with Each Other: Hook Up, Make Up, & Break Up with Emotional Intelligence

Author: Michael Ra Bouchard
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462022502
Category: Psychology
Page: 376
View: 545
Thoughts are very real things. They can be compared to the elements that create the weather we experience. From clear and sunny to overcast and dreary, your thought-machine mind creates your reality. Whether or not you are consciously aware of it, you alone control the angles and rotations of the kaleidoscopic mirrors within the workings of your mind. If you don t like your reality, you can always adjust your outlook simply by adjusting your way of thinking. One of life s mercies is that we can retrain our mind. This guide is an appeal for rational thinking. When all is said and done, there are only three fundamental areas over which you have any real control in your life: how you think/feel (as in two sides of the same coin), how you act, and how you react. When you are unhappy in life or love, the best place to start looking for both the cause and the cure is within the inner narrative of your thoughts. It is here you will find the fountainhead of resiliency from which your strength and well-being flow. Resiliency in people is not an accidental occurrence; rather, it is the cumulative effect of an individual s decision making. In a nutshell, humans need not always interpret things in the negative, instead, the choice to view things either as a positive or as a negative is entirely your own to make. The intelligent approach insists you strive to see both the positive and the negative in people, situations, and events. Doing so won t negate the negative, it simply helps to balance it. The knowledge contained in "A User s Guide to Your Mind" is threefold: how to live mindfully of your thoughts, how to exercise emotional intelligence in relationships, and how to exercise social intelligence in everyday life. Exercising social and emotional intelligence along with good old common sense is essential to soundly managing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If you are tired of just "talking" about making changes and are now actually prepared to "do" something about it, the guidance within will provide detailed blueprints to get you started in redesigning your life and relationships. "Best of all, you can implement what you learn as you see fit, according to your own goals, value system, and moral principles." This book shows you how."

Men, Love & Sex

The Complete User's Guide for Women
Author: David Zinczenko,Ted Spiker
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 9781594867361
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 208
View: 7213
An editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine counsels women on every stage of a relationship with a man, sharing intimate coverage of male psychology, from the reasons behind infidelity and the secret truths about a man's sexuality to the male code of silence that challenges open communication. Reprint.

Silence: A User's Guide

Volume 1: Process
Author: Maggie Ross
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1625647964
Category: Religion
Page: 250
View: 1100
Silence is essential for the health and well-being of humans and the environment in which they live. Yet silence has almost vanished from our lives and our world. Of all the books that claim to be about silence, this is the only one that addresses silence directly. Silence: A User's Guide is just what the title says: it is a guide to silence, which is both a vast interior spaciousness, and the condition of our being in the natural world. This book exposes the processes by which silence can transfigure our lives--what Maggie Ross calls "the work of silence"; it describes how lives steeped in silence can transfigure other lives unawares. It shows how the work of silence was once understood to be the foundation of the teaching of Jesus, and how this teaching was once an intrinsic part of Western Christianity; it describes some of the methods by which the institution suppressed the work of silence, and why religious institutions are afraid of silence. Above all, this book shows that the work of silence gives us a way of being in the world that is more than we can ask for or imagine.

The Woman's Guide to How Men Think

Love, Commitment, and the Male Mind
Author: Shawn T. Smith
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications Incorporated
ISBN: 9781608827893
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 198
View: 8004
Offers a practical and humorous guide to understanding the male mind, including tips for cultivating better communication and understanding in relationships.

The Female Body in Mind

The Interface Between the Female Body and Mental Health
Author: Mervat Nasser,Karen Baistow,Janet Treasure
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134173083
Category: Psychology
Page: 304
View: 505
The Female Body in Mind introduces new ways of thinking about issues of women's mental health assessment and treatment. Its multidisciplinary approach incorporates social, psychological, biological and philosophical perspectives on the female body. The contributions, from notable academics in the field of women's mental health, examine the relationship between women's bodies, society and culture, demonstrating how the body has become a platform for women's expression of their distress and anguish. The book is divided into six sections, all centred on the theme of the body, covering: The body at risk. The hurting body. The reproductive body. The interactive body. Body-sensitive therapies. The body on my mind. All professionals involved in women's mental health will welcome this exploration of the complexities involved in the relationship between women bodies and their mental health.

A User's Guide to Franz Rosenzweig's Star of Redemption

Author: Norbert M. Samuelson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317832450
Category: Social Science
Page: 386
View: 2769
This user-friendly guide will help students of the 'Star' to be able to discuss at a basic level what, at least conceptually, Rosenzweig intended to say and how all that he says is interrelated.

The Mind

A User's Guide
Author: Raj Persaud,Royal College of Psychiatrists
Publisher: Bantam Press
ISBN: 9780593056356
Category: Cognitive psychology
Page: 512
View: 2202
"Although we are all born with brains and minds which are amazing, those who research and treat the symptoms of psychological and psychiatric disorder firmly believe we would all find our lives enhanced by a user s guide to the mind. e are supposed to be living in more enlightened times, yet it seems that more people than ever are suffering from mental health problems. In fact statistics show 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health disorder in the course of their life... 1 in 6 of us will suffer from depression most commonly between the ages of 25 and 44 1 in 10 people are likely to suffer from disabling anxiety at some stage in their life... dited by Dr Raj Persaud and published in collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, The Mind - A User s Guide has been written by distinguished experts and offers information on the latest research into brain and mind sciences. It gives distinctive descriptions of behaviour, feelings and thoughts relating to a variety of conditions - including Addictions, Body Image and Bipolar Disorders, Depression and OCD - and helps us to clarify and understand symptoms and treatments. This handbook also confronts

How to Read a Novel

A User's Guide
Author: John Sutherland
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1466859997
Category: Reference
Page: 272
View: 1482
"Do we still know how to read a novel?" John Sutherland, Chairman of the 2005 Booker Prize Committee, asks. His disheartened answer is an unequivocal, "No." But Sutherland has not given up hope. With acerbic wit and intellect, he traces the history of what it used to mean to be well-read and tells readers what it still means today. Using this delightful book as a means to an end, he reminds readers how the delicate charms of fiction can be at once wonderful and inspired and infuriating. On one level this is a book about novels: how they work, what they're about, what makes them good or bad, and how to talk about them. At a deeper level, this is a book in which one of the most intimate tête-à-têtes is described—one in which a reader meets a novel. Will a great love affair begin? Will the rendezvous end in disappointment? Who can say? In order for the relationship to take its appropriate course all the details must be clearly acknowledged and understood for their complexities: plot, point of view, character, style, pace, first and last sentences, and even beauty. Still, Sutherland knows a true understanding of fiction is more than a flirtation with text and style—it is a business. Taking his readers on a trip to the bookshop, he helps them judge a book by its cover based on design and color, wondering aloud what genre might be best, even going so far as to analyze one of the latest American bestsellers to further help the buying reader choose the novel that is right for him or her. In a book that is as wry and humorous as it is learned and opinionated, John Sutherland tells you everything you always wanted to know about how to read fiction better than you do now (but, were afraid to ask).

Сила подсознания, или Как изменить жизнь за 4 недели

Author: Джо Диспенза
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5457496538
Category: Science
Page: 3895
View: 7190
Книга-сенсация ‒ No1 среди книг по самопомощи. Нет необходимости смиряться с реальностью и постоянно подстраиваться, ведь в любой момент мы можем изменить свою жизнь. Автор мировых бестселлеров по развитию мозга, профессор нейрохимии и нейробиологии, доктор Джо Диспенза предлагает научный подход к изменению жизни. Его уникальная программа рассчитана на 4 недели, за это время она научит вас работать со своим подсознанием, чтобы достичь желаемого ‒ вам остается только решить, что конкретно вы хотите изменить в своей жизни. Эта умная, содержательная и насыщенная практическим материалом книга поможет вам освободиться из плена эмоций, наполнить жизнь здоровьем, счастьем и изобилием. Каждый, кто прочтет эту книгу и воспользуется методикой доктора Диспензы, не пожалеет о затраченных усилиях.Эта книга:[ul]доступно объяснит работу подсознания;изменит ваше представление о том, как устроен ваш мозг;научит вас проникать в сферу подсознания и перепрограммировать его;раскроет эффективные техники медитации.[/ul]Обратите внимание на полезное дополнение к книге: практические медитации от доктора Диспензы теперь доступны в удобном аудиоформате!

User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements

Author: Jack Challem
Publisher: Basic Health Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 9781591200673
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 327
View: 966
The User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements focuses on the most popular nutritional supplements, those that consistently attract the most attention - and are the ones most likely to benefit the majority of people. In describing the most popular nutritional supplements, this book explains: * Vitamin E can reduce the risk of heart disease - and the best types to take. * Selenium can slash the chances of developing some types of cancer. * Ginkgo can improve memory and recall. * Chromium can help oromote weigth loss and lower the risk of diabetes. * Glucosamine and chondroitin can prevent osteoarthritis. * Calcium and magnesium work together to build strong bones. * Coenzyme Q10 can boost your energy levels and strengthenyour heart. * Ginseng and other supplements boost your exercise stamina.

User's Guide Eye Health Supplements

Author: Bill Sardi
Publisher: Basic Health Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 9781591200444
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 98
View: 6809
Explains how nutritional supplements can reduce the risk of eye disease.


A Users Guide to Dating, Love and Sex
Author: Dag Albright
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 1932420606
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: N.A
View: 8677
Guys, let's face it. Chicks are confusing. Not only that, they really don't want you to know what's up with them and they certainly don't want you to figure them out. This can lead to a lot of frustration. But, if you're looking for answers, look no farther. Dag Albright has the answers in Chicks: A User's Guide to Dating, Love and Sex. This book will not only tell you how to avoid doing something wrong when meeting and dating women, but will also tell you how to do it right. Rejection isn't fun for anyone and knowing how to avoid it from the get-go is the key to dating well. If you are looking to become a pro at dating, this book can definitely help. Packed with insight and information about women, it will teach even the novice what works with women and how to apply it to everyday life. It will get you out of the "friend zone" and into the dating zone. Guys don't have to be millionaires or drive fancy sports cars in order to attract women. But they do need the knowledge of what really works and what doesn't. This book does just that. Dating is fun and should be seen as such. This book teaches you how to take it all less seriously and enjoy the process of looking for "The One." If you want to learn more, Chicks: A User's Guide to Dating, Love and Sex can put you on the path to a better dating life.

American Isis

The Life and Art of Sylvia Plath
Author: Carl Rollyson
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250023157
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 336
View: 1050
On the fiftieth anniversary of her death, a startling new vision of Plath—the first to draw from the recently-opened Ted Hughes archive The life and work of Sylvia Plath has taken on the proportions of myth. Educated at Smith, she had an epically conflict-filled relationship with her mother, Aurelia. She then married the poet Ted Hughes and plunged into the sturm and drang of married life in the full glare of the world of English and American letters. Her poems were fought over, rejected, accepted and, ultimately, embraced by readers everywhere. Dead at thirty, she committed suicide by putting her head in an oven while her children slept. Her poetry collection titled Ariel became a modern classic. Her novel The Bell Jar has a fixed place on student reading lists. American Isis will be the first Plath bio benefitting from the new Ted Hughes archive at the British Library which includes forty one letters between Plath and Hughes as well as a host of unpublished papers. The Sylvia Plath Carl Rollyson brings to us in American Isis is no shrinking Violet overshadowed by Ted Hughes, she is a modern day Isis, a powerful force that embraced high and low culture to establish herself in the literary firmament.

Dramaturgy in the Making

A User's Guide for Theatre Practitioners
Author: Katalin Trencsényi
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408155672
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 352
View: 8020
Dramaturgy in the Making maps contemporary dramaturgical practices in various settings of theatre-making and dance to reveal the different ways that dramaturgs work today. It provides a thorough survey of three major areas of practice - institutional dramaturgy, production dramaturgy and dance dramaturgy - with each illustrated through a range of case studies that illuminate methodology and which will assist practitioners in developing their own 'dramaturgical toolbox'. In tracing the development of the role of the dramaturg, the author explores the contribution of Lessing, Brecht and Tynan, foundational figures who shaped the practice. She excavates the historical and theoretical contexts for each strand of the work, uniquely offering a history of dance dramaturgy and its associated theories. Based on extensive research, the volume features material from the author's interviews with fifty eminent professionals from Europe and North America, including: Robert Blacker, Jack Bradley, DD Kugler, Ruth Little and Hildegard De Vuyst. Through these, a detailed and precise insight is provided into dramaturgical processes at organisations such as the Akram Khan Company, les ballets C de la B (Gent), the National Theatre and the Royal Court (London), the Schaubühne (Berlin) and The Sundance Institute Theatre Lab (Utah), among others. Dramaturgy in the Making will prove indispensable to anyone working in theatre or wanting to better understand the dramaturgical processes in performance-making today. The book features a foreword by Geoff Proehl, author of Toward a Dramaturgical Sensibility: Landscape and Journey.

Sacred Woman

A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit
Author: Queen Afua
Publisher: One World
ISBN: 0307559513
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 416
View: 2901
Queen Afua is a nationally renowned herbalist, natural health and nutrition expert, and dedicated healer of women's bodies and women's souls who practices a uniquely Afrocentric spirituality. Her classic bestseller, Heal Thyself, forever changed the way African Americans practice holistic health. Now, with Sacred Woman, she takes us on a transforming journey of physical and ancestral healing that will restore the magnificence of our spirits through sacred initiation. Queen Afua begins by helping us to discover our unique "womb-an-ness"--and to honor the womb as the center of our consciousness and creativity. Whether we are conceiving babies or businesses, ideas or art, Queen Afua illuminates the importance of cultivating our Womb Wisdom. After teaching us to transcend the taboos of growing up female, she outlines the full circle of womb wellness from menstruation to childbirth to menopause, and gives us a twenty-eight-day program for womb spirit rejuvenation and purification. Once our optimal womb wellness has been firmly established, we are ready for our initiation into Sacred Womanhood. "Only a whole woman can be a Sacred Woman," says Queen Afua, and she blesses us with the exact tools we need to bring our beings into true harmony with the earth and the cosmos. Through extraordinary meditations, affirmations, and rituals rooted in Ancient Egyptian temple teachings, Queen Afua guides us through the nine portals of initiation. She teaches us how to love and rejoice in our bodies by spiritualizing . . . the words we speak; the foods we eat; the spaces we live and work in; the beauty we create in our lives; the healing energy we transmit to self and others; the relationships we nurture; the service we offer; and the divine spirit we manifest. With love, wisdom, and passion, Queen Afua guides us to accept our mission and our mantle as Sacred Women--to heal ourselves, the generations of women in our families, our communities, and our world. From the Hardcover edition.

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business

Author: Karen Leland
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 1613082312
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 300
View: 8425
With 4,000 percent growth in just six months, 17 million users, and a record for more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined, Pinterest delivers an unbelievable opportunity for marketers . . . if they know how to effectively use it. Karen Leland acquaints business owners with the newest social media kid on the block. She covers: the ins and outs of signing up and getting started; building boards that get noticed, drive traffic, and convert fans into customers; creating a Pinterest community through power connections, contests, social media outreach, and smart pinning strategies; strategies for becoming a power Pinterest user and creating an enthusiastic following; best practices for pins that promote, including image optimization, consistent branding, social media integration, and high-value content; and Pinterest etiquette. Business owners learn to expand their business and brand’s success — one pin at a time.

Qualitative Research in Education

A User's Guide
Author: Marilyn Lichtman
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412937345
Category: Social Science
Page: 249
View: 1091
Written in a conversational and engaging style, Qualitative Research in Education: A User’s Guide provides those new to the field with a blend of practical and theoretical information. Author Marilyn Lichtman addresses a broad spectrum of recent information about the process of qualitative educational research and brings together in one volume the essential elements of all aspects of the field.

The Woman's Book of Orgasm

A Guide to the Ultimate Sexual Pleasure
Author: Tara Barker
Publisher: Citadel Press
ISBN: 9780806519661
Category: Self-Help
Page: 192
View: 8305
This complete guide to everything women have ever wanted to know about the Big O and how to make it work for them is packed with information, from how an orgasm works to what women wish men knew about the female body and the female orgasm. Throughout the book, women talk openly about how they reach orgasm, what works (and what doesn't) for them, and describe in detail how their orgasms feel. Illustrations.

The Lens of Perception

A User's Guide to Higher Consciousness
Author: Hal Zina Bennett
Publisher: Celestial Arts
ISBN: 0307814882
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 192
View: 3595
The lens of perception--the part of human consciousness that experiences reality--is a core concept in virtually every spiritual and psychological tradition, from ancient Buddhism to Native American shamanism to Jungian psychology. Hal Zina Bennett proposes that if we can comprehend and harness this consciousness, we can shape our experiences and fulfill our greatest potential. By deconstructing the inner workings of the human mind, this skillfully written book unravels the Gordian knot of reality itself. A guided tour of human consciousness that takes the reader from individual self-awareness to becoming the co-creator of reality. An underground cult favorite that was way ahead of its time, reissued as a New Thought classic in a freshly revised third edition. Thanks to the success of the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?, which has grossed over $12 million and inspired hundreds of online discussion groups, "alternative consciousness" is hot again. From the Trade Paperback edition.