The Final Few

The Last Surviving Pilots of the Battle of Britain Tell Their Stories Dilip Sarkar.
journey. As explained, this began many years ago, when the Few were more
numerous; indeed, I came to know many of them well. Regardless of the
difference in ...

Author: Dilip Sarkar

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445642550

Category: History

Page: 256

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The extraordinary personal stories of five surviving Battle of Britain pilots
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The Final Solution

... a few steps up to stare at Jez and me as a couple, the mind obviously racing
behind the stunned look Finally, as anger blossomed on Jez's face and puzzled
exasperation grew on mine, Harry rolled his eyes upward, descended the final
few ...

Author: Richard Dietrich

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595132737

Category: Fiction

Page: 648

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The terrorist bombs and guns going off in our world, along with practically every bit of political violence of the last forty years, starting with the assassination of President Kennedy, are part of a single man's demented plot to "save the world" through terror and a climactic, apocalyptic act of sacrifice that will make the crucifixion of Christ look insignificant. Or so we are told by Wolf Berlin, who has accidentally uncovered the mad plot on the Net. Who is Wolf Berlin? He is a man who has always wanted to found a new religion and who now is tempted by the mad genius, a long-lost old friend, to be the Peter and Paul of what looks to be a very effective "religion of the future," one that will bring the global peace Wolf so hungers for. After the dust settles, that is. Whether Wolf agrees to it or not, the Apocalypse is scheduled for the near future. Wolf struggles with his decision to either try to stop the mad plot or join it, as the Doomsday clock ticks on.
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The Final Buzzer

The North Coast Athletic Conference tournament was about to begin and Kenyon
, the last seed in the tournament, was to play ... four short years earlier, it had
been my fear that my basketball The practices during the final, few days before
the ...

Author: Christopher C. Russell

Publisher: Savage Press

ISBN: 1886028451

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 127

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An account of a college basketball player who plays for the love of the game. It follows his years playing ball away from he glare of big-time, high pressure sports and lets us see players who play because they must.
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The Vital Few

A violent storm had cut otf the power in Dearborn, and only a coal-oil lamp lighted
the last minutes of Edison's crony. By then Ford ... Even in his last years Ford
continued to make history. ... Henry Ford was gloomy, even in the final few

Author: Jonathan Hughes

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195040388

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 610

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Examines the contributions of American entrepreneurs to the economy, tells the stories of business leaders from each period of history, and discusses economic trends
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A Few Well Frozen Worms

... it) that some of the acts certainly do fall apart, that is, not act – if you can call
singing acting, which I'm not sure you can. ... off shelves into goldfish bowls, the
piano stool eventually collapses, as indeed does the piano, on the final few bars.

Author: Ronnie Barker

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448175154

Category: Humor

Page: 336

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With a fondness for spoonerisms and double entendres, Ronnie Barker is one of the nation’s greatest comics. Gathered together in this second ‘best of’ volume is a cocktail of his sketches and monologues from every strand of his long and brilliant career.
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Final Notes from a Great Island

There was even a birdwatching tower that provided some decent graffiti on its top
level . ... I could not embrace Pasir Ris any further , I whizzed past a couple of
carpenters who were hammering in the final few nails of a brand new pony stable

Author: Neil Humphreys

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 9812613188

Category: Description and travel

Page: 259

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The Lost Few

Eri pushed the final few out the door, toward the limo. “Charlie, go!” Eri said in her
earpiece, “I'm not leaving you!” “You have to. There is no room. We'll hold them
off.” “But?” “We'll find you at the apartment. Go!” Charlie slammed the door, ran ...

Author: Kimberlee R. Mendoza

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509217458

Category: Fiction

Page: 266

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Several decades ago, a former C.I.A. Agent, Mel Greenstone convinced high ranking U.S. officials to draft orphans and young criminals to become trained assassins. That worked until Agent Laura Black’s team fought back and destroyed them. It has been one year since they broke away from the evil clutches of the dark Secret Intelligence Unit (S.I.U.) and watched Greenstone go to prison. The team now has one desire—to live a normal life—and they could, if they were not constantly looking over their shoulders. When Laura receives word there may still be another S.I.U. shell company nearby, they decided to break into their offices and steal Intel to work toward their goal. That decision will cause a chain of events that will cost lives and take them on a journey from Northern California to the United States Capitol—from heartache to new lives.
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A Few Acres of Snow

But the wind is a key factor only in the fire of the final few pages. And the prairies
of Sinclair Ross or W.O. Mitchell are quite unlike the wooded and well-watered
area depicted in Wild Geese. Interlake Manitoba lies at the northern farming
fringe ...

Author: Paul Simpson-Housley

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781554880508

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 280

View: 947

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In 1759, Voltaire in Candide referred to Canada as "quelques arpents de neige." For several centuries, the image prevailed and was the one most frequently used by poets, writers, and illustrators. Canada was perceived and portrayed as a cold, hard, and unforgiving land. this was not a land for the fainthearted. Canada has yieled its wealth only reluctantly, while periodically threatening life itself with its displays of fury. Discovering its beauty and hidden resources requires patience and perseverance. A Few Acres of Snow is a colletion of twenty-two essays that explore, from the geographer’s perspective, how poets, artists, and writers have addressed the physical essence of Canada, both landscape and cityscape. "Sense of place" is clearly critical in the works examined in this volume. Included among the book’s many subjects are Hugh MacLennan, Gabrielle Roy, Lucius O’Brien, the art of the Inuit, Lawren Harris, Malcolm Lowry, C.W. Jefferys, L.M. Montgomery, Elizabeth Bishop, Marmaduke Matthews, Antonine Mailet, and the poetry of Japanese Canadians.
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And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor

Gossage wanted Freberg to create and produce some radio commercials that
would be as “unorthodox” as the rest of ... the client's name in the lyrics, Freberg
did the unthinkable: He didn't mention the sponsor's name until the final few ...

Author: Larry Oakner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471263296

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 212

View: 156

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Classic radio ad campaigns from the last fifty years, and how theyused humor to win over audiences And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor offers an in-depth look atsome of the most successful and entertaining radio ads from thelast half century, presented by advertising veteran Larry Oakner.An accompanying CD-ROM allows readers to listen to the fascinatingand funny advertisements that chronicle radio history. Extensiveinterviews with account executives, clients, producers, and actorsoffer a unique perspective on the development of humorous radioadvertising over the years and what it takes to create a memorableand effective campaign. And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor showsadvertising professionals how to maximize just sixty seconds ofairtime to win customers over and provides original recordings ofsome of the most fun and enlightening advertising ever produced.
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We Never Danced

Your mom was now being put on a hospice program, which in some cases meant
end of life. However, the nurses in charge ... to enter into that final phase of her
life. Prior to these final few months of her life, she had been sleeping in our ...

Author: Carroll Elton Humphrey

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483627663

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 112

View: 996

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Patsy Ruth Cline Humphrey passed away January 24, 2013, at the age of seventy-seven. She was born in West Virginia and raised in Dallas, Texas, from her junior high years, graduating from Sunset High School in l953. From the time she married her husband, Carroll Elton Rusty Humphrey, until her departure from this earth, she was noted for several things in her life. Although she was crippled and suffered pain from rheumatoid arthritis for the last thirty-two years, prayer was a major part of her life, whether it was private time or ministering to others. She should be remembered primarily for all of her Christian outreaches through her mentoring to so many young women across the United States and on the island of Okinawa. Being a mother was a first priority, but reaching out to so many young women was very important during her lifetime. And in her latter days, time spent with all the nurses who worked with her was more than just the medical care she received, but the prayers and mentoring she provided the nurses. Prayer was that special gift that God gave to her, and she used that gift very well over her entire life on this earth.
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Archaeology History and Custer s Last Battle

Perhaps thefewwho did not sprawlon thehillside continued to the top.
Presumably they there joined troopers from Fbracing for anticipated threats from
many directions and perhaps receiving the final few rightwing survivors.Or
possibly a few ...

Author: Richard A. Fox

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806148779

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

View: 510

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On the afternoon of June 25, 1867, an overwhelming force of Sioux and Cheyenne Indians quickly mounted a savage onslaught against General George Armstrong Custer’s battalion, driving the doomed troopers of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry to a small hill overlooking the Little Bighorn River, where Custer and his men bravely erected their heroic last stand. So goes the myth of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, a myth perpetuated and reinforced for over 100 years. In truth, however, "Custer’s Last Stand" was neither the last of the fighting nor a stand. Using innovative and standard archaeological techniques, combined with historical documents and Indian eyewitness accounts, Richard Allan Fox, Jr. vividly replays this battle in astonishing detail. Through bullets, spent cartridges, and other material data, Fox identifies combat positions and tracks soldiers and Indians across the Battlefield. Guided by the history beneath our feet, and listening to the previously ignored Indian testimonies, Fox reveals scenes of panic and collapse and, ultimately, a story of the Custer battle quite different from the fatalistic versions of history. According to the author, the five companies of the Seventh Cavalry entered the fray in good order, following planned strategies and displaying tactical stability. It was the sudden disintegration of this cohesion that caused the troopers’ defeat. The end came quickly, unexpectedly, and largely amid terror and disarray. Archaeological evidences show that there was no determined fighting and little firearm resistance. The last soldiers to be killed had rushed from Custer Hill.
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Creative Titling with Final Cut Pro

The final few seconds of the train clip transitions from the blue back to its original
colour balance . I select the final train clip and set the Amount and Highlight
keyframes to start the transition , then drag the scrubber bar to the end , before ...

Author: Diannah Morgan

Publisher: The Ilex Press Ltd

ISBN: 1904705154

Category: Digital video

Page: 191

View: 729

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Final Cut Pro has revolutionized the world of desktop video editing. Now it's set to do the same for title sequences.
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The Rake s Final Conquest

Rising to her feet, she shook the final few crumbs into the water, setting off
another clamour, as the flapping, squawking waterfowl jostled one another
witlessly in their frenzied attempts to get at the offerings. 'There's plenty more
back there,' ...

Author: Dorothy Elbury

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459205888

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 225

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Marcus Wolfe, Viscount Helstone, has more than earned the name of Hellcat Helstone, due to his wild, rakish ways. No woman can hold him—until he meets outspoken governess Sophie Flint, who both antagonizes and attracts him in equal measure! Sophie's refusal to become his mistress has Marcus in a spin—and even more determined to make her his. Has the devilish viscount finally been tamed by the forthright Miss Flint?
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The Last Gentleman Adventurer

First on his list was ammunition, some ready made, and some powder and lead
with primers for making his own. He needed a new ... The money did not last long
, the final few dollars being reserved for his wife and daughter. The woman had ...

Author: Edward Beauclerk Maurice

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0618773584

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 392

View: 281

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A fascinating true adventure story chronicles the experiences of Edward Beauclerk Maurice, a young explorer for the Hudson Bay Company who was taught survival techniques, and much more, by the Inuit people. Reader's Guide available. Reprint.
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Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity 4

Like the final few seconds of a fireworks display, a lot goes on as the game wraps
up. Because Unity only allows one Audio Source per object, designing all of the
events can become complicated. If you are curious, read the summary of the ...

Author: Sue Blackman

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430249009

Category: Computers

Page: 808

View: 277

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Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity 4 is perfect for those who would like to come to grips with programming Unity. You may be an artist who has learned 3D tools such as 3ds Max, Maya, or Cinema 4D, or you may come from 2D tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. On the other hand, you may just want to familiarize yourself with programming games and the latest ideas in game production. This book introduces key game production concepts in an artist-friendly way, and rapidly teaches the basic scripting skills you'll need with Unity. It goes on to show how you, as an independent game artist, can create interactive games, ideal in scope for today's casual and mobile markets, while also giving you a firm foundation in game logic and design. The first part of the book explains the logic involved in game interaction, and soon has you creating game assets through simple examples that you can build upon and gradually expand. In the second part, you'll build the foundations of a point-and-click style first-person adventure game—including reusable state management scripts, dialogue trees for character interaction, load/save functionality, a robust inventory system, and a bonus feature: a dynamically configured maze and mini-map. With the help of the provided 2D and 3D content, you'll learn to evaluate and deal with challenges in bite-sized pieces as the project progresses, gaining valuable problem-solving skills in interactive design. By the end of the book, you will be able to actively use the Unity 3D game engine, having learned the necessary workflows to utilize your own assets. You will also have an assortment of reusable scripts and art assets with which to build future games.
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Become an Ironman

Final. Tune-up. for. Ironman. You're very close to being ready to step up to the
Ironman start line, confident in your preparation. How you handle the final few
weeks are every bit as important as what you've accomplished over the prior
months ...

Author: Cherie Gruenfeld

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag

ISBN: 9781841261133

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 125

View: 358

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Looks at the three stages of a triathlon and provides advice, tips, and training techniques for both the body and the mind.
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From Sports Fan to Sportscaster

There might be a series of highlights and questions for the color commentator
and some last minute breakdown of the ... It is the final few moments that the
viewer will see and it will leave the lasting impression for you, your colleagues
and your ...

Author: Vinny Micucci

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456745493

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 172

View: 571

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"From Sports Fan to Sportscaster" is written as if told to you over dinner. The stories are first-hand accounts of working as a Sportscaster at various sporting events. You will feel what it is like to be in the winning clubhouse of a playoff baseball team. You will learn what goes on when covering a sport and how headlines are made. For the sports fan who always dreamed of meeting athletes, announcing the big game or hosting a radio show...allow the author to show you what it would be like.
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Fighter Command 1936 1968

In terms of pure night-fighters the last variant to enter service during the war was
the Mark XXX and by the latter months of the ... However, in Fighter Command
service the NF.36 was the final version and the last few squadrons gave up their

Author: Ken Delve

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781783408696

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 244

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This is a comprehensive reference to the structure, operation, aircraft and men of Fighter Command from its formation in 1936 to 1968 when it became part of Strike Command. It includes descriptions of many notable defensive and offensive campaigns, the many types of aircraft used, weapons and airfields. The main sections of the book include a general historical introduction and overview, operations, operational groups, aircrew training and technical details of each aircraft type. Lengthy Annexes cover personnel, the squadrons in World War II, orders of battle for each wartime year, maps of airfield locations and numbers of enemy aircraft downed.
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Marathon Running

about it already in the course ofyour training, these final few days leading up to a
race are a good time to imagine yourself running your marathon ... How will you
react at the halfway stage when you begin to feel some tiredness in your legs?

Author: Richard Nerurkar

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780713653519

Category: Marathon running

Page: 165

View: 842

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Intended for everyone from the complete beginner to the experienced runner wishing to improve on racing strategy, this book gives information on: structuring an effective build up; training harder without doing too much; improving your pace judgement and producing your best on race day.
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