The Final Few

The Last Surviving Pilots of the Battle of Britain Tell Their Stories
Author: Dilip Sarkar
Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445642557
Category: History
Page: 256
View: 9977
The extraordinary personal stories of five surviving Battle of Britain pilots

The Final Solution

Author: Richard Dietrich
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595132731
Category: Fiction
Page: 648
View: 3317
The terrorist bombs and guns going off in our world, along with practically every bit of political violence of the last forty years, starting with the assassination of President Kennedy, are part of a single man's demented plot to "save the world" through terror and a climactic, apocalyptic act of sacrifice that will make the crucifixion of Christ look insignificant. Or so we are told by Wolf Berlin, who has accidentally uncovered the mad plot on the Net. Who is Wolf Berlin? He is a man who has always wanted to found a new religion and who now is tempted by the mad genius, a long-lost old friend, to be the Peter and Paul of what looks to be a very effective "religion of the future," one that will bring the global peace Wolf so hungers for. After the dust settles, that is. Whether Wolf agrees to it or not, the Apocalypse is scheduled for the near future. Wolf struggles with his decision to either try to stop the mad plot or join it, as the Doomsday clock ticks on.

Until the Final Hour

Hitler's Last Secretary
Author: Traudl Junge
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780225369
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 240
View: 2230
'To have such an uncomplicated, unaffected witness present at some of the key defining moments of the 20th century was fortunate for historians...her testimony rings absolutely true, when other politically motivated accounts of the last days of Hitler do not' Andrew Roberts Traudl Junge was 22 years old and dreamt of a career as a ballerina, until the 'opportunity of her life' beckoned and she was appointed as Adolf Hitler's secretary. From 1942 until his death she was at his side in the bunker, typing his correspondence, his speeches and even his last private and political will and testament. It was only after the war that the horrible reality of Hitler's regime began to dawn on her, and she became racked with guilt for 'liking the greatest criminal ever to have lived.' Her journal, written in 1947, is a startling eyewitness account of Hitler's court during its final years, and of the building sense of doom as the war progressed.

The Final Victim

Author: Wendy Corsi Staub
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 1420126369
Category: Fiction
Page: 416
View: 1848
The past comes back to haunt a Savannah heiress—and to kill her—in this mystery from the New York Times–bestselling author of Kiss Her Goodbye. For Charlotte Remington Maitland, the past five years have been a haze of pain and loss. Now, with her new husband and teenaged daughter, she’s found a second chance at happiness—until she returns to the rambling Remington estate for the reading of her grandfather’s will. Back in the shadow of a notorious family tragedy, Charlotte has become sole beneficiary of the Remington fortune. Now she will get everything that’s coming to her. A killer is making sure of it—no matter who has to die. Trapped in a house of lies, searching for answers to deadly questions, Charlotte has never been more afraid. Somebody knows her family’s deepest secrets. Someone who will take Charlotte to the edge of sanity and the dark heart of her greatest fear in order to make her . . . the final victim. “If you like Mary Higgins Clark, you’ll love Wendi Corsi Staub.” —Lisa Jackson

The Final Evolution

Author: Jeff Somers
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748123733
Category: Fiction
Page: 336
View: 4975
The world is dying. With avatars replacing humans and the birth rate non-existent, the human race is almost extinct. Only one man could save it - and it's not Avery Cates. In the end, it comes down to Canny Orel, Avery's long sought after nemesis - transformed now into something other than human - and Cates. And when Cates chances on a way to trick the advantage away from the old master, he suddenly has a choice to make: get his long-delayed revenge, or save the world.

The Final Buzzer

Author: Christopher C. Russell
Publisher: Savage Press
ISBN: 9781886028456
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 127
View: 5532
An account of a college basketball player who plays for the love of the game. It follows his years playing ball away from he glare of big-time, high pressure sports and lets us see players who play because they must.

The Final Days of Howard Hughes

His Murder and the Takeover Conspiracy Exposed
Author: Christopher John Jenner
Publisher: Christopher Jenner
ISBN: 1311934588
Category: True Crime
Page: 216
View: 9657
This stunning expose attempts to blow the lid off the decades old case of the death of Howard Hughes, playboy movie-maker, aviator and businessman, alleging a murder and takeover conspiracy orchestrated by the very company designated to care for an aging Hughes The Final Days of Howard Hughes exposes Summa Corp. Syndicate's efforts to siphon off the wealth of The Man, and cover up their neglect, malfeasance and murder with a very detailed Plan of action, all exposed within.

The Final Page of Baker Street

Author: Daniel D. Victor
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1780927061
Category: Fiction
Page: 187
View: 8413
When misadventure led a schoolboy in London to employment at Baker Street, few could have guessed where his introduction to Sherlock Holmes would lead. But as the lad matures and he finds himself caught in the middle of a murder investigation, his friendship with Holmes and Watson lures him into the role of detective. "Billy" documents his experiences, and soon his sleuthing skills not only bring him to another murder, but also lay the foundation for his metamorphosis into a famous mystery writer, the novelist the world now knows as Raymond Chandler.

The Final Testament

Author: Peter Blauner
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 148044877X
Category: Fiction
Page: 58
View: 8196
As World War II draws near, a dying genius fights against hate to preserve his legacy. Cancer has ravaged Sigmund Freud. It is 1938, and the great doctor has fled Vienna for London, where he races to finish his final, most dangerous work: a radical reimagining of the origins of Judaism, which posits that Moses was murdered by his followers. Though his colleagues say that such a controversial text could only give grist to those who would do the Jews harm, Freud is adamant about releasing the book—until a Nazi named Sauerwald comes to visit. He has written a manuscript in Freud’s name, a hateful screed that claims to prove that all of Jewish history is based on falsehood, and asks that Freud help him have it published—lest something unpleasant happen to the doctor’s family in Austria. Horrified by this foul threat, Freud responds with the only weapon he has left. He picks up pen and paper and suggests that Sauerwald sit down on his couch. The Bibliomysteries are a series of short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors.

The Final Rule

Author: David Bailey
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595759491
Category: Fiction
Page: 152
View: 3795
David Bailey, author of When The Forest Bleeds, has once again written another, "could not put down," riveting novel. When Carmen Hopper woke up in the morning, it started as any other. Her husband, Dan, had gone to work early and she was about to start another boring day, but it would hardly end that way. When the bank called asking where Dan was, it started a day that would change her life for eternity. Love and life as she had known it would change not only in her life, but in the lives of her closest friends. Her husband had done the unforgivable. He had broken a rule from which there was no redemption. His actions would affect people in an unimaginable, traumatic way. He had done the unforgivable, the unpardonable. He had broken The Final Rule.

The Final Procedure

Author: Stan Pottinger
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 142999780X
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 3927
Christmas Eve in Auschwitz, 1944. Hitler's Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele, and his brilliant young protégé, Adalwolf, are on the verge of a nightmarish medical discovery when the war brings it all to an end. But Mengele's insane visions for the Third Reich live on. More than half-a-century later, FBI agent Melissa Gale's mission is to bring Adalwolf to justice before it's too late. He's emerged from the shadows of history to resurrect a biological terror and unleash it on the world. But tracking him is easier than Melissa imagined. Because for years, Adalwolf has been tracking her. Melissa and her unborn child have something Adalwolf needs-a genetic history that holds the key to his success. As a dance of death is engaged between hunter and hunted, Melissa realizes how far the last Nazi will go to fulfill his dark dreams for his Ultimate Solution-and just how far she is prepared to go to stop him...

The Final Judgement

Author: Daniel Easterman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472117670
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 4607
A young boy is kidnapped and his captors make outrageous ransom demands. Desperate, the boy's father calls upon his estranged brother-in-law for help. Yosef Abuhatseira is the perfect man for the job: an Israeli patriot, a born hunter, a one-man army of survival skills. Yet nothing Yosef has ever experienced can prepare him for what the rescue mission reveals. The kidnapping, it seems, is only the beginning. Soon a series of killings leads Yosef to the sickening realization that someone is murdering survivors of Auschwitz. Now he must penetrate the deadly wall of secrecy that surrounds the organization responsible, before they can let loose another Final Solution on humanity.

Bill, the Galactic Hero: The Final Incoherent Adventure

Author: Harry Harrison,David Harris
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575115572
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 8487
BILL - the army's made him what he is today - the perfect Starship Trooper, proud possess of two right arms and a lockerful of feet suitable for every occasion. BILL - this time he's really put his foot (the Swiss-Army one with the special attachments, secret compartments, collapsible mess-kit and condom dispenser) right in it. BILL's been volunteered to join a suicide squad run by Captain Cadaver to the well-known hell-hole planet of Eyerack. The orders are DEATH OR GLORY - and GLORY made a point of never returning the invitation to the war. So. Can this really be IT? The Long Goodbye? Zero Hour? Harmonicas at dawn? The end of a brilliantly undistinguished career of military mishaps? What can I tell you? This IS BILL's final incoherent adventure!

Structured Oral Examination Practice for the Final FRCA

Author: Rakesh Tandon
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191627097
Category: Medical
Page: 392
View: 2438
Structured Oral Examination Practice for the Final FRCA offers well-researched, relevant, and carefully constructed questions with evidence-based answers. The book specifically addresses the new clinical emphasis in the FRCA examination, giving candidates an insight into the way the viva works, offering general guidance on examination techniques, and providing readily accessible information relating to a wide range of potential questions. The book is organized into 16 chapters, each offering trainees and trainers complete examinations as in the real structured oral examination, covering around 70 relevant topics. Each chapter includes clinical anaesthesia and basic science broadly organized into the six areas covered by the exam: long-cases, short-cases, applied anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical measurement. The book also includes a hot topics chapter addressing recent advances beloved of examiners.

Atlantis the Final Solution

A Scientific History of Humanity Over the Last 100,000 Years
Author: Zia Abbas
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 059523108X
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 240
View: 9678
The mystery of Atlantis is finally solved. The ocean which we call Atlantic was named thus just a few centuries ago, however the Greeks used to call all seas of the world Atlantic. Once we realize this we discover that the location of Atlantis matches 100% with the present day Indonesia in South China Sea. It was believed that the naration of Atlantis only exists in the dialogues of Plato, however my research has revealed that accounts of Atlantis also exist in Sumerian, Indian and other histories as well. The surprize is that the naration of Atlantis also exists in Old Testament! This book provides a complete solution to the Atlantis mystery. Who was the founder of Atlantis? Where was it located? What was the history of Atlantis? What was the religion of Atlanteans? How such a great civilization came to an end? You will find anwers to all these questions and much more in this scientific analysis of our history, world and universe!

The Last Days of Summer

A Memoir of Murder
Author: Tim Fleming
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency
ISBN: 1948260093
Category: Fiction
Page: 206
View: 4162
In September 1963, nine-year-old Patrick McGrath awakens one night to a loud bang in his south St. Louis County home. Frightened by the noise, he creeps into the dark hallway and opens the door to his parents’ room. He sees his mother lying in a pool of blood, dead of a gunshot wound. He is later told that she committed suicide. The incident leaves a deep psychological scar, and Patrick’s life is never the same. He suppresses his memory of that night for most of his adult life until, against his will, he is forced to confront the truth of it. Through hypnotherapy sessions, he discovers that his mother’s death was not a suicide. It was murder. With the help of one of the original detectives on the case, Patrick tries to find the real killer forty years after the fact. The pulsating search does more than unravel a murder mystery; it becomes a journey of self-discovery for Patrick. His notions of fate, free will, and the true nature of existence are transformed. Funny, bittersweet, and shocking, The Last Days of Summer is a vivid remembrance of one man’s painful and poignant childhood, and how he comes to terms with it in middle age.

Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter

Author: Benjamin Cook,Russell T Davies
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448141370
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 736
View: 1960
For this new edition of The Writer's Tale, Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook expand their in-depth discussion of the creative life of Doctor Who to cover Russell's final year as Head Writer and Executive Producer of the show, as well as his work behind the increasingly successful Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures spin-offs. Candid and witty insights abound throughout two years' worth of correspondence, covering David Tennant's last episodes as the Doctor and the legacy that Russell and David leave behind as a new era of Doctor Who begins. With over 300 pages of new material, and taking in events from the entire five years since the show's return in 2005, The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter is the most comprehensive - and personal - account of Doctor Who ever published.

The Last Putt

Two Teams, One Dream, and a Freshman Named Tiger
Author: Neil Hayes,Brian Murphy
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547487118
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 368
View: 9704
College golf is the breeding ground for the PGA, and the sport’s overlooked chapter. And in 1995 college golf saw its ultimate showdown. At the NCAA championship, a freshman who would become the sport’s biggest icon stood on the green in a sudden-death playoff that would settle the score in a tense and heated rivalry. Would Tiger Woods sink the putt? Based on exhaustive reporting and interviews, The Last Putt tells the story of an epic rivalry that encapsulated the changing face of the game. On one side was Oklahoma State, a true golfing dynasty featuring the young bloods of a privileged golf family and a coach whose winning record and reputation for toughness made him a mythical figure. On the other side was Stanford, born of the creative recruiting of an unforgettable group of players: Notah Begay (golf ’s first prominent Native American), Casey Martin (who broke down barriers by playing with a severe disability), and Tiger Woods. A stirring ensemble tale of young men carving out their futures on and off the course, The Last Putt makes for compelling, stroke-for-stroke reading down to the last putt.

Feminism and the Final Foucault

Author: Dianna Taylor,Karen Vintges
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252071829
Category: Philosophy
Page: 307
View: 3859
Feminism and the Final Foucault is the first systematic offering of contemporary, international feminist perspectives on the later work of philosopher Michel Foucault. Rather than simply debating the merits or limitations of Foucault's later work, the essays in this collection examine women's historical self-practices, conceive of feminism as a shared ethos, and consider the political significance of this conceptualization in order to elucidate, experiment with, and put into practice the conceptual "tools" that Foucault offers for feminist ethics and politics. The volume illustrates the ways in which Foucault's later thinking on ethics as "care of the self" can reintroduce a number of issues and themes that feminists jettisoned in the wake of postmodernism, including consciousness raising, feminist therapy, the subject woman, identity politics, and feminist agency. Taken as a whole, the diversity of feminist viewpoints presented provide important new insights into "the final Foucault," and thus serve as a productive intervention in current Foucault scholarship.

The Last Gentleman Adventurer

Coming of Age in the Arctic
Author: Edward Beauclerk Maurice,Lawrence Millman
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618773589
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 392
View: 8492
A fascinating true adventure story chronicles the experiences of Edward Beauclerk Maurice, a young explorer for the Hudson Bay Company who was taught survival techniques, and much more, by the Inuit people. Reader's Guide available. Reprint.