The Findhorn Garden Story

Author: Findhorn Community
Publisher: Findhorn Press
ISBN: 184409135X
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 195
View: 6999
Newly updated to showcase color photographs, this spiritual classic presents the history and philosophy of Scotland's Findhorn Community. Findhorn was founded more than 40 years ago in far northeast Scotland on windswept and barren sand dunes that happened to sprout a miraculous garden. Plants, flowers, trees, and organic vegetables of enormous sizes began to grow in a small plot around the 30-foot caravan trailer inhabited by three adults and three children living on meager unemployment benefits. Guidance by God and absolute faith in the art of manifestation led the occupants to this unlikely locale to create a magnetic center that would draw people from all over the world. Their discovery of how to contact and cooperate with the nature spirits and devas that made the garden possible sparked a phenomenon that continues today, as Findhorn has grown into a thriving village housing hundreds of people from all over the world and an internationally recognized spiritual-learning center.

The Findhorn Garden Story

Inspired Color Photos Reveal the Magic
Author: The Findhorn Community
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1844099547
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 208
View: 5009
Newly updated to showcase color photographs, this spiritual classic presents the history and philosophy of Scotland’s Findhorn Community. Findhorn was founded more than 40 years ago in far northeast Scotland on windswept and barren sand dunes that happened to sprout a miraculous garden. Plants, flowers, trees, and organic vegetables of enormous sizes began to grow in a small plot around the 30-foot caravan trailer inhabited by three adults and three children living on meager unemployment benefits. Guidance by God and absolute faith in the art of manifestation led the occupants to this unlikely locale to create a magnetic center that would draw people from all over the world. Their discovery of how to contact and cooperate with the nature spirits and devas that made the garden possible sparked a phenomenon that continues today, as Findhorn has grown into a thriving village housing hundreds of people from all over the world and an internationally recognized spiritual-learning center.

Dios me hablo / God Spoke to Me

Author: Eileen Caddy
Publisher: Deva's De Longseller
ISBN: 9789871102204
Category: Self-Help
Page: 271
View: 7578

The Findhorn garden

Author: Findhorn Community
Publisher: Harpercollins
Category: Gardening
Page: 180
View: 1977
Members of the Scottish agricultural community present the history and philosophy of their extraordinary gardens

At the Garden's Gate

A Personal Guide to Self-Discovery in Growing a Sustainable Backyard Meadow, Working with Nature and the Land, Living the Wheel of Truths
Author: Judith Dreyer
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1460251458
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 128
View: 5519
At the Garden's Gate is the story of one woman's personal journey in creating a meadow, when going "green" wasn't an everyday word. As the author follows her passion to learn about medicinal and edible plants, a meadow evolves that supports growth-both natural and personal. During this process, she reconnects with her Native American heritage, learning the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel and its teachings. This is a story of partnership with the land, a story of personal discovery and love of nature. Stories-our personal narratives-have meanings on many levels. Using story in the ancient ways of her Native American elders, the author offers insight, wisdom and conveys an impetus to create connections with nature in our daily lives. We are on the cusp of creating a new Earth, one of collaboration, of cooperative effort that recognizes our hearts. One our soul can align with. The garden becomes our centering place. It beckons us through a gate of new understandings and growth. The garden's gate offers us a doorway into our deeper self. The garden's path offers a way to remember and to be with self, in stillness, meandering onto unknown pathways that can twist and turn but are filled with such beauty. For that is who we are, co-creators, one with all of creation....


Author: Wayne W. Dyer, Dr.
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401921033
Category: Self-Help
Page: 267
View: 3730
There’s a voice in the universe calling each of us to remember our purpose—our reason for being here now, in this world of impermanence. The voice whispers, shouts, and sings to us that this experience of being in form, in space and time, knowing life and death, has meaning. The voice is that of inspiration, which is within each and every one of us. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explains how we’ve chosen to enter this world of particles and form. From our place of origin, in ways that we don’t readily comprehend now, we knew what we were coming here to accomplish, and we participated in setting this life process in motion. So why not think this same way? Why put the responsibility or blame on any one or any thing that’s not a part of us? On Earth we have the capacity of volition—we can choose—so let’s assume that we had the same capacity when we resided in the spiritual realm. We chose our physical body, and we chose the parents we needed for the trip. It doesn’t seem too great a stretch to move into the idea that we chose this life in concert with our Source. Each chapter in this book is filled with specifics for living an inspired life. From a very personal viewpoint, Wayne Dyer offers a blueprint through the world of spirit to inspiration, your ultimate calling.

Apprenticed To Spirit

The Education of a Soul
Author: David Spangler
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101548673
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 320
View: 6754
An absorbing memoir of one man’s path to understanding how we can learn to lead lives of greater blessing and to be sources of blessing and service for the world as a whole. For as long as he can remember, David Spangler has been physically aware of a spiritual world existing alongside this one. In 1965, David Spangler left college to follow an inner spiritual calling and encountered an extraordinary presence, which he named “John.” Over the next quarter-century John would assist David in exploring the “inner worlds” of the spirit, and would tutor him in some of the most basic mysteries of life and the nature of the human spirit. In Apprenticed to Spirit, Spangler recounts how John showed him the way to develop a spiritual intelligence—what Spangler calls “a mind of the soul”—and how to integrate it into everyday life. Spangler learned to think with his soul and embarked on the apprenticeship to understanding the sacredness of our world and of the realms beyond ours—a journey that continues to this day.

Encounters with Nature Spirits

Co-creating with the Elemental Kingdom
Author: R. Ogilvie Crombie
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1620558955
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 232
View: 6628
A fascinating, first-hand account of the vast powers and true nature of the Elemental Kingdom • Reveals deep wisdom, eloquently shared through the author’s encounters with the great God Pan and his elemental subjects • Offers a glimpse into the hidden layers of the natural world and the workings of the elemental kingdom • Includes chapters by Mike Scott, David Spangler, Dorothy Maclean, and Brian Nobbs as well as beautiful illustrations by fine artist Elise Hurst, who perfectly captures the energy of the natural world and its subjects as we might perceive them “To anyone who may have expressed a wish to see and talk to nature spirits . . . remember it took 63 years for my wish to be granted, so don’t lose hope.” Have you ever wished for something with your whole heart? As a child, R. Ogilvie Crombie (Roc) made a wish as he dropped a penny into a wishing well - he asked to be able to see fairies and talk to them. In Encounters with Nature Spirits, we follow Roc’s path as, many years later, he meets the faun Kurmos in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, discovers the realm of the elementals, and, eventually, meets the great god Pan himself. In his conversations with Pan, elves, and other nature spirits Roc realizes that the elemental realm is vastly more powerful than our human kingdom and possesses an ability to create far beyond our human means. Through his experiences Roc becomes closely involved with the Findhorn Community in northeast Scotland where he meets further elementals who give him sound advice as to how the famous Findhorn gardens should be cared for in order to work in harmony with nature. Encounters with Nature Spirits is a reminder to us all of the importance of our relationship with the nature kingdom. Through his example, Roc places emphasis on connecting and working in harmony with nature spirits. True co-creation with nature, working with rather than against the elemental kingdom, can bring about vital positive change to our endangered eco-system. The elementals are open to working with mankind--the question is, are we humans open to engaging with and respecting them again?

The Findhorn Community

Creating a Human Identity for the 21st Century
Author: Carol Riddell
Publisher: Carol Riddell
ISBN: 0905249771
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 286
View: 4364
Previous books about the Findhorn Community have concentrated on the dramatic story of its founding and early development. But Findhorn continues to be an important part of a world-wide movement for personal and social transformation.

Time and Environmental Law

Telling Nature's Time
Author: Benjamin Richardson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107191246
Category: Law
Page: 428
View: 5770
Through the lens of time, the book critiques environmental law and recommends ways to enable it to respond to nature's time scales.

Messages from Gaia

Wisdom and Love from our Earth Mother
Author: Mary Kirkpatrick
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 9781452500911
Category: Religion
Page: 112
View: 9482
For countless generations people have talked of our Mother Earth. Now she speaks to us, sharing words of wisdom, tenderness and deep love. We live in challenging times when the rapidity of change can feel overwhelming. These “Messages from Gaia”, received and written by author Mary Kirkpatrick, provide light for the path that is surely needed as we navigate into the future. In them, Gaia, our Earth Mother, shares the love pouring from her heart to ours, only love, always love, love overflowing. Mary Kirkpatrick has captured the heart of Gaia through her own heart. Every message reflects the deep love and understanding that dwells within the human/Gaia relationship. The messages are affirming, poignant and beautiful. This book is a keeper! ~Nancy Joy Hefron author of The Wounded Heart Messages from Gaia gives us a glimpse into the heart of the planet, and the peace that comes from opening our eyes to all the life around us. ~Cindy Reed Cindy Reed RN, PhD, Infinity Health Solutions and Energy Medicine Maven

Meeting Fairies

My remarkable encounters with nature spirits
Author: R Ogilvie Crombie
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1741769140
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 256
View: 9007
Fascinating meetings with fire and water spirits and interactions with the elf king—one person's remarkable encounters with the fairy realm More than 40 years ago Robert Ogilvie Crombie, or Roc as he was affectionately known, found himself in Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, where, to his great surprise, he found himself looking at a faun. The remarkable, life-changing experience opened up the world of fairies to him, and was the beginning of many profound encounters with the nature spirits. Designed to look like an old fairytale book, this is the first compilation of Roc's precious encounters with the fairy realm. His warm and detailed accounts reveal a world many yearn to learn about.

Los impunes

Author: Richard Price
ISBN: 8439731493
Category: Fiction
Page: 416
View: 5526
La nueva novela de Richard Price, autor de La vida fácil y ganador de un premio Edgar como guionista de la serie The Wire, relata la historia de un policía de Nueva York asediado por un asesinato sin resolver. Novela ganadora del GERMAN CRIME PRIZE 2016 «La novela criminal del año: cruda, valiente e imposible de dejar.» Stephen King A sus cuarenta años, Billy Graves ocupa el puesto de sargento de policía del turno de noche en Manhattan y ya solo aspira a hacer bien su trabajo y llevar una vida sosegada al lado de su familia. Han transcurrido dos décadas desde los violentos sucesos policiales de los noventa, cuando Billy era el benjamín de una división contra el crimen del Bronx, y a pesar de que con el paso de los años la mayoría de sus antiguos compañeros acabaron por abandonar el Cuerpo, no han dejado de verse porque todos comparten una marca indeleble del pasado: cada uno de ellos lleva a sus espaldas un caso a cuyo culpable no lograron conducir ante la justicia. Durante una noche de guardia, Billy recibe el aviso de la muerte de un hombre en una estación de trenes del centro de la ciudad. Se trata de Jeffrey Bannion, uno de aquellos criminales que quedaron impunes. Una novela sólida que entusiasmará a los lectores de novela negra y policíaca. Reseñas: «Una novela policíaca magistralmente escenificada, dramatizada y escrita. [...] Combina increíbles dinámicas, una conducción irresistible y, al mismo tiempo, recoge el ritmo de la metrópolis nocturna. Lo más espectacular: los diálogos; es aquí, donde destaca que Richard Price, además de novelista, es guionista y escribe para la televisión y el cine.» Jurado del German Crime Prize 2016 «Tuve que leer las últimas cien páginas de un tirón. Empecé fascinado y acabé profundamente emocionado.» Stephen King «Un thriller urbano a secas y sin complicaciones, eso es lo que quería escribir Richard Price. Pero le ha salido un policíaco de infarto: Los impunes.» Rodrigo Fresán, ABC Cultural «Diálogos que son pura dinamita, voluntad de estilo y sello de autenticidad estampado en cada página. Larga vida a Richard Price.» Antonio Lozano, Cultura/s, La Vanguardia «Price tiene una habilidad visceral para transmitir la cruda realidad del día a día del trabajo del policía, y el don para utilizar sus indagaciones.» Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times «Tiene todo aquello que hace de sus novelas algo tan maravilloso: el humor negro, el intrincado intercalado de personajes y argumento, una profunda investigación sobre el saber hacer callejero, gravedad moral, diálogos impecables y esclarecedores...» Michael Chabon «Los impunes es una obra maestra. [...] Price se maneja con la misma soltura en el terreno del thriller, en las profundidades del perfil psicológico y, por supuesto, en la descripción literaria.» Enrique de Hériz, El Periódico

Otra manera de vivir

Cuando la comida importa
Author: Jane Goodall,Gary McAvoy,Gail E. Hudson
ISBN: 9788483466636
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 416
View: 7472


El saqueo de la naturaleza y del conocimiento
Author: Vandana Shiva
Publisher: Icaria Editorial
ISBN: 9788474265019
Category: Animals
Page: 151
View: 9547
Este libro desarrolla el porqué sólo «se reconocen derechos de propiedad intelectual únicamente cuando el conocimiento y la innovación producen ganancias, no cuando responden al bien común. La creatividad sólo se pone al servicio de la obtención de beneficios y la acumulación de capital; el bien social ya no se reconoce», en palabras de Vandana Shiva. Vandana Shiva es una de las pensadoras más dinámicas y provocadoras del mundo en temas relacionados con el medioambiente, con los derechos de la mujer, y con cuestiones internacionales. Física, ecologista y activista, en 1993 fue distinguida con el Right Livelihood Award, el Premio Nobel alternativo. Es directora de la Fundación para la Investigación de las Ciencias, la Tecnología, y la Política de Recursos Naturales, y editora asociada de la revista The Ecologist. «Con su singular estilo, amalgama de análisis y de pasión, Vandana Shiva se remonta a la colonización europea de los pueblos indígenas... como origen del actual proceso de apropiación de unos recursos naturales necesarios para su supervivencia física y cultural. Un libro importante, cuya lectura es obligada para entender la amenaza global que supone la transformación tecnológica de los organismos, las células y las moléculas, y su explotación con fines lucrativos». Ruth Hubbard Profesora Emérita de Biología, Universidad de Harvard. Elogio a Vandana Shiva «Una de las Físicas más destacadas de la India... una destacada pensadora que ha sabido combinar de forma elocuente sus puntos de vista sobre el medio ambiente, sobre la agricultura, sobre la espiritualidad humana, y sobre los derechos de la mujer, dando forma a una filosofía llena de fuerza.» Lector Utne «Una de las científicas radicales más relevantes del mundo» The Guardian «La ecologista más conocida del Sur del planeta» New Internationalist «Esta obra, Biopiratería, marca un hito en una de las cuestiones más importantes del siglo venidero... El sugestivo de Vandana Shiva es un toque de clarín ... que debería ser leído y discutido por quienes se preocupan por el futuro de la Tierra» Jeremy Rifkin, autor de The End of Work: The Decline of the Global Labor Force andthe Dawn of the Post-Market Era.

Las enseñanzas secretas de las plantas

La inteligencia del corazón en la percepción directa de la naturaleza
Author: Stephen Harrod Buhner
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1594776709
Category: Nature
Page: 352
View: 4419
Revela el uso de la percepción directa en la comprensión de la naturaleza, las plantas medicinales, y la sanación de las enfermedades humanas • Explora las técnicas utilizadas por los pueblos aborígenes y occidentales para aprender directamente de las propias plantas, incluidas las técnicas de Henry David Thoreau, Goethe, y Masanobu Fukuoka, autor de The One Straw Revolution [La revolución de una brizna de paja] Todos los pueblos antiguos y aborígenes afirman que sus conocimientos sobre remedios botánicos provienen de las propias plantas y no de la experimentación a través de pruebas y errores. El autor Stephen Harrod Buhner explora minuciosamente esta modalidad de cognición holística basada en el corazón a través de la obra de Luther Burbank, quien cultivó la mayoría de las plantas alimenticias que ahora consumimos sin pensar en su procedencia, y del gran poeta y científico alemán Goethe. Los lectores obtendrán los medios necesarios para recopilar información directamente del corazón de la naturaleza, aprender los usos medicinales de las plantas diagnosticar enfermedades, y comprender el proceso de creación de alma que se engendra mediante esa profunda conexión con el mundo.

Educación en la nueva era

Author: Alice A. Bailey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788478086542
Category: Education
Page: 206
View: 6087

Las guerras del agua

privatización, contaminación y lucro
Author: Vandana Shiva
Publisher: Siglo XXI
ISBN: 9682324408
Category: Nature
Page: 163
View: 6910
La mayoría de las guerras étnicas o religiosas en realidad son conflictos por los recursos naturales. La privatización del vital líquido pone en riesgo culturas y estilos de vida en todo el mundo.

Many Smokes

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: History
Page: N.A
View: 3093

Cartas en el bosque

Author: Susanna Isern
Publisher: Cuento de Luz
ISBN: 8416147957
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 28
View: 4813
«Cartas en el bosque» es una entrañable y sorprendente historia que va a emocionar a pequeños y mayores, porque muchas veces lo más maravilloso se encuentra donde menos imaginamos. Each day, the old mailman faithfully delivers special letters to the forest animals. But the mailman has never received any letters of his own. Then one day everything changes. This touching story of friendship and love will delight readers and letter writers of all ages. Lexile Level: 650L