The Gilded Age in New York 1870 1910

Author Esther Crain, the go-to authority on the era, weaves first-hand accounts and fascinating details into a vivid tapestry of American society at the turn of the century.

Author: Esther Crain

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316353687

Category: History

Page: 304

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The drama, expansion, mansions and wealth of New York City's transformative Gilded Age era, from 1870 to 1910, captured in a magnificently illustrated hardcover. In forty short years, New York City suddenly became a city of skyscrapers, subways, streetlights, and Central Park, as well as sprawling bridges that connected the once-distant boroughs. In Manhattan, more than a million poor immigrants crammed into tenements, while the half of the millionaires in the entire country lined Fifth Avenue with their opulent mansions. The Gilded Age in New York captures what is was like to live in Gotham then, to be a daily witness to the city's rapid evolution. Newspapers, autobiographies, and personal diaries offer fascinating glimpses into daily life among the rich, the poor, and the surprisingly large middle class. The use of photography and illustrated periodicals provides astonishing images that document the bigness of New York: the construction of the Statue of Liberty; the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge; the shimmering lights of Luna Park in Coney Island; the mansions of Millionaire's Row. Sidebars detail smaller, fleeting moments: Alice Vanderbilt posing proudly in her "Electric Light" ball gown at a society-changing masquerade ball; immigrants stepping off the boat at Ellis Island; a young Theodore Roosevelt witnessing Abraham Lincoln's funeral. The Gilded Age in New York is a rare illustrated look at this amazing time in both the city and the country as a whole. Author Esther Crain, the go-to authority on the era, weaves first-hand accounts and fascinating details into a vivid tapestry of American society at the turn of the century. Praise for New-York Historical Society New York City in 3D In The Gilded Age, also by Esther Crain: "Vividly captures the transformation from cityscape of horse carriages and gas lamps 'bursting with beauty, power and possibilities' as it staggered into a skyscraping Imperial City." -Sam Roberts, The New York Times "Get a glimpse of Edith Wharton's world." - Entertainment Weekly Must List "What better way to revisit this rich period . . ?" - Library Journal
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The Rise and Fall of Pennsylvania Station

Triumvirate McKim, Mead, and White: Art, Architecture, Scandal, and Class in
America's Gilded Age. New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 2010. Crain, Esther. The
Gilded Age in New York: 18701910. New York, NY: Black Dog and Leventhal ...

Author: Gregory Bilotto

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439671931

Category: Transportation

Page: 128

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The construction of Pennsylvania Station (1904-1910) was a monumental undertaking equally for the voluminous earth displaced, incredible innovation, and brilliant French-influenced classical architecture, but it also was a quintessential archetype of the Gilded Age. The station reshaped the economic and social fabric of New York by dislodging scores of families and local businesses. It had been built for prestige and grandeur rather than sustainability and prolonged the rivalry with the New York Central and Hudson River Railroads, leading to the creation of Grand Central Terminal. Although the station was successful for increasing passenger journeys, the rise of independent travel after World War II and mounting financial losses culminated with its unfortunate demise and eventual destruction. Nevertheless, through the misfortune of demolition emerged the first historic preservation laws, which have saved countless historic buildings, including its Park Avenue rival.
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American Literary Realism 1870 1910

Henry Nash Smith , Virgin Land : The American West as Symbol and Myth ( 1950
; New York : Vintage , 1970 ) , p . ... Alan Trachtenberg , The Incorporation of
America : Culture and Society in the Gilded Age ( New York : Hill and Wang ,
1982 ) ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106014578931

Category: American literature


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Some vols. accompanied by separate issues called special number.
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American Country Houses of the Gilded Age

Books, Pamphlets and Dissertations Cleveland Amory, The Last Resorts, New
York, 1952. —, Who Killed ... “The Urban Architecture of McKim, Mead and White:
18701910," Ph.D. dissertation, Yale University, New Haven, 1973. Ted Sande ...

Author: A. Lewis

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486243016

Category: Architecture

Page: 104

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This exquisite documentation of the architectural creativity that transformed the country after the Civil War reproduces fascinating and historically important photographs and plans for a total of 97 buildings — 93 houses and 4 casinos — built during the 1880s. Adds a new, thoroughly accurate text by Arnold Lewis. Approximately 200 illustrations.
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Silver Novelties

This beautiful book showcases delightful silver figural items produced during the Gilded Age.

Author: Deborah Crosby

Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited

ISBN: 0764312952

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 239

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This beautiful book showcases delightful silver figural items produced during the Gilded Age. Shown in nearly 600 color photos are accoutrements for the dining room, the writing desk, the sewing room, the nursery, and much more. Includes items such as spoons, tea balls, inkwells, match safes, thimbles, belt buckles, and baby rattles. Historical background, information on manufacturing techniques and marks, values, and an extensive bibliography are also provided.
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A History of American City Government

Charles Glaab , The American City : A Documentary History ( New York , 1963 ) ,
pp . 395 ff . Chapter 13 1 . Joy J . Jackson , New Orleans in the Gilded Age (
Baton Rouge , 1969 ) , p . 154 . 2 . Samuel H . Popper , Newark , N . J . , 1870
1910 ...

Author: Ernest S. Griffith


ISBN: UOM:49015002580745

Category: Cities and towns

Page: 308

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A Companion to the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World,
1890–1940. ... New Spirits: Americans in the “Gilded Age” 1865–1905. 2nd edn.
... Before Freud: Neurasthenia and the American Medical Community, 1870

Author: Christopher M. Nichols

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118913963

Category: History

Page: 528

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A Companion to the Gilded Age and Progressive Era presents a collection of new historiographic essays covering the years between 1877 and 1920, a period which saw the U.S. emerge from the ashes of Reconstruction to become a world power. The single, definitive resource for the latest state of knowledge relating to the history and historiography of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era Features contributions by leading scholars in a wide range of relevant specialties Coverage of the period includes geographic, social, cultural, economic, political, diplomatic, ethnic, racial, gendered, religious, global, and ecological themes and approaches In today’s era, often referred to as a “second Gilded Age,” this book offers relevant historical analysis of the factors that helped create contemporary society Fills an important chronological gap in period-based American history collections
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American Cities and the Coming of the Automobile 1870 1910

The figures were distorted by two miscalculations , that New York continued to
grow at its 1880 - 90 rate from 1890 to 1897 ... New Orleans in the Gilded Age
Politics and Progress 1880 - 1896 ( Baton Rouge , Louisiana State University
Press ...

Author: Clay MacShane


ISBN: WISC:89010865061

Category: Automobiles

Page: 650

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America History and Life

CD - ROM . New York : McGraw Hill , 1997 . ... 284 pp . DAI 2002 63 ( 3 ) : 1101-
1102 - A . DA 3045182 40 : 5189 1870's - 1910's Wexler , Laura . ... Law and the
Shaping of American Foreign Policy : From the Gilded Age to the New Era .



ISBN: UOM:39015065432968

Category: Canada


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Provides historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. Includes information abstracted from over 2,000 journals published worldwide.
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The Argentine Babel

The Streets and Social Order : The Class Politics of City - Building in Gilded - Age
New York City . ... 1870-1910 . New York : Oxford University Press , 1974 .
Sebreli , Juan José . Mar del Plata : El ocio represivo . Buenos Aires : Editorial ...

Author: Karen Joyce Robert


ISBN: UOM:39015041797401

Category: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Page: 578

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The Development of Class and Ethnic Politics in San Francisco 1870 1910

Gutman , Herbert G. , " The Worker's Search for Power : Labor in the -Gilded Age ,
" in H. Wayne Morgan , ed . , The Gilded Age : A Reappraisal , ( Syracuse , New
York : Syracuse University Press , 1963 ) , pp . 38-68 . " Work , Culture , and ...

Author: Steven P. Erie


ISBN: STANFORD:36105037230617

Category: Cultural pluralism

Page: 996

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Social Reform Taste and the Construction of Virtue in American Literature 1870 1910

New York : Living Books , Inc . , 1964 . Steffens , Lincoln . " The Shame of ... New
York : AMS Press , 1967 . Strouse , Jean . Alice James : A ... A Genteel Endeavor
: American Culture and Politics in the Gilded Age . Stanford , CA : Stanford UP ...

Author: Janice H. Koistinen-Harris


ISBN: 0773470077

Category: Social Science

Page: 190

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Dr. Koistinen-Harris's study of the relationship between literature, taste/aesthetics, and social reform in America at the turn of the twentieth century groups together subjects which scholars have not commonly linked with one another. Particularly, she has adopted an innovative way of thinking about reform writing, focusing not on what is being said about needy groups but instead on what the writing says to the potential reformers to whom it is addressed. Preface; Janice Koistinen-Harris's study of the relationship between literature, taste/aesthetics, and social reform in America at the turn of the twentieth century groups together subjects which scholars have not commonly linked with one another. In particular, Koistinen-Harris has adopted an innovative way of thinking about reform writing, focusing not on what is being said about needy groups but instead on what the writing says to the potential reformers to whom it is addressed. She thus establishes an important tie between thought and social action during an era which dramatically altered the course of American history. This book, then, fills an important gap at the junction between literary and historical scholarship. The li
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New York Sights

New York Public Library ( 1981 ) , Index to the Microfiche Edition of Photographic
Views of New York City , 1870s - 1970s ... American Cosmopolitanism , 1870
1910 ” in M . Chenetier and R . Kroes ( eds ) , Impressions of a Gilded Age : The ...

Author: Douglas Tallack

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN: 1845201701

Category: Art

Page: 288

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Lavishly illustrated, New York Sights surveys the formative period when a nostalgically evoked "Old New York" transformed into "New New York," ultimately becoming the modernist city of the twentieth century. Drawing on photography, film, and painting, the author considers the changing skyline, the grid-plan, the growth of the elevated train, the homes of the leisure classes, and city streets. Among the artists discussed are: Alfred Stieglitz, Jacob Riis, Georgia O'Keefe, John Sloan, Childe Hassam, and George Bellows. The conclusion looks at the post World War II period and the shocking visual reality of a New York skyline without the Twin Towers.
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Smithsonian Year

New York : Harry N . Abrams , Inc . , 1983 . Pachter , Marc . " American
Cosmopolitanism 18701910 . " In Impressions of a Gilded Age ; The American
Fin de Siècle by Marc Chenetier and Rob Kroes . European Contributions to
American ...

Author: Smithsonian Institution


ISBN: UOM:39015038658400

Category: Science


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National Register of Microform Masters

American reconstruction , 1865-1870 ... New York , MacVeagh , 1928 . l'n M m 28
-28984 Clemens , Cyril , 1902Petroleum Vesuvius Nasby . Webster Groves , Mo.
... New York , Webster , 1889 . ResP m ... LCP mo mf Lrl mf McI mf Clemens ,
Samuel Langhorne , 1835-1910 . pondence . v.p. , v.d. ... The gilded age ...
Hartford ...



ISBN: WISC:89126212992

Category: Books on microfilm


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Yucat n s Gilded Age

Chacón , Ramon D. " Yucatán and the Mexican Revolution : The
PreConstitutional Years , 1910-1918 . " Ph.D. diss . ... The Henequen Empire in
Yucatán : 1870-1910 . " Master's ... State University of New York , Stony Brook ,
1979 . Index auge ...

Author: Allen Wells


ISBN: STANFORD:36105037876815

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 239

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CHAIR : A . LEON HIGGINBOTHAM , JR . ... Rutgers University , New Brunswick
Campus Popular Consciousness and Injury Law : New York City , 1870 - 1910 ...

Author: Organization of American Historians


ISBN: UOM:39015075737216



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Social Change in an Industrial Town

Herbert G . Gutman , “ The Worker ' s Search for Power , ” The Gilded Age , ed . H
. Wayne ... Compiled from the Warren Mail , 1870 - 1910 and the Warren Ledger ,
1870 - 1910 . 24 . Ibid . 25 . Paul J . Kleppner , The Cross of Culture : A Social
Analysis of Midwestern Politics , 1850 - 1900 ( New York , 1970 ) , pp . 28 , 33 ,
34 ...

Author: Michael P. Weber

Publisher: Penn State University Press

ISBN: UCAL:B4397370

Category: History

Page: 185

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Using quantitative as well as verbal data, this book examines the social and geographic mobility of unskilled, semiskilled and skilled workers during the oil boom years of the 1870s and 1880s and the more stable 1890s and 1900s in an industrial town or northwestern Pennsylvania. Also analyzed are the differing rates of mobility or various ethnocultural groups living within the community. A hamlet in 1813, Warren was a lumber center briefly in the 1840s, then declined because of excessive logging, national depressions, and a disastrous downtown fire. After the first oil strike in 1875, Warren's population grew from 2,000 to 11,000 in just over three decades, having developed varied industries to replace sole reliance on timber or oil. Dr. Weber traces the origins of the people or Warren--whether native or foreign-born--and their movement, both geographical (including some departures from the community) and social (mostly upward but downward for some). He also considers the factors--public education, acquisition of skills, inheritance of property, and entrepreneurship--contributing to social movement. The book argues that social mobility was directly related to the industrial growth of the community, introducing extensive comparisons of other 19th-century towns in support of this thesis. Comparisons also suggest that community size and structure influenced both mobility and labor conditions.
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The Immigration History Newsletter

... ( New York , 1976 ) ; Doyle , " Unestablished Irishmen : New Immigrants and
Industrial America , 1870 - 1910 , " in Dirk ... Ethnicity , and Radicalism in the
Gilded Age : The Land League and Irish - America , " Marxist Perspectives , 1 (
1978 ) ...



ISBN: UOM:39015012889245

Category: Minorities


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A Collector s Vision

The 1910 Bequest of Matthias H. Arnot Rachael Sadinsky ... Neil Harris focuses
on Boston in his article “ The Gilded Age Revisited : Boston and the Museum
Movement , ” American Quarterly ... 1981 ) : 410-417 and Madeleine Fidell
Beaufort and Jeanne K. Welcher , “ Some Views of Art Buying in New York in the
1870s and ...

Author: Rachael Sadinsky


ISBN: STANFORD:36105030951581

Category: Painting

Page: 126

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