Unterwegs auf legendären Wegen
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783899559118
Page: 254
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The hidden happiness

Author: Stephen Berrien Stanton
Publisher: N.A
Category: Self-Help
Page: 231
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Author: Tobias Hill
Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641072611
Category: Fiction
Page: 416
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Eine ungewöhnliche Mischung aus spannungsgeladener Handlung und historischen Fakten Der junge Archäologe Ben Mercer ist Spezialist für Sparta, für den legendären Staat, der den Terror perfektioniert hat. Ben hat Frau und Kind verlassen und sich in einer griechischen Kleinstadt verkrochen. Dort trifft er eines Tages einen Kollegen aus Oxford wieder. Eine folgenschwere Begegnung: Bald arbeitet er an einer Ausgrabung mit, einem weiteren Versuch, hinter die Geheimnisse Spartas zu kommen. Ben spürt, dass seine Kollegen aber noch andere Motive haben, dass die Grabung vielleicht nur eine Tarnung für etwas ganz anderes ist. Bens Wunsch, zu dieser Gemeinschaft dazuzugehören und dieses Geheimnis zu teilen, hat einen ungeheuer hohen Preis. Tobias Hill hat mit »Verborgen« einen enorm spannungsgeladenen Roman über unser Zeitalter des Terrors geschrieben.

The Hidden Balance

Religion and the Social Theories of Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Mayhew
Author: John Corrigan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521026717
Category: History
Page: 176
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Congregationalist ministers Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Mayhew were among the most influential social and religious thinkers in Boston in the mid-eighteenth century. This 1987 study argues that Chauncy and Mayhew produced a complex but coherent body of ideas and that these ideas were organized closely and self-consciously around the principle of 'balance'. Writings on society and government are treated alongside theological works, rather than separate from them, and each man's corpus is placed against the background of English ideas as well as within the context of intellectual and social life in Boston. Investigation of the ideas of Chauncy and Mayhew in this way leads to the conclusion that although the two men believed that a cosmic principle of 'balance' organized social and religious life, they believed as well that full philosophical comprehension of this principle was beyond human capability. In order to express their understanding of cosmic order, Chauncy and Mayhew appropriated the metaphor of the 'great chain of being'.

The Hidden Spirituality of Men (Volume 2 of 3) (EasyRead Super Large 24pt Edition)

Author: Matthew Fox
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 1458727521
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 456
View: 1976
IT IS NO SECRET that men are in trouble today. From war to ecological collapse, most of the world's critical problems stem from a distorted masculinity out of control. Yet our culture rewards the very dysfunctions responsible for those problems. To Matthew Fox, our crucial task is to open our minds to a deeper understanding of the healthy masculine than we receive from our media, culture, and religions. To awaken what Fox calls ''the sacred masculine,'' he unearths ten metaphors, or archetypes, to inspire men to pursue their higher calling to reinvent the world.

The Hidden and Manifest God

Some Major Themes in Early Jewish Mysticism
Author: Peter Schafer
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791410448
Category: Religion
Page: 198
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This book represents the first wide-scale presentation and interpretation of pre-kabbalistic, Jewish mysticism. This is the Hekhalot or Merkavah mysticism. The emphasis is on the conceptions of God, the angels, and man that the texts provide and that are the framework of the Judaic world view in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages.

Das geheime Leben der Bäume

Was sie fühlen, wie sie kommunizieren - die Entdeckung einer verborgenen Welt
Author: Peter Wohlleben
Publisher: Ludwig
ISBN: 3641114004
Category: Nature
Page: 224
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Ein neuer Blick auf alte Freunde Erstaunliche Dinge geschehen im Wald: Bäume, die miteinander kommunizieren. Bäume, die ihren Nachwuchs, aber auch alte und kranke Nachbarn liebevoll umsorgen und pflegen. Bäume, die Empfindungen haben, Gefühle, ein Gedächtnis. Unglaublich? Aber wahr! – Der Förster Peter Wohlleben erzählt faszinierende Geschichten über die ungeahnten und höchst erstaunlichen Fähigkeiten der Bäume. Dazu zieht er die neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse ebenso heran wie seine eigenen unmittelbaren Erfahrungen mit dem Wald und schafft so eine aufregend neue Begegnung für die Leser: Wir schließen Bekanntschaft mit einem Lebewesen, das uns vertraut schien, uns aber hier erstmals in seiner ganzen Lebendigkeit vor Augen tritt. Und wir betreten eine völlig neue Welt ...

The Hidden Curriculum in Higher Education

Author: Eric Margolis
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415927598
Category: Education
Page: 238
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This text includes original essays focusing on every aspect of the hidden curriculum, from sexism in science departments to the politics of the dissertation committee to the training of capitalism's foot soldiers by business schools.

The Hidden War

A Russian Journalist's Account of the Soviet War in Afghanistan
Author: Artem Borovik
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 9780802137753
Category: History
Page: 288
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A Soviet journalist documents the experiences of Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan, detailing the soldiers' morale, the prevalence of drug problems, and the Russian withdrawal and the aftermath.

Killing the Hidden Waters

Author: Charles Bowden
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9780292743069
Category: Nature
Page: 206
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From the introduction to the new edition: “I’ll tell you where I went wrong. The faucet in the kitchen always becomes the reality we believe, and the periodic droughts, one of which for much of the nineties savaged the West, remain a fantasy. This happens each and every day as the water roars from the faucet and the skies remain dangerously blue.” —Charles Bowden In the quarter-century since his first book, Killing the Hidden Waters, was published in 1977, Charles Bowden has become one of the premier writers on the American environment, rousing a generation of readers to both the wonder and the tragedy of humanity’s relationship with the land. Revisiting his earliest work with a new introduction, “What I Learned Watching the Wells Go Down,” Bowden looks back at his first effort to awaken people to the costs and limits of using natural resources through a simple and obvious example—water. He drives home the point that years of droughts, rationing, and even water wars have done nothing to slake the insatiable consumption of water in the American West. Even more timely now than in 1977, Killing the Hidden Waters remains, in Edward Abbey’s words, “the best all-around summary I’ve read yet, anywhere, of how our greed-driven, ever-expanding urban-industrial empire is consuming, wasting, poisoning, and destroying not only the resource basis of its own existence, but also the vital, sustaining basis of life everywhere.”

The Hidden Screen

Low-power Television in America
Author: Robert L. Hilliard,Michael C. Keith
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9780765604194
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 212
View: 5753
Appendix 8A. Fact Sheet on LPTV -- Appendix 8B. CBA Petition for Rulemaking to FCC -- Notes -- Further Reading -- Index

Signs of the Hidden

Semiotic Studies
Author: Susan W. Tiefenbrun
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789062038718
Category: Social Science
Page: 237
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Among the Hidden: Study Guide and Student Workbook (Enhanced ebook)

Author: N.A
Publisher: BMI Educational Services
ISBN: 160933583X
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
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The Hidden Meaning of Dreams

Author: Craig Hamilton-Parker
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 9780806977737
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 144
View: 8224
Discusses the psychological and mystical meanings of specific symbols in dreams and provides experiments to help remember and analyze dreams

The Hidden Order of Art

A Study in the Psychology of Artistic Imagination
Author: Anton Ehrenzweig
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520038455
Category: Art
Page: 306
View: 7478
A revealing study into the relationship between psychology and the arts. Anton Ehrenzweig's tour de force describes nothing less than the psychology of artistic creativity. Focusing on the visual arts and music, he shows that, in addition to conscious, intellectual critical powers, both the child and the creative artist rely on an unconscious, intuitive critical process to give shape to their view of the world.

The Hidden Epidemic

Confronting Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Author: Committee on Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Publisher: National Academies
Category: Medical
Page: 432
View: 6571
The results of an investigation by the U.S. Committee on Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases surveys the scope of sexually transmitted diseases and pronounces their proliferation a national health crisis.

The Hidden Path

Author: Raven Grimassi,Stephanie Taylor
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738710709
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 202
View: 917
What treasures does the Hidden Path hold for you? Insights into the ancient wisdom of your craft- a beautiful way to align with mystical realms and magical energies- a powerful tool for receiving guidance about the possibilities ahead on your life's path? The gifts that await are as unique as each person who embarks on the journey. Multi-faceted and magical, The Hidden Path can be used by those on a nature-based spiritual path for divination, pathworking, celebrating seasonal rites, creating ritual experiences, and accessing the hidden Mysteries of the Craft. Bestselling Wiccan author Raven Grimassi and High Priestess Stephanie Taylor have collaborated once again with award-winning Pagan artist Mickie Mueller to create these transformative cards that can be used alone or as a complement to their popular Well Worn Path kit. The Hidden Path kit contains 40 cards, a 216-page guidebook, and a black organdy bag. "Can be used alone for insightful readings, pathworking, or ritual creation . . . this deck provides a complete tradition for the solitary practitioner . . . A great teaching tool!" --New Age Retailer

Ending the Hidden Unfairness in U.S. Elections

Let's Use VoteFair Ranking to Restore Democracy and Stop the Excessive Influence of Campaign Contributions
Author: Richard Fobes
Publisher: Solutions Through Innovation
ISBN: 0963222120
Category: Elections
Page: 408
View: 3127
Frustrated voters can now take action to reduce the big gap between what voters want and politicians do. This book explains how VoteFair ranking can eliminate a hidden unfairness in U.S. elections. The unfairness is hidden in primary elections where the winner is always from the correct party, but is often disliked by a majority of the voters. Traditional single-mark ballots don't provide information about secondary preferences, so the frequent lack of majority support for the winner of a primary election typically goes unnoticed. VoteFair ranking makes use of order-of-preference ballots that allow each voter to indicate not only a first choice, but also a second choice, third choice, and so on. VoteFair ranking counts these ballots in a way that not only correctly identifies which candidate is most popular, but also indicates which candidate is second-most popular, which candidate is third-most popular, and so on. An existing voting method called instant runoff voting also uses ballots that collect secondary preferences, but voting experts acknowledge that sometimes instant runoff voting identifies the wrong winner. The book's author, Richard Fobes, says "VoteFair ranking takes into account all the preferences of all the voters, which makes the results fairer than instant runoff voting, which only considers some of the secondary preferences of some of the voters." Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections contains 85 illustrations of candidates, ballots, voters, and voter preferences that clearly show the unfairness of current voting methods and the fairness of VoteFair ranking. The book also contains eight cartoons and a poem. At the front of the book are suggestions for how to read only portions of the book. The suggestions include reading the introductory chapter that summarizes the book's most important points, just reading the two chapters that explain order-of-preference ballots and VoteFair ranking, just reading the chapters that explain how U.S. Presidential elections can be improved, or just reading the closing chapter that takes a peek into the future to reveal the increased economic prosperity that will flourish under fairer voting methods. The longer you wait to tell others about this book and VoteFair ranking, the longer we must put up with special-interest puppets instead of voter-chosen leaders.

The Hidden Welfare State

Tax Expenditures and Social Policy in the United States
Author: Christopher Howard
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400822416
Category: Political Science
Page: 272
View: 8270
Despite costing hundreds of billions of dollars and subsidizing everything from homeownership and child care to health insurance, tax expenditures (commonly known as tax loopholes) have received little attention from those who study American government. This oversight has contributed to an incomplete and misleading portrait of U.S. social policy. Here Christopher Howard analyzes the "hidden" welfare state created by such programs as tax deductions for home mortgage interest and employer-provided retirement pensions, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Targeted Jobs Tax Credit. Basing his work on the histories of these four tax expenditures, Howard highlights the distinctive characteristics of all such policies. Tax expenditures are created more routinely and quietly than traditional social programs, for instance, and over time generate unusual coalitions of support. They expand and contract without deliberate changes to individual programs. Howard helps the reader to appreciate the historic links between the hidden welfare state and U.S. tax policy, which accentuate the importance of Congress and political parties. He also focuses on the reasons why individuals, businesses, and public officials support tax expenditures. The Hidden Welfare State will appeal to anyone interested in the origins, development, and structure of the American welfare state. Students of public finance will gain new insights into the politics of taxation. And as policymakers increasingly promote tax expenditures to address social problems, the book offers some sobering lessons about how such programs work.

Beyond the Hidden Pain of Abortion

Author: Patricia A. Bigliardi
Publisher: Aglow Publications
ISBN: 9781566160117
Category: Religion
Page: 235
View: 7935