The Humans in the Walls

The great paradox of the transcendent mind is that, in understanding so much, it loses the ability to truly understand a merely human mind. ROBERT SCOTTS I should have seen the truth earlier, but I was too much under the influence of ...

Author: Eric James Stone

Publisher: WordFire +ORM

ISBN: 9781680570618

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

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Nebula Award-winning author! Supernatural beings, uploaded brains, psychic powers, space colonies, alternate timelines, aliens, superheroes, and giant AI starships that pay little attention to The Humans in the Walls. Each story contains special commentary by the author.
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The Impact of Information on Modern Humans

between different humans. It is based on a technical understanding of the world. Technosphere is consciously formed, maintained and perfected by humanity. 3.1.3 Concept of “Noosphere” as a Unit of Philosophical Analysis In addition to ...

Author: Elena G. Popkova

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319753836

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 754

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This book features contributions from various spheres of socio-humanitarian sciences presented at the scientific and practical conference on “Humans as an Object of Study by Modern Science,” which took place in Nizhny Novgorod (Russian Federation) on November 23–24, 2017. The conference was organized by Kozma Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University and the non-profit organization “Institute of Scientific Communications.” Presenting the results of multidisciplinary studies as well as new approaches, the target audience of the book includes postgraduates, lecturers at higher educational establishments, and researchers studying socio-humanitarian sciences. The complex study of humans by representatives of various socio-humanitarian sciences (philosophy, pedagogics, jurisprudence, social sciences, and economics) allows a comprehensive concept of the field to be developed. Selecting humans as an object of research opens wide possibilities for studying various issues related to their activities, while considering humans within multiple sciences means that the methods of induction and deduction can be combined to achieve precise results. This book includes the results of leading scientific studies on the following key issues: establishment of an information economy under the influence of scientific and technical progress: new challenges and opportunities; information and communication technologies as a new vector of development of the modern world economy; specifics and experience of using new information and communication technologies in developed and developing countries; problems of implementing new information and communication technologies in the modern economy; and priorities of using new information and communication technologies in the modern economy.
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Gods and Humans in the Ancient Near East

Furthermore, 'Merikare' does not say how Ra brought the human creature into existence. However, it does indicate what he used to do 28 so. Whereas YHWH constructed the human from the 'dust' (. Spalinger, 2009, 59n287.

Author: Tyson L. Putthoff

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108846424

Category: Social Science


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In this book, Tyson Putthoff explores the relationship between gods and humans, and between divine nature and human nature, in the Ancient Near East. In this world, gods lived among humans. The two groups shared the world with one another, each playing a special role in maintaining order in the cosmos. Humans also shared aspects of a godlike nature. Even in their natural condition, humans enjoyed a taste of the divine state. Indeed, gods not only lived among humans, but also they lived inside them, taking up residence in the physical body. As such, human nature was actually a composite of humanity and divinity. Putthoff offers new insights into the ancients' understanding of humanity's relationship with the gods, providing a comparative study of this phenomenon from the third millennium BCE to the first century CE.
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Humans Animals and Biopolitics

fish probably do experience some of the adverse states that humans associate with pain and emotional distress«, though there is much going on, this also reproduces and enacts a version of anthropomorphic subjectivism.

Author: Kristin Asdal

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317119432

Category: Social Science

Page: 198

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Human-animal co-existence is central to a politics of life, how we order societies, and to debates about who ’we’ humans think ’we’ are. In other words, our ways of understanding and ordering human-animal relations have economic and political implications and affect peoples’ everyday lives. By bringing together historically-oriented approaches and contemporary ethnographies which engage with science and technology studies (STS), this book reflects the multi-sited, multi-species, multi-logic and multiple ways in which lives are and have been assembled, disassembled, practised and possibly policed and politicized. Instead of asking only how control and knowledge are and have been extended over life, the chapters in this book also look at what happens when control fails, at practices which defy orders, escape detection, fail to produce or only loosely hang together. In doing so the book problematises and extends the Foucauldian notion of biopolitics that has been such a central analytical concept in studies of human-animal relations and provides a unique resource of cases and theoretical refinements regarding the ways in which we live together with more than human others .
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Humans and the Environment

While our knowledge of the past will always be incomplete, we can follow the development of many societies and estimate the human and environmental contributions to their trajectories. What can be done with this record of the past?

Author: Matthew I. J. Davies

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191626012

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

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The environment has always been a central concept for archaeologists and, although it has been conceived in many ways, its role in archaeological explanation has fluctuated from a mere backdrop to human action, to a primary factor in the understanding of society and social change. Archaeology also has a unique position as its base of interest places it temporally between geological and ethnographic timescales, spatially between global and local dimensions, and epistemologically between empirical studies of environmental change and more heuristic studies of cultural practice. Drawing on data from across the globe at a variety of temporal and spatial scales, this volume resituates the way in which archaeologists use and apply the concept of the environment. Each chapter critically explores the potential for archaeological data and practice to contribute to modern environmental issues, including problems of climate change and environmental degradation. Overall the volume covers four basic themes: archaeological approaches to the way in which both scientists and locals conceive of the relationship between humans and their environment, applied environmental archaeology, the archaeology of disaster, and new interdisciplinary directions.The volume will be of interest to students and established archaeologists, as well as practitioners from a range of applied disciplines.
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And so, it is easy to see how the false-self has taken charge in most cases with mainly all the humans on The RokWorlds, who create a continuous demise.” 126) “Philosophy, because of its habit as an abstraction, has never been a, ...



ISBN: 9781300348078


Page: 176

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Mah Meri

They were all united under one Кing and so held a meeting to kill human beings. Вut unfortunately the humans are big and we are small, so we cannot kill the human beings. The King agreed that human meat tasted good.

Author: Roland Werner


ISBN: UCBK:C063769198

Category: Mah-Meri (Malaysian people)

Page: 532

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The Human Body in Health Disease

Inborn Immunity Although certain diseases found in animals may be transmitted to humans, many infections, such as chicken cholera, hog cholera, distemper, and other animal diseases, do not affect human beings.

Author: Ruth Lundeen Memmler

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 0397551754

Category: Medical

Page: 454

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tion. As an introduction to basic anatomy and physiology, the organiza tion of the body is traced from the single cell to the coordinated who le. Coverage includes normal and abnormal anatomy, physiology, and pat hophysiology; basic microbiology, chemistry, and physics. Focus is pla ced on the interaction of all body systems for the maintenance of a st able internal state, or homeostasis, and explanation is given for cond itions that can upset this balance to produce disease. Key features in clude: student objectives, key terms and study questions in each chapt er; a summary outline at the end of each chapter; abundant illustratio ns to clarify text; a glossary with pronunciations; and a medical term inology section. New and exciting in the 8th edition: 50% of all illus trations are new; 70 new four-color illustrations; many new photograph s and micrographs; expanded information on physiology; special interes t boxes in each chapter, one on normal function, one presents clinical focus. Also new is an appendix on laboratory values covering urine, b lood cells, and blood chemistry.
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Specter of the White Death Salmon Run Book 5

"The new site is even closer to humans than the last one," Admiral Kian said. "Including the humans you study. I've noticed how much they enjoy the outdoors. I do not like this situation." "We don't have much of a choice," Lieutenant ...

Author: J.A. Marlow

Publisher: Star Catcher Publishing

ISBN: 9781937042240

Category: Fiction

Page: 155

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Past, present, and future collide in the rugged Alaska mountains. When Hawk and Zach Callahan agree to basic survival training with Amber Marley, they instead get an entire town of helpful interfering neighbors. With the help of Sasha and Grandpa Neely, they escape into the mountains to continue the lessons. Elsewhere, Admiral Kian did not like the situation in Bermuda and orders their spaceship readied. With no supply shuttle due to arrive in the near future, this means they must find and use Earth-based raw materials to manufacture their own parts. Nanuk once again finds his human research derailed. Leading both to a dangerous encounter with one of the horrors of winter: Avalanche. Welcome to Salmon Run, Alaska! A place of wild animals, wild lands, and wild inhabitants...oh, and native legends come alive and an interplanetary alien conflict at their backdoor. A fun contemporary science fiction series for teens, young adults, and adults of all ages. Books in the Salmon Run series in order: Night of the Aurora Alien Winter The Singing Lakes Secret Illusions Specter of the White Death Aurora Equinox Breakup - Alaska Style The Legend of Crazy Uncle George
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Where Humans and Spirits Meet

The use of this particular term indicates that the human body is seen like a set of clothes for the spirit. The spirits or the spirit-selves can enter and materialize through human bodies. It seems that it is the human body, ...

Author: Kjersti Larsen

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9780857450562

Category: Religion

Page: 184

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Zanzibar, an island off the East African coast, with its Muslim and Swahili population, offers rich material for this study of identity, religion, and multiculturalism. This book focuses on the phenomenon of spirit possession in Zanzibar Town and the relationships created between humans and spirits; it provides a way to apprehend how society is constituted and conceived and, thus, discusses Zanzibari understandings of what it means to be human.
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