The Idea of Perfection

INTRODUCTION I've been nervous about writing this. Partly because when you
really love something, it seems absurd that it would fall to you to introduce it. At
the friend of a friend's house party, if I turned up with The Idea of Perfection by
Kate ...

Author: Kate Grenville

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781509823420

Category: Fiction


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With an introduction by Evie Wyld The Idea of Perfection by Kate Grenville is a funny and touching romance between two people who've given up on love. Set in the eccentric little backwater of Karakarook, New South Wales, pop. 1374, it tells the story of Douglas Cheeseman, a gawky engineer with jug-handle ears, and Harley Savage, a woman altogether too big and too abrupt for comfort. Harley is in Karakarook to foster 'Heritage', and Douglas is there to pull down the quaint old Bent Bridge. From day one, they're on a collision course. But out of this unpromising conjunction of opposites, something unexpected happens: sometimes even better than perfection.
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The Idea of Perfection

Trying to save Perfection—in the shipwreck that is modern times, saving the idea
of perfection—the idea of time, of work, being as beautiful as the work itself... —

Author: Paul Valéry

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9780374713959

Category: Poetry

Page: 400

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A fresh look into the monumental work of Paul Valéry, one of the major French literary figures of the twentieth century. Heir to Mallarmé and the symbolists, godfather to the modernists, Paul Valéry was a poet with thousands of readers and few followers, great resonance and little echo. Along with Rilke and Eliot, he stands as a bridge between the tradition of the nineteenth century and the novelty of the twentieth. His reputation as a poet rests on three slim volumes published in a span of only ten years. Yet these poems, it turns out, are inseparable from another, much vaster intellectual and artistic enterprise: the Notebooks. Behind the published works, behind the uneventful life of the almost forgotten and then exceedingly famous poet, there hides another story, a private life of the mind, that has its record in 28,000 pages of notes revealed in their entirety only after his death. Their existence had been hinted at, evoked in rumors and literary asides; but once made public it took years for their significance to be fully appreciated. It turned out that the prose fragments published in Valéry’s lifetime were not the after-the-fact musings of an accomplished poet, nor his occasional sketchbook, nor excerpts from his private journal. They were a disfigured glimpse of a vast and fragmentary “exercise of thought,” a restless intellectual quest as unguided and yet as persistent, as rigorous, and as uncontainable as the sea that is so often their subject. The Idea of Perfection shows both sides of Valéry: the craftsman of sublimely refined verse, and the fervent investigator of the limits of human intellect and expression. It intersperses his three essential poetic works—Album of Early Verse, The Young Fate, and Charms—with incisive selections from the Notebooks and finishes with the prose poem “The Angel.” Masterfully translated by Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody, with careful attention to form and a natural yet metrical contemporary poetic voice, The Idea of Perfection breathes new life into poems that are among the most beautiful in the French language and the most influential of the twentieth century.
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The Idea of Perfection in Christian Theology

The Doctrine of Perfection in The Christian Faith. There are two moments in the
later, systematic thought of Schleiermacher where we see the idea of Perfection
governing his thought. (I) The first is in his stress on the original perfection of the ...

Author: R. Newton Flew

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781597521109

Category: Religion

Page: 440

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This book is an examination of historical Christian teaching relating to the perfection of the soul. It begins with the New Testament, and with the recorded teaching of Christ, which contemplated for his disciples Òa life lived on the level of miracle.Ó The rest of the book is concerned to trace the history of this idea of perfection in the history of the historic church, first in the writings of St. Paul and St. John, then in the Fathers, in the ideal of Monastic life, through Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, to the Reformation, to St. Francis de Sales, FŽnelon, Law, the Quakers and the Methodists, and on to the present day.
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Author: Paul Johannes Du Plessis


ISBN: OCLC:2664676

Category: Bible

Page: 255

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The Sovereignty of Good Over Other Concepts

As soon as we begin to use words such as ' love ' and “ justice ' in characterizing
M , we introduce into our whole conceptual picture of her situation the idea of
progress , that is the idea of perfection : and it is just the presence of this idea
which ...

Author: Iris Murdoch

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 041525552X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 105

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It was obvious to Murdoch, and all those who read her work, that good transcends everything, even God. The framework for Murdoch's questions about good and bad, and her own conclusions, can be found in this text.
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The Idea of God

Thus, in Aquinas' thought on God, the principle of relation becomes the
coincidence of distinctions, so that in fact relation comes to mean identity. In the
end, then, the idea of divine perfection depends upon the contradiction of the
principle of ...

Author: B.Z. Cooper

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401180931

Category: Philosophy

Page: 136

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Thinking about God is historical thinking and that in two senses : the idea of God has a history, and those who think about God think through an historically formed mind. The task of the theologian, is not the attempt to move outside his historicity - such an attempt constitutes a fallacy and not a virtue - but to accept its implications and limitations. Methodologically this means that the theologian must point to the historical perspectives that underlie the idea of God in its development and, in his own constructive thought, must work self-consciously with an historical perspective informed by the psychological and cosmological understanding of his own time. This book centers on that idea which traditionally has been associated with the very godness of God - the idea of divine abso luteness - and puts certain historical, logical, religious and, finally, cosmological questions to it. The roots of that idea lie in Greek thought, which entered Christian theology via the early church is much indication, particularly in Patristic fathers; even so, there trinitarian thought, that the Biblical heritage is pushing theological thlnking towards a social or relative concept of divine being (ch. 1).
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Lighting Dark Places

Constructions of Nation and Gender in The Idea of Perfection —— SUE KOSSEW
“Perhaps some will say it is a reaction to Dark Places. But [...] I see it as part of a
process. I had to look into the dark, and having looked at the dark, now I want to ...

Author: Sue Kossew

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042032866

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 264

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This is the first published collection of critical essays on the work of Kate Grenville, one of AustraliaOCOs most important contemporary writers. Grenville has been acclaimed for her novels, winning numerous national and international prizes including the Orange Prize for Fiction and the Commonwealth WritersOCO Prize. Her novels are marked by sharp observations of outsider figures who are often under pressure to conform to societyOCOs norms. More recently, she has written novels set in AustraliaOCOs past, revisiting and re-imagining colonial encounters between settlers and Indigenous Australians.This collection of essays includes a scholarly introduction and three new essays that reflect on GrenvilleOCOs work in relation to her approach to feminism, her role as public intellectual and her books on writing. The other nine essays provide analyses of each of her novels published to date, from the early success of LilianOCOs Story and Dreamhouse to the most recently published novel, The Lieutenant . Her work has been the subject of some debate and this is reflected in a number of the essays published here, most particularly with regard to her most successful novel to date, The Secret River . This intellectual engagement with important contemporary issues is a mark of GrenvilleOCOs fiction, testament to her own analysis of the vital role of writers in uncertain times. She has suggested that OC writers have ways of going into the darkest places, taking readers with them and coming out safely.OCO This volume attests to GrenvilleOCOs own significance as a writer in a time of change and to the value of her novels as indices of that change and in OC lighting dark places.OCO"
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The Foundations of Religious Belief

Factitious ideas are of necessity complex ideas , and can be made up of only
such simple ideas as are found in one or the other ... Ist . The idea of God is a
perfect idea , or the idea of perfection ; and he does not appear to make any
distinction ...

Author: William Dexter Wilson


ISBN: OSU:32435011380441

Category: Natural theology

Page: 386

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The Impossibility of Perfection

Isaiah Berlin's idea that perfection of the virtues is impossible in principle seems
to have largely slipped off the radar screen in recent moral philosophy. Under the
influence of reviving Aristotelian virtue ethics, most of the focus of recent ...

Author: Michael Slote

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 9780199790821

Category: Philosophy

Page: 167

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Most people think that the difficulty of balancing career and personal/family relationships is the fault of present-day society or is due to their own inadequacies. But in this major new book, eminent moral philosopher Michael Slote argues that the difficulty runs much deeper, that it is due to the essential nature of the divergent goods involved in this kind of choice. He shows more generally that perfect human happiness and perfect virtue are impossible in principle, a view originally enunciated by Isaiah Berlin, but much more thoroughly and synoptically defended here than ever before. Ancient Greek and modern-day Enlightenment thought typically assumed that perfection was possible, and this is also true of Romanticism and of most recent ethical theory. But if, as Slote maintains, imperfection is inevitable, then our inherited categories of virtue and personal good are far too limited and unqualified to allow us to understand and cope with the richer and more complex life that characterizes today's world. And The Impossibility of Perfection argues in particular that we need some new notions, new distinctions, and even new philosophical methods in order to distill some of the ethical insights of recent feminist thought and arrive at a fuller and more realistic picture of ethical phenomena.
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Nature s Perfect Food

Intrinsic to the rise of milk as the “perfect food” is the idea of perfection itself. Ideas
about perfection provide a key to understanding modern society. The modern
story of the march of progress entails the march to a perfect world. The industrial

Author: E. Melanie Dupuis

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814719376

Category: History

Page: 310

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For over a century, America's nutrition authorities have heralded milk as "nature's perfect food," as "indispensable" and "the most complete food." These milk "boosters" have ranged from consumer activists, to government nutritionists, to the American Dairy Council and its ubiquitous milk moustache ads. The image of milk as wholesome and body-building has a long history, but is it accurate? Recently, within the newest social movements around food, milk has lost favor. Vegan anti-milk rhetoric portrays the dairy industry as cruel to animals and milk as bad for humans. Recently, books with titles like, "Milk: The Deadly Poison," and "Don't Drink Your Milk" have portrayed milk as toxic and unhealthy. Controversies over genetically-engineered cows and questions about antibiotic residue have also prompted consumers to question whether the milk they drink each day is truly good for them. In Nature's Perfect Food Melanie Dupuis illuminates these questions by telling the story of how Americans came to drink milk. We learn how cow's milk, which was associated with bacteria and disease became a staple of the American diet. Along the way we encounter 19th century evangelists who were convinced that cow's milk was the perfect food with divine properties, brewers whose tainted cow feed poisoned the milk supply, and informal wetnursing networks that were destroyed with the onset of urbanization and industrialization. Informative and entertaining, Nature's Perfect Food will be the standard work on the history of milk.
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The Perfect Age of Man s Life

The medieval concept of the perfect age was another such response. The idea
that perfection is or may be obtainable here, in this world, is common to both
these responses, but the medieval concept of the perfect age of man's life also
draws ...

Author: Mary Dove

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521325714

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 175

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Originally published in 1986, this is an investigation of one particular aspect of what is usually called the Ages of Man. Human beings seem always to have divided up their lives into separate stages: this book argues that the medieval understanding of the age in the middle of man's life was very different from contemporary ideas. Middle age in the Middle Ages did not have dim and negative associations. Instead, it was typically perceived as a 'perfect' age, an age of fulfilment which reached its consummation in the redemption brought about by Christ in his perfect age. The implications of this for medieval understanding of the series of the ages are discussed here for the first time.
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Confessing the Triune God

In this journey, Wesley made it a point to emphasize another theme, one
associated with the idea of Christian perfection or entire sanctification. This move
has proven to be difficult to understand and perpetuate both in Wesley's lifetime
and ...

Author: Daniel Castelo

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630873769

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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At the heart of Christian witness is the confession of the triune God. Confessing the Triune God seeks to extend a conversation on Christianity's first article by way of locating Trinitarianism in the life of the worshiping faithful. It does so through an ongoing dialectic between broad and particular confessional lines. Its breadth is constituted by an ongoing assessment of ecumenical consensus and scholarly debates related to Trinitarianism; its repeated framing stems from and returns to the Wesleyan and Methodist family of traditions. In this way, Christian commitments regarding the Trinity can be depicted for their wide appeal as well as their particular logic within a specific worshiping community. The work seeks to guide readers through a process of growing awareness of how the dogma of the Trinity is central to all that Christians say, do, and hope to be.
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The Perfect Teacher

The idea of perfection is a difficult one to quantify, and in a profession such as
teaching, where there are so many variables (let alone chal- lenges), summing
up the specific credentials for perfection is near impossible. Therefore,
throughout ...

Author: Louisa Leaman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441119797

Category: Education

Page: 144

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The Perfect Teacher is a practical book for teachers of all levels of experience, which deals with the major issues of the profession, such as discipline, time management and teaching style, by showing teachers how other people see them. Schools are busy places, but spending most of the day in the company of 30+ children can still feel rather lonely. There is little time for teachers to make meaningful contact with other adults, to talk about how they can help one another and share ideas. And when these opportunities do arise, they are usually in formal circumstances: inspections, observations, appraisals and training days. As a result, it can be difficult for teachers to develop a fair view of their own practice. Many are overly self-critical, because they rarely get to see that they are not the only ones who struggle with certain students or have difficulties keeping up with the workload. Some find it tough, because they become too insular - they get stuck in the same routines, or feel that they have run out of ideas. Others become demoralised - they feel over criticised, undervalued and very misunderstood. The Perfect Teacher intends to light up the shadows of the classroom: to provide a multi-faceted insight into what makes a good teacher, taking the perspectives of different education related professionals as its starting point. It acts as a critical friend, helping teachers to reflect on their strengths whilst offering a range of viewpoints that may throw up new and fresh solutions to old problems. The book provides advice from classroom teachers (primary and secondary), parents, pupils, headmasters, senior teachers, social workers, special educational needs co-ordinators, support staff, teacher trainers, and school governors, which will provide readers with a broad and balanced profile of the 'perfect' teacher.
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Matter and Spirit

First Proof For The Existence Of God: Cause Of The Idea Of Perfection The
simplicity of "I think" is a starting point for investigating a complexity. Although the
"I" is present to itself in the various modes of consciousness, the fact that it has
such ...

Author: James M. Lawler

Publisher: University Rochester Press

ISBN: 1580462219

Category: Philosophy

Page: 574

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This narrative shows how the contours of moral and political philosophy in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were shaped by Kant's two distinct philosophical responses to the results of modern science.
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The Dawning of Wisdom

If the word 'perfect' is used in a relative sense, it is most meaningful when talking
about the perfection of a skill or a ... Such a mechanized and quantified notion of
perfection, connected with the use of machines, may allow one to speak of ...

Author: Raghavan Iyer

Publisher: Theosophy Trust Books

ISBN: 9780979320569

Category: Philosophy


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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

something as true. The thought accepted executes itself automatically. ... A
Protestant minister I knew in Johannesburg, South Africa, told me the method he
used to convey the idea of perfect health to his subconscious mind. He had
cancer of ...

Author: Joseph Murphy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101552216

Category: Self-Help

Page: 384

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The classic, millions-selling inspirational guide is now available in a beautiful keepsake edition suited to a lifetime of use and coupled with a special bonus text: Riches Are Your Right. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, one of the most brilliant and beloved spiritual self-help works of all time, teaches how to dramatically alter your life by changing your thoughts. Selling millions in various editions since its original publication in 1963, this life-changing classic is now available in a handsome and durable keepsake volume, to be cherished for decades. In addition to the complete original text, as published by the author in 1963, this edition features: A stately leather casing, perfect for home display A bonus work: Murphy's 1952 mind-power classic, Riches Are Your Right A red ribbon place marker Marbled endpapers Gilded paper edges Gold-stamped lettering on the casing A four-color O-card Hubbed spine Shrink-wrapping
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Works of Thomas Hill Green

In God, or rather in the ideal human person as he really exists in God, they are
actually one; i.e. self-satisfaction is for ever sought and found in the realisation of
a completely articulated or thoroughly filled idea of the perfection of the human ...

Author: Thomas Hill Green

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108036818

Category: Philosophy

Page: 602

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The writings, unpublished papers and lectures of one of England's most influential nineteenth-century philosophers, published 1885-8.
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Lectures on the Principles of Political Obligation

In God, or rather in the ideal human person as he really exists in God, they are
actually one ; i.e. self-satisfaction is for ever sought and found in the realisation of
a completely articulated or thoroughly filled idea of the perfection of the human ...

Author: Thomas Hill Green

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781584776147

Category: Law

Page: 252

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Reprint of the first edition. Roscoe Pound recommended this book in The Study of American Law for its discussion of legal rights, powers, liberties, privileges and liabilities (38). Green [1836-1882], Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford University, was one of the most influential philosophers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Lectures on the Principles of Political Obligations is his most important work. Its object is to demonstrate, on the basis of his general moral philosophy, the ethical position of the state, in particular the extent to which moral authority is justifiable and obedience to law morally obligatory. Extracted from Volume II of The Works of Thomas Hill Green (1885), it went on to become a standard textbook on political theory in Great Britain and the United States. A durable work, it is still cited today.
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The Perfection of Freedom

In this respect, the outward form is free precisely because the inner idea is
determined. There is a perfect coincidence of freedom and necessity. If an
extrinsic necessity governed the relationship between the idea and the form, both
the idea ...

Author: D. C. Schindler

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621894940

Category: Philosophy

Page: 440

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The Perfection of Freedom seeks to respond to the impoverished conventional notion of freedom through a recovery of an understanding rich with possibilities yet all but forgotten in contemporary thought. This understanding, developed in different but complementary ways in the German thinkers Schiller, Schelling, and Hegel, connects freedom, not exclusively with power and possibility, but rather most fundamentally with completion, wholeness, and actuality. What is unique here is specifically the interpretation of freedom in terms of form, whether it be aesthetic form (Schiller), organic form (Schelling), or social form (Hegel). Although this book presents serious criticisms of the three philosophers, it shows that they open up new avenues for reflection on the notion of freedom; avenues that promise to overcome many of the dichotomies that continue to haunt contemporary thought--for example, between freedom and order, freedom and nature, and self and other. The Perfection of Freedom offers not only a significantly new interpretation of Schiller, Schelling, and Hegel, it also proposes a modernity more organically rooted in the ancient and classical Christian worlds.
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Tracts of the American Unitarian Association

Moreover , the very idea of imperfection , as such , involves at least some faint
glimmering i of an idea of the Perfect , with which it is compared , and without
which imperfection would be to us as perfection . In other words , if we had no
idea of ...



ISBN: HARVARD:32044020314035

Category: Tracts


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