The Legacy of the DC 3

More than two dozen books have been written worldwide in the last 60 years about the Douglas DC - 3 , yet there are always people looking for a “ new ” book on this legendary aircraft . Retired Braniff Airlines Captain and author ...

Author: Henry M. Holden


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Discover the remarkable history of the airplane that changed the world. Featuring almost 500 photographs and illustrations, The Legacy of the DC-3, is an exciting, detailed account of the development of the DC-3/C-47. Considered the most beloved and historically-important aircraft ever manufactured, the DC-3 flew over 100 billion miles and carried 700 million passengers. From the beginning of Donald Douglas' career through the war years to the DC-3s of today, this book captures the DC-3's many amazing accomplishments, as well as interesting behind-the-scenes stories of the personalities and struggles that shaped the airplane dubbed Queen of the Skies. Author Henry M. Holden's extensive research includes a roster of every surviving DC-3/C-47 he could locate, as well as details on each variant product. The Legacy of the DC-3, is a must-have book for the aviation historian, researcher, engineer, casual reader and buff.
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The Complete History of Aviation

THE DC-3 The Douglas Aircraft Company's DC3 was a low—wing, twin—engine monoplane with retractable landing gear that in various conforma— tions could seat 21 or 28 passengers or carry 6,000 pounds (2,725 kg) of cargo.

Author: Britannica Educational Publishing

Publisher: Britannica Educational Publishing

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Humans have long dreamt of communing with the skies and acquiring the ability to fly. The first experiments with balloon flight through the development of the Concorde and everything in between, aviation has transformed the way humans travel, especially over vast distances. This penetrating volume examines the various technologies and aircraft that have enabled human flight and includes a comprehensive section on the design and operation of airports.
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The Dakota Hunter

In Search of the Legendary DC-3 on the Last Frontiers Hans Wiesman. million dollars.That plane can handle only one and a half tons of payload, while the Dakota does double that number at a price that is less than 20% of the purchase ...

Author: Hans Wiesman

Publisher: Casemate

ISBN: 9781612002583

Category: History

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This book tells the story of a Dutch boy who grew up during the 1950s in post-war Borneo, where he had frequent encounters with an airplane, the Douglas DC-3, aka the C-47 Skytrain or Dakota of World War II fame. For a young boy living in a remote jungle community, the aircraft reached the proportions of a romantic icon, as the essential lifeline to a bigger world for him, the beginning of a special bond. In 1957 his family left the island, and all its residual wreckage of World War II, and he attended college in The Hague. After graduation he started a career as a corporate executive, and met the aircraft again during business trips to the Americas. His childhood passion for the Dakota flared up anew, and the fascination pulled like a magnet. As if predestined, or maybe just looking for an alibi to come closer, he began a business to salvage and convert Dakota parts, which meant first of all finding them. As the demand for these war relic parts and cockpits soared, he began to travel the world to track down surplus, crashed or derelict Dakotas. He ventured deeper and deeper into remote mountains, jungles, savannas and the seas where the planes are found, usually as ghostly wrecks but sometimes still in full commercial operation. In hunting the mythical Dakota he often encountered intimidating or dicey situations in countries plagued by wars or revolts, others by arms and narcotics trafficking, warlords and con men. This book describes his multiple expeditions in search of the remains of the Dakota legend. It takes the reader to some of the remotest spots in the world, but once there one is often greeted by the comfort of what was once the WestÍs apex in transportation„however now haunted by the courageous airmen of the past.
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... process of adaptation fostered many technological advancements that otherwise might have taken more years to materialize. The DC-1's success cost Boeing dearly. In subsequent years, the aircraft was refined into the legendary DC-3, ...

Author: Russ Banham

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452148953

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Over the course of a century, the Boeing Company has grown from a small outfit operating out of a converted boathouse—producing a single pontoon plane made from canvas and wood—into the world's largest aerospace company. The thrilling story of the celebrated organization is one filled with ambition, ingenuity, and a passion to exceed expectations. In this lavishly illustrated book, published to coincide with Boeing's 100th anniversary, Pulitzer Prize–nominated author Russ Banham recounts the tale of a company and an industry like no other—one that has put men on the moon, defended the free world, and changed the way we live.
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The Douglas DC 3

Although Douglas created more than 80 legitimate descendants of the Douglas line and nine successful commercial models , the DC - 3 stands out as the most successful . Donald Douglas and his company moved commercial aviation out of the ...

Author: Henry M. Holden

Publisher: Aero Pub Incorporated

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Traces the development of the Douglas DC-3, known as the most successful civil airplane in history, and describes its impact on air transportation
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Air Force Magazine

First flight of Douglas DC - 3 ( military version , C - 47 ) . Dec. 1 , 1941. Civil Air Patrol established . Dec. 7 , 1941. Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and US bases in Hawaii . Dec. 20 , 1941. American Volunteer Group — the legendary ...



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The DC 3

50 Years of Legendary Flight Peter M. Bowers. Fig . 9-18 . Some Dakotas destined for Britain ... What is probably the greatest tribute to the unmatched utility of the DC - 3 occurred in 1971. The last RAF Dakotas were retired in 1970 ...

Author: Peter M. Bowers

Publisher: Aero Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015011169193

Category: Business & Economics

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Traces the development of the Douglas DC-3, describes its role in World War II, and discusses foreign manufacture, special modifications, and the introduction of the turboprop
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Flying Magazine

... painting by Robert Parks A TIME WOULD come when a great host of people would claim the honors for inspiring the Douglas Sleeper Transport (DST), an aircraft that soon emerged from its beautiful cocoon and became the legendary DC-3.





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Hidden Manna Hidden Light

It's the legendary DC-3. Developed in the 1930's, even before World War II, the sleek looking DC-3 is STILL in use in many parts of the world. Whatever kept the original Wright flyer off the ground ...

Author: John S. Baudhuin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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In 1939, Bill Wilson wrote the Big Book of A.A. This book was based on the recovery experiences of just 100 people over a period of four years. Hidden Mana Hidden Light takes the same point of view Bill Wilson did, but it is based on observing people who have been in recovery for up to FORTY years. This new book reveals the simple strategies for victoriour living that have been hidden in the Bible and other recovery writings. Filled with personal stories of victory and spiritual truths, the book is helpful for all people, not only those in recovery.
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from the Lockheed 10 to the DC-8*, which he flew on charter in 1968 to Vietnam. He flew the legendary DC-3 up and down the eastern seaboard, including a trip to Ocala-Silver Springs on which he took me. A DC-3 trip from Miami to New ...

Author: Michael Jamieson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595330515

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A riveting book about the life of "America's Lawyer," Chesterfield Smith of Florida, written by Michael L. Jamieson, his protégé, colleague, and good friend for 39 years. It should not be missed by lawyers, law students, professors, students of the profession and professional leadership, and those interested in the role of the leader of the nation's organized bar during the Watergate era.
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