Supernatural Serial Killers

Peter. Stumpp. –. The. Werewolf. of. Bedburg. “...Never was known a wretch from nature so far degenerate.” from A True Discourse Declaring the Damnable Life and Death of One Stubbe Peter ...

Author: Samantha Lyon

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 9781784281328

Category: True Crime


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Albert Fish held the genuine belief that the murders he committed were upon instruction from God. Peter Stumpp, who started practising the "wicked arts from twelve years of age", was convinced he was a werewolf. There are many more murderous individuals like them. Supernatural Serial Killers explores the association between serial killers and the supernatural. The crimes committed by these men and women usually involved sexual deviance, cannibalism and violence toward children. In sixteenth century Europe, the problem became so significant that 'Werewolf Witch Trials' were conducted - many have no idea that it was possible to be tried and convicted for the crime of being a Werewolf, but Lycanthropy was a serious and major social concern in the 1500s. In this book, approximately twenty supernatural serial killers are discussed, including their background, crimes, trials and defences.
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The Life Death of Peter Stubbe

"Glass interlaces bizarre, archaic and medieval figures, events and diction with contemporary ones.... Beware! Glass's tales are exempla."--Robert Peters, University of California. Handset in 12 pt.

Author: Jesse Glass


ISBN: 091355927X

Category: Fiction

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Startlingly original poetry in which the human monster roams from past to present and back again, wreaking his havoc. "Glass interlaces bizarre, archaic and medieval figures, events and diction with contemporary ones.... Beware! Glass's tales are exempla."--Robert Peters, University of California. Handset in 12 pt. Deepdene and printed letterpress on 80 lb. Cool White Vellum, with medieval art printed in red. Artemis decked edge cover.
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It is a story told in “Trials: The Damnable Life and Death of Peter Stubbe, 1589–90” at the blog Werewolf Theory, and a transcript of the contemporary record of the affair by George Bores is reproduced online through the University of ...

Author: Nick Redfern

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738753997

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 164

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Shapeshifters are real. You're about to meet them, in all their savage and sinister glory. While most people think of shapeshifters as little more than the werewolves and vampires of mythology and pop culture, the truth is much more fascinating. And dangerous. Shapeshifters are real, they come in all kinds and sizes, and they have existed for countless millennia. This thrilling guide invites you to meet each of them...if you dare. Shapeshifters presents a menagerie of otherworldly creatures and half-human monsters, from were-cats to blood-suckers to aliens. Discover legends and lore from around the world and experience first-hand encounters with shape-changing beasts that lurk in the night. Nick Redfern takes you deep into their domain, opening your eyes to paranormal secrets and cryptozoological wonders. Just be sure to keep some silver bullets close at hand.
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The Girl s Guide to Werewolves

What added to Stubbe's notoriety and made his story even more spectacular was the 1590 publication of a sixteenpage pamphlet titled A True Discourse Declaring the Damnable Life and Death of One Stubbe, Peter, which spread throughout ...

Author: Barb Karg

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440513756

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

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The good news is: He’s tall, dark, and handsome. The bad news is: He’s short-tempered, a bit hairy, and has a tendency to howl at the full moon. ...Which makes bringing him home to meet mom and dad a bit difficult. How do you expect him to meet the family when he’s shedding on the furniture and sharpening his nails? Will he have more in common with the family dog than you? Will he leave you for a hairy hottie? No worries—in this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about these wild boys, including: How to spot a werewolf What to do when he changes shape How to avoid his animalistic mood swings How to destroy the savage beast (before he destroys you!) The best—and worst—werewolf books and films With this book, all ladies in love with lycanthropes learn how to tame their creatures of the night!
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Legends Monsters or Serial Murderers The Real Story Behind an Ancient Crime

Peter Vronsky, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters (New York: Berkley Books, 2004), 54; Homayun Sidky, Witchcraft, Lycanthropy, ... Bores, “A True Discourse Declaring the Damnable Life and Death of One Stubbe Peter ...

Author: Dirk C. Gibson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313397592

Category: Social Science

Page: 202

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Covering figures ranging from Catherine Monvoisin to Vlad the Impaler, and describing murders committed in ancient aristocracies to those attributed to vampires, witches, and werewolves, this book documents the historic reality of serial murder.
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Witchcraft and Masculinities in Early Modern Europe

... Peter treasure-seeking, 37, 90, 124, 125 Trier, city of 13, 76, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 88 see also Binsfeld, Peter; ... A True Discourse Declaring the Damnable Life and Death of One Stubbe Peter (short title: Life of Peter Stubbe) 193, ...

Author: A. Rowlands

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230248373

Category: History

Page: 257

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Men – as accused witches, witch-hunters, werewolves and the demonically possessed – are the focus of analysis in this collection of essays by leading scholars of early modern European witchcraft. The gendering of witch persecution and witchcraft belief is explored through original case-studies from England, Scotland, Italy, Germany and France.
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Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter Trilogy

... Stubbe dead. Adolf found it impossible to forgive himself for allowing so great an evil to go free, and while his fellow judge Brewar sought solace in wine, Rudolf's ancestor dedicated the rest of his life to pursuing Peter Stubbe.

Author: Brian P. Easton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781618686510

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

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It takes more than silver bullets to kill a werewolf. This is an an omnibus edition of the three books in the Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter trilogy. Sylvester James knows what it is to be haunted. His mother died giving birth to him and his father never let him forget it—until the night he was butchered by a werewolf. Alone in the world, Sylvester is taken in by Michael Winterfox, a Cheyenne mystic. Winterfox, once a werewolf hunter, trains the boy to be a warrior—teaching him how to block out pain, stalk, fight, and kill. Bit by bit all that makes Sylvester human is sacrificed to the hunt. Now, Sylvester’s hatred has become a monster all its own, robbing him of conscience and conviction as surely as the Beast’s bite. As he follows his vendetta into the outlands of the occult, options become scarce. And he learns it takes more than silver bullets to kill a werewolf—to kill a werewolf, it takes a hunter with a perfect willingness to die. This edition features the previously published Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter, Heart of Scars, and The Lineage in Brian P. Easton's Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter trilogy.
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The pamphlet was entitled A True Discourse Declaring the Damnable Life and Death of One Stubbe Peter, and it was published anonymously. It referred to a certain inhabitant of the German city of Cologne named Peter Stubbe or ...

Author: Bob Curran

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 9781601637635

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Most of us are familiar with the idea of a werewolf—that someone can change, either deliberately or unwillingly, into a ravenous creature—but is there some justification for such a belief? And if so, how is it achieved—through magical potions or ointments or simply by the light of the full moon? Or is the whole thing simply a form of delusion, the product of a disturbed mind? In Werewolves, author Dr. Bob Curran examines the deep psychological perceptions about the linkage of man with the natural, bestial world. Do the roots of such a belief lie in the supernatural world, or are there other explanations? How has the discovery of feral children, living in the wild, shaped our ideas of human-beasts? And what is the future of such beliefs? The book considers genetically-based speculations regarding the possible fusion of human and animal genes in order to alleviate some human diseases and suffering. Is the idea of man into beast really so far fetched? Werewolves is an essential reference book which looks, in depth, at a fascinating subject. One word of warning though: it must never be read under the baleful rays of a full moon. You have been warned!
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Women in Historical and Archaeological Video Games

Peter was driven by unnatural lechery and lust for females, from small girls to attractive women. ... historical account of Peter Stubbe begins with “A True Discourse Declaring the Damnable Life and Death of One Stubbe Peeter, ...

Author: Jane Draycott

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110724257

Category: History

Page: 376

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This volume focuses on the depiction of women in video games set in historical periods or archaeological contexts, explores the tension between historical and archaeological accuracy and authenticity, examines portrayals of women in historical periods or archaeological contexts, portrayals of female historians and archaeologists, and portrayals of women in fantastical historical and archaeological contexts. It includes both triple A and independent video games, incorporating genres such as turn-based strategy, action-adventure, survival horror, and a variety of different types of role-playing games. Its chronological and geographical scope ranges from late third century BCE China, to mid first century BCE Egypt, to Pictish and Viking Europe, to Medieval Germany, to twentieth century Taiwan, and into the contemporary world, but it also ventures beyond our universe and into the fantasy realm of Hyrule and the science fiction solar system of the Nebula.
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