The Like Economy

People thought I was crazy to write three books within a year: The Like Economy,
Facebook Marketing (3rd Edition), and LinkedIn For Business. Iam crazy, but
that's unrelated. The Like Economy has been the favorite son for two reasons:
first, ...

Author: Brian Carter

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 9780133434132

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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The #1 Plan for Profiting from Facebook: Now Updated with New Tools, Techniques, & Strategies! Brian Carter’s complete, step-by-step Facebook sales and marketing plan has helped thousands of companies supercharge their online sales and profits. Now, he’s completely updated it to reflect new Facebook features and tools, share all-new examples and experiences, and deliver actionable new insights about Facebook’s users…your customers! Carter focuses on techniques proven to pay off and steers you away from expensive techniques that no longer work. You’ll discover today’s best ways to attract more prospects at lower cost, convert more of them into profitable buyers, repel “brand-bashers,” and attract fans who’ll help you sell. This is a book for doers, not talkers: entrepreneurs and marketers who want results, fast! • Compare Facebook’s five routes to profit, and choose your best strategies • Craft a Facebook program that reflects your unique offerings and customers • Avoid eight key mistakes that kill Facebook profitability • Continuously optimize your presence to reflect your experience and performance • Sell the dream: Go beyond benefits to arouse your fans’ desires • Attract super-affordable, targeted visitors and fans with Facebook ads • Deepen engagement by applying new insights about Facebook users • Improve branding, positioning, and customer service along with revenue • Master 13 proven influence tactics for transforming casual visitors into buyers • Employ time-tested sales tactics, including testimonials and upselling • Build a community you can translate into profits • Create a cost-effective B2B marketing program that works
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The Like Economy How Businesses Make Money With Facebook Video Advanced Facebook Marketing Advertising

This series answers those questions with proven strategies and tactics and tips.

Author: Brian Carter


ISBN: 0132984326



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After most companies begin Facebook marketing, create a page, get some fans, and maybe even experiment a bit with advertising, more sophisticated issues present themselves. How do you best integrate Facebook marketing with your other online marketing and traditional marketing efforts? Do you have a clear strategy to achieve profits and other results? How do you improve advertising performance, get more of the right fans, get them more engaged, balance your engagement posting with sales messages, and learn what posting approach gets you the most sales? This series answers those questions with proven strategies and tactics and tips.
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The Knockoff Economy

The Constitution explicitly grants Congress the power to create patents and
copyrights for “limited Times” as a way to “promote the Progress of Science and
useful Arts.” In a market economy like ours, of course, we depend on competition
to ...

Author: Kal Raustiala

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199911769

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 280

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From the shopping mall to the corner bistro, knockoffs are everywhere in today's marketplace. Conventional wisdom holds that copying kills creativity, and that laws that protect against copies are essential to innovation--and economic success. But are copyrights and patents always necessary? In The Knockoff Economy, Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman provocatively argue that creativity can not only survive in the face of copying, but can thrive. The Knockoff Economy approaches the question of incentives and innovation in a wholly new way--by exploring creative fields where copying is generally legal, such as fashion, food, and even professional football. By uncovering these important but rarely studied industries, Raustiala and Sprigman reveal a nuanced and fascinating relationship between imitation and innovation. In some creative fields, copying is kept in check through informal industry norms enforced by private sanctions. In others, the freedom to copy actually promotes creativity. High fashion gave rise to the very term "knockoff," yet the freedom to imitate great designs only makes the fashion cycle run faster--and forces the fashion industry to be even more creative. Raustiala and Sprigman carry their analysis from food to font design to football plays to finance, examining how and why each of these vibrant industries remains innovative even when imitation is common. There is an important thread that ties all these instances together--successful creative industries can evolve to the point where they become inoculated against--and even profit from--a world of free and easy copying. And there are important lessons here for copyright-focused industries, like music and film, that have struggled as digital technologies have made copying increasingly widespread and difficult to stop. Raustiala and Sprigman's arguments have been making headlines in The New Yorker, the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Boston Globe, Le Monde, and at the Freakonomics blog, where they are regular contributors. By looking where few had looked before--at markets that fall outside normal IP law--The Knockoff Economy opens up fascinating creative worlds. And it demonstrates that not only is a great deal of innovation possible without intellectual property, but that intellectual property's absence is sometimes better for innovation.
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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Economic Geography

In China, ethnically Han populations prosper in relative terms while stigmatized
non-Han populations in regions like the ... rationalize their political economic
domination of poorer people from ethnically distinct regions (Glassman 2010b).

Author: Trevor J. Barnes

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444362374

Category: Science

Page: 704

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The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Economic Geography presents students and researchers with a comprehensive overview of the field, put together by a prestigious editorial team, with contributions from an international cast of prominent scholars. Offers a fully revised, expanded, and up-to-date overview, following the successful and highly regarded Companion to Economic Geography published by Blackwell a decade earlier, providing a comprehensive assessment of the field Takes a prospective as well as retrospective look at the field, reviewing recent developments, recurrent challenges, and emerging agendas Incorporates diverse perspectives (in terms of specialty, demography and geography) of up and coming scholars, going beyond a focus on Anglo-American research Encourages authors and researchers to engage with and contextualize their situated perspectives Explores areas of overlap, dialogues, and (potential) engagement between economic geography and cognate disciplines
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The Ethical Economy

C. Gerlitz and A. Helmond, “Hit, Link, and Share: Organizing the Social and the
Fabric of the Web in a Like Economy” (paper presented at the DMI
miniconference, Amsterdam, January 24–25, 2010), 3, 25. 26. See, for example,
M. Bradley and ...

Author: Adam Arvidsson

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231526432

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

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A more ethical economic system is now possible, one that rectifies the crisis spots of our current downturn while balancing the injustices of extreme poverty and wealth. Adam Arvidsson and Nicolai Peitersen, a scholar and an entrepreneur, outline the shape such an economy might take, identifying its origins in innovations already existent in our production, valuation, and distribution systems. Much like nineteenth-century entrepreneurs, philosophers, bankers, artisans, and social organizers who planned a course for modern capitalism that was more economically efficient and ethically desirable, we now have a chance to construct new instruments, institutions, and infrastructure to reverse the trajectory of a quickly deteriorating economic environment. Considering a multitude of emerging phenomena, Arvidsson and Peitersen show wealth creation can be the result of a new kind of social production, and the motivation of continuous capital accumulation can exist in tandem with a new desire to maximize our social impact. Arvidsson and Peitersen argue that financial markets could become a central arena in which diverse ethical concerns are integrated into tangible economic valuations. They suggest that such a common standard has already emerged and that this process is linked to the spread of social media, making it possible to capture the sentiment of value to most people. They ultimately recommend how to build upon these developments to initiate a radical democratization of economic systems and the value decisions they generate.
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The Service Economy

They typically involve the provision of human value added in the form of labour,
advice, managerial skill, entertainment, training, intermediation and the like. They
differ from other types of economic activities in a number of ways. Many, for ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264182516


Page: 52

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Services are transforming OECD economies on a massive scale, but are still impeded by regulations and policies that stifle innovation and competition. Comprehensive reforms need to be pursued internationally as well as in individual OECD countries ...
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Comparative Political Economy

It is sometimes possible to combine international economics and economic
history, as I hope to demonstrate. But the aging professor, like the aging economy
, may have lost an old comparative advantage in a field now full of innovations
such ...

Author: Charles P. Kindleberger

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262263300

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 508

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The essays collected here reflect the author's shift in interests from foreign exchange to international trade, economic growth, and economic history, especially financial history. Charles P. Kindleberger's rich and distinguised career has spanned nearly six decades. The essays collected here reflect the author's shift in interests from foreign exchange to international trade, economic growth, and economic history, especially financial history. They also contain dollops of sociology and political science. Kindleberger views himself as a historical economist who tests economic propositions against the historical record in more than one setting. The collection contains many of the jewels of Kindleberger's work. Most of the papers are strong on comparison (within Western Europe and between Europe and the United States), on economic or financial history, and on social science beyond the confines of economics.
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New Directions in Economic Methodology

Under this regime, methodologists might simply drift free of their moorings in
economics departments and become more like generalist historians of science.
Where their paychecks would come from is another matter. QUESTION 3: ARE
WE ...

Author: Roger E. Backhouse

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134864393

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 416

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In recent years there has been a flowering of work on economic methodology. However there is no longer any consensus about which direction this should take or, indeed, even what the role and content of economic methodology should be. This book reflects this diversity. Its contributors are responsible for the major developments in this field and together they give an account of all the major positions which currently prevail in economic methodology. These include attempts to rehabilitate the 'falsification' of Kuhn, Lakatos and Popper, sociology of knowledge approaches, different forms of realism, contributions from the 'rhetoric' project and other perspectives which view the economy as a text.
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The New Economic Criticism

Studies at the Interface of Literature and Economics Martha Woodmansee, Mark
Osteen ... And while such terms as libidinal economy, symbolic economy, and the
like mostly have had their origin in dialogue and debate with Marxian theory ...

Author: Mark Osteen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134750443

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 464

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This collection brings together twenty-seven essays by influential literary and cultural historians, as well as representatives of the vanguard of postmodernist economics. Contributors include: Jean-Joseph Goux, Marc Shell. This is a pathbreaking work which develops a new form of economic analysis. It will appeal to economists and literary theorists with an interest beyond the narrower confines of their subject.
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Political Economy of India

GLOBALISATION S . Dash The main idea behind ... These basic units have
become dependent upon each other over matters like economy , technology ,
millitary and ...

Author: Bijoyini Mohanty

Publisher: APH Publishing

ISBN: 8170248248

Category: India

Page: 242

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Contributed articles.
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Domestic economy and cookery for rich and poor by a lady

In fact, I know not where any thing like economy is to be found amongst us,
except in the reduced families of the higher, and sometimes of the middling ranks
. It is worse than ridiculous to hear the English boasting of their charitable and ...

Author: Domestic economy


ISBN: OXFORD:600010869



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Luxuriance and Economy Cicero and the Alien Style

I suggest that what may appear in Period I as something like economy is in fact
timidity ; he wanted amplitude and he experimented with it , but he had not yet the
equipment or the experience to be as ample as he wanted to be and was ...

Author: Walter Ralph Johnson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520093836

Category: Latin language

Page: 72

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Ecological Economics

No modern economy is a pure market economy , but in most such economies the
role for central planning and control is limited to such matters as defence , law
and order , public health services and the like . In such economies , the provision

Author: Michael Common

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 113944543X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 592

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Taking as its starting point the interdependence of the economy and the natural environment, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the emerging field of ecological economics. The authors, who have written extensively on the economics of sustainability, build on insights from both mainstream economics and ecological sciences. Part I explores the interdependence of the modern economy and its environment, while Part II focuses mainly on the economy and on economics. Part III looks at how national governments set policy targets and the instruments used to pursue those targets. Part IV examines international trade and institutions, and two major global threats to sustainability - climate change and biodiversity loss. Assuming no prior knowledge of economics, this textbook is well suited for use on interdisciplinary environmental science and management courses. It has extensive student-friendly features including discussion questions and exercises, keyword highlighting, real-world illustrations, further reading and website addresses.
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The German Economy in the Twentieth Century Routledge Revivals

When dealing with a comparatively long time span of economic development—in
this case almost one hundred years—the problem arises whether it would be
preferable to concentrate on long-term trends in fields like economic growth and

Author: Hans-Joachim Braun

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136836442

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 294

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First published in 1990, this book traces the logic and the peculiarities of German economic development through the Weimar Republic, Third Reich and Federal Republic, providing a comprehensive analysis of the period. The book also assesses controversial issues, such as the origins of the Great Depression; the primacy of politics or economics in the decision to invade Poland and the future risks to the Weltmeister economy of the Federal Republic oppressed by unemployment; the huge debts of some of its trading partners; and the possibility of worldwide protectionism.
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Hand book of the American Economic Association 1895

Except for making change under five dollars , there is a like economy of other
kinds of money , e . g . , Dominion notes , for which gold or its equivalent must be
given . We have seen further that the chief banking reserves of the country , as in

Author: American Economic Association


ISBN: UOM:39076007033280

Category: Directories

Page: 138

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The Political Economy of Development

Likeeconomic policy , ” political and administrative infrastructure is a rubric
encompassing certain instruments that affect substantive distributions of
resources . The class of instruments we are concerned with here are certain
structures , or ...

Author: Norman Thomas Uphoff

Publisher: Berkeley : University of California Press

ISBN: 0520023145

Category: Political Science

Page: 506

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The Political Economy of Peacemaking

Be it the experience of armed conflict in Angola, Sierra Leone, or the DRC, or the
scholarly literature on the political economy of conflict described in earlier
chapters, there is a fairly good understanding of how issues like economic
inequality, ...

Author: Achim Wennmann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136854620

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

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This book focuses on the economic dimensions of peace processes and examines the opportunities and constraints for assisting negotiated exits out of conflict.
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The Theoretical Evolution of International Political Economy

Cooper suggests that advances in transportation , communications , technology
transfer , and the like have fundamentally altered the conditions of international
economics . Most importantly , differences in comparative costs appear to be ...

Author: George T. Crane

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195094433

Category: Political Science

Page: 337

View: 855

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This collection of seminal readings in international political economy charts the historical and theoretical evolution of the field from the eighteenth century to the present day. Bringing together classic works and leading contemporary arguments, this book outlines the development of three schools of IPE thought -- Liberalism, Marxism, and Realism -- and also includes recent syntheses of these approaches to show how conventional theoretical categories are giving way to more eclectic conceptual schemes. The second edition features an added section on the postmodern turn in the study of international political economy, and includes a number of new readings. The readings include works by Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List, David Ricardo, Adam Smith, Lenin, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Richard Cooper, Robert O. Keohane, Joseph S. Nye, Christopher Chase-Dunn, Robert Cox, Robert Gilpin, Mancur Olson, Richard Zeckhauser, Bruno S. Frey, Immanuel Wallerstein, Susan Strange, Donald J. Puchala, Raymond F. Hopkins, Alice A. Amsden, Peter M. Haas, David Harvey, and Michael J. Shapiro. Providing many of the most frequently cited IPE references in a single volume, the second edition of The Theoretical Evolution of International Political Economy will no doubt be a valuable resource for students of international relations and international economics.
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Coevolutionary Economics The Economy Society and the Environment

... change , process , or the like in economic life . Thorstein Veblen The earlier
chapters addressed the importance of viewing the human economy as a subset
of larger environmental processes . The economy depends on those processes
for ...

Author: John Gowdy

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0792394887

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 246

View: 918

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The subject of this volume is the human economy and its coevolutionary relationship with the natural world. This relationship is examined in three broad types of societies; hunter--gatherers, agriculturalists, and modern market economies. A growing body of scientific evidence has made it clear that the current human impact on the environment is far above the level that can be maintained without causing profound changes in the biophysical world to which we belong. The new fields of ecological economics and evolutionary economics can help us understand the relationship between the economy, society and the environment and may help us to formulate effective policies to manage these changes.
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The Share Economy

Economies of mass production are impossible without an extensive
specialization of roles and functions within the large ... Like their domesticated
plants and animals, people have become so specialized in production that they
are extremely ...

Author: Martin L. Weitzman

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674805836

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 167

View: 834

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A leading economist argues that the implementation of an alternative labor payment system, in which a significant number of firms share profits or revenues with their employees--as opposed to the current fixed-wage system-would provide immunity against stagflation
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