The Lock Artist

I gave him the thumbs-up again. en I took the safety pin from him, opened it, and
used a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend the tip up about forty-five degrees. “
Fuckin'-A,” Brian said. “Can you really open a lock with that? What can you open,

Author: Steve Hamilton

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1429983442

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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"I was the Miracle Boy, once upon a time. Later on, the Milford Mute. The Golden Boy. The Young Ghost. The Kid. The Boxman. The Lock Artist. That was all me. But you can call me Mike." Marked by tragedy, traumatized at the age of eight, Michael, now eighteen, is no ordinary young man. Besides not uttering a single word in ten years, he discovers the one thing he can somehow do better than anyone else. Whether it's a locked door without a key, a padlock with no combination, or even an eight-hundred pound safe ... he can open them all. It's an unforgivable talent. A talent that will make young Michael a hot commodity with the wrong people and, whether he likes it or not, push him ever close to a life of crime. Until he finally sees his chance to escape, and with one desperate gamble risks everything to come back home to the only person he ever loved, and to unlock the secret that has kept him silent for so long. Steve Hamilton steps away from his Edgar Award-winning Alex McKnight series to introduce a unique new character, unlike anyone you've ever seen in the world of crime fiction. The Lock Artist is the winner of the 2011 Edgar Award for Best Novel.
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Child Not Found

The UGGs were great for snow, but the big soft heel was dampening my kicks.
Great lock artists study locks the way I study software. They know every
weakness, every loose pin, every poorly made tradeoff. For a lock artist, this door
was ...

Author: Ray Daniel

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738748092

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 541

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For Aloysius Tucker, taking his nine-year-old cousin Maria sledding is all about frozen toes and hot coffee in the warming house. It shouldn’t involve chasing after Maria as she’s led into a long black car by a stranger in a Bruins jacket. But by the end of the crisp December morning Maria is gone, her mother is dead, and her father—mafia don Sal—has been arrested for murder. Sensing blood in the water, would-be successors to Sal’s criminal empire square off, agreeing on nothing but the idea that Sal’s blood relative, Tucker, needs to be eliminated. Searching for Maria through sub-zero days and nights, Tucker persists even as his relentless efforts draw him into a deadly crossfire between every power-hungry crook in Boston. Praise: "Daniel is more than generous with the violence, guilt, tweets, craft brews, and compassion."—Kirkus Reviews "[An] enjoyable if complex third book of murder and mayhem with a . . . satisfying whirlwind of a resolution."—Publishers Weekly "By any measure, [Child Not Found] is a terrific book. It's got a gripping plot, characters so real you can feel them, and a narrative voice that grips you by the heart and won't let go. A terrific read!"—John Gilstrap, author of Friendly Fire and the Jonathan Grave thriller series
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Meeting at Infinity

But Knard was a name in his line; he was one of the dozen medical men to whom
a concessionary would take an ... minutes assembling a small team of talented
operators—a young lock artist, a reliable expug whose brains hadn't been ...

Author: John Brunner

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575101210

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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Allyn Vage was once a beautiful woman, but due to an accident - which may have been a murder attempt - she was now a hopeless cripple, burned and disfigured and without the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. When they brought her to Jome Knard, that noted physician had no choice but to employ a certain apparently miraculous device, incomprehensible even to him, to keep her immobile body alive and to restore and regulate her sensory perception. This strange machine had been imported from a seemingly primitive people on the world of Akkilmar. They had allowed it to be exported, but there was something about it they couldn't - or wouldn't - explain. Little did either the doctor or his patient realize that between them they had now become the lever that could topple a world! (First publshed 1961)
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Small Towns in Recent American Crime Fiction

Hamilton manages to weave these separate stories together, but with the aid of
more contrivance than usual. ... ever worked for me in the past and I'm throwing it
all out the window” (Krueger “Steve Hamilton”), wrote The Lock Artist (2010).

Author: David Geherin

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476619187

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 200

View: 398

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Small towns have long been a commonplace setting in cozy mysteries, but in recent years writers of realistic crime fiction have discovered fresh possibilities in small town settings. There they can take advantage of distinct facets of small town life—a sense of community, slower pace of life, proximity to nature—and yet deal with social, economic and environmental issues. Because crimes in small communities hit closer to home, the human element can better be emphasized. This book focuses on the work of ten contemporary authors who have placed small towns like Rocksburg, Pennsylvania (K. C. Constantine), West Table, Missouri (Daniel Woodrell), Niniltna, Alaska (Dana Stabenow), Aurora, Minnesota (William Kent Krueger), Paradise, Michigan (Steve Hamilton), Millersburg, Ohio (P. L. Gaus), Heartsdale, Georgia (Karin Slaughter), Millers Kill, New York (Julia Spencer-Fleming), Durant, Wyoming (Craig Johnson), and a number of national parks (Nevada Barr) on the map of American crime fiction.
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My Windows Phone 8

The chosen app's icon appears in place ofthe plus icon on the Lock Screen
Settings screen. ... Artist. Information. Although music and related options are
covered in Chapter 4, “The Multimedia Experience,” you can do a bit of music-
related ...

Author: Brien Posey

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 9780133157123

Category: Computers

Page: 464

View: 975

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Friendly, quick, and 100% practical, My Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is the must-have companion for every Windows Phone 8 user. Written by ten-time Microsoft MVP Brien Posey, it walks new users through every task they'll want to perform, including: * Navigating the Windows Phone 8 interface * Using audio, video, photos, and other media * Connecting to the Internet, surfing the Web with Internet Explorer, and searching with Bing * Getting productive with Windows Phone 8's version of Microsoft Office * Downloading great apps and games in the Marketplace * Storing content in the cloud, on SkyDrive * Social networking via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn * Managing email, IM, contacts, and calendars * Customizing and troubleshooting Windows Phone 8 Every task is presented step by step, using carefully annotated, full-color screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost or confused. Readers needn't wade through paragraphs of theory to get usable help, or to find practical answers. Throughout, the book is packed with helpful tips, tidbits, and quick solutions to the problems users are most likely to encounter. Everything's clearly organized to help readers get started fast, and keep their Windows Phone 8 devices working just the way they want.
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The Rape of the Lock and Its Illustrations 1714 1896

Louis Du Guernier artist , Claude Du Bosc engraver , Canto III of The Rape of the
Lock ( 1714 ) , facing p . 19 : 51 x 34 in . / 14 X 8 . 3 cm . 6 . Louis Du Guernier
artist , Claude Du Bosc engraver , Canto IV of The Rape of the Lock ( 1714 ) ...

Author: Robert Halsband

Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015002706359

Category: Illustration of books

Page: 160

View: 358

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The illustrations which Pope's mock-heroic poem gave rise to in the 18th and 19th centuries are considered in this book.
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The Lock Haven Review

The artist interprets , selects and dds - something from his heart and mind and
conscience . Maybe it is significant that the first painting Sloan sent to a major
public exhibition was Independence Square . He had made the courageous
decision ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105129003328



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Discovering Great Artists

The artist could cut out magazine photos that show things the artist likes to do
now or hopes to do someday. Include a scrap of a favorite pair of outgrown jeans,
a little toy from the artist's past, or a lock of the artist's hair. The young artist makes

Author: MaryAnn F. Kohl

Publisher: Bright Ring Publishing

ISBN: 9780935607284

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

View: 331

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"Discovering Great Artists" has 75 great artists featured in 110 amazingly fun and unique quality art appreciation activities for children. They will experience the styles and techniques of the great masters, from the Renaissance to the Present. A brief biography of each artist is included with a fully illustrated, child-tested art activity, featuring painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture, and more. Includes such greats as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Monet, Degas, Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali, Matisse, Pollock, and O'Keeffe. 1998 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award, 2002 Practical Homeschooling Reader Award. Full "click-to" resource guide at Bright Ring's website to show each artist's most famous works. Some activity examples are: Da Vinci - Invention Art Michelangelo - Fresco Plaque Rembrandt - Shadowy Faces Monet - Dabble in Paint Degas - Resist in Motion Picasso- Fractured Friend Van Gogh - Starry Night Pollock - Action Splatter 1997 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award, Education 2003 Practical Homeschooling Award, 3rd Place 2007 Practical Homeschooling Reader Award in the art appreciation category, 3rd place. 2009 Practical Homeschooling Reader Award in the art appreciation category,1st Place
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The Escape Artist

His head was lolling against her shoulder and he would be out before he hit the
pillow. At the top of the stairs, she started to put her key in the lock, but stopped
short when she saw that the door was not completely closed. She stared at it for a

Author: Diane Chamberlain

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447256748

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

View: 937

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If you are a fan of Jodi Picoult or Susan Lewis, The Escape Artist is equal parts family drama, love story and thriller. Diane Chamberlain is the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Silent Sister and The Midwife's Confession. Susanna Miller loses custody of her eleven-month-old son, Tyler, but rather than turning the little boy over to her ex-husband and his new wife, she goes on the run. She dyes her hair, changes her name and escapes from Boulder, Colorado, leaving behind everyone she knows including Linc Sebastian, the man who has been her best friend since childhood and who knows her better than anyone. Susanna lands in Annapolis, Maryland, alone, frightened, and always looking over her shoulder for someone who might recognize her. Just as she's beginning to feel safe in her new surroundings, she stumbles across information that could save the lives of many people . . . if she's willing to take it to the police. But going to the authorities means revealing her identity, admitting her guilt and, worst of all, losing her son.
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