The Merit of Our Mothers

Because of the merits of our matriarchs , sore , rivke , rokhl , and leye , and the merit of my dear mother , leye , who also pleads before God - praised be He - on my behalf , may my wanderings serve as an expia- tion for my sins .

Author: Tracy G Klirs

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9780878201518

Category: Religion

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For many centuries Jewish prayer was so dominated by its male creators and male readers that the Jewish woman's role in prayer seems to have been all but obliterated. Yet Jewish women have always prayed and, before prayer became standardized into a formal liturgy, Israelite women offered up spontaneous petitions and hymns to God as freely as did men. While they may not have been able to help constitute a minyan, and while many did not know Hebrew or Aramaic, women produced and used material for prayer at home. The Yiddish tkhines had its origin in a form of supplicatory prayer in the Talmud, whose original intent was to allow for individual private devotion during the standard prayer service. The private Yiddish prayers and devotions for Jewish women continued to use this term. They emerged in the world of premodern Ashkenazic Jewry and represent one of the richest and least-known forms of Jewish religious literature. Because modern sensibility seemed to reject them, and because Yiddish was quickly forgotten by second and third generation Jews in the West, they have been sadly neglected. Although a few have been individually translated into English, this is the first bilingual anthology ever to appear. The prayers in this volume are characterized by a highly personal and intimate style and mark occasions in the religious calendar, such as the Tkhine for the Blessing of the New Moon, as well as occasions in the life of a woman, such as the Tkhine for a Mother who Leads Her Child to Kheyder for the First Time. The tkhines are of great appeal and value to those who wish to hear the voices of Jewish women in history, study Yiddish literature and culture, or create new expressions of spirituality.
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Writing Back Through Our Mothers

In addition, each work shows the challenges women artists cross-culturally and cross-historically have faced in having the merit of their work recognized. Strongly suggesting that art can change women's lives, Westen, referencing Lucy ...

Author: Tegan Zimmerman

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643905604

Category: Social Science

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For the first time in the literary tradition, the contemporary woman's historical novel (post-1970) is surveyed from a transnational feminist perspective. Analyzing the maternal (the genre's central theme) reveals that historical fiction is a transnational feminist means for challenging historical erasures, silences, normative sexuality, political exclusion, and divisions of labor. (Series: Contributions to Transnational Feminism - Vol. 5)
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The Women s Seder Sourcebook

And if that happens, perhaps we will hold that crumb in our hands and be brought back to this moment, when redemption seemed as close as the kitchen sink. —DEBORAH GLANZBERG-KRAININ By the Merit of Our Righteous Mothers By the merit of ...

Author: Tara Mohr

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 9781580232326

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With diverse and robust voices, women are reclaiming their place at the seder table. This complete sourcebook and guide shows you how to do it, too. For the first time, contemporary Jewish women's writings on the Passover seder are gathered in one comprehensive and compelling sourcebook--an unprecedented and powerful resource for those planning a women's seder and those seeking to infuse their Passover celebration with the creative and courageous voices of Jewish women. Arranged according to the order of the seder, this practical guide gathers the voices of more than one hundred women in readings, personal and creative reflections, commentaries, blessings and ritual suggestions that can be incorporated into your Passover celebration as supplements to or substitutes for traditional passages of the haggadah. It also includes a detailed guide to planning a women's seder, based on information from successful seder organizers around the world. Whether you are organizing a women's seder in your community or planning a family seder in your home, this inspiring and accessible resource will help you take an active role in re-creating the educational and spiritual experience of Passover--and in shaping Judaism's future. Contributors include: Dr. Rachel Adler - Dr. Rebecca T. Alpert - Rabbi Renni S. Altman - Zoe Baird Dr. Evelyn Torton Beck - Susan Berrin - Senator Barbara Boxer - Dr. Esther Broner Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin - Tamara Cohen - Anita Diamant - Dr. Carol Diament Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, PhD - Eve Ensler - Dr. Marcia Falk - Merle Feld Rabbi Susan P. Fendrick - Rabbi Tirzah Firestone - Dr. Ellen Frankel - Nan Fink Gefen Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb - Dr. Susannah Heschel Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar - Rabbi Naamah Kelman - Naomi Klein - Irena Klepfisz Maxine Kumin - Rabbi Noa Rachel Kushner - Rabbi Joy Levitt - Hadassah Lieberman Ruth W. Messinger - Dr. Faye Moskowitz - Joan Nathan - Dr. Alicia Suskin Ostriker Dr. Judith Plaskow - Marge Piercy - Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen - Anne Roiphe Danya Ruttenberg - Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso - The Honorable Jan Schakowsky Rabbi Susan Schnur - Rabbi Susan Silverman - Dr. Ellen M. Umansky Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg - Dr. Chava Weissler - Cantor Lorel Zar-Kessler
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Reward of the Righteous Women

... the nights of Chanukah while the candles burn.62 Whereas we openly call upon the merit of our Forefathers , Avraham , Yitzchak and Yaakov in our Shemoneh Esrei prayers , we only hint at the merit of our Mothers , using the letter of ...

Author: Shlita Biala Rebbe

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

ISBN: 1583308253

Category: Religion

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A companion to The Merit of the Righteous Women, this newly translated work from the Biala Rebbe, shlita is a powerful source of inspiration for today's Jewish woman. Drawn from classical sources of Torah and Chassidic thought, the Rebbe discusses such topics as emuna (faith), tznius (modesty), and the power of a woman's prayer. Thought-provoking and uplifting, this examination and explaination of the Jewish woman's role is required reading for women seeking direction.
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Children and Childhood in World Religions

Source: Tracy Guren Klirs, The Merit of Our Mothers: A Bilingual Anthology of Jewish Women's Prayers (Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, 1992), 128. Instructions for Care of Newborns The texts below are examples of ...

Author: Don S. Browning

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813548425

Category: Religion

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While children figure prominently in religious traditions, few books have directly explored the complex relationships between children and religion. This is the first book to examine the theme of children in major religions of the world. Each of six chapters, edited by world-class scholars, focuses on one religious tradition and includes an introduction and a selection of primary texts ranging from legal to liturgical and from the ancient to the contemporary. Through both the scholarly introductions and the primary sources, this comprehensive volume addresses a range of topics, from the sanctity of birth to a child's relationship to evil, showing that issues regarding children are central to understanding world religions and raising significant questions about our own conceptions of children today.
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The Receiving

Such hateful comments draw attention to men's dramatic lack of comprehension of their female counterparts. ... See Tracy Guren Klirs, comp., The Merit of Our Mothers: A Bilingual Anthology of Jewish Women's Prayers (Cincinnati, ...

Author: Tirzah Firestone

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780061832970

Category: Religion

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A highly respected rabbi, therapist, and teacher restores women's spiritual lineage to Judaism and empowers women to reclaim their rightful connection to Jewish teachings, Kabbalah, and to their own spiritual wisdom.
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Gastronomic Judaism as Culinary Midrash

Tracy Guren Klirs, ed., The Merit of Our Mothers/Bizkhus̀ Imohes̀: A Bilingual Anthology of Jewish Women's Prayers, translated by Tracy Guren Klirs, et al. (Hebrew Union College Press, 1992), 18. The translators chose variant spelling ...

Author: Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498579070

Category: Religion

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This book describes the taste preferences and practices of gastronomic Judaism from ancient to contemporary times. Not merely fixed dietary rules and norms, but rather culinary interpretations and adaptations of them to new times and places makes food “Jewish” and makes Jewish eating practices continually viable and meaningful.
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Please , Eternal One , my God , hear my supplication at this time , in the merit of our holy forefathers Avraham , Yitzchak , and Yaakov , and in the merit of our mothers Sarah , Rivkah , Rachel , and Leah . Illumine our candle , so ...

Author: Yaakov Yosef Iskowitz

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

ISBN: 1583308229


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“my ḥallah be accepted like a sacrifice [ןברוק qorban] on the altar. ... Tracy Guren Klirs et al., The Merit of Our Mothers: A Bilingual Anthology of Jewish Women's Prayers (Cincinnati, OH: Hebrew Union College Press, 1992), 19.

Author: Mary Ann Beavis

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814682296

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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Hebrews seems like unpromising material for feminist interpretation, although it is the only New Testament writing for which female authorship has been seriously posited. Mary Ann Beavis and HyeRan Kim-Cragg highlight the similarities between Hebrews and the book of Wisdom/Sophia, which share cosmological, ethical, historical, and sapiential themes, revealing that Hebrews is in fact a submerged tradition of Sophia-Wisdom. They also tackle the sacrificial Christology of Hebrews, concluding that in its ancient context, far from symbolizing suffering and abjection, sacrifice was understood as celebratory and relational. Contributions from Filipina (Maricel and Marilou Ibita), Jewish (Justin Jaron Lewis), historical (Nancy Calvert-Koyzis), and First Nations (Marie Annharte Baker) perspectives bring additional scholarly, cultural, religious, and experiential wisdom to the commentary. From the Wisdom Commentary series Feminist biblical interpretation has reached a level of maturity that now makes possible a commentary series on every book of the Bible. It is our hope that Wisdom Commentary, by making the best of current feminist biblical scholarship available in an accessible format to ministers, preachers, teachers, scholars, and students, will aid all readers in their advancement toward God’s vision of dignity, equality, and justice for all. The aim of this commentary is to provide feminist interpretation of Scripture in serious, scholarly engagement with the whole text, not only those texts that explicitly mention women. A central concern is the world in front of the text, that is, how the text is heard and appropriated by women. At the same time, this commentary aims to be faithful to the ancient text, to explicate the world behind the text, where appropriate, and not impose contemporary questions onto the ancient texts. The commentary addresses not only issues of gender (which are primary in this project) but also those of power, authority, ethnicity, racism, and classism, which all intersect. Each volume incorporates diverse voices and differing interpretations from different parts of the world, showing the importance of social location in the process of interpretation and that there is no single definitive feminist interpretation of a text.
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Not to Worry h

A. Green ( New York : Crossroad , 1987 ) , 2 : 245-75 ; T. G. Klirs , comp . , The Merit of Our Mothers : A Bilingual Anthology of Jewish Women's Prayers ( Cincinnati : Hebrew Union College Press , 1993 ) ; and Tarnor , Book of Jewish ...


Publisher: Jewish Publication Society

ISBN: 0827611102

Category: Religion

Page: 374

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"With its mix of folklore, history, inspiration, and psychological insights, this is an excellent guide for worriers and those close to them, history and folklore enthusiasts, and students of Jewish culture and religion, as well as for counseling professionals and those searching for Jewish spirituality and renewal."--BOOK JACKET.
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