The Mobile Mind Shift

Engineer Your Business To Win in the Mobile Moment
Author: Ted Schadler,Josh Bernoff,Julie Ask
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN: 0991361016
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 272
View: 1424
Mobile has reprogrammed your customers’ brains. Your customers now turn to their smartphones for everything. What’s tomorrow’s weather? Is the flight on time? Where’s the nearest store, and is this product cheaper there? Whatever the question, the answer is on the phone. This Pavlovian response is the mobile mind shift — the expectation that I can get what I want, anytime, in my immediate context. Your new battleground for customers is this mobile moment — the instant in which your customer is seeking an answer. If you’re there for them, they’ll love you; if you’re not, you’ll lose their business. Both entrepreneurial companies like Dropbox and huge corporations like Nestlé are winning in that mobile moment. Are you? Based on 200 interviews with entrepreneurs and major companies across the globe, The Mobile Mind Shift is the first book to explain how you can exploit mobile moments. You’ll learn how to: • Find your customer’s most powerful mobile moments with a mobile moment audit. • Master the IDEA Cycle, the business discipline for exploiting mobile. Align your business and technology teams in four steps: Identify, Design, Engineer, Analyze. • Manufacture mobile moments as Krispy Kreme does — it sends a push notification when hot doughnuts are ready near you. Result: 500,000 app downloads, followed by a double-digit increase in same-store sales. • Turn one-time product sales into ongoing services and engagement, as the Nest thermostat does. And master new business models, as Philips and Uber do. Find ways to charge more and create indelible customer loyalty. • Transform your technology into systems of engagement. Engineer your business and technology systems to meet the ever-expanding demands of mobile. It’s how Dish Network not only increased the efficiency of its installers but also created new on-the-spot upsell opportunities. Mobile is rapidly shifting your customers into a new way of thinking. You’ll need your own mobile mind shift to respond.

The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture

Author: Jessica Eise,Whitney Hodde
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317231309
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 140
View: 2920
Today, the general public craves information on food and agriculture with an unprecedented passion. But the agricultural sector, unaccustomed to an interested and inquisitive society, has largely failed to respond to the public’s demands for information. Instead, corporations, time-pressed journalists, bloggers, media celebrities, film-makers, authors and concerned consumers jumped in to fill the void. Food is emotional, and these players - some well-intentioned and others not - got a lot of traction playing off consumer fears of the unknown. This critical and timely book explains how changing demographics, cultural shifts, technological advances and agriculture’s silence all combined to create the perfect storm – a great chasm between those who know, and those who don’t know, agriculture. The ramifications of a poorly-informed consumer base are now becoming clear in our policy debates and consumer-driven business decisions. There is a lot of common ground between the agricultural sector and their consumer base, but each group largely fails to appreciate it, and the consequences of such a divide grow increasingly dire. Drawing on a wide-range of expertise, from leading agricultural researchers to major agribusiness leaders to consumer advocates, Eise and Hodde lay out exactly why communication is so urgently critical to our modern-day agricultural system. They outline the major themes affecting agricultural communication – perception, emotion, technology, science - and what we can do now to improve the debate and safeguard our future food supply for generations to come.This book is suitable for those who study agriculture, environmental economics and mass media and communication.

The New Advertising: Branding, Content, and Consumer Relationships in the Data-Driven Social Media Era [2 volumes]

Branding, Content, and Consumer Relationships in the Data-Driven Social Media Era
Author: Ruth E. Brown Ph.D.,Valerie K. Jones,Ming Wang
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440833435
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 806
View: 4539
The era of "big data" has revolutionized many industries—including advertising. This is a valuable resource that supplies current, authoritative, and inspiring information about—and examples of—current and forward-looking theories and practices in advertising. • Provides easy-to-read, accessible insights from both academic and industry experts that create frameworks for thinking about how to effectively connect with consumers today • Examines how modern advertising works within our digitally focused, always-on-the-go society Enables readers to understand how advertising and marketing has progressed to reach its current state as well as the many options available for connecting with and engaging consumers today and tomorrow • Includes chapters written by luminaries ranging from Don E. Schultz, considered by most to be the father of integrated marketing communications, to Rishad Tobaccowala, chief strategist of Publicis Group and member of its Directoire+, one of the industry's leading visionaries

Social Influence and Sustainable Consumption

Author: Elizabeth B Goldsmith
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319207385
Category: Social Science
Page: 187
View: 3702
This forward-looking volume examines the role of social influence--including social media--in creating and fostering sustainable consumer behavior. Using the concepts behind social influence theory as a launching point, it describes humans' need for social networks and identifies the core components of buying, such as consumer goals and the gathering of opinions. From here, chapters examine ways social influence can encourage and support sustainable consumption, from buying green products to recycling packaging materials to supporting environmentally responsible brands. Real-world examples, critical thinking questions, a breakdown of strategies for influencing behavior, and pertinent references give the book extra dimensions of value. Among the featured topics: Social influence: why it matters. Values, attitudes, opinions, goals, and motivation. What we buy and who we listen to: the science and art of consumption. Decision making and problem solving. Households: productivity and consumption. Sustainably managing resources in the built environment. Between its nuanced understanding of social connections and its up-to-date lens on technology, Social Influence and Sustainable Consumption is must reading for researchers in the fields of consumer psychology, consumer behavior, and consumer sustainability.

El Mundo Groundswell

Como Aprovechar los Movimientos Sociales Espontaneos de la Red
Author: Charlene Li,Josh Bernoff
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788492452194
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 380
View: 4769
En todo momento, los consumidores, a través de infinidad de blogs, están informando, compartiendo, criticando y recomendando los productos y servicios que consumen cotidianamente y opinando acerca de cada una de las acciones que emprenden las empresas. El

El código de las mentes extraordinarias

10 leyes no convencionales para redefinir tu vida y alcanzar el éxito
Author: Vishen Lakhiani
Publisher: EDAF
ISBN: 8441437726
Category: Self-Help
Page: 384
View: 5661
¿Y si te das permiso a ti mismo para cuestionar todo lo que sabes y deshacerte de todo lo que te impide avanzar? Aprende a pensar como las mentes creativas más brillantes de nuestra era, a cuestionar, desafiar y crear nuevas reglas para conceptos como el amor, la educación, la espiritualidad, el trabajo, la felicidad y el sentido de la vida. No sigas las convenciones: El código de las mentes extraordinarias te enseña a alcanzar el éxito, a tu manera. No importa por dónde empieces. En tu mano está construir una vida que sea realmente extraordinaria y dejar huella en el universo. En este libro aprenderás a doblegar la realidad, a cuestionar reglas sin sentido, a trascender el espacio cultural, a abrazar tu misión en la vida, a aplicar la ingeniería de la conciencia, a cultivar la autodisciplina para vivir feliz y a impulsar hacia delante a la humanidad, generando de esta manera mayor felicidad, significado e impacto en el mundo. El código de las mentes extraordinarias es mucho más que un simple libro. Conecta con una comunidad y una plataforma de aprendizaje globales, donde podrás profundizar en temas concretos, ponerte en contacto con el autor, escuchar a invitados muy especiales y comunicarte con otros lectores. Una transformación en una dimensión totalmente nueva. ¡Comencemos!

La estrategia del oc‚ano azul

c¢mo desarrollar un nuevo mercado donde la competencia no tiene ninguna importancia
Author: W. Chan Kim
Publisher: Editorial Norma
ISBN: 9580488398
Category: Market segmentation
Page: 332
View: 2342


Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential
Author: Barbara Oakley
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399184082
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 304
View: 600
Mindshift reveals how we can overcome stereotypes and preconceived ideas about what is possible for us to learn and become. At a time when we are constantly being asked to retrain and reinvent ourselves to adapt to new technologies and changing industries, this book shows us how we can uncover and develop talents we didn’t realize we had—no matter what our age or background. We’re often told to “follow our passions.” But in Mindshift, Dr. Barbara Oakley shows us how we can broaden our passions. Drawing on the latest neuroscientific insights, Dr. Oakley shepherds us past simplistic ideas of “aptitude” and “ability,” which provide only a snapshot of who we are now—with little consideration about how we can change. Even seemingly “bad” traits, such as a poor memory, come with hidden advantages—like increased creativity. Profiling people from around the world who have overcome learning limitations of all kinds, Dr. Oakley shows us how we can turn perceived weaknesses, such as impostor syndrome and advancing age, into strengths. People may feel like they’re at a disadvantage if they pursue a new field later in life; yet those who change careers can be fertile cross-pollinators: They bring valuable insights from one discipline to another. Dr. Oakley teaches us strategies for learning that are backed by neuroscience so that we can realize the joy and benefits of a learning lifestyle. Mindshift takes us deep inside the world of how people change and grow. Our biggest stumbling blocks can be our own preconceptions, but with the right mental insights, we can tap into hidden potential and create new opportunities. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Social Computing

Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
Author: Subhasish Dasgupta
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1605669849
Category: Computers
Page: 2365
View: 9577
With an increasing accessibility to social networking tools, the development of Web 2.0, and the emergence of virtual worlds, social computing crosses cultural boundaries to join people in the digital landscape. Social Computing: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications uncovers the growing and expanding phenomenon of human behavior, social constructs, and communication in online environments. This multiple volume publication presents the latest research on social change, evolving networks, media, and interaction with technology to offer audiences a comprehensive view of the impact of social computing on the way cultures think, act, and exchange information.

Otras mentes. El pulpo, el mar y los orígenes profundos de la consciencia

Author: Peter Godfrey-Smith
Publisher: TAURUS
ISBN: 8430619070
Category: Science
Page: N.A
View: 8104
El libro del año para mentes curiosas, lo más parecido a un encuentro alienígena. «Una fabulosa mezcla de encuentros a lo Cousteau con cefalópodos, apasionantes discusiones científicas y reflexión filosófica. Maravillosamente escrito, estimulante y audaz.» Olivia Judson, The Atlantic En una rama muy distante de la nuestra en el árbol de las especies surgió otra mente elevada: la de los cefalópodos. Pero, ¿qué clase de inteligencia poseen estos animales? ¿Cómo desarrolló tal inteligencia el pulpo, criatura de escasa vida social y longevidad de apenas dos años? Otras mentes es una nueva y audaz historia de cómo la naturaleza se hizo consciente de sí misma, un relato que transcurre en gran medida en el mar. Peter Godfrey-Smith, distinguido filósofo de la ciencia y hábil buceador, describe sus impresionantes encuentros con octópodos y las travesuras perpetradas por pulpos cautivos al tiempo que traza el asombroso viaje evolutivo de los cefalópodos, una ruta alejada de la que más tarde tomaríamos los mamíferos. Una inmersión profunda y excepcionalmente reveladora en los orígenes de la experiencia subjetiva. Críticas: «El tema es tan asombroso que es difícil no sentirse seducido, como le pasó al propio autor cuando le extendió una mano a un pulpo y éste se acercó para devolverle el toque, en clara señal de interés.» Irene Wanner, The Seattle Times «Fascinante. Después de leer este libro, parafraseando a Byron, "no amarás menos al hombre, sino más a los cefalópodos".» Callum Roberts, The Washington Post «El filósofo Godfrey-Smith combina hábilmente ciencia, filosofía y sus propias experiencias nadando entre estos animales tentaculares para iluminar el origen y la naturaleza de la conciencia.» The Economist «Godfrey-Smith se ha impuesto un doble reto: por un lado, recoger todo lo que sabemos sobre la conducta y el conocimiento de los pulpos y, por otro, mostrar por qué esta información es a su vez un reto de cara a nuestra concepción filosófica y científica de la mente. El resultado es de lo más convincente.» Science «Si esto es filosofía, funciona. Godfrey-Smith es uno de esos filósofos que buscan pistas en el mundo. Sabio y curioso, nunca resulta dogmático y es sorprendentemente agudo.» Carl Safina, The New York Times Book Review «Godfrey-Smith enlaza hábilmente historia evolutiva y biología con los debates filosóficos más amplios sobre la naturaleza.» Nick Romeo, The Chicago Tribune «Una magistral combinación de historia natural, filosofía y curiosidad. De lectura obligada para cualquier persona interesada en la evolución de la mente.» Jennifer Ackerman, autora de El ingenio de los pájaros «Una deslumbrante muestra de la mejor pop science. Increíblemente revelador y divertido.» Meehan Crist, Los Angeles Times

La mente de los justos

Por qué la política y la religión dividen a la gente sensata
Author: Jonathan Haidt
Publisher: Deusto
ISBN: 8423430219
Category: Social Science
Page: N.A
View: 8612
En unos tiempos como los actuales, de enorme polarización política, resulta inevitable hacernos una pregunta: ¿por qué no podemos llevarnos bien? Seamos de derechas o de izquierdas, demasiadas veces tenemos la sensación de que nuestro adversario, además de oponerse a nosotros, no entiende en absoluto nuestras posturas y ni siquiera lo intenta. Eso hace que las divisiones sociales se estén consolidando, el debate público se convierta en un griterío y que en su mayoría los ciudadanos crean que sólo ellos están en lo cierto. Muchas personas, guiadas por razones morales que en realidad no son fruto de la razón, sino de un tribalismo parcialmente innato, son incapaces de entender que tanto los progresistas como los conservadores o los liberales, los creyentes y los ateos, tienen parte de razón; el conicto moral les impide verlo. Recurriendo a las investigaciones más recientes en campos como la neurociencia, la genética, la psicología social o los procesos evolutivos, La mente de los justos explica por qué los ciudadanos de las sociedades modernas viven divididos por distintas visiones morales de la realidad que, en última instancia, se traducen en tribus políticas aparentemente insalvables. Y es, también, una receta racional y moderada para intentar superar ese enfrentamiento y aprender a cooperar.


Shifting Mindsets, Changing Worldviews
Author: Anthony Gitonga
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781975875688
Page: 250
View: 783
For the simple reason that you will never rise above your current thoughts, the way to reach higher heights must be to nurture greater thoughts. In MindShift, the author guides you on a pathway of nurturing greater thoughts for higher heights. He takes you on a journey of recognizing and breaking the mould of limiting mindsets. Taking you to high places where you activate a renewed mind, the author's goal is to let you have the same mind that was also in Christ. If you want to experience a MindShift, start walking in the fullness of your purpose, and realize your wildest dreams, this book is for you. In MindShift learn how to :*Audit mindsets*Adjust mindsets*Activate MindShifts*Advance MindShifts*Apply MindShifts

El cerebro del niño

Author: Tina PAYNE BRYSON,Daniel J. Siegel
Publisher: ALBA Editorial
ISBN: 8484287300
Category: Education
Page: N.A
View: 5078
«Daniel Siegel y Tina Payne Bryson han escrito una guía magistral y fácil de leer para ayudar a desarrollar la inteligencia emocional de los niños. Este brillante método convierte las interacciones cotidianas en valiosas oportunidades para moldear el cerebro. Cualquiera que se preocupe por los niños –y que quiera a un niño– debería leer El cerebro del niño».Daniel Goleman, autor de Inteligencia emocional «Una completa guía que, desde un riguroso enfoque científico, descubre a los progenitores las oportunidades que diariamente les brinda una situación o una simple conversación para ayudar a sus hijos, de 0 a 12 años, a integrar todas las experiencias –buenas y malas– en su desarrollo vital y aprender de ellas para formarse como adultos.» Faro de Vigo Tu hijo de dos años tiene una rabieta en una tienda. Tu hijo de cuatro se niega a vestirse. Tu hijo de quinto curso está de suplente en el banquillo, enfurruñado, en lugar de jugar en el campo. ¿Acaso los niños conspiran para que la vida de sus padres sea un desafío continuo? No, lo que pasa es que su cerebro en desarrollo lleva la voz cantante. En este libro innovador y práctico, el neuropsiquiatra Daniel J. Siegel y la experta en educación infantil Tina Payne Bryson desmitifican las crisis y los conflictos, explicando los nuevos conocimientos científicos sobre cómo está constituido el cerebro infantil y cómo se desarrolla. Aplicando estos descubrimientos al día a día, es posible convertir conflictos, discusiones o miedos en una oportunidad para integrar el cerebro del niño y ayudarlo a ser una persona responsable, afectuosa y feliz. En El cerebro del niño padres y educadores tendrán a su alcance pautas claras para entender y manejar los distintos conflictos propios de los niños en función de cada edad, así como herramientas para resolverlos y ayudar a la familia a progresar.

The Great Mindshift

How a New Economic Paradigm and Sustainability Transformations go Hand in Hand
Author: Maja Göpel
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319437666
Category: Science
Page: 184
View: 5647
This book describes the path ahead. It combines system transformation researchwith political economy and change leadership insights when discussing the needfor a great mindshift in how human wellbeing, economic prosperity and healthyecosystems are understood if the Great Transformations ahead are to lead to moresustainability. It shows that history is made by purposefully acting humans andintroduces transformative literacy as a key skill in leading the radical incremental change

The Mobile Communications Handbook

Author: Jerry D. Gibson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781439874998
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 720
View: 5579
In a single volume, The Mobile Communications Handbook 2nd. Edition covers the entire field - from principles of analog and digital communications to cordless telephones, wireless local area networks (LANs), and international technology standards. The amazing scope of the handbook ensures that it will be the primary reference for every aspect of mobile communications.

Blackwood's Magazine

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 9107

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: England
Page: N.A
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The Six Immutable Laws of Mobile Business

Author: Philip Sugai,Marco Koeder,Ludovico Ciferri
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118027892
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 224
View: 8878
Valuable lessons from Japan’s mobile industry yield 6 Immutable Laws for Mobile Business globally Japan’s mobile customers enjoyed better mobile devices, more content, and the most advanced functionality and services for the last 10+ years. This book helps cut through the many myths and all of the hype surrounding Japan’s mobile dominance to identify the most important laws that will guide the success of mobile businesses around the world. Based on detailed market analysis and unprecedented access to the major players and pioneers of the Japanese mobile industry, this publication helps you understand the Six Immutable Laws of Mobile Business. These will help you and your business successfully navigate the challenges that the world’s Wireless Revolution brings. From Law #1 through Law #6, authors Philip Sugai, Marco Koeder, and Ludovico Ciferri will help guide you to distinguish mobile myth from mobile fact, micro developments from macro trends, and regional characteristics from universal truths. The book highlights Japan’s incredible efforts to offer consumers complex, high-tech devices with enriched services that are nonetheless elegant and easy to use, a quest which the authors have labeled "Simplexity." Based on their interviews and observations, the authors assert that, "Simplexity will be what truly empowers individual users through their mobile devices. Filled with case studies exploring all aspects of the Japanese mobile industry, this unique publication points carriers and content and service providers towards successful business models and practices for today’s and tomorrow’s mobile Internet. This book is the beginning of the conversation of The Six Immutable Laws of Mobile Business, which is regularly being updated and expanded upon

The Living Age ...

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
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The Mobile Commerce Revolution

Business Success in a Wireless World
Author: Tim Hayden,Tom Webster
Publisher: Que Publishing
ISBN: 0133475530
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 208
View: 6586
Your Definitive Guide to Profiting from Mobile Commerce With more than 60% of Americans carrying smartphones, your mobile commerce opportunities are immense: not someday, right now. But, to fully capture those opportunities, it’s not enough to build an app. You need to know how mobile is transforming your customers’ behavior, your organization, and your competitive environment. You need to assess and apply a wide spectrum of strategies, tactics, and technologies: from responsive web design and location-based tactics to mobile payment systems. You need to change your processes and your culture. The Mobile Commerce Revolution covers all this and more. Mobile commerce pioneer Tim Hayden and consumer behavior expert Tom Webster draw on their experience helping clients of all kinds to succeed with mobile— from startups to the world’s top brands. Packed with indispensable data and cutting-edge case studies, this guide will take you from planning to action to profit! Discover how customer mobile behavior is radically maturing and shifting Weave mobility throughout your marketing mix and business operations Prepare for the instant and impulse when your customer wants to buy Identify mobile tactics that are actually influencing purchases Earn confidence from customers that you will protect their privacy Use payment technologies to reduce friction and make it easier to buy Deliver richer, more powerful stories and mobile experiences Understand customers through “Little Data”: qualitative studies to physically observe behavior Grasp purchase attribution: why people buy