The First Principle in Late Neoplatonism

Here I agree with Dillon ( 1992 ) , taking Porphyry to be treating the one in a two - fold way — still distinct from Intellect , but anticipating Intellect . Porphyry , Sent . 43 , 1–5 : ' Intellect is not the principle of all things ...

Author: Jonathan Greig

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004439092

Category: Philosophy

Page: 360

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In The First Principle, Jonathan Greig offers a new examination of the Neoplatonic notion of the One and the respective causal frameworks behind the One in the two late Neoplatonists, Proclus and Damascius (5th–6th centuries A.D.).
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Creativity and Consciousness

But sometimes the authoritative husband / wife raises his / her adult partner in the same one - way too . ... The joint activity together with the communication is then mediated in a three - fold way ( Figure 3 ) .

Author: Jerzy Brzeziński

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9051835094

Category: Philosophy

Page: 412

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One of a Kind

... “better,” or “improved” covenant made possible by Christ.38 Similarly, Lohfink envisages a two-fold way of salvation within a single covenantal framework. Christians and Jews appropriate this single covenant in different ways.

Author: Adam Sparks

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630876548

Category: Religion

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A fundamental requirement in an inclusivist understanding of the relationship between Christianity and other religions is evidence of God's salvific activity outside any knowledge of Christ. This is commonly identified in the religion of Old Testament Israel. On this basis an analogy (the "Israel analogy") is drawn between the religion of the old covenant and contemporary non-Christian religions. Closely related is the parallel argument that as Christ has fulfilled the Old covenant, he can also be seen as the fulfillment of other religious traditions and their scriptures. This study outlines the use of the Israel analogy and the fulfillment model, subjecting these concepts to a biblical and theological critique revealing that the exegetical and patristic data are misconstrued in support of these concepts. Furthermore, the Israel analogy and the fulfillment model undermine the sui generis relationship between the old and new covenants and fail to respect the organic, progressive nature of salvation history. They also misconstrue the old covenant and the nature of its fulfillment in the new covenant. The Israel analogy and fulfillment model rely on a correspondence between the chronologically premessianic (Israel) and the epistemologically premessianic (other religions), and therefore consider the "BC condition" to continue today. In so doing, they undermine the significance of the Christ-event by failing to appreciate the decisive effect of this event on history and the nature of existence. It marks a radical turn in salvation history, a crisis point, rendering the BC period complete and fulfilled. Therefore the concept of a continuing "premessianic" condition or state is seriously flawed, as are the Israel analogy and fulfillment model. Thus the inclusivist paradigm reliant in large part on these defective concepts is also problematic, and proponents of this paradigm need to reconsider its basis.
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The Eightfold Way

If we want to use just a triplet and no singlet, we must have quarks, with baryon number 1/3 and electric charges -1/3, -1/3, and + 2/3. ... For the moment, we forget the term c ̧ 8 that breaks the eigit fold way.

Author: Murray Gell-mann

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780429976247

Category: Science

Page: 227

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This monograph presents thirty research papers dealing with the classification of strongly interacting particles and their interaction according to the eightfold way. In each chapter the authors' commentary introduces the reprints.
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Physics Imagination and Reality

The Eight-fold Way In molecular spectroscopy, one of the convenient properties for characterizing the properties of molecules was symmetry. The branch of mathematics dealing with the theory of symmetry is known as “group theory”, ...

Author: P R Wallace

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814507349


Page: 592

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Physics: Imagination and Reality introduces the reader to major ideas and the conceptual structure of modern physics, by tracing its development from the introduction of fields into physics by Faraday and Maxwell in the last century. Because the approach is historical, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the subjects. It should appeal to anyone interested in a basic understanding of the contemporary physicists view of the physical world. It avoids all but the simplest mathematics and presents ideas and concepts in everyday language. Physics: Imagination and Reality attempts to provide educated citizens with an understanding of contemporary physics and, at the same time, shows that its ideas have a grandeur, a challenge to the imagination and an aesthetic appeal which merit its recognition as an integral part of our culture. Contents:Science in the Modern World — Some ObservationsFundamentals of Newtonian MechanicsTwo Sciences Made One: Electricity and MagnetismFaraday, Maxwell and Electromagnetic TheoryRelativity — The Special TheoryThe General Theory of RelativityCosmologyThe Evolution of StarsBlack HolesBlack Holes in AstrophysicsHeat and ThermodynamicsThe Road to Quantum TheoryFundamental Principles of Quantum TheoryAtoms, Molecules, Chemistry and Condensed MatterParticles and Anti-ParticlesThe Atomic NucleusThe Physics of Fundamental ParticlesThe Inflationary Early UniverseRadiating Black Holes: Where Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Relativity Come Together Readership: General. Review: “… this book is a modest but worthy addition to the growing selection of texts in this area.” Robert H March Physics Today, 1992 “This book is a result of a course in physics for students in the humanities and the social sciences at McGill University. It is at the same time an impressive summary of such a challenging and extremely difficult operation. At a time when any such attempts are deprecatingly referred to as 'physics for the poets', Professor Wallace's book provides a concrete example that the job is both feasible and can be done well.” K Gavroglu European Journal of Physics, 1992
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Encountering Reality

... one God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?” The attempt to bring this experience into some kind of theoretical coherence yielded the answer, “We have such ordered experiences because God actually interacts with us in a three-fold way.

Author: Travis M. Stevick

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 9781506412924

Category: Religion

Page: 280

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Encountering Reality argues for a new appreciation of T. F. Torrance on epistemology and reality. According to Torrance's realism, all authentic knowledge involves the nature of the object impressing its inherent rationality on the mind. Consequently, knowledge involves thinking in accordance with the nature of the object. We shall explore the place and function of “ultimate beliefs” in epistemology, as well as the question as to whether such beliefs imply a retreat to either foundationalism or fideism. The inescapability of ultimate beliefs in all human knowledge requires a shift in the traditional notion of objectivity. We find that shift in the account provided by T. F. Torrance, whose epistemological position implies an alternative notion of truth. Drawing on distinctly Christian sources, Torrance emphasizes the distinction between truth and truthfulness thereby reorienting the discussion from a focus on statements to a focus on being. This shift challenges the dichotomy between correspondence and coherence theories of truth and provides one way of transcending the scientific realism/anti-realism debate and gives rise to a practical epistemological tool, disclosure models, which function as self-correcting, self-marginalizing lenses through which we encounter reality, yielding knowledge in accordance to the nature of the thing known.
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Continuum Scale Simulation of Engineering Materials

The particular expression given here is the Metropolis method that is the one most commonly used in materials simulations; ... This weakness is substantially mitigated at low temperatures by the n-fold way algorithm described in the ...

Author: Dierk Raabe

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9783527604210

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 885

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This book fills a gap by presenting our current knowledge and understanding of continuum-based concepts behind computational methods used for microstructure and process simulation of engineering materials above the atomic scale. The volume provides an excellent overview on the different methods, comparing the different methods in terms of their respective particular weaknesses and advantages. This trains readers to identify appropriate approaches to the new challenges that emerge every day in this exciting domain. Divided into three main parts, the first is a basic overview covering fundamental key methods in the field of continuum scale materials simulation. The second one then goes on to look at applications of these methods to the prediction of microstructures, dealing with explicit simulation examples, while the third part discusses example applications in the field of process simulation. By presenting a spectrum of different computational approaches to materials, the book aims to initiate the development of corresponding virtual laboratories in the industry in which these methods are exploited. As such, it addresses graduates and undergraduates, lecturers, materials scientists and engineers, physicists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians, and mechanical engineers.
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Theology in Reconciliation

... together in our understanding, for they constitute the two-fold way in which the one incomprehensible God communicates himself to us, grounded in and issuing from the transcendent and undivided reality of the three divine Persons.

Author: Thomas F. Torrance

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781579100230

Category: Religion

Page: 303

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Dealing with the issue of church unity and the ecumenical movement, Professor Torrance reminds Christians in a collection of essays that any theology which is faithful to the gospel must be a theology of reconciliation.
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