The Piggy Bank Murder

He repeated, “A plastic piggy bank, about a foot long and six to eight inches high.” “And when you left that morning, where was the piggy bank?” “I think it was on a coffee table. Either one of two places, either on the coffee table or ...

Author: Tom Walsh

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595269600

Category: History

Page: 332

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Major Rome of the Connecticut State Police is convinced the mother-in-law is the murderer, in spite of other suspects, including the husband who had a secret lover, and a 19-year-old neighbor. Rome admitted under oath that he used subterfuge, deception and his Bag of tricks, in an attempt to get at the truth. When you read the trial dialog that is from actual court transcripts, you'll get the feeling you re actually in the jury box. Even after you finish the novel and know who the murder is, you never the less will scratch you head and question the findings?
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Wanted for Murder

The Piggy Banh* Piggy bank oh piggy bank, greedy people broke you and left you in pieces Greed has them standing in a deep hole and their depth just increases I just wanted a college filnd for my nephews and nieces but if money equals ...

Author: Christopher A. Hall

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595515530

Category: Poetry

Page: 316

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The pen is mightier than the sword and words can cut deeper than a knife. He's wanted on several counts of homicide. Blatant speech has left him Wanted for Murder and on the run. Will he stand and continue to write or stop writing in an attempt to evade the authorities? With one poetry memoir under his belt, Hall follows up his 2005 near cult classic After Thoughts Café (which sold over 25,000 copies to date) with an explosive second poetry book called Wanted for Murder! Where he puts a creative spin on his new-age urban poetry. With the introduction of an edgy protégé [Takyrica Q. Cobbs] Hall goes outside of his traditional boxes without losing any of his vigor for writing gritty yet moving pieces.
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The Straw Hat Murders

Had— “No,” the man in London made haste to say, “the reason there are no more murders there is that the two women, ... one that was dropped into Piggy-Bank Pete's pig after the last Straw Hat Murder, and to whom—Piggy-Bank Pete, ...

Author: Harry Stephen Keeler

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479448005

Category: Fiction

Page: 99

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It’s tough being being Chief of Homicide when there have been four murders of piano students—all in the same studio apartment! So Huntoon Cambourne knows his job is on the line as he tries to prevent a fifth murder. He’s not lacking for clues because there is a cheap straw hat found at the scene of all four murders. And then there’s the matter of the killer leaving a $20 gold piece in the alms bucket of a deaf and blind mendicant down on the street near the apartment house. But how does the murderer get into the death room when the only opening is a trapdoor that’s only reachable by a dangerous 7-foot leap?
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Mr Keen Tracer of Lost Persons

(Lilt), Sponsors “The Piggy Bank Murder Case” Widower Andrew Perkins is found dead at home near a broken piggy bank. Young, powerfully-built bully Ed Coates attacks John Baxter, the son-in-law. Actors in this episode include Arthur ...

Author: Jim Cox

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476607382

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 374

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That “kindly old investigator,” Mr. Keen, sought missing persons and unraveled crimes longer than any other fictional detective ever heard or seen on the air. For 18 years (1937–1955) and 1690 nationwide broadcasts, Keen and his faithful assistant Mike Clancy kept listeners coming back for more. The nearest competitor, Nick Carter, Master Detective, ran for 726 broadcasts. This definitive history recounts the actors and creators behind the series, the changes the show underwent, and the development of the Mr. Keen character. A complete episode guide details all of the program’s 1,690 broadcasts.
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Instead of calling a taxi, he called police, who later arrested Stephen Byers for investigation of a bank robbery. ,v ^ ; PIGGY CRIME: Harri- **'&*** son Eugene Sweet, 31, will serve 10 years in prison for breaking into ...





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The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.
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Murder Hunt

because I don't use my piggy bank doesn't mean I don't like money falling into someone else's.” Ada scooted her chair closer. “I grovel on stories about steamy sex. Makes my mouth water; don't leave nothing out.

Author: Greg Shelton

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595277124

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

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One of the best mysteries you will ever read! Skye Patton's Detective Agency personally accepts only high profile murder cases, ones that are a year old and unsolved. She and two other detectives travel across country to the murder scene in a forensics bus to track down the most cunning killer to ever stalk the earth. They begin with the investigation of the chilling murder of a Georgia billionaire, Tom Handley. In strange twists, many family members are considered suspects, but there are others, too, that may be guilty, some that have even been cleared with a polygraph. The killer isn't satisfied waiting, and begins more killings before closing in on Skye. An exciting romance threatens to distract the investigation while the killer stalks. Intellectual and emotional interplay between characters leads to an earthshaking read, bound to leave anyone spellbound with heartfelt throbs. Look out readers, Murder Hunt is an addictive keeper and can't be put down once you start. Hang onto your courage and step onto a roller coaster ride that won't let go until the surprising ending.
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Murder She Encountered

“Sounds like Flo's stepfather might have had a motive for killing her.” “Yes. He actually threatened her. But I can't see Flo running to the police to tell them that her stepfather robbed her piggy bank.” “She might have merely said she ...

Author: Peg Cochran

Publisher: Alibi

ISBN: 9780525479741

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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A gutsy Manhattan socialite encounters murder and corruption at the World’s Fair in this captivating historical cozy mystery for readers of Victoria Thompson, Susan Elia MacNeal, and Rhys Bowen. New York City, 1939. A rising star at the Daily Trumpet, Elizabeth “Biz” Adams has been sent to the World’s Fair—billed as the “World of Tomorrow,” a look toward a brighter future even as the drumbeats of war grow louder—to cover a robbery. What she stumbles upon instead is a dead woman, dumped into the Aquacade’s pool with a nylon stocking wrapped around her neck. Elizabeth snaps a photo as the police arrest Joey Dorman, a gentle young hot dog vendor who made no secret of his obsession with the murder victim. Even though she’s thrilled that her photo makes the front page, the fear and confusion evident on Joey’s face are haunting. So Elizabeth vows to prove his innocence—or his guilt—with her partner at the Daily Trumpet, Ralph Kaminsky. Meanwhile, her romance with Detective Sal Marino is heating up, and Elizabeth is more determined than ever to follow her heart. But when Kaminsky’s efforts to expose the real killer land him in the hospital, Elizabeth is forced to continue the investigation on her own. And as she tries to narrow down the long list of suspects, she discovers a dark secret running through the Fair—a secret some would kill to protect. Look for all of Peg Cochran’s delightful mysteries featuring Elizabeth Adams, which can be read together or separately: MURDER, SHE REPORTED MURDER, SHE UNCOVERED MURDER, SHE ENCOUNTERED
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Vitaphone Films

... Robbery 3454A The Great Bank Robbery, trailers 3453A A Great Big Bunch of You 5492 The Great Carrot Train Robbery ... trailer 206A The Great O'Malley 7804–11 The Great O'Malley, trailer 7765 The Great Piggy Bank Robbery 1478A The ...

Author: Roy Liebman

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786446971

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 463

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The headline of the Variety extra on October 27, 1926, proclaimed "Vitaphone1 Thrills L.A.!" Vitaphone, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. formed in association with Western Electric, was one of the major producers of talkies, even though its sound-on-disc technology barely lasted four years. The Vitaphone features and shorts that have survived intact, or that have been so carefully restored, preserve much of the show business history that might otherwise have been lost with the industry's fast-paced advances in movie making. This book is a catalogue of Vitaphone features and shorts. The first section lists the features and shorts by release number. The New York productions (1926-1940) are listed first, followed by the West Coast productions (1927-1970). For shorts, the following particulars, if known and if applicable, are given: title, alternate title(s), instrumental and vocal selections performed on screen, composer(s) and performers of instrumental and vocal selections, release date and synopsis of the film, names of major cast members and directors, set information if two or fewer sets were used, and the amount paid to early performers. For features, entries list release dates, genre, and major cast members. The section on performers includes only those who appeared in shorts, listing dates and places of birth when known.
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A Great Fall

Not all the details of Arnfin's story were old hat , but this was one item that everyone knew about - the object that is said to have reopened the case , that , indeed , gave it its sobriquet : The Piggy Bank Murder Trial .

Author: Mildred Savage

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 0671202197

Category: Criminal justice, Administration of

Page: 536

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The Corners are Glowing

... out a jitterbug variation of Little Red Riding Hood (Book Revue), or Daffy as Duck Twacy, fending off wildly exaggerated Chester Gould-ish villains with names like Pickle Puss and Neon Noodle in The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (1946).

Author: Chris Robinson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000648096

Category: Computers

Page: 266

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The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) began in 1976 and stands today as one of the oldest and largest animation events in the world. One of the unique features of the OIAF is the inclusion of commissioned writings that provide attendees with a more in-depth background into the festival’s special screenings. These writings have not only contextualized the festival presentations but have also contributed significantly to animation education and scholarship. The Corners are Glowing is a selection of the best writings (many unseen for decades) culled from past OIAF catalogues. These wide-ranging texts cover the spectrum of animation from the familiar (Daffy Duck, Pee Wee Herman, Bob Clampett, Joanna Quinn, Hiyao Miyazaki, Frank Tashlin) to the more esoteric (Robert Breer, Emily Pelstring, Taku Furukawa, Michael Sporn, and even the use of furniture in animation!). The Corners are Glowing is a valuable time capsule that celebrates animation’s past and present, and the styles of writing are as diverse, enlightening, and fun as the animation subjects being written about.
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