ElsBeth and the Pirate s Treasure Book I in the Cape Cod Witch Series

“What treasure?” she sang out in a musical voice, so enchanting that all around felt they must be dreaming. “Pirates and golden treasure are legends surely,” she lilted. It was very pleasant listening to Hannah, everyone felt relaxed.

Author: J Bean Palmer

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 9781456620783

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 67

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Recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award honoring excellence and a 2015-2016 New Book Award winner. When Halloween approaches, a never-quite-forgotten pirate's treasure awakens some serious trouble in the sleepy Cape Cod town. ElsBeth Amelia Thistle, who happens to be the youngest witch on the Cape, and her friend Johnny Twofeathers, chief-to-be of the local Wampanoag tribe — together with a cast of spirited classmates and curious magical creatures (including two troublesome fairies from the old country) — must face off against dangerous outsiders, and the notorious pirate Billy Bowlegs, to restore the balance of past and present, good and evil. Includes nineteen full-color illustrations. Ypulse Book Editor (subsequently with Publishers Weekly): I don't usually do this, but Pirate's Treasure got such rave reviews from my two nephews and my sister I felt I had to pass it on. What makes my nephews' recommendations so remarkable is that they're sort of reluctant readers. One in particular devours comics but mostly 'reads' the illustrations. 'Star Wars' books are their favorites. And hey, anytime two boys jump up and down (literally) and implore me to read something, I listen. My nephew said all of the kids in his third grade class love this book, bar none. My sister said they read it aloud together as a family and she thought it was fabulous, too. Really fabulous, and they all can't wait for the next one. It's like "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" crossed with Sarah Plain and Tall—sort of. Earthy and homemade feeling, the writing and story read like local folklore but with contemporary characters. I can see why it's a hit with younger readers and I, too, liked it a lot. Reading ElsBeth and the Pirate's Treasure made me wonder—what exactly made this work for both the girls and boys in my nephew's posse? Is it the fact that ElsBeth's class share the spotlight and together are the main characters? I wish there were more titles that crossed gender lines. We talk a lot about finding books that boys will like because they are traditionally harder readers to please, but what about books that boys and girls can enjoy together? Maybe books that simply allow girls and boys to share the stage is the answer.
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The Pirate s Treasure Pirate Stories

Om Books Editorial Team. "Well, five dollars isn't exactly pirate's treasure!" Peter replied. "But I'll take it!" The Pirate's Treasure ouebecro copects in Peter's decims and sells.

Author: Om Books Editorial Team

Publisher: Om Books International

ISBN: 9789384625863


Page: 16

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Bluebeard appears in PeterÍs dreams and tells him about a hidden treasure. But is it a dream or will Peter really find the pirateÍs treasure? Find out in this fun tale.
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The Pirates Chronicles Greatest Sea Adventure Books Treasure Hunt Tales 70 Novels Short Stories Legends in One Edition

Facing the Flag, Blackbeard, Captain Blood, Pieces of Eight, History of Pirates, Treasure Island, The Gold-Bug, Swords of Red Brotherhood, Captain Singleton, Under the Waves... Captain Charles Johnson, Howard Pyle, Ralph D. Paine, ...

Author: Captain Charles Johnson

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788027219575

Category: Fiction

Page: 11081

View: 842

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Enjoy the best sea adventures, treasure hunt tales and bloody battles, along with learning the truth behind the legends, the real life stories that inspired so many writers and produced so many beloved classics: History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates (Captain Charles Johnson) The Book of Buried Treasure Treasure Island (R. L. Stevenson) Blackbeard: Buccaneer (R. D. Paine) Pieces of Eight (Le Gallienne) Captain Singleton (Defoe) Gold-Bug (Edgar Allan Poe) Hearts of Three (Jack London) The Dark Frigate (C. B. Hawes) Isle of Pirate's Doom (Robert E. Howard) Swords of Red Brotherhood (Howard) Queen of Black Coast (Howard) Barbarossa—King of the Corsairs Black Vulmea (Howard) Afloat and Ashore (James F. Cooper) Homeward Bound (Cooper) Red Rover (Cooper) Facing the Flag (Jules Verne) A Pirate of the Caribbees (H. Collingwood) Pirate Gow (Daniel Defoe) The King of Pirates (Defoe) The Pirate (Walter Scott) Rose of Paradise (Howard Pyle) Captain Sharkey (Arthur Conan Doyle) The Pirate (Frederick Marryat) Three Cutters (Marryat) Madman and the Pirate (R. M. Ballantyne) The Offshore Pirate (F. Scott Fitzgerald) Coral Island (Ballantyne) Under the Waves (Ballantyne) Pirate City (Ballantyne) Captain Boldheart (Dickens) Master Key (L. Frank Baum) A Man to His Mate (J. Allan Dunn) Tales of the Fish Patrol (Jack London) Robinson Crusoe (Defoe) Peter Pan and Wendy (J. M. Barrie) Mysterious Island (Jules Verne) Count of Monte Cristo (Dumas) Ghost Pirates (W. H. Hodgson) The Pirate Island (H. Collingwood) Among Malay Pirates The Capture of Panama, 1671 The Malay Proas (James F. Cooper) The Daughter of the Great Mogul (Defoe) Morgan at Puerto Bello The Ways of the Buccaneers Narrative of the Capture of the Ship Derby, 1735 The Fight Between the Dorrill and the Moca Jaddi the Malay Pirate The Terrible Ladrones The Female Captive The Passing of Mogul Mackenzie Sea-Wolves of the Mediterranean Pirates of Panama...
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The Pirate Treasure

When a message-in-a-bottle washes up on their local beach, Jack Jones, his sister Emma and best mate Albert discover that it just might lead to a Spanish galleon ship that has been lost for centuries!

Author: Zander Bingham


ISBN: 1949247031

Category: Adventure stories

Page: 104

View: 277

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When a message-in-a-bottle washes up on their local beach, Jack Jones, his sister Emma and best mate Albert discover that it just might lead to a Spanish galleon ship that has been lost for centuries! Will Jack and his crew decode the clues left by pirates to reveal the hidden location of the ship and the priceless treasure rumoured to be aboard?
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The Adventures of Captain Kaleb Pirate s Treasure

The Adventures of Captain Kaleb: Pirate's Treasure Copyright © 2009 by The Brothers Grin: Adam J. Huseby & Jarred O. Huseby. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted ...

Author: Adam J. Huseby

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781607995548

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 31

View: 877

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...and beside the picture an inscription read, Herein lays the treasure. 'Are you ready to find the treasure boys?' Captain Kaleb asked excitedly. 'Yes, yes!' the crew, all yelled.' Come along as The Brothers Grin take your children on a wonderful journey. The Adventures of Captain Kaleb: Pirate's Treasure is an exciting voyage, from the high seas to the shores of Northern Ireland. Captain Kaleb and his trusty crew befriend an old fisherman who tells them a tale about a great pirate. Kaleb and his band of fellow adventurers soon find themselves on an exhilarating trail of clues that eventually leads them to one of the greatest treasures of all! If your children love adventure, send them along with The Adventures of Captain Kaleb, where Pirate's Treasure is only the beginning!
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The Mystery of the Pirate s Treasure

Readers will have tons of fun creating the codes right along with the characters in this interactive series.

Author: Penny Warner

Publisher: Darby Creek ™

ISBN: 9781606844588

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

View: 162

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Readers will have tons of fun creating the codes right along with the characters in this interactive series. Cody, Quinn, Luke, and M.E. love playing around with codes. In fact, they love codes so much they have their own club, with a secret hideout and passwords that change every day. On a class trip to the Cornell Mission, the Code Busters learn about Hippolyte de Bouchard, California's only known pirate. Now the Code Busters are on the trail of a new prize: pirate gold! But with a fortune at stake, the codes are bound to be hard. Will the Code Busters be able to figure them out, or will this mystery prove to be too difficult to solve?
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Pirate Treasure

According to legend , the pirates ' treasure was stolen from the ruins of the burned houses . The secret maps were burned . After leaving the West Indies , Kidd sailed back to. 15 Many years later, during a slave ...

Author: Angela Marsh

Publisher: Heinemann/Raintree

ISBN: 0839301553

Category: Political Science

Page: 31

View: 718

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An account of the life and adventures of respectable New York merchant who became a famous pirate and the search for his legendary buried treasure.
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The Mystery of the Pirate s Treasure

Summary : A young Charleston boy finds clues to pirate Stede Bonnet's treasure but his search is complicated by a mysterious man who seems to be following him around town . [ 1. Mystery and detective stories . 2. Charleston ( S.C . ) ...

Author: Idella Bodie

Publisher: Sandlapper Publishing

ISBN: 0878440593

Category: Charleston (S.C.)

Page: 136

View: 209

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A young Charleston boy finds clues to pirate Stede Bonnet's treasure but his search is complicated by a mysterious man who seems to be following him around town.
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Pirate Treasure Hunt Rusty RIvets

Look at this pirate treasure map of Sparkton Hills from my great-great-granddad!” “It must be from a long time ago!” said Ruby. She read the first clue on the map: “Find the spot the Xs mark Across the town and in the park.

Author: Nickelodeon Publishing

Publisher: Nickelodeon

ISBN: 9781681076485

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 751

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This exciting storybook follows the characters from Nickelodeon’s Rusty Rivets as they embark on a pirate treasure hunt! When Rusty finds an old pirate map, he’s convinced it will lead to buried treasure. But as the clues get stranger and stranger, Rusty and his friend Ruby discover more than just riches and jewels where X marks the spot! Boys and girls ages 3 to 7 will love this storybook based on an exciting episode of Nickelodeon’s Rusty Rivets! This Nickelodeon read-along contains audio narration.
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Old Jake and the Pirate s Treasure

Long ago a pirate buried a treasure deep in the mosscovered swamps of Alabama . Marcie and Raymie are determined to find that treasurebut first they have to make a deal with Old Jake , a Cajun hermit who has the map they need .

Author: Betty Hager

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 031038401X

Category: Alabama

Page: 111

View: 739

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Four Alabama children look for pirate treasure using a map belonging to an old Cajun fisherman.
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