The Progressive Apparatus And More Fantasticals

When the Galactic Super-Culture is just another bureaucracy, genetic engineering fulfills people's neolithic fantasies, and the west coast of Canada is reduced to micro-ash, you get stories like these.

Author: Hugh A D Spencer


ISBN: 1928011462


Page: 232

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Three times Aurora Award-nominated author Hugh A. D. Spencer collects more of his previously published short fiction in this fun collection. Featuring a series of interconnected stories about the Progressive Apparatus, a sometimes anti-muse, sometimes amoral high-tech firm, and a Galactic Super-culture that meddles in human life through heavy drugs and museum exhibits, this collection asks the big questions in science fiction. Like what happens to those breakthrough scientific projects when the funders pull the plug? What if that crazy scifi religious cult is actually on to something? How can a heartless multi-galactic corporation be affected by a small act of rebellion, like driving a truck through their headquarters? Stories in this collection Five Stories About Alan The Progressive Apparatus ...And the Retrograde Mentor ...Experience Denial Then Acceptance The Heritage Drug Project Sticky Wonder Stories The Meaning of Steel Ammonite City Cult Stories John, Paul, Xavier, Ironside and George (But Not Vincent)
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Unruly Waters

As a result, advocates for change dreamed still more fantastical dreams for the Middle Brazos River during the Progressive Era, developing a lockand-dam ...

Author: Kenna Lang Archer

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 9780826355881

Category: History

Page: 296

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Running more than 1,200 miles from headwaters in eastern New Mexico through the middle of Texas to the Gulf of Mexico, the Brazos River has frustrated developers for nearly two centuries. This environmental history of the Brazos traces the techniques that engineers and politicians have repeatedly used to try to manage its flow. The vast majority of projects proposed or constructed in this watershed were failures, undone by the geology of the river as much as the cost of improvement. When developers erected locks, the river changed course. When they built large-scale dams, floodwaters overflowed the concrete rims. When they constructed levees, the soils collapsed. Yet lawmakers and laypeople, boosters and engineers continued to work toward improving the river and harnessing it for various uses. Through the plight of the Brazos River Archer illuminates the broader commentary on the efforts to tame this nation’s rivers as well as its historical perspectives on development and technology. The struggle to overcome nature, Archer notes, reflects a quintessentially American faith in technology.
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Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy

... fireplace ; interaction ; bedtime ; fantastical ; pictures in your mind ... all a structuring device , deeply tied to memory ( Clark and Clark 1977 ) .

Author: Nancy Nager

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791444686

Category: Education

Page: 313

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Reviews the history and philosophy of a classic approach to teaching, while emphasizing its continuing relevance for contemporary schooling.
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Fantastical Imaginations

1772 , featuring information on fairs and markets more accurate and ' fuller than ... 47 Watson on the other hand took a progressive stance toward printing ...

Author: Lizanne Henderson

Publisher: John Donald Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124160032

Category: History

Page: 229

View: 817

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In Scotland the subject of the supernatural has been largely ignored by mainstream historians and academics, who considered it to be irrelevant or trivial. This collection of essays, by some of the foremost commentators in the field, seeks to redress the balance by tackling such topics as prophecy, astrology, witchcraft, fairy belief, amulets and charming. Other issues include the role of the supernatural in Enlightenment Scotland, in almanacs, in Gaelic society, and in literature, folktale and legend. This is a multi-disciplinary volume, with contributions utilising historical, literary and folkloristic methodologies and ranging in time from the late medieval period to the present day. It explores the perennial fascination of how people in the past viewed their world.
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The Modern Percussion Revolution

Journeys of the Progressive Artist Kevin Lewis, Gustavo Aguilar ... way in which the ever more fantastical and beautiful single picture creations did not).

Author: Kevin Lewis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317976554

Category: Music

Page: 308

View: 263

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More than eighty years have passed since Edgard Varèse’s catalytic work for percussion ensemble, Ionisation, was heard in its New York premiere. A flurry of pieces for this new medium dawned soon after, challenging the established truths and preferences of the European musical tradition while setting the stage for percussion to become one of the most significant musical advances of the twentieth century. This 'revolution', as John Cage termed it, was a quintessentially modernist movement - an exploration of previously undiscovered sounds, forms, textures, and styles. However, as percussion music has progressed and become woven into the fabric of Western musical culture, several divergent paths, comprised of various traditions and a multiplicity of aesthetic sensibilities, have since emerged for the percussionist to pursue. This edited collection highlights the progressive developments that continue to investigate uncharted musical grounds. Using historical studies, philosophical insights, analyses of performance practice, and anecdotal reflections authored by some of today's most engaged performers, composers, and scholars, this book aims to illuminate the unique destinations found in the artistic journey of the modern percussionist.
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Information Technology and Constructivism in Higher Education Progressive Learning Frameworks

Progressive Learning Frameworks Payne, Carla R. ... may be realistic or theoretical, or conceptually mixed (ranging from photo-realistic to fantastical).

Author: Payne, Carla R.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781605666556

Category: Computers

Page: 414

View: 850

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"This volume is grounded in the thesis that information technology may offer the only viable avenue to the implementation of constructivist and progressive educational principles in higher education, and that the numerous efforts now under way to realize these principles deserve examination and evaluation"--Provided by publisher.
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Posthumanism in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegut

In 1971, Tony Tanner compared the novel to a painting by M. C. Escher, noting that its nonlinearity and more fantastical elements make it difficult to ...

Author: Andrew Hicks

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000092820

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 242

View: 107

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Posthumanism in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegut: Matter That Complains So re-examines the prevailing critical consensus that Kurt Vonnegut was a humanist writer. While more difficult elements of his work have often been the subject of scholarly attention, the tendency amongst critics writing on Vonnegut is to disavow them, or to subsume them within a liberal humanist framework. When Vonnegut’s work is read from a posthumanist perspective, however, the productive paradoxes of his work are more fully realised. Drawing on New Materialist, Eco-Critical and Systems Theory methodologies, this book highlights posthumanist themes in six of Vonnegut’s most famous novels, and emphasises the ways in which Vonnegut troubles human/non-human, natural/artificial, and material/discursive hierarchical binaries
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The Progressive Dictionary of the English Language

Chaucer . tive art , literature , or costume ; fantastical ; groand Shetland islands ... ( c ) Chemically Ceylon , living in a more abject state than the ...

Author: Bp. Samuel Fallows



Category: English language

Page: 508

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Quality TV

Instead of simply dismissing these shows, or their more progressive elements ... often funny or fantastical life on television could never be inspirational, ...

Author: Janet McCabe

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857715999

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 312

View: 348

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In his seminal book "Television's Second Golden Age", Robert Thompson described quality TV as 'best defined by what it is not': 'it is not "regular" TV'. Audacious maybe, but his statement renewed debate on the meaning of this highly contentious term. Dealing primarily with the post-1996 era shaped by digital technologies and defined by consumer choice and brand marketing, this book brings together leading scholars, established journalists and experienced broadcasters working in the field of contemporary television to debate what we currently mean by quality TV. They go deep into contemporary American television fictions, from "The Sopranos" and "The West Wing", to "CSI" and "Lost" - innovative, sometimes controversial, always compelling dramas, which one scholar has described as 'now better than the movies!' But how do we understand the emergence of these kinds of fiction? Are they genuinely new? What does quality TV have to tell us about the state of today's television market? And is this a new Golden Age of quality TV? Original, often polemic, each chapter proposes new ways of thinking about and defining quality TV. There is a foreword from Robert Thompson, and heated dialogue between British and US television critics. Also included - and a great coup - are interviews with W. Snuffy Walden (scored "The West Wing" among others) and with David Chase ("The Sopranos" creator). "Quality TV" provides throughout groundbreaking and innovative theoretical and critical approaches to studying television and for understanding the current - and future - TV landscape.
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The Twittering Machine

For those in need of a progressive-sounding pitch, the advantage of making markets massively more legible is that it spells an end to market mysticism.

Author: Richard Seymour

Publisher: The Indigo Press

ISBN: 9781911648031

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 103

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'If you really want to set yourself free, you should read a book – preferably this one.' Observer In surrealist artist Paul Klee's The Twittering Machine, the bird-song of a diabolical machine acts as bait to lure humankind into a pit of damnation. Leading political writer and broadcaster Richard Seymour argues that this is a chilling metaphor for relationship with social media. Former social media executives tell us that the system is an addiction-machine. Like drug addicts, we are users, waiting for our next hit as we like, comment and share. We write to the machine as individuals, but it responds by aggregating our fantasies, desires and frailties into data, and returning them to us as a commodity experience.Through journalism, psychoanalytic reflection and interviews with users, developers, security experts and others, Seymour probes the human side of this machine, asking what we're getting out of it, and what we're getting into.
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The Culture of Boredom

Perhaps more germane to our concerns here, however, are Bifo's arguments about the progressive abstraction of the body and its capacities, as well as the ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004427495

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 324

View: 624

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Culture of Boredom is a collection of essays by well-known specialists reflecting from philosophical, literary, and artistic perspectives. The goal is to clarify the background of boredom, and to explore its representation through forgotten cross-cutting narratives.
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Recent Advances in Ambient Intelligence and Context Aware Computing

The technology ranges from specialised one-off devices capable of visual ... More recently Minter's Neon provides the light visualizer for the Xbox 360 ...

Author: Curran, Kevin

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466672857

Category: Computers

Page: 376

View: 313

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Modern devices, from phones and cars to houses and the appliances within them, are being designed with formidable computational power and expanded functionality. To be truly effective, these smart devices must effectively process data from their environment and experiences and make decisions based on that information. Recent Advances in Ambient Intelligence and Context-Aware Computing investigates the functionality of ubiquitous computational systems and how they may adapt to their environment to improve the quality of interaction for the end-user. This reference book will be of value to under- and post-graduate students, professionals, and researchers in networking, computer science, communications, and other information technology disciplines.
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Flowers of fiction

it is not in the unsophisticated such fantastical dresses and quaint de- mind of ... men may as well submit at once new skin , and using more time in dress- ...



ISBN: OXFORD:590375986



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Homemaking for the Apocalypse

... or worthwhile” because of the advent of so-called labor-saving devices, causing activities to “become more and more routine and mechanical” (16).

Author: Jill E. Anderson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351396691

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

View: 842

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In Homemaking for the Apocalypse, Jill E. Anderson interrogates patterns of Atomic Age conformity that controlled the domestic practices and private activities of Americans. Used as a way to promote security in a period rife with anxieties about nuclear annihilation and The Bomb, these narratives of domesticity were governed by ideals of compulsory normativity, and their circulation upheld the wholesale idealization of homemaking within a white, middle-class nuclear family and all that came along with it: unchecked reproduction, constant consumerism, and a general policing of practices deemed contradictory to normative American life. Homemaking for the apocalypse seeks out the disruptions to the domestic ideals found in memoirs, Civil Defense literature, the fallout shelter debate, horror films, comics, and science fiction, engaging in elements of horror in order to expose how closely domestic practices are tied to dread and anxiety. Homemaking for the Apocalypse offers a narrative of the Atomic Age that calls into question popular memory’s acceptance of the conformity thesis and proposes new methods for critiquing the domestic imperative of the period by acknowledging its deep tie to horror.
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W A Mozart

Like Mitridate , Lucio Silla is a genuine child of the neo - Neapolitan spirit , albeit markedly more progressive in style and part of the trend that ...

Author: Hermann Abert

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300072236

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 1515

View: 883

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Hermann Abert's classic biography, first published in German more than eighty years ago and itself based on the definitive mid-nineteenth century study by Otto Jahn, remains the most informed and substantial biography of Mozart in any language. The book is both the fullest account of the composer’s life and a deeply skilled analysis of his music. Proceeding chronologically from 1756 to 1791, the book interrogates every aspect of Mozart’s life, influences, and experience; his personality; his religious and secular dimensions; and the social context of the time. In "a book within a book,” Abert also provides close scrutiny of the music, including the operas, orchestral work, symphonies and piano concertos, church music and cantatas, and compositions for solo instruments. While the tone of Abert’s great work is expertly rendered by Stewart Spencer, developments in Mozart scholarship since the last German edition are signaled by the Mozart scholar, Cliff Eisen, in careful annotations on every page. Supported by a host of leading Mozart scholars, this immense undertaking at last permits English-language readers access to the most important single source on the life of this great composer.
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The Urban Department Store in America 1850 1930

The author's seductive description of the fantastical display, ... advises her readers to avoid envying the acquisitions of these more well-heeled shoppers, ...

Author: Dr Louisa Iarocci

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409447436

Category: Art

Page: 258

View: 486

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In the late nineteenth century, the urban department store arose as a built artifact and as a social institution in the United States. While the physical building type is the foundation of this comprehensive architectural study, Iarocci reaches beyond the analysis of the brick and mortar to reconsider how the ‘spaces of selling’ were culturally-produced spaces, as well as the product of interrelated economic, social, technological and aesthetic forces.
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Making of the English Literary Canon

This primitivism reversed an earlier classicist belief in progressive ... knew that Pope's defenders could always point to the fantastical apparatus in The ...

Author: Trevor Ross

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773566996

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 411

View: 596

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An indigenous canon of letters, Ross argues, had been both the hope and aim of English authors since the Middle Ages. Early authors believed that promoting the idea of a national literature would help publicize their work and favour literary production in the vernacular. Ross places these early gestures toward canon-making in the context of the highly rhetorical habits of thought that dominated medieval and Renaissance culture, habits that were gradually displaced by an emergent rationalist understanding of literary value. He shows that, beginning in the late seventeenth century, canon-makers became less concerned with how English literature was produced than with how it was read and received.
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Dominance by Design

Of special interest to more seasoned Japan watchers , such as Townsend Harris and William Griffis , was the contrast between the Japanese openness to ...

Author: Michael Adas

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674020073

Category: History

Page: 542

View: 836

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Long before the United States became a major force in global affairs, Americans believed in their superiority over others due to their inventiveness, productivity, and economic and social well-being. U.S. expansionists assumed a mandate to civilize non-Western peoples by demanding submission to American technological prowess and design. As an integral part of America's national identity and sense of itself in the world, this civilizing mission provided the rationale to displace the Indians from much of our continent, to build an island empire in the Pacific and Caribbean, and to promote unilateral--at times military--interventionism throughout Asia. In our age of smart bombs and mobile warfare, technological aptitude remains preeminent in validating America's global mission. Michael Adas brilliantly pursues the history of this mission through America's foreign relations over nearly four centuries from North America to the Philippines, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf. The belief that it is our right and destiny to remake foreign societies in our image has endured from the early decades of colonization to our current crusade to implant American-style democracy in the Muslim Middle East. Dominance by Design explores the critical ways in which technological superiority has undergirded the U.S.'s policies of unilateralism, preemption, and interventionism in foreign affairs and raised us from an impoverished frontier nation to a global power. Challenging the long-held assumptions and imperatives that sustain the civilizing mission, Adas gives us an essential guide to America's past and present role in the world as well as cautionary lessons for the future.
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