Acting Archetype and Neuroscience

The need of the characters must be sufficient to sustain them through all of the steps of the journey, and only other humans can help in the pursuit. Actors trying to find their “character” without actually deciding what they must do in ...

Author: Jane Drake Brody

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317586234

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 158

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"How do we move actors into the less accessible regions of themselves and release hotter, more dangerous, and less literal means of approaching a role?" Superscenes are a revolutionary new mode of teaching and rehearsal, allowing the actor to discover and utilize the primal energies underlying dramatic texts. In Acting, Archetype, and Neuroscience Jane Drake Brody draws upon a lifetime’s experience in the theatre, alongside the best insights into pedagogical practice in the field, the work of philosophers and writers who have focused on myth and archetype, and the latest insights of neuroscience. The resulting interdisciplinary, exciting volume works to: Mine the essentials of accepted acting theory while finding ways to access more primally-based human behavior in actors Restore a focus on storytelling that has been lost in the rush to create complex characters with arresting physical and vocal lives Uncover the mythical bones buried within every piece of dramatic writing; the skeletal framework upon which hangs the language and drama of the play itself Focus on the actor’s body as the only place where the conflict inherent in drama can be animated. Acting, Archetype, and Neuroscience weaves together a wealth of seemingly disparate performance methods, exciting actors to imaginatively and playfully take risks they might otherwise avoid. A radical new mixture of theory and practice by a highly respected teacher of acting, this volume is a must-read for students and performance practitioners alike.
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Acting in Commercials

Too often, the actor's ability to harness mental energy in the pursuit of a single task is not as good as it should be. Good concentration is what allows actors to focus their minds and, therefore, their energy in pursuit of a task.

Author: Joan See

Publisher: Back Stage Books

ISBN: 9780307799517

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 192

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Every actor knows that working in commercials is lucrative. But many actors, trained primarily for working on the stage, have mistaken ideas about this field and lack essential on-camera experience. Now in an updated and expanded edition, Acting in Commercials is the only resource that fills all the gaps in the performer’s knowledge of this demanding medium. Invaluable for its insight into the craft as well as the business of acting, it tells you how to prepare for commercial auditions and, once you’ve landed a job, how to deliver the most expressive on-camera performance—leading to more work and success in a competitive field. Author Joan See illuminates all the secrets she has learned while appearing in hundreds of commercials over the past thirty years. She shows you how to approach five distinctly different commercial forms and explains the specific acting techniques to employ in each. In fact, Acting in Commercials will take you beyond commercial work, sharpening all your acting skills for a broader film and television career.
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The Pursuit of Dreams

The cast seemed to be running around, making sure their costumes, makeup and hair were ready for filming but due to the heat and humidity some of the actors' makeup was partially dripping from their faces, having to do constant touch ...

Author: Ganesh S Loke

Publisher: Australian Self Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780648245278

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 230

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In this inspirational book based on a true story of Ganesh Loke, who arrived in Australia in 1999 as an International student with only $500 in his pocket, tells his amazing story. During his studies, he was living in a shared accommodation in Sydney and struggled to survive on his own in an unfamiliar country. But with his determination, motivated approach, hard work and extra-ordinary vision Ganesh not only bought his dream house in Sydney, but also became a ‘multiple properties investor’. He also went on to become a Movie Producer to produce Bollywood/ Indian movies and also acted in them, which was his childhood dream. This book provides an insight into this extra-ordinary life journey of Ganesh Loke. It is written by an Australian author Ms. Dominique Mayfair who has previously written fiction books in Australia. She was inspired by Ganesh’s amazing true-story and transformed it into this great book with the inputs from Ganesh. This book will inspire you to believe that, if you pursue your dreams with determination and hard work, your dreams can really come true!
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The Routledge Companion to Drama in Education

In other words, the PDT actor does often not engage in DT style 'as if'-acting in the pursuit of impersonation, pretence, and mimesis, but becomes a performer who offers a performance of herself. Kirby (2002) usefully notes that there ...

Author: Mary McAvoy

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000536591

Category: Education

Page: 610

View: 135

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The Routledge Companion to Drama in Education is a comprehensive reference guide to this unique performance discipline, focusing on its process-oriented theatrical techniques, engagement of a broad spectrum of learners, its historical roots as a field of inquiry and its transdisciplinary pedagogical practices. The book approaches drama in education (DE) from a wide range of perspectives, from leading scholars to teaching artists and school educators who specialise in DE teaching. It presents the central disciplinary conversations around key issues, including best practice in DE, aesthetics and artistry in teaching, the histories of DE, ideologies in drama and education, and concerns around access, inclusivity and justice. Including reflections, lesson plans, programme designs, case studies and provocations from scholars, educators and community arts workers, this is the most robust and comprehensive resource for those interested in DE’s past, present and future.
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Larger Than Life

Like Monroe, another so-called “dumb blonde,” Novak was rarely taken seriously as an actor. ... compared her to the famous actor she played in Jeanne Eagels: like Eagels, Novak was relentlessly driven to the pursuit of acting, ...

Author: R. Barton Palmer

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813547664

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 282

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A Volume in the Star Decades: American Culture/American Cinema series, edited by Adrienne L. McLean and Murray Pomerance --Book Jacket.
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Acting Is Everything

An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career Judy Kerr. • Still another technique—write or type out all the lines except yours. Just type the character's name where your lines go. Have a bunch copied and then write in your lines like ...

Author: Judy Kerr

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9781532332821



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In this actor's guidebook, renowned acting coach Judy Kerr shares her lifetime of techniques and tricks of the trade. She opens the doors of Hollywood to acting hopefuls and professionals with a straightforward road map for building their dreams and careers. The previous 11 editions have contributed to the success of thousands of readers. In this new Ebook Judy shares brand new content: including Acting Tools, private dairy entries from those who have successfully applied Acting Is Everything to their careers, and more. A wonderful intro to the world of show biz. -- Jerry Seinfeld This is good, Judy, this is good. Julia Louis-Dreyfus First rate primer, excellent refresher course. -- Jason Alexander Informative and to the point. - Michael Richards
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Subjectivity in Political Economy

The capacity to put yourself in the situation of the other, joined to the other-oriented implication of the pursuit of wealth, makes acting possible. When seeking wealth means production and sale of commodities, subjective ends contain ...

Author: David P. Levine

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415166614

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 147

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This book explores the way political economy understands human motivation. In it, the author argues that the assumptions typically made by economists regarding want and choice cannot adequately lay a foundation for answering important questions about the design of economic institutions and the appropriate use of markets. This volume offers an exciting and unusual contribution to political economy, offering a novel integration of the insights of political economy, philosophy, and psychology, applying them to vital foundational issues in political economy.
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Acting Re Considered

“By blocking the path taken by the actor,” writes Rolfe, “you oblige him to look for another.... Each restriction placed onthe actor forceshis imagination toseek ways to get around it” (1972). The teacher cannot provide a model ora set ...

Author: Phillip B. Zarrilli

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134575435

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 416

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Acting (Re)Considered is an exceptionally wide-ranging collection of theories on acting, ideas about body and training, and statements about the actor in performance. This second edition includes five new essays and has been fully revised and updated, with discussions by or about major figures who have shaped theories and practices of acting and performance from the late nineteenth century to the present. The essays - by directors, historians, actor trainers and actors - bridge the gap between theories and practices of acting, and between East and West. No other book provides such a wealth of primary and secondary sources, bibliographic material, and diversity of approaches. It includes discussions of such key topics as: * how we think and talk about acting * acting and emotion * the actor's psychophysical process * the body and training * the actor in performance * non-Western and cross-cultural paradigms of the body, training and acting. Acting (Re)Considered is vital reading for all those interested in performance.
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The Perspective of the Acting Person

“To place oneself in the perspective of the acting person” is necessary therefore not only for comprehending what ... As ordi- natio rationis it becomes the measure of the goodness of the pursuit of individual natural inclinations, ...

Author: Martin Rhonheimer

Publisher: CUA Press

ISBN: 9780813215112

Category: Philosophy

Page: 329

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The Perspective of the Acting Person introduces readers to one of the most important and provocative thinkers in contemporary moral philosophy
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Acting and Actors Elocution and Elocutionists

stage as a profession ; and of actors , professional and amateur . There is much in the essays to guide all these persons . A good deal of mature thought and the results of a vast deal of close observation are to be found in every page ...

Author: Ayres Alfred




Page: 287

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