Revelations of Relationship

Revelations of Relationship provides pragmatic ways to meet your soul mate, to STEP into love, not FALL into love. It unveils the pitfalls in relationships and shares irrefutable guides to rescue you.

Author: Oluwafemi Ogunjinmi

Publisher: Light Switch Press

ISBN: 1939828287


Page: 102

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Everyone is looking for that for-better-for-worse, till-death-do-us-part marriage, meaning you only marry once (YOMO) until death comes. This type of relationship requires strategically positioning you to meet and keep the right person. Having a soul mate is not limited to feelings, but encompasses compatibility in finances, ambitions, lifestyle, spirituality, etc. Revelations of Relationship provides pragmatic ways to meet your soul mate, to STEP into love, not FALL into love. It unveils the pitfalls in relationships and shares irrefutable guides to rescue you. Inside, you will discover keys to sustaining a healthy relationship. Femi Ogunjinmi, also known as Gfem, is a vibrant radio host of GFEM TALK SHOW, a magnetic speaker, loving husband, father, and caring brother, whose core desire is to improve the lives of people. Femi is also the founder of The Gfem Enterprises, a media company helping businesses raise visibility. In the past few years, Femi has helped many thousands of people find relational fulfillment. He shares insight on relationship challenges and offers proven techniques to combat them. His articles are filled with easy-to-implement tools.
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The Tree Of Life By Faith

But do not hold on to the materialistic things or the relationships you have. ... And
God will bring better than what you had. ... What ever your revelation released
you from, whether it be sickness, debt, unemployment, anger, violence, drugs or ...

Author: Michael D. Carter


ISBN: 9780557336128



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Hebrews Revelation

alone of all the gods can speak and act in the world (Jos 3:10; 1Sa 17:26; Ps 42:2
; Rev 7:2). ... It was through Jesus' suffering, death, and resurrection that he won
the right to have the “keys of death and Hades. ... presents us with an important
exegetical problem concerning the sense of the words and the relationship of the
three clauses: “what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later.

Author: David E. Garland

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

ISBN: 9780310866244

Category: Religion

Page: 800

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Continuing a Gold Medallion Award-winning legacy, this completely revised edition of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary series puts world-class biblical scholarship in your hands. Based on the original twelve-volume set that has become a staple in college and seminary libraries and pastors’ studies worldwide, this new thirteen-volume edition marshals the most current evangelical scholarship and resources. You’ll find up-to-date information grounded in the same unchanging commitment to the divine inspiration, complete trustworthiness, and full authority of the Bible.Of the fifty-six contributors, thirty of them are new. Reflecting the Expositor’s Bible Commentary international and cross-denominational approach, they come from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand, and from a broad diversity of churches, including Anglican, Baptist, Brethren, Methodist, Nazarene, Presbyterian, and Reformed.The Expositor’s Bible Commentary uses the complete New International Version for its English text, but it also refers freely to other translations and to the original languages. For each book of the Bible, the thoroughly revised features consist of:A comprehensive introduction A short and precise bibliography A detailed outline Insightful exposition of passages and verses Overviews of sections of Scripture to illumine the big picture Occasional reflections to give more detail on important issues Notes on textual questions and special problems, placed close to the text in question Transliteration and translation of Hebrew and Greek words, enabling readers to understand even the more technical notes A balanced and respectful approach toward marked differences of opinion
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Ephesians Through Revelation

After all, it does little good if Christians declare and defend the truth, but fail to
demonstrate it in their lives. ... But the Christian faith brought a whole new
concept into pagan society: what we believe has a very definite connection with
how we ...

Author: Warren W. Wiersbe

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 1564760316

Category: Bible

Page: 640

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Volume 6 of the Bible Exposition Commentary 6-volume set
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Probably this expression is a further elaboration of what it means to be “the First
and the Last,” i.e., he alone of all the ... of the words and the relationship of the
three clauses: “what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later.

Author: Alan F. Johnson

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

ISBN: 9780310532101

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Continuing a Gold Medallion Award-winning legacy, this completely revised edition of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary series puts world-class biblical scholarship in your hands. Based on the original twelve-volume set that has become a staple in college and seminary libraries and pastors’ studies worldwide, this new thirteen-volume edition marshals the most current evangelical scholarship and resources. The thoroughly revised features consist of: • Comprehensive introductions • Short and precise bibliographies • Detailed outlines • Insightful expositions of passages and verses • Overviews of sections of Scripture to illuminate the big picture • Occasional reflections to give more detail on important issues • Notes on textual questions and special problems, placed close to the texts in question • Transliterations and translations of Hebrew and Greek words, enabling readers to understand even the more technical notes • A balanced and respectful approach toward marked differences of opinion
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Honest Advent

In any divine annunciation, you receive revelation as a gift, yet at the same time
you receive notice that all that you had planned is ... Maybe for you, it's your
relationship with your in-laws, your finances, your dead-end job with its annoying

Author: Scott Erickson

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310361886

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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For those who are looking for something honest, something real, something with a little more human grit to it and a little less conventional red and green: Honest Advent offers a new kind of devotional. For too many of us, Christmas has lost its wonder. Maybe for you, the joy of the season is painfully dissonant with the hard edges of life right now. Or maybe you feel wearied by the way Christmas has become a polished, predictable brand. Or maybe this sacred story feels too far removed from our world today, a world that's hard to make sense of. But what if the Christmas story is not just something that happened a long time ago . . . but a story that is still happening today? Honest Advent: Awakening to the Wonder of God-with-Us Then, Here, and Now illuminates the astonishing, hope-filled truth that the God who showed up in the hardest parts of our humanity is still doing so today. From celebrated artist-storyteller Scott Erickson: 25 days of heart-stirring images and thought-provoking meditations to rekindle the wonder of God-with-Us in this season. Honest Advent creates a space for you to encounter the Incarnate Christ in unexpected places: like a pregnancy announcement in an era of political unrest and empirical bloodshed, the morning sickness of a Middle Eastern teenager, and the shocking biology of birth that goes far beyond the sanitized brand of Christmas as we know it. Then, through powerful benedictions, prayers, and questions for honest reflection, you will discover how the wonder of God-with-Us is still happening today: in your unexpected change of plans, your unaccomplished dreams, your overcrowded lodging, your humble stories of new beginnings. In a world that's difficult to make sense of, and a season that's so often overtaken by consumerism, find here fresh eyes to see this powerfully sacred story. Jesus appeared in a way no one expected: incarnating by way of human vulnerability. He does the exact same thing in our lives today: bringing light and life through our ordinary everyday vulnerabilities.
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Soul Chronicles Revelations of Light Darkness

amily is the primary relationship for mankind and often it is the most difficult
relationship to maintain. ... Father, be glorified by Your revelation knowledge and
you're saving grace through Christ Jesus, amen. ... First of all, you belong to God.

Author: A.V. Barnes

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450002295

Category: Religion

Page: 63

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Perceptions of God and America have been inextricably linked since the Founding Fathers declared, “Congress shall make no laws prohibiting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof...” In this book, each concept is explored separately. Soul Chronicles delves into real life scenarios that resulted in revelatory answers explaining such concepts as, why we are all sinners at birth, Satan’s purpose and methods, and why mankind needs to be in close relationship with God for everyday living. The Ministry of America provides information about America’s monetary blessings from and why it is of vital importance to our future to keep God in the center of our system. The author’s purpose is to inform, inspire, and drive the reader to action independently of his own opinions and hopes. If knowledge is power then this book’s purpose is clearly designed to lead its readers to personal empowerment.
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Good Call

The love letters God wrote are special because they lead us to a relationship with
an actual being. It's hard to believe— but it's true—that an all-powerful God wants
to live in loving fellowship with all men. ... By reading and understanding the
Bible as a series of love letters to men and women, you begin to recognize the
tender and mighty love of God. ... to earth; from Matthew to John, it's about Jesus'
life on earth; and from Acts to Revelation, it's about Jesus coming back to earth.
It's all ...

Author: Jase Robertson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476763569

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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The straight-faced, funny man of Duck Dyanasty has a real story to tell. Not a repeat of the previous Duck Dynasty books, Jase opens up about his personal family life, his childhood days with a drunken father, and how he came to faith. This open book from Jase may surprise some fans who love him for his dry humor and rivalry with younger brother Willie. This hilarious, yet thoughtful book, is structured around lessons of faith in the blind on topics like respect, passion, forgiveness, generosity, humility, kindness, and honesty. Chapters discuss: the highlights of Jase's memory of the early days with his drunken, disruptive father; his high school days and his strong commitment to not be like Phil had been, opting for total abstinence from drinking and sex; the moment he forgave Phil for being such a terrible father in his younger days; his first hunt with Phil, where he saw an excitement in Phil that he'd never seen before; his first date with Missy, which was a "fake date" to make another girl jealous; and of course, a chapter on Uncle Si, with stories not told in previous books. Other chapters include stories of his brothers, frog hunting and fishing, and his most memorable road trips. And finally, Jase shares a chapter on hunting in heaven. Here, Jase shares his love for the land and our responsibility to care for it. More than a behind-the-scenes look at this beloved Duck Dynasty character, readers will be inspired and encouraged to implement Jase's lessons from the blind into their own lives.
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Revelation Space

Volyova nodded, knowing it would be fruitless to deny these things. Maybe
Khouri even had an inkling of her relationship with the Captain. “What are you
saying?” “I'm saying, whatever I say to you now, it had better stay between us. Isn'
t that ...

Author: Alastair Reynolds

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440673799

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

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The highly-acclaimed first novel in the Revelation Space universe—a debut that has redefined the space opera with a staggering journey across vast gulfs of time and space to confront the very nature of reality itself... “[A] TOUR DE FORCE…RAVISHINGLY INVENTIVE.”—Publishers Weekly Nine hundred thousand years ago, something annihilated the Amarantin civilization just as it was on the verge of discovering space flight. Now one scientist, Dan Sylveste, will stop at nothing to solve the Amarantin riddle before ancient history repeats itself. With no other resources at his disposal, Sylveste forges a dangerous alliance with the cyborg crew of the starship Nostalgia for Infinity. But as he closes in on the secret, a killer closes in on him. Because the Amarantin were destroyed for a reason—and if that reason is uncovered, the universe—and reality itself—could be irrevocably altered...
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Flannery O Connor Walker Percy and the Aesthetic of Revelation

Of course,Lance has been preoccupied with love throughout his monologue,
especially the relationship between love and ... What? You opened your mouth
and then thought better of it—” (L 130–31). Later, when Lance is proposing his
new ...

Author: John Sykes

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826266231

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 192

View: 237

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"Examining the writings of Flannery O'Connor and Walker Percy against the background of the Southern Renaissance from which they emerged, Sykes explores how the writers shared a distinctly Christian notion of art that led them to see fiction as revelatory but adopted different theological emphases and rhetorical strategies"--Provided by publisher.
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Creative Bible Lessons in Revelation

Continue with— That's what happens when we let sin creep into our lives. Our
relationship with God becomes full of static—like you hear on a car radio that's
moving away from its station's signal. The more we give in to temptation, the more

Author: Randy Southern

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310854609

Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 260

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Was the book of Revelation penned by the crazy uncle in the family of Bible writers?You try to convince yourself that the apostle john is just another New Testament writer–kindly, gentle, loving. You know...normal.But he’s just so weird! Most of the time you have no idea what John is talking about in his revelation. When you must interact with his wild, otherworldly book, you escape as soon as you can to familiar, saner Bible texts. Like Matthew’s Gospel or one of Paul’s letters–after all, they straight-up tell you what Jesus did and what you should do!Yet Creative Bible Lessons in Revelation will quickly convince you and your students that St. John wasn’t so much a crazy guy as he was a visionary, inspirational, and worshipful guy! And you don’t have to subscribe to any pre- or post-eschatology theory in order to learn all sorts of good stuff from the apostle.So while these 12 sessions–complete and ready-to-teach–won’t help your students identify who the antichrist is or give them the coordinates of Armageddon’s opening salvos, they will, however, acquaint your youth group with the mysterious nature of Revelation, then demonstrate how these apocalyptic principles actually provide practical application for us today.Here’s what’s inside every session:-Detailed overviews for clear, convenient prepping.-Intriguing activities and games-with-a-point that introduce that session’s topic.-Hardcore Bible studies and provocative questions that trigger dialogue in both large and small groups.-Application exercises that translate John’s visions into practical, attainable actions and attitudes for students’ daily lives.Plus, you’ll get these bonuses:-Let’s Get Theological–lite intros to the various interpretations of the reactions to the events Revelation predicts-More More More–helpful supplements to activities and discussions-Worthy of Worship–top-drawer suggestions for turning ordinary youth meetings into extraordinary times of praising God.Questions about the future lurk in everyone’s minds–especially in the minds of teenagers. Now is your chance to explore the book of Revelation with your students–to glimpse at the never-ending worship to come, to grab hold of God’s promises and his mercy, and to bring some ease to troubled hearts.
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The Kennedy Revelation

In his own mind, there was nothing at all between himself and Carol McIlrea
based on a firm belief that one foolish night between two insecure people did not
constitute any kind of relationship. “She was helping me investigate,” he
explained, without trying to make too much of it. “She knows all about it... you
know, about Carrie and Don Jorge, even came with me to see where it happened
.” “You went ...

Author: Leon Berger

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497663565

Category: Fiction

Page: 284

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Dallas, 1963: In the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination, the shock is multiplied for young CIA agent Philip Marsden when he learns of the death of his Cuban American wife. As evidence builds and the threats begin to mount, he discovers that the two tragedies might not be unrelated.
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Behold Jesus Is Coming

Revelation Kay Arthur, David Arthur ... Now examine what you learn about the
dragon from this chapter and make a list in your notebook of everything you
observe about him. Note how he is described, who he really is, what his
relationship is to the woman, what happens to him, when it happens, how he is
overcome, what ...

Author: Kay Arthur

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736935524

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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Yes...the everyday Christian can understand the book of Revelation! This clear, helpful study encourages readers to delve into this important scripture and, by studying it inductively, let the text speak for itself.
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Growth from Division

The passive faith method is receiving revelation, which is a knowing what you
see and seeing it just once. ... Unlike the active faith, here we are involved in a
more personal relationship; the knowledge of Him becomes much more personal

Author: T. Martin Young

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449765033

Category: Religion

Page: 158

View: 117

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T. Martin Young shares the visions God gave him for the future of our nation. He reveals and explains what they mean and how they impact us. By understanding their meanings, we can walk a balanced Christian walk of faith into the future with boldness and assurance that we are in Gods will. Mr. Young gives sound biblical evidence to support his insights from his visions to help us see truth that we can apply to our lives. Prepare to hear God better and live a more balanced life. In this book T. Martin Young combines years of studying and meditating on Scripture and tradition to fulfill an aspiration expressed by St. Augustine, "Our hearts are restless, O Lord, until they rest in Thee." In T. Martin's unique life, revelations shown him by the Lord allow him to see how God is working in himself and others to bring forth not only a knowledge of the Lord but a personal relationship with Him. What a gift to the faithful to point out that if they follow their "Holy Longing" they can delve into their own deeper relationship with the Lord. - Sister Ann Paula, BS., MA, MA Ministry. Sister of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods, Indiana.
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Albert Square and Me

(laughs) WG: Again, this goes back to the relationship with Laura and Pat. ... she
did what she did, and, like I say, it's a revelation how many women have come
forward and either told me, you know, ... You can't really do anything new
because it's existed for hundreds of years, people living together and being
written about ...

Author: Larry Jaffee

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440159879

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 232

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Fifty-two exclusive interviews with past and present cast members of EastEnders, including Barbara Windsor, Steve McFadden, June Brown, John Altman, Sid Owen, Patsy Palmer, Pam St. Clement, Perry Fenwick, Natalie Cassidy, James Alexandrou, Derek Martin, Laila Morse, Danniella Westbrook, John Bardon, Wendy Richard, Susan Tully, Todd Carty, Leslie Grantham, Anita Dobson, Gillian Taylforth, Michelle Collins, Martin Kemp, Gretchen Franklin, Nick Berry, Lucy Speed, Martine McCutcheon, Michael Greco, among many others. "I usually don't do interviews. I really just called to tell you that I like your paper..." -Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell)
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The Apostolic Revelation

Relationship has to be built, but cannot be built using meetings that have a
business agenda. We've all tried it and it doesn't work. Relationship has to be
based on friendship and covenant love. The only way to build friendship is to
spend time ...

Author: John Kingsley Alley


ISBN: 9780646418490

Category: Apostolate (Christian theology)

Page: 267

View: 212

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God is progressively releasing into the earth powerful apostolic and prophetic anointings, and is restoring the apostolic nature of the church itself Every Christian needs to prayerfully consider the message of this book, and hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. The change is ongoing, and God is acting in the history of the church and nations. The Apostolic Revelation unveils a series of dynamic concepts that are crucial to the life of the church and the restoration of its apostolic power. It establishes benchmarks for the apostolic ministry, and gives definition and substance to the new apostolic wineskin of the church. Here is a revelation of apostolic methods, and God's heart for the church and its leadership. In this study, today's apostolic message is harmonised with and grounded in the apostolic revelation of Christ given to Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles. This work is the result of 13 years of inquiry, searching the mind of the Spirit regarding the place of apostles today, and seeking to understand what it means for the church to be the mature apostolic church prepared for the coming of Christ. Apostolic grace is for every believer. This book seeks to equip you to receive a greater grace, and prepare you for the astounding days ahead.
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Eschatology The Revelation of Jesus Christ

It means that only you can understand this 'language' or 'codes' in the bible,
through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, who works in our lives and let us know
what the bible and his word meant. Have you ever wonder why there's more than

Author: Oj Hernandez

Publisher: New Worship Vision Ministries


Category: Religion

Page: 333

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This book is about the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the end of times, the Antichrist and The Beast, prophecy and identity of God and our enemy Satan.
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Acts Through Revelation Bible

Project 3 One of the main messages in the book of James is an explanation of the
relationship between faith and works . ... believe that because God is gracious ,
once you become a Christian it does not matter what you do , you are justified .
These people have been called antinomians . While it is true that God ' s grace
covers the sins we commit after we are saved , a true believer is so grieved over
his ...

Author: Emily Fischer

Publisher: Veritas Press

ISBN: 1930710941



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Struck by Cupid Or Led by God

It might just be their flesh telling them what is not there . Another danger that is
inherent in this kind of man - made relationship is that it lacks the firm conviction
that characterises and normally accompanies God's revelation of His will to you ...

Author: David O. Ekundayo

Publisher: David Ekundayo

ISBN: 0954876318

Category: Mate selection

Page: 191

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The Message of Matthew

What is the relationship between God's revelation in the Old Testament and his
revelation in Jesus? 15. What do you understand by the phrase the kingdom of
heaven? What do you think Matthew meant by it? 16. How should we see the ...

Author: E. Michael Green

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830897957

Category: Religion

Page: 343

View: 956

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Michael Green offers commentary on Matthew, showing how this popular Gospel emphasizes the unity of God's revelation old and new, its teaching on the life of discipleship, its exploration of the meaning of the kingdom of heaven, and its insights into the people of the Messiah, the end of the world and the universality of the Good News.
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