The Seasons of the Soul

The Poetic Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom of Herman Hesse
Author: Hermann Hesse
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1583943412
Category: Poetry
Page: 136
View: 3916
Vowing at an early age “to be a poet or nothing at all,” Hermann Hesse rebelled against formal education, focusing on a rigorous program of independent study that included literature, philosophy, art, and history. One result of these efforts was a series of novels that became counterculture bibles that remain widely influential today. Another was a body of evocative spiritual poetry. Published for the first time in English, these vivid, probing short works reflect deeply on the challenges of life and provide a spiritual solace that transcends specific denominational hymns, prayers, and rituals. The Seasons of the Soul offers valuable guidance in poetic form for those longing for a more meaningful life, seeking a sense of homecoming in nature, in each stage of life, in a renewed relationship with the divine. Extensive quotations from his prose introduce each theme addressed in the book: love, imagination, nature, the divine, and the passage of time. A foreword by Andrew Harvey reintroduces us to a figure about whom some may have believed everything had already been said. Thoughtful commentary throughout from translator Ludwig Max Fischer helps readers understand the poems within the context of Hesse’s life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Seasons of the Soul

Author: Sharon Dexter
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1640270884
Category: Poetry
Page: 194
View: 7036
Wintertime—cold, desolate, cut off from God Spring—reawakening life within Summer—lush, full growth, warmth and caring Autumn—contentment, a sense of waiting. Each soul has its seasons. Sometimes one slips back into a season of winter—cold, out of sequence. But when God dwells within, the soul will soon thaw and bring forth blossoms of glory. Each individual has the capacity to grow wider, deeper, taller, more colorful. Root yourself in God’s Word, open yourself to a closer relationship, and grow in personal faith in your Creator.

Seasons of the Soul

An Intimate God in Liturgical Time
Author: Carla Mae Streeter
Publisher: New City Press
ISBN: 1565484517
Category: Religion
Page: 99
View: 734
The liturgy is about a relationship, and Sr. Carla Mae's gorgeous images, poetry and prose show how the liturgy is a means of deepening our relationship with God personally and as a worship community and how this is reflected in the liturgical seasons. Book jacket.

The Seasons of My Soul

Author: Valerie Pecora
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1604773022
Category: Religion
Page: 216
View: 9537
Pecora shows readers how to prepare their field for radical blessings by plowing through their painful past, sowing seeds of mercy, forgiveness and charity, and cultivating thoroughly with God's Word. (Motivation)

Seasons of the Soul

A Poetry Book at Hand
Author: Tania Wright
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483622630
Category: Poetry
Page: 58
View: 4839
Seasons of the Soul is a wonderful collection of poems set aside for everyone who has ever had to deal with life. This book is for you. Seasons of the Soul addresses topics such as love, hurt, pain, laughter, and various levels of emotions. This book is to let others know that it is okay to feel the way you do no matter what the circumstances are and lets you know that there is Hope. Seasons of the Soul can be read for enjoyment, for help and guidance, and for easing stress. Know that this book is based on feelings and facts of how one could feel pertaining to any giving situation. Seasons of the Soul is meant to leave a mark in your heart that will last a lifetime and hopefully will give you a different perspective.

The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen

Author: Diane Darrow,Tom Maresca
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802193412
Category: Cooking
Page: 480
View: 1464
With a bounty of regional Italian dishes, the authors of La Tavola Italiana serve up “inspiration for the mind as well as for the kitchen” (Booklist). Italian cooking draws its inspiration from the roll call of seasonal ingredients that pass through its kitchens, and in this splendid volume Diane Darrow and Tom Maresca share the simple secrets of making the most of the best fresh, top-of-the-season foods from farm and woodland, lake and sea. The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen presents two hundred recipes according to the four seasons and the traditional courses of the Italian meal: antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno, dolce. All are wed (as they always are in Italy) to the wines that best match them, and the recipes have been tested and adapted to seasonal ingredients readily available in the United States. Richly stocked with delightful anecdotes and culinary lore gathered from the authors’ long love affair with Italy, they invite both amateur and expert to experience the Italian genius for making the most of the moment. “If you can read or even browse through this book without running straight to the kitchen, you’ve got more willpower than we do.” —The Wine Investors “Italian cookbooks abound, and some of these dishes will be familiar, but the authors’ text is well written and informed, and there are some unusual regional specialties here, too.” —Library Journal

Health of the Human Spirit

Author: Brian Luke Seaward
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1449686214
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 204
View: 9414
Health of the Human Spirit, Second Edition: Spiritual Dimensions for Personal Health is a thoughtful examination of the ageless topic of human spirituality. It addresses the need to acknowledge spiritual wellness as a vital dimension of the general health and well-being of the individual and examines the dynamic balance between mind-body-spirit health and the roadblocks and distractions on the spiritual path. Dr. Seaward includes many behavioral suggestions to enhance the health of the human spirit. He presents the material in an approachable, user-friendly manner by engaging the reader and carefully distinguishing the differences between spirituality and religion.

The Seasons of Astrology

How Your Biological Clock is the Link to Your Sun Sign Personality
Author: Terence Guardino
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595332617
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 113
View: 8372
The Seasons of Astrology: How Your Biological Clock is the Link to Your Sun Sign Personality explains how astrology works with illustrative stories of many Hollywood celebrities. Hollywood astrologer Terence Guardino brings nearly thirty years experience with fascinating anecdotes from his celebrity clients. Guardino explains why astrology is not only scientifically valid but how it is an invaluable psychological tool that anyone can learn its secrets. Guardino weaves his personal stories with celebrities to explain how each of the twelve signs have definite physiological needs that compel each of us to love, make money and relate to our bodies in predictable patterns. The Seasons of Astrology covers the process of how it all began and how it applies to us today: A scientific theory linking astrology to our bodies The correlation between astrology and mythology The seasonal effects on personality Each of the 12 zodiac signs' origins and patterns A guide to develop more confidence and self-awareness The Seasons of Astrology: How Your Biological Clock is the Link to Your Sun Sign Personality explains how astrology links the solar system to each of us directly. It is also written with many stories from his celebrity clients to illustrate the powerful impact that astrology has on each of us from the famous to the guy next door. For additional information, visit

The Wisdom Compass to Eternal Life

Author: Abel Gashe
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781465338099
Category: Religion
Page: 560
View: 9031
This book is about how the living soul can attain eternal peace and hence eternal life as a living soul would yield it when abiding in the Lord Jesus Christ. Tapping the Lords Prayer as the authorized spiritual vehicle to communicate with God, this book attests that the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation, the seal of salvation, and the bearing point to overcome the world. By showing the intrinsic relationship of the invisible with the manifested world, the heavenly and the earthly, this book lucidly defines why the soul should glorify God as an end to lifes purpose while seeking righteousness and fulfilling the commandments. By presenting ground breaking revelations about the spiritual realm and hence the living God through the spiritual compass, this book would help the reader to discern wisdom about how to worship the Lord in truth and spirit to see the glimpse of eternal life and enjoy eternal peace, not as the world offers it but as the Lord Jesus confers it on the living soul.

The Seasons of Life

Author: Paul Tournier
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1620323591
Category: Religion
Page: 64
View: 9789
In the light both of the Bible and of modern science we are confronted not with an abstract and generalized man, but with men who are concrete and personal. They are always in their context, in a certain relationship to the world, to others, and to God. They are always changing. This changing is made up of seasons, stages in their lives, each of which has its own characteristics and peculiar laws. It is in this life story that God's plan may be accomplished. This is what is intimated by the title The Seasons of Life: a man in movement, continually undergoing change, a man living in history, unfolding from his birth until his death. The very movement implies meaning in life.

The Season of Migration

A Novel
Author: Nellie Hermann
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374711739
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 8012
The lyrically told story of one of the world's greatest artists finding his true calling Though Vincent van Gogh is one of the most popular painters of all time, we know very little about a ten-month period in the painter's youth when he and his brother, Theo, broke off all contact. In The Season of Migration, Nellie Hermann conjures this period in a profoundly imaginative, original, and heartbreaking vision of Van Gogh's early years, before he became the artist we know today. In December 1878, Vincent van Gogh arrives in the coal-mining village of Petit Wasmes in the Borinage region of Belgium, a blasted and hopeless landscape of hovels and slag heaps and mining machinery. Not yet the artist he is destined to become, Vincent arrives as an ersatz preacher, barely sanctioned by church authorities but ordained in his own mind and heart by a desperate and mistaken spiritual vocation. But what Vincent experiences in the Borinage will change him. Coming to preach a useless gospel he thought he knew and believed, he learns about love, suffering, and beauty, ultimately coming to see the world anew and finding the divine not in religion but in our fallen human world. In startlingly beautiful and powerful language, Hermann transforms our understanding of Van Gogh and the redemptive power of art.

Letters of Faith Through the Seasons: June-November

Author: James M. Houston
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9781562928346
Category: Religion
Page: 379
View: 2390
For readers who want to follow a daily discipline of devotional reading, Letters of the Faith through the Seasons will provide daily doses of wisdom from the greatest minds in Christian history. Each day's devotion will challenge the reader to grow in their faith and knowledge of the Lord. In addition, readers will be encouraged to move from faith in theory to faith in practice as they experience the stimulating nature of these personal letters on such topics as faith, love, grace, and forgiveness. James M. Houston has incorporated prayers, devotional thoughts, and Scriptures to create a wonderful resource to lead the reader toward a more intimate relationship with their creator. Features and Benefits Devotions are arranged chronologically to coincide with the season of the church year. Letters are from great Christians throughout history such as Francis de Sales, John of the Cross, C. S. Lewis, Flannery O'Conner, Marten Luther and Soren Kierkiguard. Each letter concludes with a Scripture Meditation, Thought for the Day, and Prayer.

The Season of the Witch

Le Couer Dechire
Author: Etienne De Mendes
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1434360601
Category: Fiction
Page: 676
View: 6511
So what's the matter with you?! why are you still single? why are you single again? why are you married again? where are the kids? & uh... uh... that's not your wife... There's no exception to the rule: we're all idiots. We've fallen in love; we finally talk the correct name in our sleep; so we get hitched, though this is probably a good time to scream Out of the frying pan & into the fire! Marriage is scary, awe-producing, holy, but mostly scary. Desi Hunt, of Misbehavior of the Would-Be Wife, is a housewife but behaves like a typographical error against the backdrop of all traditions: the almost-always-there-but-not-like-really-there-housewife kind of deal. It's like a curse: no one knows what's wrong with her. Apparently, not everyone can do marriage. Desi is completely unmarriageable at the moment: not cool with God right now, being sort of clinically allergic to relationships & stuff. She's been forced [seriously] to crave chastity as a side effect of banging her head on the wall for some bloody answers to Why Marry? Her married life has been an anecdote of the shaggy dog: long, rambling, irrational behavior, & finally an irrelevant conclusion. So what is up with Desi & marriage? For everyone else who's relatively normal compared to her, before marriage equals going to bed with your wife from day number one, just so that you know: marriage is a way of life. True we're only human, we all make mistakes: we can count them by the number of crushed hearts, cold tears, severed relationships, forgotten prayers... Just maybe, for crying out loud, we're willing to fail that many times to understand, & that's huge.

The Salvation of the Soul

Author: Watchman Nee
Publisher: Christian Fellowship Publishers
ISBN: 0935008314
Category: Religion
Page: 115
View: 8873
Watchman Nee's treatment of the salvation of the soul is a companion volume to another work, The Latent Power of the Soul. In it he deals with God's positive way with our soul, taming the inordinate power hidden deep within it.

Perils of the Soul

Ancient Wisdom and the New Age
Author: John R. Haule
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781578631070
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 279
View: 3033
In this text, join Jungian analyst John Haule on a tour of New Age beliefs and practices to reach a comprehensive historical perspective that shows just how far from new the New Age actually is.

The whole works of John Flavel

late minister of the gospel at Dartmouth, Devon
Author: John Flavel
Publisher: N.A
Category: Presbyterian Church
Page: N.A
View: 8381

Four Seasons of T'ang Poetry

Author: John C.H. Wu
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462912478
Category: Poetry
Page: 225
View: 1364
This substantial collection of Tang Dynasty poetry includes extensive commentary and notes—offering insight into this rich literary heritage. "Stretching out my hand I feel the pulse of the stars," wrote Li Po, one of the most famous of the T'ang dynasty poets. This superlative study of the Golden Age of Chinese poetry, based on nearly 50,000 poems written by more than 2,000 poets, captures not only the pulse of that period but also the spirit and soul. Of this Tang blossoming, Dr. Wu says that for nearly thirteen centuries after Christ, poetry in Europe, with the exception of Juvenal, kept a death–like silence. It hibernated so long that when it woke up again in the person of Dante, the last poetic voice it could remember was that Virgil. It seems though Mother Earth purposely rocked Europe to sleep for some time that she might teach Asia to sing. These poetic interpretations, including comparisons with many Western poets such as Shakespeare and T.S. Eliot, represent a remarkable scholarly achievement.

Soul of the Seasons

Creating Balance, Resilience, and Connection By Tapping the Wisdom of the Natural World
Author: Melody Scout
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781642376272
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 382
View: 4698
In a world filled with conflict, controversy, and confusion, Soul of the Seasons brings us a timely message based on an ancient medicine that is urgently needed in our modern, fast-paced lives. Through centuries of observation the sages of Five Element theory, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, taught that the outer landscape of the natural world reveals much about the nature of our inner landscapes. Encoded within the five seasons of Spring, Summer, Harvest, Fall and Winter, lies a wisdom designed to create and support balance and harmony. The five fundamental elements of Five Element theory resonate in our bodies as the core emotions of Anger, Joy, Sympathy, Grief, and Fear. Like the working components of a fine clock they comprise an elegant system of continuous movement, growth, and transformation. Weaving her deeply personal stories with Five Element wisdom, Melody A Scout teaches us that by developing intimate relationships with our core emotions--the unique vibrations that connect us to both our bodies and the Earth--we can effectively adapt and respond to life's challenges. By developing a more intimate relationship with the seasons of life, we can learn to effectively: identify and correct our imbalances; develop greater compassion, integrity, and honesty; and to authentically and appropriately express our emotions in ways that support our highest good. Soul of the Seasons offers the wisdom of a traditional model of health and harmony made current through practical and easily accessible language, soul-stirring exercises, and thoughtful questions. Encoded within the seasons of the natural world is a wisdom that teaches that: - Spring is the time to remember our visions, to set healthy boundaries, and make quality decisions. - Summer brings us warmth and joy through community, communication, and connection. - Harvest provides a sweet satisfaction for an abundant life and the capacity to nurture and be nurtured. - Fall teaches us the importance of letting go and to value and respect what is most precious to us. - Winter reminds us that contemplation, reflection, and rest are essential in the germination of new visions.

A Companion for the Season of Maternal Solicitude

With an Appendix, Containing Hints for the Nursery ... To which are Added Hints on Early Education
Author: Thomas Searle
Publisher: N.A
Category: Education
Page: 294
View: 9320

Sacred philosophy of the seasons

Author: Henry Duncan
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 7993