The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram

Nine Faces of the Soul
Author: Sandra Maitri
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101562684
Category: Self-Help
Page: 336
View: 5013
A groundbreaking exploration of the spiritual dimension of working with the enneagram by one of its earliest students and teachers in America. Here is one of the first books to explore in an authentic and comprehensive way the original spiritual dimension of the enneagram. Among the most knowledgeable teachers of the enneagram in America, Sandra Maitri shows how the enneagram not only reveals our personalities, but illuminates a basic essence within each of us. She shows how traversing the inner territory particular to our ennea-type can bring us profound fulfillment and meaning, as well as authentic spiritual development.

El Eneagrama

Author: Helen Palmer
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788487403224
Category: Psychology
Page: 309
View: 2664

El Camino de Regreso a Ti: Un Eneagrama Hacia Tu Verdadero Yo / The Road Back to You

Author: Ian Morgan Cron,Suzanne Stabile
Publisher: Origen
ISBN: 9781949061680
Category: Psychology
Page: 240
View: 7996
Lo que no sabes sobre ti mismo puede causar daño a ti y a las personas que te rodean, y tal vez incluso en la forma cómo te abres camino en el mundo. También puede mantenerte en las aguas poco profundas con Dios. ¿Quieres ayuda para descubrir quién eres y por qué estás atrapado en la misma situación? El Eneagrama es un antiguo tipo de sistema de personalidad con una precisión asombrosa que describe cómo están conectados los seres humanos, tanto positiva como negativamente. En El camino de regreso a ti, Ian Morgan Cron y Suzanne Stabile dan un enfoque único, una forma práctica e integral de acceder a la sabiduría del Eneagrama y explorar sus conexiones con la espiritualidad cristiana para un conocimiento más profundo de Dios y de nosotros mismos. Este divertido libro lleno de historias, le permite comprender más sobre cada uno de los tipos de Eneagrama que existen. La sabiduría del Eneagrama puede ayudarle a iniciar con los cambios que puede realizar hoy, y lo llevará a lugares de descubrimiento espiritual que nunca habría encontrado por su cuenta, además de ayudarle a preparar el camino para convertirlo en una persona más sabia y compasiva. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION In The Road Back to You Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile forge a unique approach―a practical, comprehensive way of accessing Enneagram wisdom and exploring its connections with Christian spirituality for a deeper knowledge of God and of ourselves. Funny and filled with stories, this book allows you to understand more about each of the Enneagram types, keeping you turning the pages long after you have read the chapter about yourself. Beginning with changes you can start making today, the wisdom of the Enneagram can help you get on the road that will take you further along into who you really are―leading you into places of spiritual discovery you would never have found on your own, and paving the way to the wiser, more compassionate person you want to become.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Power of the Enneagram

Author: Herb Pearce, M. Ed.,Karen K. Brees, Ph.D.
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440626448
Category: Self-Help
Page: 320
View: 2258
Discover your personality type. The enneagram system has been used for decades to help people understand their strengths and weaknesses, heal neuroses and inner conflicts, enhance creativity, strengthen team building in the workplace, and aid in couples therapy. This guide takes the mystery and complexity out of this rich system of analysis and allows anyone to benefit from its useful insights.

The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues

Finding the Way Home
Author: Sandra Maitri
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440649813
Category: Philosophy
Page: 256
View: 8790
How the mysterious nine-pointed symbol of the enneagram illuminates the worst pitfalls and highest virtues of our psyches. The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues elucidates human experience beyond the personality structure. In the tradition of the enneagram, the Virtues are said to be the affective atmosphere that replaces the compulsive and reactive emotional patterns-called the Passions-as one becomes freer of the ego. Sandra Maitri shows how the shift in our consciousness, or soul, from being informed by the Passions to being informed by the Virtues, is one of the hallmarks of inner development. In this book, Maitri explores how our awareness of the Passions, in turn, leads to the manifestation of the Virtues. This shift supports rowth on the level of personality as well as on the level of what is beyond-Being, or True Nature. Maitri is widely known as one of the most literate and indepth writers and teachers on the uses of the enneagram as a tool of inner development. In this book she provides what can be for some an entry into inner work, and for others, who have been engaged in the journey for a longer time, a uniquely incisive explication of concepts they may have missed.

The Sacred Enneagram

Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth
Author: Christopher L. Heuertz
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310348153
Category: Religion
Page: 272
View: 2189
As featured in the Fall 2018 edition of The Magnolia Journal and on the Rise Together podcast with Dave and Rachel Hollis, For the Love podcast with Jen Hatmaker, Typology podcast with Ian Morgan Cron, and Sleeping At Last podcast with Ryan O'Neal. How to understand the 'why' behind your enneagram type. Chris Heuertz’ life was forever changed after he learned about the enneagram 15 years ago, and since then he has trained under some of the great living Enneagram masters including Father Richard Rohr, Russ Hudson, Marion Gilbert, and Helen Palmer. Today he leads enneagram workshops all over the world. Join Chris as he shows you how this ancient tool can help you awaken to the gifts God has given you, find freedom from your personal patterns of sin and fear, and grow in acceptance of your identity as you grow with God. The Sacred Enneagram is a trustworthy, richly insightful guide to finding yourself in the enneagram’s 9-type profiles, and applying this practical wisdom to transform your life. Far more than a personality test, author Chris Heuertz writes, the enneagram is a sacred map to the soul. The enneagram offers a bright path to cutting through the internal clutter and finding our way back to God and to our true identity as God created us. In conversational style with compelling stories, The Sacred Enneagram will show you How to understand the 'why' behind your type, beyond caricatures and stereotypes How to align your type with prayer How to identify and find freedom from self-destructive patterns How to grow in reasoning ability How to face your past and step toward healing How to awaken your unique gifts to serve today’s broken world Chris’s own journey with the enneagram is an accessible introduction and exploration of how the enneagram can change your life, because to the extent that we are transformed, the world will be transformed.

Going Beyond Words

Author: Lois Huey-Heck
Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1551455897
Category: Religion
Page: 128
View: 9946
Book & CD. This book offers spiritual practices that have their roots in ancient tradition and have been adapted and refined to be relevant and accessible to anyone interested in spiritual unfolding. Utilising word, image, sound, and silence to engage our cognitive, emotional, and physical intelligences, the practices encourage and celebrate the ongoing process of spiritual transformation. The practices are designed to expand our repertoire of ways to be present to ourselves, to each other, to the cosmos, and to the Holy -- in other words, ways to do our part in serving the Great Work. This practical book is illustrated with black and white images by the author. It is small enough to carry around in a shoulder bag or jacket pocket, and comes with an audio CD containing background music for the practices, timed intervals for meditation / contemplation / prayer, and verbal instructions. You will find it easy to begin the practice of engaging your whole self in your spiritual journey.

The Enneagram

Author: Helen Palmer
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062122959
Category: Psychology
Page: 416
View: 8980
It would be impossible for most of us to spend a day without coming into direct or indirect contact with dozens of people family, friends, people in the street, at the office, on television, in our fantasies and fears. Our relationships with others are the most changeable, infuriating, pleasurable and mystifying elements in our lives. Personality types, based on the ancient system of the Enneagram, will help you to enjoy more satisfying and fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life by introducing you to the nine basic personality types inherent in human nature. This knowledge will help you better understand how others think and why they behave as they do, as well as increasing your awareness of your own individual personality. Written by the leading world authority on the Enneagram, it offers a framework for understanding ourselves and those around us, as well as a wealth of practical insights for anyone interested in psychology, counselling, teaching, social work, journalism and personal management.

What We Now Know about Jewish Education

Perspectives on Research for Practice
Author: Roberta Louis Goodman,Linda Dale Bloomberg
Publisher: Torah Aura Productions
ISBN: 1934527076
Category: Religion
Page: 596
View: 8690
When What We Know about Jewish Education was first published in 1992, Stuart Kelman recognized that knowledge and understanding would greatly enhance the ability of professionals and lay leaders to address the many challenges facing Jewish education. With increased innovation, the entry of new funders, and the connection between Jewish education and the quality of Jewish life, research and evaluation have become, over the last two decades, an integral part of decision making, planning, programming, and funding.

Eneagrama para padres y educadores

Author: Elizabeth Wagele
Publisher: Narcea Ediciones
ISBN: 9788427714717
Category: Psychology
Page: 168
View: 1594
Un libro serio, simpático y divertido que aporta la gran novedad de aplicar el eneagrama a la escuela y al aprendizaje. Los adultos usan el eneagrama para comprender a los demás y para su crecimiento personal, porque reconoce que cada uno es único, aunque identifica ciertas pautas características de conducta. Por eso puede aplicarse a los niños si se utiliza cuidadosamente. Ayudará a los educadores a comprender, discernir y tratar, de modo adecuado y diferenciado, a los nueve tipos que agrupa: perfeccionista, ayudador, ganador, romántico, observador, interrogador, aventurero, asertivo o pacificador.

The Integral Intake

A Guide to Comprehensive Idiographic Assessment in Integral Psychotherapy
Author: Andre Marquis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135907013
Category: Psychology
Page: 318
View: 9913
Using formal assessment instruments in counseling and psychotherapy is an efficient and systematic way to obtain information about clients and to subsequently tailor a counseling approach most likely to serve clients optimally. The more information a counselor obtains during the initial interview and first sessions, the more likely the client will be deeply understood by the counselor, which in turn increases the likelihood that an appropriate course of counseling will be taken, and ultimately leading to a more successful outcome. The Integral Intake is an idiographic, biographical, multidimensional assessment instrument based upon the Integral Psychology pioneered by Ken Wilber. From the perspective of Integral theory, comprehensive and holistic conceptualization of clients seeking counseling and psychotherapy includes knowledge of four distinct perspectives (quadrants) of each client: the client’s experience (the individual viewed subjectively/from within), the client’s behavior (the client viewed objectively/from without), the client’s culture (the client’s system viewed subjectively/from within), and the client’s social system (the client’s system viewed objectively/from without). The intake form is designed to provide the practitioner with a range of background information that can then be used to more quickly and effectively formulate a counseling/treatment approach. The assessment form and accompanying materials will be included on a companion CD, formatted to be printed and reproduced for use with each new client. The book will provide an overview of the Integral Psychology model, describe the development of the assessment form and its use, and provide general guidelines for the evaluation of responses and planning for an appropriate counseling approach. A series of case examples, based on actual completed intake forms, will provide insight into the use of the Integral Intake.

Freedom to Be Yourself

Mastering the Inner Judge
Author: Avikal E. Constantino
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 1780991924
Category: Self-Help
Page: 230
View: 6487
Get out of the prison of self judgment. Stop being afraid of change. Find your true strength and will.

Acorns: Windows High-Tide Foghat

Author: Joshua Morris
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475966873
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 1012
View: 7031
Acorns delineates the future of humanity as a reunification of intellect with the Deep Self. Having chosen to focus upon ego (established securely by the time of Christ), much more beta brain wave development will destroy our species and others, which process has already begun. We create our own realities through beliefs, intents and desires and we were in and out of probabilities constantly. Feelings follow beliefs, not the other way around.

Dimensions of the Enneagram

Triad, Tradition, Transformation
Author: Thomas Garrett Isham
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780923568566
Category: Psychology
Page: 167
View: 3333

Mirror for the Soul

A Christian Guide to the Enneagram
Author: Alice Fryling
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830890920
Category: Religion
Page: 180
View: 9710
Who in the world am I? The Enneagram is like a mirror, reflecting dimensions of ourselves that are sometimes hard to see. In this helpful guide, spiritual director and Enneagram teacher Alice Fryling offers an introduction to each number of the Enneagram and the respective triads into which they're organized. More than just helping us discern our number, Fryling shows how knowing it can lead to transformation by revealing to us both our false and our true selves. She writes: "Knowledge of the Enneagram has led me to the grace of God. I discovered through the Enneagram that I am not just my gifts, I am not just my failures. . . . I am a person created by God, loved by God, and uniquely gifted to love others with God's merciful and gracious love. Through the Enneagram God has taught me that I am not exactly who I think I am. . . . The Enneagram itself does not make me a different person. But knowledge of the Enneagram does help me see who I truly am and offers me words to describe how I would like to be transformed by God's grace." With questions for reflection and personal meditations aimed at leading you into deeper self-awareness, Mirror for the Soul will give you new perspective on yourself and reveal how you can experience God's love more abundantly.

The Enneagram and Spiritual Culture

Nine Paths to Spiritual Guidance
Author: James Empereur
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1441120653
Category: Religion
Page: 254
View: 2617
"[O]ffers a thourough, non-clinical reference for anyone who companions or is companioned on the spiritual way. Its concrete examples and clear style make its message accessible to readers whether or not they have previously heard of the enneagram." -Suzanne Zuercher

The Enneagram

A Christian Perspective
Author: Richard Rohr,Andreas Ebert
Publisher: Crossroad Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780824519506
Category: Religion
Page: 293
View: 8926
In this new, general introduction to the Enneagram, Rohr and Ebert show that the Enneagram was developed in Egypt by the Desert Fathers and rediscoverd by a Francisican missionary to the Moslems at the turn of the 14th century.

Facets of Unity

The Enneagram of Holy Ideas
Author: A. H. Almaas
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0936713143
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 320
View: 6645
Originally published: Berkeley, Calif.: Diamond Books, 1998.

The enneagram and kabbalah

reading your soul
Author: Howard A. Addison
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781580230018
Category: Enneagram
Page: 170
View: 5979