The Sunshine Kid

Author: Harry Baker
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781909136281
Category: Mathematics
Page: 158
View: 2900
The Sunshine Kid follows the narrative of Harry Baker's 5-Star Edinburgh Fringe shows, Harry Baker's Super-Amazing Mega-Awesome Gap Year Adventures: Birth of a Champion and Proper Pop-Up Purple Paper People. It details the journey from performing Jay Z-Maths parodies in school competitions to representing his country in Paris and becoming the youngest ever World Poetry Slam Champion. The Sunshine Kid contains the raw honesty, tongue-in-cheek humour and blistering wordplay that have characterised his live performances and won the hearts and minds of audiences all across the globe.

The Trouble with Agnes

Author: L.A. Moore
Publisher: L.A. Moore
Category: Fiction
Page: 260
View: 1895
Seeking instant fame and fortune, Charlie Moore joins a gang of stagecoach robbers. When he ends up killing a man, Charlie finds himself heading to No Man’s Land ahead of a noose. No Man’s Land is a safe haven for criminals like The Sunshine Kid—an aging gunslinger on a mission to save a victimized young woman. Agnes Preston—a murderess on the run from her cruel Brother-in-Law, the sheriff of Sweetwater. ‘Slick’—the ruthless leader of the gang with big plans for No Man’s Land who won’t let anyone—not even Charlie—get in his way.

Ringers & Rascals

The True Story of Racing's Greatest Con Artists
Author: David Ashforth
Publisher: Eclipse Press
ISBN: 9781581501063
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 280
View: 2125
This true story about Peter Christian reveals the secret of how horse racing's greatest fraudster tricked gamblers out of millions of dollars by disquising good horses as bad ones.

Working at the Ballpark

Author: Tom Jones
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1626368031
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 384
View: 2686
What if Studs Terkel wrote a book with Bill James? You'd have a book on what it's really like to make a living in the world of baseball. For everyone who ever dreamed of making their love of baseball into their vocation, Working at the Ballpark will provide a view at their lives that might have been, with interviews with more than 50 people who make a living in major league baseball. Each is asked the same questions: What is your job? How did you get into this line of work? What does this job mean to you? From peanut vendors and equipment managers to general managers and star players, from John Guilfoy, who sells sausages at Fenway, to Chris Hanson, who plays "Bernie Brewer" in Milwaukee, to Omar Vizquel, who anchors the infield at AT&T Park, this is an insider's perspective on the enormous scope of the game. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Sports Publishing imprint, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in sports—books about baseball, pro football, college football, pro and college basketball, hockey, or soccer, we have a book about your sport or your team. Whether you are a New York Yankees fan or hail from Red Sox nation; whether you are a die-hard Green Bay Packers or Dallas Cowboys fan; whether you root for the Kentucky Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals, UCLA Bruins, or Kansas Jayhawks; whether you route for the Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, or Los Angeles Kings; we have a book for you. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Jack Barrett

Builder of the Dam
Author: Lewis Barrett
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595392601
Category: Fiction
Page: 232
View: 6499
Completing his tour of duty in the Army in France after War World I, Jack Barrett, a weather-beaten, work-broken carpenter, tramps the country from construction job to construction job until, at age 29, after returning to live in the small town of Six Mile, Georgia, he meets and marries the love of his life, Lillie, and soon has a family of their own. By example of his dogged devotion to work, Jack teaches his young sons, Lewis and Walter, the importance of self-reliance and independence by taking assorted carpenter to provide for his family during the struggles of the great Depression and insurmountable personal tragedies. In the end, Jack triumphs. After relocating his family to the promise land, Nevada, he spends the next 10 years helping to build the greatest Bureau and Reclamation project in the nation's history under President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal that employs thousands of workers-and remains one a major producer of electricity today, the Boulder Dam (or Hoover Dam as it was renamed), in this inspirational and heartwarming autographical novel written by his first-born son.

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Third series
Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office
Publisher: N.A
Category: Copyright
Page: N.A
View: 4091

So Feral!

Author: J A Mawter
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
ISBN: 0730492583
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 144
View: 6849
Josh is trying to swallow and chew at the same time. It's dodgy. Rivers of green are gushing down his chin... As bad as it is for Josh, it is worse for Finn. He has started to froth. Saliva foams from the corners of his mouth, spume slides from his nose, his eyes gush. His body is blistered with sweat. He's moaning incoherently. I catch the words dash of chilli as he goes down. He burps A bubble slips out. And then comes the fountain. Like a drilling rig that s hit oil, spraying the whole back yard. Following the success of So Gross! comes So Feral!, another wonderful display of cheeky humour from author J.A. Mawter. this time around we're treated to a bottled baby, putrid pickings, festy flatulence, death breath, goop soup and lots more. Another hilarious collection of seven of the funniest and most revolting stories ever, this book is not for those with a weak stomach. Ages 9+


Author: Jimmie C. Holland,William S. Breitbart,Paul B. Jacobsen,Matthew J. Loscalzo,Ruth McCorkle,Phyllis N. Butow
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199363331
Category: Medical
Page: 864
View: 3852
Originally published by Oxford in 1998, Psycho-Oncology was the first comprehensive text in the field and remains the gold standard today. Edited by a team of leading experts in psycho-oncology, spearheaded by Dr. Jimmie C. Holland, the founder of the field, the text reflects the interdisciplinary nature and global reach of this growing field. Thoroughly updated and developed in collaboration with the American Psychosocial Society and the International Psycho-oncology Society, the third edition is a current, comprehensive reference for psychiatrists, psychologists, oncologists, hospice workers, and social workers seeking to understand and manage the psychological issues involved in the care of persons with cancer and the psychological, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to cancer risk and survival. New to this edition are chapters on gender-based and geriatric issues and expanded coverage of underserved populations, community based programs, and caregiver training and education.

Love By Association (Mills & Boon Superromance) (Where Secrets are Safe, Book 7)

Author: Tara Taylor Quinn
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 1474049265
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 2515
Love isn't part of the job...

The Sunshine Boy

Author: K. L. Minier
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 141206550X
Page: 289
View: 6637
It should be a simple matter for an ex-cop, retired FBI agent, and successful security specialist to come up with an efficient method of punching his own ticket. Yet, a year after Jared McCormick made his grim decision, here he is – still battling his debilitating demons and enduring his multiplying phobias. He’s gotten quite good at ducking the net that should have been thrown over him by now, but this is a bad thing. After all, he is well trained, very experienced, and assuredly deadly – and on the verge of going postal... a very bad thing. He’s so adept at survival that he will somehow have to trick himself into safely dying. So, the current suicide plan he can live with, so to speak, centers on returning to the small town that had spawned, tormented, and shunned him as a boy. Since he’s going to die anyway - one way or another - he means to go out in a blaze of heroism by manipulating some small time, small town crime to his favor. The town, by God, will finally remember him with respect... however, the plan didn’t include babysitting an exhausted chief of police, or dodging a past that keeps slapping him in the face, or falling for a little girl’s dimpled smile. And it certainly didn’t call for him to be pitted against a serial killer - a sick and haunted superhero - arrogant, cynical, and failing fast versus a desperate man terrorizing the town – do either of them have a future? All events and characters depicted in this book are fictional.

Murder in the Sunshine

Author: Martha Housen
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1583483268
Category: Fiction
Page: 192
View: 3860
Albuquerque's old Sunshine Theater harbors a deep, dark secret from its vaudeville/silent movie days. But Millie and Andy Milliken don't have a clue when they lease the theater so that Andy's garage band will have a place to play for under-21 audiences. The theater is a mess, but the Millikens manage to clean it up and get it opened. Then they are plagued by a series of near catastrophes: a fire in the balcony is narrowly averted...a huge disc shaped lighting fixture falls from the vaulted ceiling during a grunge show. Fortunately, it lands in the unoccupied balcony rather than the mosh pit so no one is hurt. Millie and Andy are beginning to think someone does not want them to succeed. But Millie suspects someone or something is helping to keep the situation from getting out of hand. She believes the theater may be haunted and that, strange as it may seem, a ghost is acting as a kind of guardian angel. She nicknames the ghost BG for "benevolent ghost," unaware that those initials also stand for Bettina Gaylord, a silent movie star who mysteriously disappeared from the theater in 1928 and was never found. Although Bettina's ghost is unable to prevent a second murder, that of a particularly obnoxious road manager during a big grunge rock show, she does help Millie determine who the killer is. She also leads Millie to her hidden bones. But not before an unarmed Millie faces the killer on the theater's dangerously rickety old wooden fly grid, suspended more than sixty feet above the stage floor.

Walk Away in the Sunshine

A Principal's Perspective
Author: Phyllis DiGiacomo Dunnam Ph.D.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462842429
Category: Education
Page: 128
View: 9692
Everyone wants to improve schooling. We are going to tell you some real-life war stories about one high school principals journey through the maze of secondary education. You will meet students, parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, and school boards, all trying hard but often working at cross-purposes and getting in one anothers way. In these stories the good guys win some and lose some, and some get rained out. But they all shed light on the murky world of educational theory and the way it works out in the real world. The author, a former teacher and high school principal, has some strong, well-documented opinions about what real education ought to look like. Her purpose is not to increase polarization but to figure out what went wrong and is still going wrong, and why these things sometimes work. Finally, she offers a prescription that trumps the Back-to-Basics movement by exploring what the real basics are and offering a vision of what schools could be.

The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory

Author: Stacy Wakefield
Publisher: Akashic Books
ISBN: 1617753661
Category: Fiction
Page: 228
View: 7719
The author of Not for Rent—a cult classic book about squatting—“now vividly fictionalizes the experience . . . with empathy and insight” (Booklist). Sid arrives in New York City in 1995 eager to join the anarchist squatting scene. She’s got a tattoo, she listens to the right bands . . . so why would she get a job and rent some tiny shoe-box apartment when she could take over a whole building with a gang of wild young pirates? But the Lower East Side is changing; there are no more empty buildings, the squats are cliquey and full. Sid teams up with a musician from Mexico and together they find their way across the bridge to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Packs of wild dogs roam the waterfront and the rough building in which they finally find space is occupied by misfits who don’t know anything about the Manhattan squatting scene, Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass, or hardcore punk. But this is Sid’s chance and she’s determined to make a home for herself—no matter what. Wakefield spent years living in squatted buildings in Europe and New York and brings firsthand knowledge to Sid’s story. The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory is “a celebration of the do-it-yourself living ethos that allowed many punks to live communally in New York City at the end of the last century, but it is also a cautionary tale about the struggles of trying to get along when living in large groups” (The Brooklyn Paper). Nominated for the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize for Fiction One of The L Magazine’s 50 Books You’ll Want to Read This Spring and Summer

The Bronx Street Kid

Into Twelve Step Recovery
Author: Richard Kane
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781468524697
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 120
View: 9310
This book is about my journey from brokenness to wholeness as a child. I survived physical and sexual abuse. As I got older I found comfort in the bottle. I became a drunk I made the rounds of the hospitals, detox, and the jails. I rode with motorcycle gangs. I hit bottom when I thought about suicide. I have gotten better in 12 step recovery meetings. I allowed God and the 12 steps to change me into a sober, loving, and gentle person. I hope my book will help others.

Cascadian Odyssey with the Blueberry Kid

Author: Rex N. Brainard
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595127819
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 284
View: 3995
A new touch of class to mountaineering adventure stories. Excitingly stimulative short tales of relentless mountaineering exertion. Designed to give you entertainment and knowledge about hiking and climbing in the Cascade Mountain range of northwestern United States.

Coach the Kid, Build the Boy, Mold the Man

The Legacy of Run and Shoot Football
Author: Carolyn J. Ellison
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146910069X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 156
View: 5231
When football coach Tiger Ellison was faced with his first losing season ever, he had to muster all the creative will he had acquired since childhood to turn the season around. In doing so, he invented the most wide-open, productive, fan-pleasing scheme of aerial football the game had ever seen! He shared his philosophy with the coaching world in 1965, by writing a book called Run and Shoot Football: Offense of the Future. His dramatic offense changed the way football has been played ever since, all the way from the Little Leagues to the NFL. But this story transcends football, taking place during the social turbulence of the 20th Century. As educator and coach, Tiger dedicated his life to tapping into the fighting spirit of each of his youngsters, regardless of race, creed, or social status. He challenged each to build the character, confidence and courage to pursue a noble cause, in the classroom, on the gridiron of American football, and in life. It is a poignant reminder of the power each of us has within us to become a real winner. Tiger Ellison had a passion for life, country and sport that were absolutely contagious for those around him. When you read his story, you may laugh a little, you may learn some things about football strategy, but I am certain you will love Tiger as we players did and see why his positive philosophy of life influenced all of us in a very special way. Dr. Rex Kern, President, MSB Financial, United Midwest Savings Bank; 1968 Buckeye National Championship Quarterback and 1969 Rose Bowl MVP; Member of The Rose Bowl Hall of Fame This is one football story that is not about power and money, rather a powerful and creative mind that left its imprint forever on players, coaches, and modern offensive football. At a time when football has become big business, Tigers philosophy will remind us all why we love the game, what we can learn from it, and who we can become by it. Earle Bruce, Former Head Football Coach, The Ohio State University A real masterpiece! Every teacher, coach and mothers son should have and use this material. Rocko Joslin, Retired Director of Operations, Armco Inc., Ashland, Kentucky; Former Captain, Ohio State Buckeyes, 1953 Visit

Boat Kid

How I Survived Swimming with Sharks, Being Homeschooled, and Growing Up on a Sailboat
Author: Melanie Neale
Publisher: Beating Windward Press
ISBN: 0983825262
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 240
View: 4980
Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the author's family lived aboard a 47-foot sailboat, spending their summers along the U.S. East Coast and their winters in the Bahamas. "Boat Kid" strikes a perfect balance between coming-of-age story and sea tale enjoyable for boaters and land-lovers alike.

Beijing Kid

Author: Wei Su
ISBN: 1430303387
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 220
View: 6882
Beijing Kid is the remembered stories of a girl, among the first of the one-child children, growing up in the Beijing that straddled both the old and new China. They are stories of rebellion and affection, cruelty and tenderness, pain and joy. Wei Su records the poignancy of family death and the conflict of being her parents' child, but no longer a child in the new Beijing. She experiences the drama of Tian'anmen Square, her family's first TV set, and the mysteries of peer betrayal as signposts along her journey to Chinese womanhood. These stories may have been lived by many, but they have rarely been recorded with such candor and insight.

Bungalow Kid

A Catskill Mountain Summer
Author: Philip Ratzer
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438433018
Category: Bungalows
Page: 112
View: 2643
Both humorous and poignant, Bungalow Kid recalls what it was like to spend a summer in the Catskills at the height of the region’s “glory days.” The year is 1958. Philip, a twelve-year-old kid from the Bronx, is getting ready for his family’s annual trip upstate, where he’ll spend the summer in a bungalow colony in the tiny village of Loch Sheldrake, a faraway fairyland of mountains, lakes, starry nights, and dewy mornings. With his colony friends, he’ll explore the woods and fields, have an array of adventures, and even experience the special charm of a childhood summer romance. It was a time and place of wonderful memories wistfully looked back upon fifty years later, and lovingly recalled in this humorous and poignant memoir. What young Philip didn’t know was that there would never be another summer like this one. He was not alone. In the 1950s, about two thousand bungalow colonies dotted the countryside of Sullivan and Ulster counties, catering to an estimated one million people a year who spent all or part of their summer in “The Mountains.” Among them were countless kids like Philip, who today carry with them the fondest of memories and a nostalgic longing for a precious moment in time that can never be equaled. Today, they find themselves returning to the country, seeking out the places where they stayed so long ago, only to find that the world has changed a lot in fifty years, and time has a way of erasing all evidence of a world that used to be. Bungalow Kid vividly recreates what it was like to be a city kid in the Catskills in the 1950s, and reaches out to all those kids, now grown, who would very much like to go back.

King's Cross Kid

A London Childhood between the Wars
Author: Victor Gregg
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408840529
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 256
View: 407
Victor Gregg, born in 1919, has had a rich and fascinating life. King's Cross Kid follows his London childhood from the age of five, when life was so hard that the Salvation Army arranged for young Vic to be taken to the Shaftesbury Home for Destitute Children. Home again a year later, the scallywag years of late childhood began. Then, after the years of street gangs and run-ins with the law, Vic leaves school at fourteen and his real adventures start, and with them a working-class apprenticeship in survival. Ending with his enlistment in the army on the day of his eighteenth birthday, this prequel to the bestselling Rifleman will appeal to the many readers who were charmed by Victor Gregg's engaging, honest and warm voice.