Hajj the Ultimate Goal

When this is completed, they go back to Mecca for Tawafal-ifa-da (final Tawaf). After performing the final Tawaf, some Pilgrims return to their place in Mina and spend the remaining three nights there. Pilgrims can gather three sets of ...

Author: AI-Hajjah Zahirah I.S. Akbar

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462862160

Category: Religion

Page: 53

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Since Hajj is the Ultimate Goal. This is what inspired me to write this book to give you the procedures and other important information in making this final Goal which is Hajj. Surely we are from Allah, and surely we are returning.
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My Story the Ultimate Goal

She left that part behind and pressed on toward her goals in life. Finding her character, intensity, ... we do live with them the best that we know how. Some don't know and understand that we are all loved 117 My Story The Ultimate Goal.

Author: A. J. Richardson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453522123

Category: Poetry


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The Ultimate Goal The Ultimate Goal How to Practice Aggressive Positivity

19. and goal setting is the key to laserlike selfimprovement and development. When you set actionable goals, make sure they are in agreement with your overall vision. Refer to 12 above. A goal worth pursuing is not something anyone can ...

Author: Adam Grim

Publisher: Fulton Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781633385771

Category: Fiction

Page: 204

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Have you ever had a really good day? One where everything went your way and it seemed like life was easy? The Ultimate Goal is a step-by-step guideline on how you can make every day full of love, hope, appreciation, fulfillment, and self-satisfaction by focusing on the thoughts you allow into your daily life. You have an option in life to choose to be happy or not. So many of us fail to recognize that we’re making this choice based on information from people we’ve g
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The Ultimate Goal of Life MEN Moksha Enlightenment Nirvana

name to our Ultimate Goal. What do these religious or spiritual concepts mean? Is Enlightenment the same as Moksha or Nirvana? Are all these concepts different religious dogmas, each unique to its own religion? To get to the Ultimate ...

Author: AiR

Publisher: AiR Institute of Realization

ISBN: 9789353912697

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 165

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The Ultimate Goal of Life... MEN...Moksha, Enlightenment, Nirvana, by AiR is a book on spirituality that discusses spiritual concepts and hopes to guide people towards the realization of the truth, empowering us to live with meaning, purpose and joy.
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Motivation Life s Ultimate Goals

goal will set the direction for the family. Schools, businesses, churches, clubs, and charities are all governed by the ultimate goal of those in charge. Choosing one's ultimate goal, therefore, is the most important and far reaching ...


Publisher: Your Life Goals




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Handbook of Motivation Science

If a negative discrepancy is perceived between a current or anticipated state and a valued (desired, preferred) state, then obtaining or maintaining the valued state is likely to become a goal. Ultimate Goals, Instrumental Goals, ...

Author: James Y. Shah

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462515110

Category: Psychology

Page: 638

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Integrating significant advances in motivation science that have occurred over the last two decades, this volume thoroughly examines the ways in which motivation interacts with social, developmental, and emotional processes, as well as personality more generally. The Handbook comprises 39 clearly written chapters from leaders in the field. Cutting-edge theory and research is presented on core psychological motives, such as the need for esteem, security, consistency, and achievement; motivational systems that arise to address these fundamental needs; the process and consequences of goal pursuit, including the role of individual differences and contextual moderators; and implications for personal well-being and interpersonal and intergroup relations.
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Achieving Health Reform s Ultimate Goal


Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Special Committee on Aging


ISBN: UOM:39015085440843

Category: Electronic books

Page: 118

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The Highest Goal

You can create your own path by simply paying attention to your own best performance—the critical incidents in your life—when you feel most your Self, in flow and in tune with the highest goal. Remember the experience of these times, ...

Author: Michael Ray

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 9781626564626

Category: Self-Help

Page: 216

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For over 25 years, Michael Ray taught the celebrated Personal Creativity in Business course, mainly at Stanford University but also in non-academic settings. Over the years, Ray began to realize that the course was having a more profound impact on graduates than he'd ever intended. It went way beyond helping them in their careers. People who'd been through the course seemed to blossom-to have access to some secret source of energy and inspiration. They found new ways to contribute to their organizations. They thrived on diversity, fought gracefully, treated others with compassion, acceptance, appreciation, and respect. As one graduate put it, "This is transformation that works and lasts." What was going on? Ray came to realize that his creativity course was helping people discover what he calls their "highest goal." Your highest goal is what gives real meaning to your life-it is what speaks to the very core of your being. It's what makes you feel connected to something higher than yourself, whatever you call it-God, Truth, Spirit, Being. It's what truly motivates and sustains you, although you may not be able to put it into words, or even be consciously aware of it. It has nothing to do with worldly success or achievement, but Ray found that all of the successful people who had been through his course had a sustained connection to it. In fact, it was what they ultimately attributed their success to. In The Highest Goal, Michael Ray shares what he learned through decades of teaching his creativity course to help you discover, and live by, your highest goal. Throughout the book, Ray offers exercises, stories, and reflections that will help you get in touch with your highest goal, follow a path in tune with it, and let it inform every aspect of your life. Your highest goal is a source of power and wisdom that can vastly improve not only your own life, but the lives of everyone around you. Ray shows us how to open this inner font of creativity, compassion, and courage.
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Increase Your Personal Productivity

I use a system that breaks down my goals into three descriptions: 1) daily goals; 2) major goals; and 3) ultimate goal. (You can name your goals whatever you want: shortterm, mid-term, and long-term goals work just as well.) ...

Author: John Martin

Publisher: Sound Wisdom

ISBN: 9781640950641

Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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Increase Your Personal Productivity NOW! If you want to learn the skill and willpower needed to easily “get more done” in your personal and professional life, this is the book for you! In Personal Productivity, author John Martin shines the spotlight on six useful initiatives— including a three-step process to creating a personalized sustainable and repeatable goal system—guaranteed to unlock interesting possibilities about increasing your level of productivity. What would you do if you had more time to do it? Combining practical advice with less mainstream tips, Martin reveals how “not having time” becomes a distraction you can quickly bypass with a simple yet remarkable formula. Additionally, Personal Productivity offers the valuable truth about how to: Create a productive state of mind Produce around your strengths Stop second-guessing yourself Use patience to become more productive Overcome perfectionism Finish what you start …and much more Read this book and start becoming the most productive version of yourself today!
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Essential Goals in World Politics

Indeed, in the context of China's politics in recent years, there is little dissent for making harmony an ultimate goal of politics. There is no doubt that other civilizations in the world also advocate the idea of harmony.

Author: Jisi Wang

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811605628

Category: Political Science

Page: 161

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This book presents a unique effort to apply political philosophy to realities of the world. Among numerous objectives that states, politicians, and individuals try to reach, some are vague, like power, interest, and happiness. Some others, like democracy, order, and rule of law, are ways and means to serve more fundamental purposes. While national reunification is seen as prerequisite on the political agenda of the People’s Republic of China and both South and North Koreas, and religious purity is regarded as essential to many Muslim communities, these are not universally accepted principal goals in the world. The author identifies and defines security, wealth, faith, justice, and freedom as five ultimate goals in world politics and explains why they are central. Without jargons and using many cases in China and other countries, the author illustrates that different countries at different times have varied priorities in their national politics, but they must provide security, sustain economic growth, set up a value system, maintain social justice, and secure personal freedom for their citizens. Although the world today has been relatively peaceful and accumulated much more wealth as compared to the past centuries, vacuums of faith and morality, conflicting beliefs, and lack of social justice are threatening mankind. In theory, the five ultimate goals should be reached simultaneously and reinforce each other. However, in practice they are often in contradiction. For example, national security might be strengthened at the expense of prosperity, and industrialization for economic growth has sacrificed nontraditional security interests such as the environment. The accumulation of wealth often results in its unequal distribution and grievances about injustice, and freedom and equality are regarded by some political thinkers as “natural enemies” to each other. A virtuous state should be able to reach all the five goals, while a bad state may not have even one of them. Looking around the world today, Denmark in Europe and Japan in Asia are closer to a virtuous state than most other countries despite their own deficiencies, but they are generally homogeneous in terms of ethnicity and culture. Singapore, with its ethnic diversity, has to limit freedom to obtain other goals. This book compares the development paths of China, the United States, and some other countries to demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages in becoming a better polity.
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