The Ultimate pH Solution

Balance Your Body Chemistry to Prevent Disease and Lose Weight
Author: Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061871206
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 208
View: 7059
Control the level of acid in your body and reclaim your health with this simple, step-by-step program Beginning a healthier lifestyle can be as easy as starting your day sipping a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Drinking this simple drink is only one of the many ways, all outlined in The Ultimate pH Solution, that you can change your body's pH and ward off disease. Too much acid in your blood can cause a host of health problems, but with cutting-edge, medically sound research, this indispensable guide offers an easy-to-follow plan and simple lifestyle changes that will help you kick acid and stay healthy. The Ultimate pH Solution also includes real-life success stories of people who have overcome disease and lost weight by balancing their pH levels, along with 50 recipes for delicious pH-powerful dishes. Learn why high-protein diets may be harmful to your health, why eating dairy may not help you avoid osteoporosis, and how to lower the acid levels in your body for optimal health.

Crazy, sexy, gesund

Iss' dein Gemüse, entfach' dein Feuer und leb' aus ganzem Herzen!
Author: Kris Carr
Publisher: Aurum Verlag
ISBN: 3958831788
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 240
View: 6271
Herzlich willkommen zur crazy sexy Revolution! Bist du bereit, aus vollem Herzen zu leben? Bist du bereit, deine Durchhänger zu überwinden, dich von deiner Angst zu befreien und dein crazy sexy Potenzial zu entfalten? Mit crazy meine ich wagemutig, außergewöhnlich und visionär. Mit sexy selbstbewusst, leidenschaftlich und in Kontakt mit dir selbst. Hört sich das gut an? Dann los: Starte mit dem 21-Tage-Entgiftungsabenteuer. Ein Programm mit wertvollen Tipps und Anregungen für lebendige Gesundheit, Glück und einen schönen Hintern!


Author: Eddy Li
ISBN: 130025808X
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 368
View: 1399
This is an autobiography of a cancer survivor, a veteran network news journalist. For 38 years since 1971, the author, as Asia video editor for ABC News, chased news stories round the clock, often without sleep. With early retirement in sight, the sudden diagnosis of cancer one day radically changed his lifestyle overnight. By an unusual coincidence, his links to golf were also linked to his discovery of cancer. Here's a man who led an incredible life even before he overcame his battle with cancer. It took more than the conventional means of treatment. His treatment and road to recovery is a revelation. Today, as a cancer survivor and a retiree who now enjoys a healthier and more fulfilling life, the author tells a compelling story of how he entered into the darkest tunnel and emerged, a more vigilant and environmentally aware individual. Eddy Li shares his painful experience, what he has learned about an increasingly hazardous environment and how you can protect yourself from its toxicity.

Life Cycle Analysis and Assessment in Civil Engineering: Towards an Integrated Vision

Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE 2018), 28-31 October 2018, Ghent, Belgium
Author: Robby Caspeele,Luc Taerwe,Dan M. Frangopol
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351857576
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 564
View: 1942
This volume contains the papers presented at IALCCE2018, the Sixth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE2018), held in Ghent, Belgium, October 28-31, 2018. It consists of a book of extended abstracts and a USB device with full papers including the Fazlur R. Khan lecture, 8 keynote lectures, and 390 technical papers from all over the world. Contributions relate to design, inspection, assessment, maintenance or optimization in the framework of life-cycle analysis of civil engineering structures and infrastructure systems. Life-cycle aspects that are developed and discussed range from structural safety and durability to sustainability, serviceability, robustness and resilience. Applications relate to buildings, bridges and viaducts, highways and runways, tunnels and underground structures, off-shore and marine structures, dams and hydraulic structures, prefabricated design, infrastructure systems, etc. During the IALCCE2018 conference a particular focus is put on the cross-fertilization between different sub-areas of expertise and the development of an overall vision for life-cycle analysis in civil engineering. The aim of the editors is to provide a valuable source of cutting edge information for anyone interested in life-cycle analysis and assessment in civil engineering, including researchers, practising engineers, consultants, contractors, decision makers and representatives from local authorities.

The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker's Guide

The Complete Reference Manual for All Fruit Winemakers
Author: Dominic Rivard
Publisher: The Fruit Winemaker's Guide
ISBN: 1441450920
Category: Cooking
Page: 216
View: 5520
This essential text and reference offers a complete guide to fruit wines. It will prove to be invaluable for all winemakers, from the amateur to the commercial producer. Written with attention to detail and a passion for fruit wine, this book goes through the considerations for setting up a winery to the production process, designing a fruit wine recipe to suit any wine style, analysis, stability issues, packaging, marketing and sales. Covered in the book: - Detailed Overview of Fruit Wine Industry - Anatomy of Winemaking Fruits - Winemaking Techniques and Production - Laboratory Analysis and Evaluation - Award Winning Recipes - Tasting, Judging and the fine art of Balance - Manage the Business, Cost and Finance Data - Marketing, Sales and Industry Know-how - Complete List of Buyers and Importers - Plus a lot more...

The Ultimate Weight Solution

The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom
Author: Phil McGraw
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 147675764X
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 464
View: 5876
Discusses how to get to the root of eating habits, and offers advice on improving body image, dealing with emotional eating, and exercise.

The Cultured Cook

Delicious Fermented Foods with Probiotics to Knock Out Inflammation, Boost Gut Health, Lose Weight & Extend Your Life
Author: Michelle Schoffro Cook
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1608684865
Category: Cooking
Page: 224
View: 6415
Transform Everyday Foods into Mouth-Watering Superfoods Detailing everything you need to begin fermenting in your home kitchen, The Cultured Cook offers recipes and tips for making vegan, gluten-free foods even better for you. From delicious plant-based yogurt and cheese, to basics such as sauerkraut, pickles, and kombucha, to tempting desserts — even ice cream! — you’ll discover ways to add fermented foods to every meal. Your body will enjoy the benefits of probiotics, as well as the increasingly recognized prebiotics, to supercharge your health.

The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide

Author: Phil McGraw
Publisher: Gallery Books
ISBN: 9781501109737
Category: Self-Help
Page: 736
View: 4450
#1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Phil McGraw opened doors for everyone who has struggled with losing weight and keeping it off with his roundbreaking plan, The Ultimate Weight Solution. Now, here is the invaluable companion volume that delivers more tested weight loss strategies, more specific food lists, and more essential information: The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide. In his straight-talking, no-nonsense style, Dr. Phil helps you end excuse-making and start creating a no-fail environment for taking charge of your weight and your relationship with food -- beginning with Dr. Phil's new rapid start plan that will gear your body physically for accelerated weight loss. This quick and easy reference guide also includes information on: • Calorie counts for all of your high- and low-response cost foods • Portion control • High-response cost, high-yield foods • Low-response cost, low-yield foods • Specific menu planning for meals and snacks • Hunger-suppressing/high-response cost foods • Recognizing weight-gaining behaviors • A personal food diary • And more! You can't afford to ignore the down-to-earth success strategies of Dr. Phil McGraw and The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide -- your health and happiness depend on it!

Symptoms and Solutions

The Ultimate Home Health Guide--what to Watch For, what to Do
Author: Matthew Hoffman
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 9781579541149
Category: Pets
Page: 166
View: 3176
An A-to-Z reference guide to more than sixty common symptoms offers dog owners advice on how to deal with a host of potential health problems.

The Phytozyme Cure

Treat or Reverse More Than 30 Serious Health Conditions with Powerful Plant Nutrients
Author: Michelle Schoffro Cook
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
ISBN: 1118009355
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 272
View: 2548
In The Phytozyme Cure, Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook reveals her cutting-edge, powerful, and all-natural Phytozyme Therapy, which involves the specific combination of miracle healing substances to supercharge their effects -- and your health. Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook is one of North America's leading natural health experts. Over the past two decades, she has seen that phytonutrients alone can speed weight loss, aid the prevention of heart disease and cancer, and even reverse some of the effects of aging. Similarly, certain enzymes have been known to reverse pain and inflammation; break down bacteria, fungi, viruses, toxins, and cancer cells; remove scar tissue; and even help our bodies grow healthy new tissue, skin and hair. But the real miracle begins when these powerhouses work together. With the right combination, many illnesses can be improved or even reversed. In The Phytozyme Cure, Dr. Schoffro Cook shares these powerful protocols for managing more than 30 common health conditions including allergies, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Find out how you can use phytozyme therapy to quickly and easily arm your body against disease and enjoy long-term healthy living. With this new approach to health, all of us can supercharge our immune systems, experience abundant energy, and even slow down the effects of aging!

Laboratory Corrosion Tests and Standards

A Symposium by ASTM Committee G-1 on Corrosion of Metals, Bal Harbour, FL, 14-16 Nov. 1983
Author: Gardner S. Haynes,American Society for Testing and Materials
Publisher: ASTM International
ISBN: 9780803104433
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 603
View: 6153

General Chemistry

Author: Linus Pauling
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486134652
Category: Science
Page: 992
View: 3608
Revised third edition of classic first-year text by Nobel laureate. Atomic and molecular structure, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics correlated with descriptive chemistry. Problems.

Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH: Principles and Management

Proceedings of the Third Intenational Symposium on Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 12–16 September 1993
Author: R.A. Date,N.J. Grundon,G.E. Rayment,M.E. Probert
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792331988
Category: Nature
Page: 824
View: 1202
The understanding of plant-soil interactions in acid soils is important for improved food production in many parts of the world. The context of the book touches on basic and applied aspects of the physics, chemistry and biology of acid soils and their effect on growth of plants. It contains a large section on management of acid soils for plant (food) production and on socioeconomic aspects of management of acid soils. This is important because a large portion of the world's acid soils occurs in less developed countries. Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH: Principles and Management contains a substantial number of papers, including nine invited reviews, presented at the Third International Symposium of Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH. The major themes include chemistry and physics of acid soils, microbial and faunal activity in acid soils, mechanisms of acid tolerance of plants, selection and breeding of acid-tolerant plants, diagnosis and correction of acid soil infertility, socioeconomic aspects of acid soil management and management systems for agriculture, horticulture and forestry on acid soils.

Cellular Drug Delivery

Principles and Practice
Author: D. Robert Lu,Svein Øie
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1592597459
Category: Medical
Page: 376
View: 8936
An authoritative and up-to-date survey of the fundamental principles, and practice of drug delivery at the cellular level. On the principles side, the authors discuss the broad spectrum of cellular delivery, ranging from coverage of cell-mediated immunity, gene delivery, and protein targeting, to cellular drug transport, cellular drug permeability, and a variety of carrier system related to targeted drug delivery. On the practice side, the authors focus on technological developments in cellular drug delivery, including novel formulations for the delivery of DNA and antisense oligonucleotides ,as well as drug targeting with immunoglobulin formulations and antibody-mediated approaches.

Water Qual Freshwater Fish

Author: Gwyneth Howells
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9782881249228
Category: Science
Page: 222
View: 2380
"This timely volume brings together recent critical reviews on water quality requirements for freshwater fish commissioned by the European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission, an agency of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. It provides a unique and authoritative source of critically evaluated water quality data concerning the effects of chromium, nickel, aluminium and nitrite on freshwater fish and includes an assessment of the toxicity of mixtures. The reports presented in this volume cover all stages of the life cycle and relevant trophic levels, including aquatic invertebrates and plants and potential bioaccumulation through the food chain. An extensive bibliography is provided for each chapter as well as a glossary of terms and list of fish species mentioned in the text. This compilation of papers is the definitive reference volume for chemists, biologists, ecologists and toxicologists as well as for water resource managers concerned with management and control of pollution in fresh waters."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Climate Change

Untold Truths and the Ultimate Solution
Author: Dr. S . J. P. Thompson,S J P Thompson, Dr
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 9781618972378
Category: Social Science
Page: 306
View: 971
This book is truly the comprehensive biography of man-made ills and evils such as poverty, unemployment, environmental degradation, crime, violence, economic chaos, terrorism, pollution, species extinction, global warming and climate change. These curses resisted extensive and very costly eradication efforts because humanity failed to address the real secret factor behind their origin. The author exposes that secret through this book, which explains the what, why and how of the above evils and the other disturbing diverse happenings around the globe. Controlling that hidden factor will gradually end all those evils and bring diverse humanity together as a global village. The author has come out with revolutionary ideas which will bring to an end the long-standing ignorance of humanity and will help them to eradicate global ills. It is a must for every global citizen, and understanding these will soon become a prerequisite for rulers, bureaucrats, planners, and activists. - Dr. D. Peter, Ph.D., economist, educationalist, author, and activist - Dr. Ivy Peter, Ph.D., historian, educationalist and author The most excellent book ever written on sustainable living. - Dr. R.S.Lal Mohan, Ph.D., scientist, nature conservationist, educationalist and author Dr. S.J.P. Thompson is a family physician in India and the grandfather of four. Publisher's website: http: //


Understanding the Basics
Author: Joseph R. Davis
Publisher: ASM International
ISBN: 1615030689
Category: Science
Page: 563
View: 3947
As the title suggests, this is an introductory book covering the basics of corrosion. It is intended primarily for professionals who are not corrosion experts, but may also be useful as a quick reference for corrosion engineers. Included in the 12 chapters are discussions of the physical principles and characteristics of corrosion, help in recognizing and preventing corrosion, and techniques for diagnosing corrosion failures.

Arthritis-Proof Your Life

Secrets to Pain-Free Living Without Drugs
Author: Michelle Schoffro Cook
Publisher: Humanix Books
ISBN: 1630060631
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 256
View: 3161
REDUCE YOUR PAIN — HEAL YOUR JOINTS — LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE Are you one of the 350 million people worldwide who has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia? In Arthritis-Proof Your Life, discover the bodily imbalances and lifestyle choices that are causing the inflammation and get rid of it. DR. MICHELLE SCHOFFRO COOK SHOWS YOU: How to Eat to Beat Inflammation, Stiffness, and Discomfort Dangers and Limitations of Common Arthritis Medications New & Cutting-Edge Natural Treatments for Joint Disorders Top Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Pain Foods and Spices Pain Reduction at Your Fingertips With Acupressure Using Medical Aromatherapy to Feel Better Fast How to Safely Boost Your Body's Innate Healing Capacity Delicious Recipes to Relieve Pain and Heal Joints And Much More "Dr. Cook's work is unique, empowering, informative, and guides us toward a healthy future." —MALLIKA CHOPRA, Founder of

Essential Oils for Hormone Bliss

Reset Your Body Chemistry to Boost Your Energy, Lose Weight Naturally, and Improve Your Sleep
Author: Michelle Schoffro Cook
Publisher: Sterling Publishing (NY)
ISBN: 9781454938255
Page: 192
View: 9877
Hormones regulate the body's vital functions, and when they're out of sync, they can wreak havoc. Essential oils offer an effective solution. Michelle Schoffro Cook, a board-certified doctor of natural medicine, aromatherapist, and bestselling author, explains how to harness their power to facilitate the production of feel-good brain hormones and combat everything from moodiness and menopausal symptoms to low energy, adrenal fatigue, and migraines. This fully illustrated book also provides a 10-day plan for achieving hormonal health and recommendations on specific health issues.

Principles and Applications of Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Foods

Author: B. A. Blakistone
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780834216822
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 293
View: 5223
Modified atmospheres are used to preserve foods without the need for unwanted preservatives. This book covers the subject from an industrial perspective and explains both how the technology works, and how it can be used. The editor and authors all have extensive practical knowledge of the subject and are world recognized authorities in the field. The new edition contains four new chapters and around 50% new material overall.