The Unheards

... an amusing afternoon activity one day would lead to a fully fledged novel. The Unheards is a gem of memory to me not only because it is my debut novel but also because while writing it, I discovered myself as a writer ...


Publisher: Pustak Mahal

ISBN: 9788122311624

Category: Abandoned houses

Page: 216

View: 669

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The Unheard Music

Author: Eleanor Cameron


ISBN: UCAL:$B87082

Category: Libraries

Page: 278

View: 426

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Love, hate and death touch touch librarian Jane Fielding's world in this novel about the human need to communicate.
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The Unheard Scream

Author: Mohan Rao

Publisher: Zubaan

ISBN: 8186706704

Category: Maternal health services

Page: 312

View: 925

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It is &a commendable job done by the editor Dr. Mohan Rao to have put together this very readable anthology of rare media writings about the real health issues that plague women s lives. To which he has also contributed a very lucid and well argued preface that adds to the value of the volume. Mrinal Pande, The Book Review. The contributing journalists are winners of the Panos Reproductive Health Media Fellowship.
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The Unheard Voices

goal in this book is to amplify the unheard voices of community organization staff in the service learning relationship. Except in the individual relationships that they have with students and a small number of truly committed faculty, ...

Author: Randy Stoecker

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781592139965

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 836

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Community organizers reveal what service learning is--and what it should be.
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The Cry for Meaning in Life as the Unheard Cry of Ndi Igbo The cry for meaning in life is the unheard cry of the Igbo people. Attentive and grace-filled listening is the key to diagnosing this reality. Ndi Igbo as human beings desire to ...


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453596647

Category: Religion

Page: 204

View: 652

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In this book, which itself is the outcome of an Award winning research work, Fr chigbo utilized the resources in Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s Meta-psychology of the Meaning of Human Life to study the Phenomena of the proliferation of prayer and healing ministries in Igboland. He states: The religious and spiritual world-outlooks of Ndi Igbo predisposed them to seek for meaning of life in a religious-spiritual setting. The double assaults of the invasive colonialism and Christian Missionary exploits, as well as, these catastrophes: slavery and slave trade, the Nigerian-Biafran war, Neo-Colonialism, the exploitation, marginalization, and oppression of the Igbo people motivated them to raise questions about the fundamental quality of ‘being human’ – who am I and what is the meaning of my life? The economic hardship, political instability and the attack on fundamental Igbo cultural heritage also joined forces with the other factors mentioned above to cause existential frustration and existential vacuum within the Igbo population. The author developed and explored what he calls “Heschelian Diagnostic Tool”, as well as, the ten psycho-pastoral phases in the search for the meaning in Human life. He proposed a new vision for prayer and healing ministry which is centered on the empowerment of each individual person to respond responsibly to the demand-quality of life – to engage in actions that are responses to the questions life poses before each unique individual. This is an invaluable resource for all those involved or interested in the diverse field of pastoral care.
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The Unheard Prayer

what should be there, at the one who should be listening, the centre that would be recognised by those who look on, those who instead recognise the unheard prayer's call for justice. as such, the unheard prayer is a display designed to ...

Author: Joseph Sterrett

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004230057

Category: Drama

Page: 224

View: 441

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Repeatedly Shakespeare dramatizes one who prays when no one is listening, interested, or even there. This study reads the scenario parallel to early modern anxieties surrounding prayer itself, suggesting a vision of religious syncretism Shakespeare imagines for his world.
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The Unheard Voices

UNHEARD. VOICE. -. VOICE. OF. SOUL. At the one point in his life, he forgot his identity as well as his purpose of existence and he lost in the darkness of anonymity. He trapped in a swirl of time. He is neither aware of his senses nor ...

Author: Shruti Sur

Publisher: Split Poetry India


Category: Fiction

Page: 187

View: 263

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"The Unheard Voices" is an anthology which is published by Split Poetry India and compiled by Shruti Sur. It is a collection of poems, short stories, musings, and articles by various writers. This is book of voices, empowering humankind. A book which reminds the readers of a true sense of beauty and life.
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The Word Unheard

Unheard. “The Jew” is not, and cannot be, just another “other” in German discourse: the very fact of the Holocaust makes “the Jew” a privileged signifier, and lends urgency to the study of the genealogy of anti-Semitism in German ...

Author: Martha B. Helfer

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 9780810127944

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 233

View: 552

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The publication of Martha B. Helfer’s The Word Unheard: Legacies of Anti-Semitism in German Literature and Culture marks a stunningly original new direction in the interpretation of canonical works of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century German literature. Between 1749 and 1850—the formative years of the so-called Jewish Question in Germany—the emancipation debates over granting full civil and political rights to Jews provided the topical background against which all representations of Jewish characters and concerns in literary texts were read. Helfer focuses sharply on these debates and demonstrates through close readings of works by Gotthold Lessing, Friedrich Schiller, Achim von Arnim, Annette von Droste- Hülshoff, Adalbert Stifter, and Franz Grillparzer how disciplinary practices within the field of German studies have led to systematic blind spots in the scholarship on anti-Semitism to date. While all the authors discussed are well known and justly celebrated, the particular works addressed represent an effective mix of enduring classics and less recognized, indeed often scandalously overlooked, texts whose consideration leads to a reevaluation of the author’s more mainstream oeuvre. Although some of the works and authors chosen have previously been noted for their anti-Semitic proclivities, the majority have not, and some have even been marked by German scholarship as philo-Semitic—a view that The Word Unheard undertakes not so much to refute as to complicate, and in the process to question not only these texts but also the deafness of the German scholarly tradition. With implications that reach into many disciplines, The Word Unheard will be a foundational study for all scholars of modern Germany.
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