The Weight of Obesity

Yates-Doerr uncovers the complex and contradictory ways that the scientific metrics of nutrition intersect with local culinary traditions and modern food preferences to produce both malnutrition and obesity." —Edward F. Fischer, author of ...

Author: Emily Yates-Doerr

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 9780520286825

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

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A woman with hypertension refuses vegetables. A man with diabetes adds iron-fortified sugar to his coffee. As death rates from heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes in Latin America escalate, global health interventions increasingly emphasize nutrition, exercise, and weight loss—but much goes awry as ideas move from policy boardrooms and clinics into everyday life. Based on years of intensive fieldwork, The Weight of Obesity offers poignant stories of how obesity is lived and experienced by Guatemalans who have recently found their diets—and their bodies—radically transformed. Anthropologist Emily Yates-Doerr challenges the widespread view that health can be measured in calories and pounds, offering an innovative understanding of what it means to be healthy in postcolonial Latin America. Through vivid descriptions of how people reject global standards and embrace fatness as desirable, this book interferes with contemporary biomedicine, adding depth to how we theorize structural violence. It is essential reading for anyone who cares about the politics of healthy eating.
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Strategy Development Workshop For Public Education On Weight And Obesity

However, over 5 to 10 years, parents generally go back to their original weight,
even while the child maintains the weight ... particularly if older siblings are
overweight) and the age of the child (older children ages 11 to 12 years do better
than ...

Author: DIANE Publishing Company

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788124676

Category: Medical

Page: 139

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Examines issues related to obesity in the U.S. Based on four panels: The Epidemiology of Obesity & Cardiovascular Disease (in children & in adults); Strategies for Obesity Prevention (school-based, family-based, & community-based), Issues in Educating the Public About Weight & Obesity (nutrition in adolescence, smoking & weight, physical activity); Communication Strategies for Educating the Public (audience segmentation, targeting children & adolescents). Contains detailed statistical information. Charts & tables.
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Obesity Its Pathogenesis And Management

reducing diet they did not lose weight. At first sight this is indeed evidence that
diet cannot cure their particular type of obesity, but a better understanding of the
possible short-term variations in body composition may help them to accept that
an ...

Author: J.T. Silverstone

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401171557

Category: Medical

Page: 240

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What I had in mind when I started planning this book was a collection of scholarly essays, each dealing with the problem of obsesity from a particular point of view, which I hoped would be of value to all those working in the field, either as researchers or as therapists. I approached my task in the spirit of an art collector. Such a person must soon recognise that he or she can never, unless possessed of quite extraordinary powers, (and I certainly am not), gather unto himself all the known examples of the works he wishes to collect. Rather he must select, picking out those items which he believes to be most important in the area he is covering. That is what I have tried to do in this book. As with an art collection, an editor of a series of essays must select both for content and for author. I realise that any such selection is bound to be some what arbitrary, but I have tried to include those topics related to obesity which I consider to be, not only the most relevant, but also those in which the most significant theoretical and practical advances are currently being made. The first four of the seven contributions included in the book are concerned with pathogenesis, and the remaining three with management. The first chapter, by Dr. John Garrow, is an overall review of the metabolic influences on body weight as a whole.
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Anesthetic Management of the Obese Surgical Patient

50 kg/m2 Super-obese ! 60 kg/m2 Super-super obese World Health Organization
(WHO) Classification BMI 30–34.9 kg/m2 Class I 35–39.9 kg/m2 Class II > 40 kg/
m2 Class III Body mass index (BMI) 1⁄4 weight (kilograms, kg) divided by the ...

Author: Jay B. Brodsky

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139505628

Category: Medical


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The global obesity epidemic is growing in severity, affecting people of every age and costing healthcare providers millions of dollars every year. Every day, anesthesiologists are presented with obese and morbidly obese patients undergoing every type of surgical procedure; the management of these patients differs significantly from that of normal weight patients undergoing the same procedure. Anesthetic Management of the Obese Surgical Patient discusses these specific management issues within each surgical specialty area. Initial chapters describe pre-operative assessment and pharmacology; these are followed by detailed chapters on the anesthetic management of a wide variety of surgical procedures, from joint replacement to open heart surgery. Essential reading for anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists worldwide, Anesthetic Management of the Obese Surgical Patient and its companion work by the same authors, Morbid Obesity: Peri-operative Management, enable both trainees and practised professionals to manage this complex patient group effectively.
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Focus on Obesity Research

... Reproductive Function under the Weight of Obesity Evanthia Diamanti -
Kandarakis * and Angeliki Bergiele Endocrine Section of 1st Department of
Internal Medicine , Laiko General Hospital , Athens University . Abstract Obesity
has become ...

Author: Peter R. Ling

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 1594541256

Category: Psychology

Page: 161

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Far from a sign of healthy prosperity and contentment, overweight and obesity are now considered high risk factors for a wide range of diseases including early death and disability, heart disease, diabetes, reproductive problems, cancer, breathing problems and arthritis. Obesity, now at epidemic levels in many countries, is defined as an excessively high amount of body fat or adipose tissue in relation to lean body mass. The amount of body fat (or adiposity) includes concern for both the distribution of fat throughout the body and the size of the adipose tissue deposits. This book includes within its scope the causal connection of obesity to diseases as well as the prevention and treatment of obesity. Leading-edge scientific research from throughout the world is presented.
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Eating and Weight Disorders

The uniform TABLE 1.5 Obesity: Body mass index — calculation and
classification of weight and obesity Body mass index (BMI) Classification < 18.5
Underweight 18.5–24.9 Normal weight 25.0–29.9 Overweight 30.0–34.9 Obesity.

Author: Carlos M. Grilo

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781317821861

Category: Medical

Page: 256

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Eating disorders refer to a range of problems characterized by abnormal eating behaviours and beliefs about eating, weight, and shape. Eating disorders, which are classified as psychiatric problems, and obesity, which is classified as a general medical condition, reflect a diverse and perplexing array of biological, social, and psychological phenomena. Beginning with a comprehensive overview of eating and weight disorders, this volume also covers: anorexia nervosa bulimia nervosa atypical eating disorders and binge eating disorders obesity. Including the most up-to-date research, Carlos Grilo provides a balanced and authoritative overview of current thinking in the fields of eating disorders and obesity with broad yet in-depth coverage of the areas. This highly readable book is an indispensable resource to students and professionals in clinical psychology, health psychology, and psychiatry.
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Women s Mental Health An Issue of Psychiatric Clinics E Book

Abdominal fat and insulin resistance in normal and overweight women: direct
measures reveal a strong relationship in subjects ... Obesity and the polycystic
ovary syndrome. ... The weight of obesity in evaluating others: a mere proximity

Author: Susan G. Kornstein

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781455700615

Category: Medical

Page: 253

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This issue reviews psychiatric concerns that are specific to women. Comprehensive and up-to-the-minute articles discuss topics such as PMS/PMDD, Perinatal Disorders, Menopause, Infertility, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Substance Abuse in Women, Gender Differences in ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Migraines in Women, Breast Cancer, Obesity in Women, Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Psychiatric Disorders in Women, Trauma and Violence Issues for Women in the Military, and Caring for the Elderly Female Psychiatric Patient.
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Year Book of Endocrinology 2011 E Book

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2010;1801:209-214. Pharmacological Treatment of
Obesity Effects of Alpha-Lipoic Acid on Body Weight in Obese Subjects Koh EH,
Lee WJ, Lee SA, et al (Univ of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of
Korea; ...

Author: Matthias Schott

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323087346

Category: Medical

Page: 408

View: 521

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The Year Book of Endocrinology brings you abstracts of the articles that reported the year's breakthrough developments in endocrinology carefully selected from more than 500 journals worldwide. Expert commentaries evaluate the clinical importance of each article and discuss its application to your practice. Topics such as Diabetes, Lipoproteins and Ahterosclerosis, Obesity, Thyroid, Calcium and Bone Metabolism, Adrenal Cortex, and Neuroendocrinology are represented highlighting the most current and relevant articles in the field.
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The Weight Loss Surgery Workbook

The annual cost of obesity is estimated at $238 billion, of which $33 billion each
year is spent on weight loss products. Those suffering from morbid obesity
encounter challenges in every facet of life. And to many, it's quite literally a matter
of life ...

Author: Doreen A. Samelson

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 160882411X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

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Develop Your Personal Plan for Weight Loss Surgery Success How do you imagine life after weight loss surgery? Maybe you see yourself living a more exciting life than ever before, participating in activities you haven't enjoyed in years. If you have been stuck in an ongoing struggle with obesity, your dreams for life after bariatric surgery may be as simple as being able to sit in a seat at a movie theater or going for a walk outside. Chances are, along with those dreams, you also have lingering questions and concerns about the bariatric surgery process. If you're seeking honest answers, The Weight Loss Surgery Workbook can help. This workbook will be your guide every step of the way as you prepare to make a smooth transition into post-surgery life. Written by a medical psychologist who has counseled many clients through weight loss surgery, it offers skills from cognitive behavioral therapy to help you make the critical pre-surgery lifestyle changes and adjustments to your eating and exercise habits that will enable you to maintain the best results after the procedure. This workbook will help you: •Make the decision whether or not to undergo bariatric surgery •Choose the right kind of surgery for you •Find a qualified surgeon and dietician •Control problem eating and emotional eating •Make peace with your body after surgery This book has been awarded The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Self-Help Seal of Merit — an award bestowed on outstanding self-help books that are consistent with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) principles and that incorporate scientifically tested strategies for overcoming mental health difficulties. Used alone or in conjunction with therapy, our books offer powerful tools readers can use to jump-start changes in their lives.
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Alliances for Obesity Prevention

In addition, approximately 1,200 enlisted members must leave the military every
year because of their weight, at an estimated cost of $61 million (Dall et al., 2007)
. Beyond its effect on recruitment and retention, obesity imposes a significant ...

Author: Institute of Medicine

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309224727

Category: Medical

Page: 84

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Many organizations are making focused efforts to prevent obesity. To achieve their goals, accelerate their progress, and sustain their success, the assistance of many other individuals and groups--not all of them with a singular focus on obesity prevention--will be essential. In October 2011 the Institute of Medicine held a workshop that provided an opportunity for obesity prevention groups to hear from and hold discussions with many of these potential allies in obesity prevention. They explored common ground for joint activities and mutual successes and lessons learned from efforts at aligning diverse groups with goals in common.
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Clinical Companion to Medical Surgical Nursing E Book

Many problems occur in obese people at higher rates than people of normal
weight including cardiovascular disease, respiratory ... Classifications of body
weight and obesity defined by BMI, standardized height-weight charts,
anthropometric ...

Author: Sharon L. Lewis

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323082778

Category: Medical

Page: 832

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Disorders section covers commonly encountered medical-surgical conditions in a consistent, clinically relevant presentation that includes: Definition/Description Pathophysiology Clinical Manifestations Complications Diagnostic Studies Collaborative Care (including Drug Therapy, where relevant) Nursing Management Goals Nursing Diagnoses (using the most current NANDA terminology) Nursing Interventions Patient and Caregiver Teaching Treatments and Procedures section provides need-to-know information on common medical-surgical treatments and procedures. Reference Appendix features key reference information commonly used in nursing practice, including laboratory values, commonly used formulas, and Spanish translations of key phrases. Patient teaching content is highlighted with a special icon, identifying information that patients and caregivers need to know about the care of various conditions. Cross-references to Lewis: Medical-Surgical Nursing, 8th Edition make it easy to locate more in-depth information.
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International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy

Gross, I., Wheeler, M., & Hess, R. The treatment of obesity in adolescents using
behavioral self-control. Clinical Pediatrics, 1976, 15, 920–924. Gwinup, G. Effect
of exercise alone on the weight of obese women. Archives of Internal Medicine, ...

Author: Alan S. Bellack

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461572756

Category: Psychology

Page: 1052

View: 869

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The rapid growth of behavior therapy over the past 20 years has been well doc umented. Yet the geometric expansion of the field has been so great that it deserves to be recounted. We all received our graduate training in the mid to late 1960s. Courses in behavior therapy were then a rarity. Behavioral training was based more on informal tutorials than on systematic programs of study. The behavioral literature was so circumscribed that it could be easily mastered in a few months of study. A mere half-dozen books (by Wolpe, Lazarus, Eysenck, Ullmann, and Krasner) more-or-Iess comprised the behavioral library in the mid- 1960s. Semirial works by Ayllon and Azrin, Bandura, Franks, and Kanfer in 1968 and 1969 made it only slightly more difficult to survey the field. Keeping abreast of new developments was not very difficult, as Behaviour Research and Therapy and the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis were the only regular outlets for behavioral articles until the end of the decade, when Behavior Therapy and Be havior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry first appeared. We are too young to be maudlin, but "Oh for the good old days!" One of us did a quick survey of his bookshelves and stopped counting books with behavior or behavioral in the titles when he reached 100. There were at least half again as many behavioral books without those words in the title.
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Be Young Healthy For 100 Years

Over weight taxes the body energy . It is like carrying an excess weight say ten or
fifteen kgs that you cannot put down at any time . You have to carry it while sitting
, standing bathing , eating , sleeping , or even making love . So an obese ...

Author: Dr. Pushpa Khurana

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.

ISBN: 8128801589


Page: 104

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Eat Cook Grow

In the past, excess weight and obesity were considered problems that could be
simply solved by adhering to a diet prescribed by medical practitioners or
dieticians. But recent studies indicate that weight gain and obesity is to a large
extent a ...

Author: Jaz Hee-jeong Choi

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262026857

Category: COOKING

Page: 320

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Tools, interfaces, methods, and practices that can help bring about a healthy, socially inclusive, and sustainable food future.
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The Complete Guide to Weight Loss

Health problems caused by being overweight, childhood obesity, the latest fad
diet craze, new drugs or surgery that claim to offer a solution to the problem,
research on nutri- tion, exercise, sleep, stress, or companies selling shakes or ...

Author: Paul Waters

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781472903174

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

View: 244

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An accessible and practical guide to working with fitness clients to help them to lose weight and keep it off.
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The Weight of the Nation

The notion that obesity is the result of a lack of willpower or selfcontrol resonated
with the HBO documentary film team. ... Now, with their immersion into the world
of obesity in The Weight of the Nation, they've come to understand the powerful ...

Author: John Hoffman

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250014740

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 554

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People today work harder and take better care of their health than any previous generation. So how could two-thirds of us fail to measure up when it comes to eating right and exercising? HBO and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences have joined together to bring you the nation's foremost experts and definitive research on weight and weight loss. The Weight of the Nation explains how we got to this unhealthy place and how we can get to a healthy weight by overcoming the forces that drive us to eat too much and move too little. Three years in the making, The Weight of the Nation answers crucial questions like: --Is there such a thing as the right diet? --Am I doomed to yo-yo for the rest of my life? --How does stress affect my weight? --Is my slow metabolism making me fat? --How does carrying too much weight affect my health? --Why do I eat junk food even though I know it's unhealthy? --Is exercise enough to help most people maintain an ideal weight? --How can I keep weight off forever? Based on the rich research behind HBO's documentary series, The Weight of the Nation is the only book that tells it like it is: losing weight is hard, keeping it off is even harder, and there's no quick fix. Weight loss takes a lot of work and a lifetime commitment, but thousands have done it and this book will show you how.
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Arterial Hypertension

Dependence of systolic blood pressure on age in obese (e—e) and normal-
weight (e--e) subjects. From Pflanz M, ref 86 ... Increased morbidity and mortality
rates have been reported where obesity and hypertension coincide." Tibblin
found left ...

Author: J. Rosenthal

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461256571

Category: Medical

Page: 529

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It has been a little more than half a century since serious, organized research on hyper tension began. Public and even physician interest in the subject remained minimal until the early forties, and even then there were not more than a dozen "fulltime" investigators worldwide. The first organization devoted to communicating regularly the results of hy pertension research was created in Cleveland in 1945; it became the Council for High Blood Pressure Research of the American Heart Association in 1949. The early history of hypertension is not a story of progressive achievement. Richard Bright is given great credit, followed by Mahomed, Allbutt, Riva-Rocci, Bergman and Janeway, but it was not until Volhard, Fahr and Allen that some semblance of order emerged. They were followed by a younger, much more vigorous group of investigators who in fact initiated modern research in hypertension. Two more generations have fol lowed. In the course of some fifty years, we have seen emerge a magnificent body of evidence that has prescribed good treatment and contributed a considerable understanding of the many complex mechanisms involved in the hypertensions. Treatment is now actively pro moted by public health agencies, including the World Health Organization. This is an other case of treatment preceding full understanding of the nature of the disease.
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A review of the weight loss maintenance literature shows that weight regain is a
problem regardless of the treatment used. Obese individuals in commercial
weight loss programs do not seem to perform any better than those in research
studies ...

Author: Michael G. Steelman

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420090031

Category: Medical

Page: 216

View: 271

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Addressing a growing epidemic in today's world, Obesity: Evaluation and Treatment Essentials presents practical treatment protocols for obesity, including exercise, pharmacology, behavior modification, and dietary factors, from the point of view of the practicing physician. Encompassing a multidisciplinary audience of clinicians and researcher
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Psycho Oncology

... 90,000 deaths from cancer could be avoided each year in the United States if
everyone maintained a healthy body weight.5 Excessive weight or obesity,
defined as a BMI ≥ 30 kg/m2, is based on height and weight rather than body

Author: Jimmie C. Holland

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199363339

Category: Medical

Page: 864

View: 278

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Originally published by Oxford in 1998, Psycho-Oncology was the first comprehensive text in the field and remains the gold standard today. Edited by a team of leading experts in psycho-oncology, spearheaded by Dr. Jimmie C. Holland, the founder of the field, the text reflects the interdisciplinary nature and global reach of this growing field. Thoroughly updated and developed in collaboration with the American Psychosocial Society and the International Psycho-oncology Society, the third edition is a current, comprehensive reference for psychiatrists, psychologists, oncologists, hospice workers, and social workers seeking to understand and manage the psychological issues involved in the care of persons with cancer and the psychological, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to cancer risk and survival. New to this edition are chapters on gender-based and geriatric issues and expanded coverage of underserved populations, community based programs, and caregiver training and education.
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